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Alyssa Milano MCs Fundraiser for the Equal Rights Amendment Coalition

Virtual Event Case Study

Strategy | Design | Video & Livestream Production

The Challenge

The Equal Rights Amendment Coalition, which represents over one hundred organizations nationwide, came to us with a bold idea in the increasingly-important public conversation about equity in the judicial system: A virtual, panel-based conference and fundraiser with a roster that included Ilyasah Shabazz, Alyssa Milano and Patricia Arquette, along with an array of other leaders, artists, and creators in progressive causes and nonprofits. The panel, titled, “Meet the Chairs,” was kicked off by ERA Coalition’s chairs, Kimberly Peeler-Allen and Mona Sinha.

The challenge was a production play: Due to conflicting schedules of prominent panelists, their discussions would have to be pre-recorded, then produced into the organic flow of the live conference agenda, along with custom graphics, landing page, and live chat.    

Our Solution

Our chief producer met with each of the panelists throughout the week of the scheduled recordings. Segment recordings were edited down, transitions smoothed over as they came in. Meanwhile, we designed and built a conversion-optimized landing page with campaign information, secondary calls to action, and branded live chat.


In total, we created a streamlined, branded experience for attendees  to easily enjoy the event and donate.

The event flow was attentively timed and interwoven with diverse sets of live and pre-recorded content. This included an acapella performance by youth-family quartet, DGLS, who covered Cynthia Erivo’s “Stand Up,” and documentary footage of Dr. Martin Luther King. The event landing page would not only serve as a registration/attendance gateway, but would also include political calls-to-action, including a petition to ratify the ERA, and an interactive database showing where candidates stood on pertinent issues. 

What We Did

01Event Page Design

02Donation Call to Action

03Petition Call to Action

04Live Chat

05Speaker Coaching

06Live Support

07Backstage Production

"Simu-live" Premium Production

Our chief producer led multiple remote recording sessions, and stitched those together with other video clips and a “thanking our sponsors” slideshow. Then, we broadcasted this session as if it were live. This style of “simulated livestream” event allows for a high level of production including edits and approval, and frees up staff to participate in the live chat.

Custom Landing Page

We designed and built a conversion-optimized landing page focused on collecting donations, and secondary calls-to-action for a petition to ratify the ERA, and an interactive database showing where candidates stood on pertinent issues.

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