virtual vision board party

A Fun and Productive Virtual Vision Board Party for You

Unleash creativity and innovation with an exciting twist to your event strategy – the integration of an interactive virtual vision board party. This approach not only fuels participant excitement around their individual and career goals but also cultivates transformative results.

types of events

Types of Events: The Event Planner’s Ultimate List

Are you ready to launch your next event into the 21st century? The world of event organizing is constantly evolving as technology and social trends shift. So what types of events should you plan for 2023? Our award-winning team compiled this mega list of 50+ events just for you! Be inspired!


Conference vs. Summit: Which is More Trendy?

There’s no denying the future of in-person meetings has dramatically evolved. With hybrid options becoming more popular, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of hybrid conferences versus summits. Which event works better for you? Don’t know? Read on!

Hybrid Event Marketing Ideas for a Successful Event

Hybrid Event Marketing Ideas for a Successful Event

The key to effective promotion lies in understanding the target audience and their interests and having a clear set of goals and objectives for the occasion itself. But what concepts work? And how can you measure your success? Let’s dive deep into the power of ROI and event promotion.

event marketing ideas

Marketing Ideas for Events: Sell Out Your Event!

Why do so many events flop? You spent lots of time booking awesome speakers, hiring a talented production team, and securing venues. Yet crickets? You need to spend as much time developing cutting-edge marketing ideas for events as you plan your conference. Don’t know where to start? That’s okay! We & Goliath will share our award-winning strategies with you so your next event will soar!