Graphic Recording

Engage Attendees with Live Visual Notetaking

Increase attention & retention with virtual event illustration

Grab Attention with Graphic Recording

A live whiteboard illustrator creates a graphic representation of a speaker’s main points and screenshares the work in progress at pre-determined points.

At the end of the session, the illustrator shares the finished notes, an event that’s bound to elicit oohs and aahs from the speaker and the audience.

A complete process for creating live notetaking animations

Our service is divided into three parts:

Before the Event:
Includes a planning meeting, initial sketches, discussion and analysis of the upcoming presentation, and spontaneous contents.

During the Event:
Screensharing of live drawings and notetaking in English.

After the Event:
1 time-lapse video of 30 or 60 seconds and 1 high-resolution A3 size image.

Graphic Recording Examples

Engage Attendees with Live Visual Notetaking at Your Events

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