🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

types of events

Types of Events: The Event Planner’s Ultimate List

Are you ready to launch your next event into the 21st century? The world of event organizing is constantly evolving as technology and social trends shift. So what types of events should you plan for 2023? Our award-winning team compiled this mega list of 50+ events just for you! Be inspired!

Choosing the Right Types of Events For You

Online events like webinars and lectures are easy to access using platforms like Zoom. Hybrid events combine traditional and virtual elements for an unforgettable interactive experience. 

These events are more flexible and allow for creative experiences that engage attendees with presenters in real time. Many people now enjoy hybrid happenings from home, from speed networking to hybrid summits to virtual silent auctions. 

Which type of event is best for you?

Virtual Events or Hybrid Events – Which is Better for You?

there is a woman standing in front of a crowd giving a presentation during a hybrid event

Virtual and hybrid events gained popularity post-pandemic. They offer exciting opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration with professionals worldwide without the need for travel. 

Although more convenient and cost-effective than in-person events, they differ from traditional events.

Virtual Events Offer Affordability and Flexibility

Virtual conferences can be comprehensive, with multiple sessions, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panels, and more. They offer a networking opportunity and access to various industry leaders. 

They do not have in person elements and can reach a global audience easily with a lower cost. With many options, attendees can select the type of virtual conference that best suits their needs.

Hybrid Events Provide an Immersive In Person and Online Experience

Hybrid events take on a dual nature, blending the realms of virtual and physical interactions. This versatile format serves both on-site and remote attendees by incorporating features like live streams and video content available at any time. 

The primary hurdle? Ensuring the online attendees are as engrossed as the folks on the ground. To achieve this, you need a competent crew, adept in coordinating interactive sessions, live broadcasting, on-site tech support, and an intricate event platform.

The reward? An outstanding, memorable event that lingers in attendees’ minds for years to come.

Which Type of Event is Perfect for You? 15 Questions to Ask

Event planning offers a world of variety, from grandiose conferences that fill stadiums to intimate, personal gatherings. 

Whatever event you’ve got brewing in your mind, several factors need to be weighed up – the scale and reach of the event, the available budget, and other logistical elements that demand attention. 

The key to making the right decision is asking yourself a series of questions:

  1. What are our event goals and objectives?
  2. Who is our target audience?
  3. What is our available budget?
  4. What are our technical requirements and capabilities?
  5. How can we ensure maximum attendee engagement?
  6. What level of interactivity do we want to achieve?
  7. What type of content or topic do we want to focus on?
  8. How long should the event duration be?
  9. Should it be a live-streamed or pre-recorded event?
  10. Do we want to incorporate networking opportunities?
  11. Should we include interactive Q&A sessions or panel discussions?
  12. How can we provide value and unique experiences to attendees?
  13. What platform or virtual event software should we use?
  14. How can we measure the success and impact of the event?
  15. What support and resources do we need for event planning and execution?

Organizing a corporate event can be a daunting task, and it’s crucial to get it right. The first step is to determine the purpose of the conference. 

You should clearly understand why you’re hosting the event, what goals you want to achieve, and who your target audience is. 

people sitting in chairs watching a stage full of event presenters during a corporate gathering

Once you’ve identified these key points, you can start thinking about creating an experience that will appeal to your attendees. Some key benefits to hosting hybrid corporate events include: 

  1. Global reach and participation.
  2. Cost-effective and budget-friendly.
  3. Flexibility in scheduling and time zones.
  4. Reduced environmental impact.
  5. Enhanced data tracking and analytics.

What are some of the most popular types of corporate events happening this year?

1. Product Launches Spread Product Awareness

someone is picking up a block with a rocket on it symbolizing a product launch

Product launches announce the availability of a new product or service to the public. It allows companies to inform potential customers, media representatives, and other stakeholders about the potential advantages of the product. 

By drawing attention to the product, companies can spread awareness beyond those attending the event.

2. Impress with Exciting Pop-up Events

a man standing in front of a pop up store during an event

Pop-up events have become popular over the past few years, especially among retailers, restaurants, and art galleries in the UK. 

Interest is quickly spreading to North America as well. They are also becoming more frequent in corporate circles due to their ability to create excitement and intensity in a brief period. 

Pop-up events can be used for various functions, including product launches, meetings, and hybrid events that draw elements from both physical and virtual platforms.

One real-life example of a virtual pop-up event is the “Fortnite Party Royale.” The popular online video game Fortnite hosted a virtual party experience within the game, featuring live performances by well-known musicians and DJs. 

Players could attend the event from the comfort of their homes and enjoy a unique blend of gaming and virtual entertainment.

3. Virtual Training Sessions Educate Employees and Clients

there is a man sitting at a desk with a laptop and headphones on during a virtual training session

Educational and training events empower minds within and outside the organization. They improve the knowledge of their employees or clients, resulting in a more successful business journey. 

Companies that use these types of events correctly reap the rewards of increased customer loyalty, brand awareness, and employee morale.

4. Team Building Events Build Morale and Community

Team-building activities improve employee morale and collaboration. 

Team members come out of their typical working environment and build an authentic rapport with each other. 

Group activities help employees learn more about their coworkers’ nonprofessional side, deepening their bond and increasing trust among the team.

5. Virtual Escape Rooms Encourage Teamwork

a virtual escape room with a desk, chair and a cabinet with a lamp

In virtual escape rooms, participants work together to solve puzzles within a themed environment. 

The challenge encourages teamwork and creativity. Teams have 60 minutes to decipher clues and find the key. 

Leaders learn how team members interact under pressure and have fun, too!

6. Hybrid Executive Parties Innovate

Executive meetings let upper-level executives come together to discuss issues, brainstorm solutions, and make critical decisions that will shape the company’s future—all while being kept confidential in an intimate setting. 

Online and in person participants partake in the sessions, building relationships and inventing solutions.

7. Company Milestones Celebrate Achievement

illustration of a man in a suit jumping over three boxes with a flag to illustrate company milestones

Company milestones recognize, reward, and celebrate its successes throughout its journey. 

Celebratory events vary significantly in size and scope depending on the company’s nature. 

However, similar structures tend to be adopted, with guest speakers, awards, and a celebratory formal ceremony, no matter how large or small the event is.

8. Employee Appreciation Ceremonies

Appreciation ceremonies celebrate accomplishments, hard work, and efforts. These ceremonies are significant for employees and clients. 

They uniquely demonstrate recognition and gratitude. Organizing an appreciation ceremony, the host acknowledges that their team’s or clients’ efforts are meaningful, important, and appreciated.

9. Hybrid Trade Shows and Exhibitions

illustration of a view of a large exhibit hall with people standing around during a hybrid trade show

Trade shows and exhibitions showcase products or services to various audiences worldwide. 

In the virtual setting, participants can access the exhibition hall, attend webinars, and engage with other customers. Hosts encourage virtual shopping. 

Attendees have unique opportunities to engage with their favorite companies and industry leaders.

10. Virtual Recruiting Events: The Future of Employment

woman sitting at a desk with a computer and keyboard in front of her during a virtual recruiting event

Employers need to be creative when it comes to recruiting and hiring. 

Casual mixers and job fairs provide opportunities to meet potential hires who may not have applied through traditional channels. 

Job seekers explore open positions and make a good impression on employers.

11. Online Networking Events Grows Opportunity

image of a group of people shaking hands with circles showing activities related to online networking events

Networking connects the best talent in their industry. Recruiters get to know potential candidates personally and professionally. 

Job seekers make essential connections that help them land the job of their dreams. 

They allow companies to build up their talent pipeline for future needs.

12. Teamwork + Challenge = Corporate Hackathon

vector illustration of people sitting at desks with computers with coding symbols floating in the background to symbolize a corporate hackathon

Participating in a corporate hackathon is an exciting, high-energy event for many employees. 

It’s a unique opportunity to combine diverse skill sets and tap into the company’s creativity and innovation. 

The specific problem or project the hackathon is centered on can vary but typically involves creating new products or services, improving existing ones, or developing marketing solutions.

12 Types of Social Events: Bringing People Together

Hosting hybrid social events brings excitement and inclusivity to gatherings, seamlessly blending in-person and online experiences. 

Whether it’s an online movie night, a virtual run, or a casual industry get-together, hybrid events allow hosts to extend their reach beyond physical boundaries, welcoming guests from anywhere in the world. 

By combining the best of both worlds, hosts can create memorable experiences, fostering connections among attendees near and far while accommodating individual preferences and circumstances.

1. Hybrid Regional Events Connect Communities

there are two people sitting at a table with a laptop and a monitor showing a speaker during a hybrid regional event

Hosting hybrid regional events opens up possibilities for bringing communities together locally and globally. 

These events transcend geographical limitations and allow for broader participation and engagement by combining in-person and online components.

Whether it’s a cultural festival, a virtual trade show, or a global conference, the hybrid format provides organizers a seamless and inclusive experience, catering to attendees who prefer to join physically or remotely while offering interactive digital platforms for networking, education, and entertainment.

2. Virtual Runs Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

woman running in front of a mobile phone with a map on it symbolizing a virtual run

Virtual run events changed the way people join races, making them accessible to individuals all over the world. 

These events offer flexibility by allowing participants to choose their location and time, making it convenient for everyone. 

Virtual runs provide a unique opportunity to support causes, connect with others, and receive virtual medals and achievements while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

3. Themed Parties Offer Unique Fun

there are many people wearing santa hats and drinking wine together during a christmas themed office party

Hybrid parties blend in-person and online gatherings, making them accessible to everyone. 

Host a themed costume or holiday event, including interactive virtual games, live-streamed performances, and website photo booths. 

The possibilities for creativity and engagement are endless, so everyone can join in on the fun wherever they are.

4. Hybrid Holiday Parties Bring Yearly Cheer!

smiling woman in red dress sitting at a table with friends during a hybrid holiday party

The company holiday party is a time-honored tradition that has been around for many years. 

It’s a great way to show employees they’re appreciated and have worked hard all year round. It allows the employees to relax and take a break from their daily routines. 

It also helps build strong relationships between team members and creates an environment of camaraderie and goodwill. 

Make your holiday party more accessible by going hybrid! Combine technology and interactivity for a truly unforgettable occasion!

5. Take a Gamble on Virtual Casino Night

image of a cell phone with a casino game on the screen representing a virtual casino night

Fancy the idea of a gripping casino night that doesn’t demand you to step foot outside your living room? Hybrid casino events could be your answer. 

With a fusion of the thrilling ambiance of a real-life casino and the comfort of digital participation, these events serve up an irresistible mix of excitement and convenience. 

Be it a social gathering, a corporate meet-up, or a fundraising event, our hybrid format lets guests indulge in classic casino games, banter with live dealers, and engage in friendly competition with players globally – no matter if they’re right there in the casino hall or logged in from their cozy couch. 

The magic blend of tangible casino settings and interactive virtual platforms crafts a dynamic and engaging milieu that transports the electrifying world of gambling and amusement to a wider audience.

6. Virtual Murder Mystery Party Puzzles and Delights

vector illustration of people on a laptop screen with a cup of coffee reminiscent of a virtual murder mystery party

Opt for a themed game that tickles your fancy, perhaps a Hawaiian luau-inspired mystery, and put your sleuthing skills to work. 

Hunt for clues, solve cryptic puzzles, and unravel the mystery, all the while lounging in your favorite pajamas. 

The thrill begins as soon as you receive your case file, setting you on a captivating journey to uncover the truth! While this digital detective journey delivers a ton of excitement on its own, consider hosting a virtual costume party alongside to boost the fun quotient. 

Don your detective hats, embellish your living rooms with themed decorations, and let the aura of the murder mystery seep into your homes!

7. Dance Away at a Crazy Virtual Decades Party

Hosting a hybrid decades party brings the nostalgia of different eras together with the convenience and flexibility of online participation. 

Whether it’s a ’70s disco party, an ’80s retro celebration, or a ’90s throwback event, the hybrid format allows guests to embrace the fashion, music, and culture of their favorite decades while connecting with others in person and remotely. 

From themed decorations and costumes to virtual dance-offs and trivia games, hosting a hybrid decades party creates a unique and memorable experience that bridges the past with the present.

8. Online Luau Night: A Virtual Vacation

Hosting a hybrid luau party brings a traditional Hawaiian celebration’s tropical vibes and festive spirit to a broader audience through a blend of in-person and online experiences. 

Whether it’s a virtual corporate gathering, a unique product launch, or an interactive social event, the hybrid format allows guests to enjoy the flavorsome food, lively music, and vibrant atmosphere of a luau party, whether they join physically or remotely. 

Hosting a hybrid luau party with a mix of in-person tropical decor, online hula dancing lessons, and interactive online games ensures that the aloha spirit reaches everyone, no matter where they are.

9. Virtual Game Show Night

a stage with lights and a podium vector symbolizing a virtual game night

Ultimate Game Show is a fantastic virtual team-building event. 

Game shows provide highly competitive challenges that allow everyone to participate in their way. 

The host will encourage laughter and smiles throughout the session, ensuring everyone feels connected and comfortable.

10. Mixology and Gourmet Culinary Classes

there is a man that is sitting at a bar with a laptop during a virtual mixology class

Online classes offer a unique opportunity for attendees to enjoy a unique culinary experience with other attendees. 

Send guests hand-selected items beforehand, and then enjoy creating delicious experiences together.

11. Speed Socializing: Super Fast Networking

three women sitting on a couch with coffee cups in their hands during a speed socializing session

Speed socializing is an exciting alternative to traditional corporate events where coworkers can connect meaningfully. 

It takes the concept of speed dating into a team environment to allow coworkers to get to know one another over short conversations and make new connections.

12. Inspiring Professional Development with Hybrid Retreats

tables and chairs are set up on a wooden deck overlooking the ocean

Organizations arrange retreats that blend online and in-person experiences. Attend in person or remotely, making it more convenient and inclusive. 

In-person connections are great for networking and immersive activities. Virtual participation accommodates different schedules and allows people from all over to join. 

These retreats offer interactive workshops, discussions, outdoor activities, and team-building exercises. Foster a sense of unity, creativity, and productivity, regardless of location.

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5 Examples of Fundraising and Charity Events

Hybrid events provide a unique opportunity to connect with people worldwide in an interactive and meaningful way. 

They combine elements from in-person and online experiences, allowing companies and non-profits to engage those who might not be able to join directly.

1. Raise Money and Awareness with Virtual Fundraisers

someone is using a laptop to donate to someone during a virtual fundraiser

Virtual fundraisers offer unique opportunities for an organization or company to gather around a common goal or cause in a fun and engaging way. 

Connect people worldwide. Use gamification, apps, and live-streaming to add an extra element of excitement and audience engagement

Invite surprise guests and performers to keep attendees involved.

2. Make a Big Impact with Virtual Raffles

people are opening a prize draw box with a ribbon during a virtual raffles

Virtual raffles raise money for charities. They’re perfect for online fundraisers, costume parties, auctions, talent shows, and other virtual or hybrid occasions. 

Raffling off items adds entertainment during meetings or presentations. 

You can have multiple winner selection options and no limit on participants.

3. Virtual Auctions Take Fundraising to a New Level

wooden gavel on top of a laptop keyboard symbolizing a virtual auction

Virtual fundraisers offer unique opportunities for an organization or company to gather around a common goal or cause in a fun and engaging way. 

Connect people worldwide. Use gamification, apps, and live-streaming to add an extra element of excitement and audience engagement

Invite surprise guests and performers to keep attendees involved.

4. Drive Traffic and Make Sales with a Virtual Shopping Party

For those looking to engage their donor and supporter base creatively, virtual shopping is a great way. 

With the many sellers, makers, and creators in your community, now is the perfect time to set up an online shop to display these items and arrange a special event where supporters can securely purchase from their homes. 

This presents a fantastic opportunity to drive more traffic to your non-profit’s website and boost awareness.

5. Virtual Gala Dinners: A Fundraising Standard

Virtual dinner parties connect with your community without actually gathering in person. Local restaurants can sponsor these happenings, allowing you to support the local economy while enjoying a delicious meal. 

Create an immersive experience for your guests. Ship matching décor and gourmet treats so that all diners have a similar feel. 

Encourage bright dressing so people can still feel classy and elegant amongst each other despite being miles apart.

What are 15 Different Types of Events for Creatives?

Developing ideas and activities keep attendees engaged. Many event organizers agree engagement is the biggest measure of success. 

Ensure everyone feels welcomed and has something to do, regardless of location, with these exciting entertainment ideas.

1. Interactive Performances Create Memorable Moments

Interactive performances provide a unique and engaging experience for attendees. 

These types of events allow for audience participation, with activities such as live music, virtual theatre, dance, storytelling, immersive art installations, and more. 

Involve the audience in the show so they can become part of the story or experience.

2. Hybrid Improv Workshops Harness Creativity

there are people sitting at a table with a computer and a monitor during a hybrid improv workshop

An improv workshop challenges participants to create scenes on the spot from various scenarios and poises, with no prior preparation or script. 

Introducing the group to a comedy performance is a great way to get everyone in the right frame of mind. 

They’ll see how improvisation is done and challenge themselves to think outside the box.

3. Hybrid Music Festivals Rock

Hosting a hybrid music festival brings electrifying energy and captivating live music performances to audiences worldwide, combining the best elements of in-person concerts and virtual experiences. 

With a hybrid format, music lovers can enjoy the thrill of being at the festival grounds, witnessing their favorite artists perform on stage while providing remote attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in the festival atmosphere through live streaming, virtual stages, and interactive digital experiences.

4. Virtual Art Exhibitions Amaze Attendees

A hybrid art festival combines the beauty and creativity of diverse artistic expressions, intertwining the physical presence of art installations and exhibits with the accessibility and inclusivity of online engagement. 

Art enthusiasts experience the vibrant art world worldwide, from in-person gallery visits and interactive workshops to virtual tours, digital showcases, and online artist talks.

5. Virtual Movie Night is a Cozy Community Occasion

woman sitting at a table with a bowl of popcorn and headphones on during a virtual movie night

Virtual movie nights are a popular and relatively easy-to-organize corporate event that can benefit employers and their staff. 

The relaxed nature of movie nights makes them particularly appealing; attendees can unwind after the stresses of their day-to-day lives and bond over a shared enthusiasm for certain movies, characters, or genres. 

A successful movie night could do wonders for developing stronger relationships between staff, which could have far-reaching positive effects on team morale and performance.

6. Attendees Meet the Artist

there are people standing around a painting on a easel during a meet the artist event

Ever thought about plunging into the heart of an artist’s world? That’s exactly what you get with a hybrid “Meet the Artist” event. 

You’re not just a passive observer here; you’re invited into the world of creativity and craftsmanship. 

The unique blend of on-site and virtual experiences means you can step into galleries, watch artists work their magic live, and even interact with them, regardless of where you’re joining from. 

Remote attendees aren’t left out either, with virtual studio tours, interactive Q&A sessions, and online exhibits right at their fingertips.

7. Virtual Live Painting Competition Challenges Artists

there is a laptop computer sitting on a table with art supplies during a virtual live painting competition

Picture a space where artists wield their brushes like warriors in battle. That’s a virtual live painting competition for you. 

Not only do artists get a golden chance to spotlight their talent, but they also experience the thrilling challenge of competing with their peers. 

From amateur doodlers to seasoned professionals, everyone’s invited to this creative fest. 

Regardless of the medium – virtual or in-person, the focus is one: to create compelling artwork that leaves an impression.

8. Online Collaborative Video Game Development Jam for the Creative Tech

there are two women sitting at a desk with two monitors trying to do collaborative video game development

Imagine, design, and bring to life a video game from scratch. Doesn’t that sound exciting? 

That’s the thrill of the Online Collaborative Video Game Development Jam. Developers from all corners of the globe unite under a common mission: to create a complete video game within a specified time. 

Collaboration is key here as it sparks creativity and fuels the development process. And the end goal? 

A fully playable game that’s a testament to their hard work and ingenuity.

9. Entertain with a Virtual TikTok Songwriting Challenge

someone is playing a song on a keyboard and a laptop, trying to write a song for tiktok

Ever dreamed of writing a hit song? Why not give it a try with a Virtual TikTok Songwriting Challenge? 

It’s more than just a contest; it’s a gateway into the world of song composition. Whether you’re crafting your tune solo or teaming up with fellow participants, the challenge promises loads of fun and learning.

Once you’re done, simply post your masterpiece on TikTok and soak in the community’s response. 

It’s not just about winning; it’s about expressing your creativity and connecting with like-minded music enthusiasts.

10. Amaze Attendees with a Virtual Reality Sculpture Exhibition

Attendees explore and interact with contemporary sculptures through virtual reality. 

Invite living artists to engage with guests. 

Enjoy the immersive experience of art and technology in a truly unique space.

11. Revel in Motion and Beauty with a Hybrid Dance Performance

Encourage participants from around the world to collaborate in a simultaneous dance performance. 

Famous choreographers and dance legends virtually coach the attendees. 

Together they enjoy a joined creative experience.

12. Collaborate with an Online Poetry Slam

a close up of the word "poetry" with a lot of squares and some text describing elements of an online poetry slam

Bring in the younger generation with an exciting online poetry slam. 

Encourage participants to share their best rhymes with a global online audience.

13. Take Your Event to the Next Level with an Augmented Reality Fashion Show

woman with a pair of glasses trying to select a virtual dress to symbolize an augmented reality fashion show

By incorporating AR technology, create a truly immersive experience that will captivate guests and leave them with a lasting impression of your event. 

Models can wear digitally enhanced garments that come alive with interactive visuals, animations, and sound effects. 

Or create a virtual space where avatars can interact with digital fashion assets.

14. Imagine New Multiverses with Virtual Graphic Novel Creation

Explore the possibilities of virtual graphic novel creation. 

Participants collaborate across the platform, allowing them to bring their stories to life.

Guests learn how to craft compelling plots, create characters and backgrounds, and immerse themselves in the world they create.

For a hybrid event, encourage attendees to dress in superhero garb.

15. Dive into an Immersive Storytelling Project

Combining storytelling and technology, host an exciting storytelling project online. 

Attendees develop a complex story collaboratively, working with known writers and industry experts. 

Then upload their stories and graphics to a website to share. This activity can work into the theme of a larger event.

15 Educational Event Ideas: Empower Minds

Attending conferences lets companies showcase their offerings and stay up-to-date on industry trends. Online conferences offer valuable learning experiences and opportunities for networking with peers. 

With various options ranging from large corporate events to virtual meetings, there is something for everyone.

people sitting at a table in a conference room interacting with a virtual attendee during a hybrid seminar

Organizations plan and hold online seminars and conferences to provide targeted audiences with relevant information. 

Seminars are typically shorter events that last several hours up to a few workdays, with only single or multiple speakers in one space. 

Conferences differ by having multiple hotel sessions, starting with a keynote, before offering discussion breakout sessions. 

Both cover topics from particular industries or niche areas of interest and give potential attendees unique networking opportunities.

Higher Education Events Bring the College Community Together

there is a woman raising her hands in front of a crowd of attendees during a higher education events

Hybrid academic occasions that combine in-person and virtual components are a great way for institutions to share knowledge with a wider audience. 

These happenings offer the benefits of face-to-face interaction and online accessibility, creating an immersive and collaborative environment for knowledge dissemination. 

Plus, they accommodate attendees’ diverse needs and circumstances, making them more inclusive.

Educate with Immersive Online Classes

Online classes for events offer the convenience of attending and participating from anywhere. 

These classes cover leadership, project management, fundraising, and digital marketing.

They provide practical insights and expertise to enhance professional and organizational growth. 

The hybrid format allows attendees to join remotely and engage in interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and networking opportunities through virtual platforms.

10 Interactive Virtual Workshops Examples

man in a gray shirt using a virtual reality device at a desk during a virtual workshop

Virtual workshops are interactive sessions for small groups focused on learning new skills. 

Participants get hands-on experience, and instructors can interact with participants in real time. Need workshop ideas? Try these fun options:

  1. Virtual chocolate-making workshop
  2. Hybrid urban gardening and plant care class
  3. Online DIY home brewing workshop
  4. Virtual mix-and-match fashion styling session
  5. Virtual DIY candle-making workshop
  6. Online improv comedy class
  7. Hybrid cocktail mixology masterclass
  8. Virtual beatboxing and vocal percussion workshop
  9. Online hand lettering and calligraphy workshop
  10. Hybrid tarot card reading and intuitive arts workshop

Webinars Remain a Simple Way to Get the Word Out

woman sitting in a chair with a laptop and headphones on during a webinar

Webinars are often one-time virtual or hybrid events featuring a speaker or panel discussing a specific topic. Webinars often require a small fee to attend. 

Many smaller organizations may opt for hosting a small webinar, and a broad range of entrepreneurs, from life coaches to small business owners, use the webinar format to reach a global audience affordably.

You've Chosen Your Event, Now What?

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