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🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


No Watered Down Virtual Rally: ‘Reclaim Nestlé’s Troubled Waters’ with Story of Stuff

Virtual Fundraiser Case Study

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The Challenge

As the first quarter of 2021 came to a close, our friends at The Story of Stuff Project (SOS) approached us with a bold, quick-turnaround timeline to launch its Virtual Rally to Reclaim Nestlé’s Troubled Waters event. SOS is based on the 2007 online documentary and namesake by the group’s founder, Annie Leonard. The event was co-hosted by a collective of seven water-rights organizations across the U.S. and Canada fighting to take back public control of their water. Representatives from each nonprofits would take the stage to give updates and advocate for their related campaigns. The challenge was to create an experience that would raise awareness of the problems with privatized water, and encourage volunteering and donations for the local campaigns. People needed to feel a sense of belonging, and even have fun. 

Our Solution

As each of the featured presenters had just a 4-minute window to share, we pre-recorded these segments to ensure we stayed on time and that the event’s two moderators could focus on fluid handoffs and worthwhile dialogue in between. With a runway of only two weeks in promoting this event, we helped SOS identify partnering organizations that could provide quick visibility in social media and their websites, including promotion on Facebook pages with 2M+ and 250K+ followers. Meanwhile, the design of the event was vibrant and energizing to fit the context of a virtual rally. We also designed and configured a virtual photo booth so that attendees could express their individuality in the event and spread the word on social. Finally, knowing that the rally would include multiple calls to action from the participating nonprofits, we set up a social media-based pledge system that would generate a live feed of pledge amounts onto the mainstage screen.

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The Results

The Story of Stuff virtual rally ran smoothly from end to end raising over $15,000 including a match from SOS for the local campaigns. Attendees made over 150 comments on the social livestreams and flocked to the event’s photo booth to take “rally selfies” against a backdrop of a mountain of water bottle trash. The moderators playfully navigated their scripted punchlines (e.g., a play on “live stream” vs. “dry stream”), and guest speakers spoke compellingly on their respective issues. Donation pledges attached to Facebook profile pictures rolled across the sleekly-designed mainstage lower thirds—in near real-time. Special guests included speaker Representative Rashida Tlaib and a musical performance by celebrity artists, Tune-Yards, among others.  In closing the event, SOS put us on the spot, which we quote in gratitude:
“I’d like to thank the amazing production team, We & Goliath for putting so much attention and energy into making this event happen. If you need help with your virtual events, I can’t recommend them enough.” 

Photo Booth

Story of Stuff loved our event strategists’ idea to bring the campaign feel into the photo booth with virtual backgrounds of mountains of water bottle trash, and protest sign stickers attendees could and add to their selfie. Along with a social sharing message, this gave attendees a fun and powerful platform to invite their friends into the campaign.

What We Did

01Production & Fundraising Strategy

02Pre-Production & Coaching

03Graphic Design

04Live Support

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