Virtual & Hybrid Event Production for Nonprofit Organizations

Let us tackle your platform tech, training, support, and livestream production needs so you can focus on the content of your event.

We are veterans of social movements, storytellers with tech savvy, believers in community. We bring 20+ years’ experience in nonprofit organizing, digital marketing, design, and production to making virtual experiences epic.

Virtual Fundraising Events

Benefits of Virtual Events

Let’s face it. Virtual events are the way forward in engaging with your audience. And nonprofits are making some of the biggest waves in that ocean. So grab a board (of directors), because today’s virtual is tomorrow’s hybrid. And since follow-up events are key to ongoing engagement, virtual events are here to stay.

Cost effective virtual event solutions

We miss in-person events as much as the next person. But they’re expensive. They drain resources that could otherwise go to fundraising and community engagement. Virtual events fast-track you to those outcomes and make important relationships more accessible.
Online tools that facilitate engagement and connections

From platform features to the marketing strategies before, during and after virtual events, nonprofits are giving supporters new stakes in the game. Networking moments are multiplied with minimal time lost.
Grow your audience with virtual events

Our clients have grown audiences by sevenfold in one event. …and there’s always next year.
A proven system for virtual fundraisers

Philanthropy is increasingly trending toward “investing in” over “giving to.” Virtual events are the quickest, most affordable way of making donors feel vested in your cause – from the safety & convenience of their homes.
Tracking new behaviors, gaining new insights

With events in the digital space, we can track the heck out of everything. We can even tailor experiences to the audience behaviors that our clients want to measure. It’s creepy and amazing like that.

All-in-one Platform,
Digital Marketing

Reliable Outcomes

Batman once said, “Always expect the unexpected.” We do that so you don’t have to. Our utility belt includes:

  • Efficiency

    Full-scale virtual event planning and production in as little as 3-6 weeks

  • Speaker Training & Backstage Prep

    From scheduled tutorials to on-demand problem solving

  • Teamwork

    We fit in where you need us and empower your team to be their best

  • Templates

    From speaker/sponsor kits to email marketing

  • Checklists

    Vitamin-packed project plans that walk you through the whole process

  • Collected Process

    We’re frequently accused of bringing calm to stressful situations

Platform Capabilities


We work overtime on our platform and production capabilities. But we’re confident when we say they deliver best-in-class, polished productions.

  • Live Stream & Pre-Recorded Video

    We help produce your pre-recorded content and/or live stream broadcasts and optionally multistream out to Youtube Live and/or Facebook Live.

  • Post-Event Highlight Video

    Social media friendly videos designed to quickly grab attention while watching on mute, and then drive traffic to the full replay.

  • Animated Videos

    Custom-illustrated and produced, animated video clips.

  • Field Production Teams

    On deck for “live reporting” streamed from a desired location to your event.

  • Endless Platform Customization

    Customize colors, banner logos, menu items, and more to enhance your cause.

  • Custom-branded Mobile App

    Yes we can.


Immersion & Networking

We were marketers and event organizers before we were event producers. We view supporter retention as kind of the whole point. Before, during and after the event.

Permanent Presence

Keep your event open indefinitely in a series of cascading events, groups and webinars.

Breakout Rooms

Split your audience in up to 25 rooms for more personal interactions.

Live Polling & Ask a Question

Break the ice, improve learning, and gather meaningful insights with live polls and questions from the audience.

Match People by Topics of Interest

Attendees can connect based on the information & unique tags in their profiles.

Spark Conversations in Your Private Social Feed

Organizers and attendees can share all the amazing moments and get the conversation flowing.

Jump into One-on-One Video Chats

Connecting through a video chat room is one click away.

Registration Page & Welcome Emails

Customized registration pages or send a personalized welcome email to invite your attendees.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts & Escape Rooms

Attendees can win points for answering questions, submitting photos, and more.

Lip Sync Battles

Like a virtual karaoke contest with a highlights compilation video.

Solo and Team Competitions

Each leaderboard may be set-up as either an individual or team based competition.

Dependable Process & Project Plans

Our process combines project management best practices from digital marketing, web design and multi-media production. We’ve kicked these tires aplenty, and we change them when we have to.

Expert Virtual Event Producers & Consultants

We are fundraisers, developers, writers, tech nerds, and digital marketers who’ve been doing this for over 20 years. Our battle-tested wheel house includes conversion-focused user experiences & data analysis. We know how different audiences react and think across the digital spectrum. We’ve also bootstrapped a few nonprofits ourselves. 

Something to think about when assessing production consultants who went virtual because of COVID. We were already there.