🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


How CodePath's Emerging Engineers Summit Received Record Attendance, Attendee Engagement, and Unprecedented Sponsor Results.

Virtual Tech Career Summit Case Study

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The Challenge

CodePath reprograms higher education and creates the most diverse generation of engineers, CTOs, and founders. CodePath delivers industry-vetted courses and career support centered on the needs of Black, Latino/a/x, Indigenous, and low-income students. With over 26,000 students and alumni from 600 colleges working at 2,000 companies, CodePath reshapes the tech workforce and future industries.

The Emerging Engineers Summit is the largest and most diverse event dedicated to Gen Z tech talent in the US. The CodePath community includes CS students and alumni of 400 universities. Diverse students and junior engineers train with senior engineers, intern at top companies, and rise together to become the tech leaders of tomorrow.

The challenge? Creating authentic connection. Formerly missing a strong sense of community, Emerging Engineers Summit 2023 underwent a groundbreaking evolution, presenting diverse curated engagement and networking opportunities to set it apart from other virtual events.

Ees 2019 total event registrations.
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Our Solution

Cultivating a Career-Ready Community

The Emerging Engineers Summit 2023 solidified CodePath’s position as a thriving community hub for students, alumni, and industry partners. Our primary objectives were twofold:

  1. Establish a communal space for learning, networking, and collaboration
  2. Cultivate substantial growth in students’ knowledge and connectivity within the tech industry
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Codepath’s primary measure of event success is Net Promoter Scores (NPS). The virtual event surpassed their goal of 70%, reaching 80% and 79% for company partners and students, respectively, signifying strong satisfaction and advocacy. Positive feedback flooded in about the event’s seamless organization, accessibility, and content.

The Emerging Engineers Summit 2023 became more than a traditional annual event; it provided opportunities for career growth and meaningful connections. Our commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence helped us advance this event.

Achieving Goals​

Career-Ready Community: The primary goal was clear – create a community that equips students for success in their job hunt, increases their career readiness, and makes it easy for students and hiring managers to make connections. Thanks to our well-structured program, this objective was met and exceeded.

The virtual career fair connected 2,000+ Black, Latino/a/x, Indigenous, and low-income students with senior engineers so they could rise together to become the tech leaders of tomorrow. There were a record 3,862+ registrations in 2023, which is expected to go even further in 2024!

Innovation Impact

Beyond Information Dissemination: We went beyond the conventional webinar format, turning each session into a dynamic experience. Attendees participated in live sessions with speakers from dozens of top companies. Thought leaders reached out to students one-on-one via interactive booths. Thoughtful networking helped build connections, and vibrant lounges paved the way for a free flow of meaningful conversations.

“Your team’s support was critical in guiding us through what we needed to do… the production support and resources alleviated a lot of stress. This is something we’re going to continue to do and continue to expand… you’re not going to be able to escape us, now we’re partners for life. We’re going to be working on EES 2045!”

Geneva Scott

Senior Director of CodePath

The Results

Overall, the EES 2023, powered by We & Goliath, established itself as a powerful platform for fostering learning, networking, and career advancement for underrepresented students in tech.

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Total leads generated through the event.

Diversity and Inclusivity

The summit was Codepath’s largest virtual event to date, with more than triple the registrations of their previous events in different formats. The core tenet of CodePath’s mission centers on underrepresented students in tech.

The 2023 summit reflected this commitment, with 43% Asian, 24% Black African-American, and 13% Hispanic attendees—a testament to the inclusivity they champion. These demographics align with Codepath’s mission to support Black, Latino, Indigenous, and first-generation or low-income students.

Impact on Business Growth

Event polling captured 485 attendees expressing interest in CodePath’s career services. The EES 2023 commitment to student support at the Emerging Engineers Summit resulted in a 20% increase in students benefiting from the services provided from 2022 to 2023. This significant growth further emphasizes the summit’s real-world impact in aiding students toward success in the tech industry.

The 2023 summit created a dynamic, inclusive space that fueled growth, learning, and connections. Students connected with Bloomberg, DocuSign, Microsoft, and SAP tech leaders. The event’s effectiveness is supported by tangible metrics, from registration numbers to NPS scores and diversity percentages.

Marketing Support Package

Marketing success starts with eye-catching designs that resonate with the message. The bold and expressive materials we used to share our conference made it reach new heights. With stunning visuals and thoughtful content, we curated an unforgettable, powerful story.
Featured keynotes at ess202.
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What We Did

01Marketing Materials

02Live and Pre-Recorded Content

03Engagement Features

04Interactive Sponsor Booths

05Exclusive Event Platform Discounts

Community Building

The We & Goliath team encouraged an interactive space that connected underrepresented students and tech leaders. The community created an inclusive environment where all members could thrive. The team’s efforts create an inclusive and supportive space for people who may have otherwise felt isolated in the tech industry.
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Interactive and Engaging Format

The CodePath program provided students with valuable networking opportunities with engineers from 25 top companies and access to CodePath’s career services staff. We implemented live Q&A, thematic networking, virtual lounges, and indefinite replay hosting. The excitement and appreciation were seen through vibrant chat feeds and 34,610 emoji reactions during the sessions. These and the live chat and questions reassured speakers backstage that their words were hitting home.

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