馃殌 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

馃殌 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Virtual event ideas.

Virtual Event Ideas: 37 Ideas to Enliven Your Next Online Event

Virtual events offer endless possibilities for engagement and connection. Get creative and tailor the event to your audience's interests for an unforgettable experience.
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Join the Virtual Event Revolution!

Let our crew of creative tech wizards cast an online engagement spell to mesmerize your audiences into a virtual frenzy! 

With in-person events making a comeback, is there still a place for virtual events?


From pulse-pounding virtual escape rooms to laugh-out-loud online pet shows, we’ve scoured the web’s creative corners to concoct events that entice and energize.

With audiences craving human connection but loving the convenience of online engagement, now is the time to deliver the best of both worlds. 

Infuse your next virtual occasion with outside-the-box concepts guaranteed to spark curiosity, joy, and awe without Zoom fatigue.

Your remote attendees are craving fun – let’s give it to them in spades!

Virtual Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate events go virtual more now than ever before. But how do you make virtual corporate events as engaging as in-person ones?

The key is choosing activities that encourage connection through collaboration and friendly competition.

Here are 18 virtual corporate event ideas to bring your remote teams together.

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1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt encourages teamwork and problem-solving skills from afar.
Assign employees into small teams and give them a list of items or tasks to complete remotely.For example, you can have teams find things in their homes that represent company values or act out famous movie scenes. Award points for speed and creativity.

Consider using a scavenger hunt app to keep track of items found and add gamification elements like leaderboards.

For example, GooseChase allows you to create interactive virtual scavenger hunts with photos, videos, and text submissions.

To make it more fun, require creative photos and videos as proof of task completion.

Just make sure to follow company guidelines and privacy policies. Offer fun prizes like gift cards or extra PTO for the winning team!

Need a place to start? Check out our museum scavenger hunt game or feel free to use it yourself!

2. Remote Escape Room

Escape rooms aren’t just for in-person team building – you can create virtual escape rooms to engage remote employees.
Assign small teams and give them a themed digital 鈥渞oom鈥 full of puzzles, codes, and challenges to solve within a time limit.Consider using video conferencing breakout rooms so teams can collaborate privately.

Have a facilitator give clues and keep track of time.

You can find ready-made virtual escape room kits online or create your own puzzles using tools like Genial.

Escape rooms test communication, critical thinking, and cooperation under pressure.

Offer rewards to the first team to 鈥渆scape鈥!

3. Virtual Leadership Panel

A virtual panel discussion allows executives to share insights, field questions, and build rapport with employees.
Select leaders across departments to participate. Send questions in advance so panelists can prepare.During the live video discussion, invite employees to submit questions through the chat or Q&A feature.

Consider 鈥済amifying鈥 the experience by offering rewards for participation.

For example, award raffle entries for every question asked.

Make sure to have an engaging moderator who can keep the conversation lively and on-topic.

Share presentation slides highlighting leaders’ backgrounds for a more dynamic, visual experience.

End with an open Q&A so employees can interact directly with leadership.

A woman meditating in front of a laptop.

4. Remote Wellness Challenges

Promote health and wellness among remote employees with virtual wellness challenges.

These team-based competitions motivate people to move more, eat healthier, and reduce stress from home.
Popular options include step challenges, hydration contests, plank competitions, and 鈥渂iggest loser鈥 weight loss battles.Use individual or team sign-ups and leaderboards to tap into employees’ competitive spirit.

Offer prizes like self-care subscriptions, gift cards, and extra time off.

You can find pre-built virtual wellness challenge platforms like WellRight.

Or, create your own challenges and use apps like WhatsApp or Slack for networking, reminders, encouragement, and results tracking.

Use video calls for activities like virtual yoga or meditation sessions.

5. Online Innovation Tournament

Innovation tournaments allow employees to flex their creativity and problem-solving skills through friendly competition.
Assign people into teams and present them with a relevant business challenge or question to solve.For example, you can task teams with developing a new product, improving an existing workflow, or brainstorming sustainability initiatives.

Give them set guidelines, resources, and timeframes. Have teams submit their solutions and then present to executive 鈥渟hark tank鈥 judges over video conference.

Offer prizes for the most innovative concepts!

Consider using collaboration tools like Miro or Mural to facilitate remote teamwork.

Make sure to provide ongoing mentorship and feedback throughout the innovation process.

Innovation tournaments foster critical thinking, teamwork, and out-of-the-box solutions.

6. Virtual Hackathon

Hackathons involve collaborative computer programming competitions.
In a virtual hackathon, teams work remotely to build apps, programs, or products by a deadline, often over 24-48 hours.Start with a briefing session outlining the challenge, rules, resources, schedules, and submission criteria.

For example, you can task teams with creating apps that solve specific business problems. Provide access to data sets, APIs, and development platforms like GitHub.

Have teams check-in regularly via video chat to report progress, ask questions, and get guidance from executive mentors.

End with virtual presentations where teams demo their hacks and get feedback from judges.

Award prizes for creativity, tech innovation, UI/UX design, and problem-solving.

7. Online Trivia Night

For some quick virtual team bonding, host a remote trivia night!
Appoint knowledgeable employees to create trivia questions and answers on Kahoot or QuizBreaker. Separate people into video breakout rooms of 4-5 players each.Over video conference, have a host share their screen to display trivia questions.

Teams can write answers in the chat box or hold up written responses to the camera.

Tally up points to crown winning teams in categories like pop culture, sports, science, company history, or current events.

To encourage collaboration, don’t allow teams to confer with each other.

Offer small prizes for top teams like gift cards or extra time off.

Most importantly, include funny bonus questions to spark conversations and laughter between colleagues.

A man playing a violin in a living room during a virtual talent show

8. Virtual Talent Show

Give employees a chance to showcase their hidden talents with a virtual talent show!

Invite people to sign up to perform over video conference.
Encourage all talents - whether musical performances, comedy sketches, magic tricks, or unique skills like ventriloquism or yo-yoing.Compile the acts into a program and share a signup link where colleagues can reserve 鈥渟eats鈥 to attend the event.

Appoint 鈥渏udges鈥 to provide feedback and score performances.

Consider awarding prizes for categories like most creative, funniest, or best dance moves.

Talent shows help remote workers connect on a more personal level and show appreciation for each other’s skills and interests beyond work.

Take advantage of video conferencing tools like screen sharing and digital backgrounds to make acts more dynamic.

Most importantly, create a supportive environment focused on participation rather than perfection.

9. Virtual Pet Show

Animal lovers will jump at the chance to show off their pets online!
Invite employees to submit photos and videos that highlight their pets' unique personalities and talents.Set categories like Best Trick, Cutest Pet-Owner Duo, Fan Favorites, and Virtual Pet Lookalike for voting contests.

Share submissions in advance so colleagues can vote for their faves.

Compile the photos/videos into a video montage for a virtual 鈥減et show鈥 over video conference.

Consider inviting a professional pet trainer to be the celebrity judge and provide pet care tips or tricks during the show.

Offer fun pet-themed prizes like pet bandanas, toys, treats or donations to pet charities in winners’ names.

The pet show gives remote teams a dose of furry fun while learning about each others’ families and lives at home.

10. Online Cook-Along Party

A virtual cooking party allows remote employees to show off their chef skills and enjoy a meal together.
Select recipes in advance and create ingredient kits with measured ingredients for colleagues to pick up or deliver to their homes.Over video conference, have a chef guide the group through cooking, answering questions during the prep and cooking process.

Consider pairing wines with the dishes so coworkers can share a virtual toast together.

Encourage cooking stations at home with cameras facing the stovetop.

Offer prizes for categories like most creative presentation, biggest kitchen mishap, and top plated dish photo.

Most importantly, a cook-along fosters casual conversations that build connections beyond work projects.

Use breakout rooms for smaller group chats while enjoying the finished creations together.

11. Remote Volunteer Activities

Giving back together while physically apart boosts team bonding.

Research volunteer opportunities that employees can easily participate in from their homes or local communities.
Popular virtual volunteering ideas include writing letters to isolated seniors, tutoring or mentoring youth online, surveying or social listening for nonprofits, translating materials, providing virtual tech support, or calling isolated seniors through programs like Mon Ami.Solicit team leader volunteers to head different community initiatives and get colleagues signed up to assist.

Encourage people to share photos and stories from their volunteering experiences during online check-ins and team meetings.

Offer paid volunteer days off or make a corporate donation to their nonprofit choice as a reward.

12. Online Memory Workshop

Sharpen employees’ mental skills with a virtual memory improvement workshop.
Hire an expert coach to lead video lessons on memory techniques like creating vivid mental associations, building memory palaces, and crafting mnemonic devices.Add fun memory challenges and games using shared digital whiteboards or slides.

Award prizes for top performers as an extra motivator.

Finish with personalized goal-setting sessions.

An online workshop is an engaging way to build focus, retention, and brainpower in your team.

13. Remote Karaoke Challenge

Get employees singing together at a virtual karaoke challenge!
You can use free karaoke apps and websites like Red Karaoke that allow people to take turns soloing hit songs over videoconference.Have employees vote for winners in fun categories like best vocals, most theatrical performance, or funniest song choice.

Consider prizes like Bluetooth speakers or gift cards.

Karaoke is a light-hearted way to bring colleagues out of their comfort zone and spark smiles.

14. Virtual Storytelling Session

Storytelling helps build connections, empathy and collaboration.
In a virtual story session, have leaders and employees share inspiring stories from their careers, personal lives, or important life lessons learned.Set ground rules to keep stories positive and appropriate for work.

Consider a theme like 鈥渟tories of perseverance鈥 or 鈥渓essons learned from failure.鈥

Give colleagues time to reflect after each story. Storytelling fosters deeper relationships, purpose, and growth mindset.

15. Online Team Costume Contest

Add some Halloween spirit with a virtual team costume contest!
Encourage employees to safely gather in small groups for photos sporting creative, coordinated costumes.Have a parade of teams showing off their looks over video conference.

Offer prizes for categories like 鈥渕ost creative鈥, 鈥渇unniest鈥 and 鈥渂est group theme.鈥

Let employees vote on their favorite fearless team.

A virtual costume contest sparks team creativity, laughter and camaraderie.

A man sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee.

16. Remote Workspace Makeovers

With work from home, employees’ domestic spaces double as their office environments.

Gift remote team members a workspace makeover!
Send each person a Visa gift card to buy desk accessories or office decor.Then have 1:1 video calls to collaborate on styling their functional yet fun work zone.

Share makeover reveal photos with the team.

Little touches like plants, motivational art, or comfy desk chairs boost productivity and wellbeing for remote workers.

17. Online Culture Fest

Expand cultural understanding in your global remote teams with a virtual culture fest!
Have colleagues across regions create video presentations exploring their local cultures 鈥 from food and music to holidays and etiquette tips.Compile submissions into a culture fest agenda.

Over video conference, colleagues can give their cultural spotlights, answer Q&As in real time, and even teach quick local language lessons.

Consider sending employees cultural recipe kits or traditional craft kits to create a hands-on experience.

An online culture fest builds intercultural empathy, understanding and inclusion.

18. Digital Scrapbooking Workshop

Scrapbooking is a thoughtful way to chronicle your company’s journey.

In a virtual workshop, invite longstanding employees to make digital scrapbooks using online templates or apps like Canva.
They can upload old photos, milestone documents, video clips, and written memories from their years at the company.Have everyone share screen to present their scrapbooks over video call.

The activity builds camaraderie, nostalgia, and preservation of your unique company story.

Virtual Conference Event Ideas

Attending conferences and trade shows online is the new norm. That means event planners must get creative with technology to engage virtual attendees.

Below we share 10 innovative ideas to connect and educate your remote event audience using the latest virtual conference technology.

19. Interactive Virtual Trade Show Booths

Recreate an immersive trade show experience virtually using interactive digital booths.
Work with event experts to build custom booths using virtual venue platforms like Airmeet or Hubilo.Include 3D product demos, embedded videos, downloadable resources, and live chat features.

Allow attendees to browse different booths and interact with booth reps using text, audio and video chat.

For engagement, add gamification by offering points or prizes for visiting booths and completing activities.

Use virtual swag bags for free samples, coupons, and branded merch. 

Interactive booths bring the exhibitor networking and lead generation of in-person trade shows online.

20. Online Product Launches

Save travel costs by launching new products virtually.
Work with marketing to develop engaging product reveal videos, demos, and presentations tailored to remote viewing.Create opportunities for attendees to interact with product experts through live Q&As and chat-based 鈥渢ables.鈥

Send product care packages in advance so attendees can follow along with tactile demos and unboxing content.

Build excitement with contests like quizzes and social sharing challenges offering branded merch as prizes.

Share recordings post-event so those who missed live sessions can still experience new releases.

With the right presentation and online interaction, virtual launches build product hype just as well as in-person events.

21. Hybrid Conference Hub

Take your event hybrid with an online conference hub to complement an in-person gathering.
Livestream keynotes, sessions, and exhibits so virtual attendees don't miss major happenings.In the digital hub, share the in-person schedule, speaker bios, conference brochure, and exhibitor list.

Offer perks like exclusive online discounts on products or services.

Host a pre-recorded welcome video from leadership in the portal to make virtual guests feel valued.

Have an online moderator share live updates, recap sessions, host Q&As with speakers, and curate social media posts from the event.

The hybrid hub keeps remote attendees engaged as if they were actually onsite.

It also expands reach to those unable to travel.

A group of black and gold gift boxes flying in the air, representing digital swag

22. Digital Swag Bags

Replace wasteful conference swag bags with digital ones containing downloadable resources.
Ask sponsors or exhibitors to submit branded assets like ebooks, coupons, presentations, and product demos to include.Also incorporate recordings, event photos, and articles recapping conference highlights.

Share links to the swag bag in post-event emails and the online portal.

For high-engagement items, hold webcasts unveiling exclusive demos or content reveals.

A digital swag bag provides valuable branded and educational takeaways long after the virtual event concludes.

23. Online Networking Lounges

Networking is vital for conferences 鈥 but challenging to replicate online.

Bring the casual collisions of in-person meetups into virtual venues using networking lounges.
These are digital spaces where attendees can browse profiles, initiate video meetups, and browse discussion topics.Platforms like Remo offer custom spaces for open networking.

Consider interest-based lounges for deeper connections.

For example, you can have separate lounges for executives, marketers, engineers, designers, investors, and women in the industry.

Lounge spaces give attendees more control in guiding meaningful conversations.

Appoint community moderators to facilitate introductions, spark dialogue in the chat, and ensure positive interactions.

Offer perks like one-on-one video sessions with industry leaders as incentives to network.

24. Wellness Breakout Sessions

Remote conferences can be taxing on the mind and body.

Offer wellness breakout sessions where attendees can take a mental break and practice self-care.
Popular options include midday meditation, stretch breaks, fun dance lessons, at-home chair massages, art classes, and mocktail demonstrations.Keep the mood uplifting with motivational speakers discussing topics like resilience, optimism, and work-life balance.

Provide how-to wellness content attendees can implement after the conference ends.

25. Online Trivia or Bingo

Incorporate some quick games into your virtual conference schedule to spark engagement.
Platforms like Kahoot! and Banzai allow you to create customized trivia quizzes and bingo cards based on conference topics and speaker facts.Appoint hosts to share their screens and display questions or bingo boards.

Attendees can answer through their devices or hold up written responses on camera.

Give top scorers virtual badges and conference merch.

Games give remote attendees fun, interactive brain breaks between sessions!

Airmeet leaderboard

26. Digital Leaderboards

Tap into attendees’ competitive sides with digital leaderboards tracking participation.
Award leaderboard points for actions like asking speakers questions, joining networking lounges, visiting exhibitors, downloading resources, referrals, social shares, and poll responses.Show real-time rankings visible to all attendees to spark friendly competition.

Offer the top point earners conference perks like one-on-ones with CEOs, keynotes roles at your next event, or tickets to a future conference.

Digital leaderboards turn passive viewers into actively engaged participants.

27. Sneak Preview Booth

Generate buzz by debuting top-secret previews of upcoming products and services.
Build anticipation with a dedicated virtual 鈥淪neak Preview Booth鈥 featuring teaser videos, demos, and hints of what's to come.Offer perks like private Q&A sessions with developers or free samples of the upcoming launch for booth visitors.

Create viral social contests encouraging attendees to share creative predictions or tag friends to win prizes.

Use gamification by awarding badges or leaderboard points for booth interactions.

Attendees will be drawn to insider sneak previews they can’t experience anywhere else.

The exclusivity makes the content more coveted while generating launch momentum.

28. Hybrid Event Tech Support

Running hybrid virtual-in person events requires backup support.

Designate tech ambassadors to assist both online and onsite guests with issues.
Provide troubleshooting guides covering connectivity tests, speaker sound checks, and how to access online event platforms and apps.Share quick response (QR) codes on signage and in presentations redirecting to the tech support portal.

Have a check-in area at the physical venue where people can test devices and get hands-on assistance.

Monitor event hashtags and networking lounges so tech ambassadors can quickly resolve complaints.

Proactive technology support ensures smooth experiences for attendees toggling between online and offline engagements.

Creative Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising is vital for nonprofits and charities. Take fundraising initiatives virtual to raise money and awareness while keeping supporters engaged from home.

Explore 10 creative concepts for virtual fundraising events that go beyond basic donation drives.

29. Remote 5K Runs

Host a virtual 5k to turn a solo activity into a community fundraiser.
Use sites like RaceEntry to set up online registrations and share training content to prep runners leading up to the big day.On event day, participants can run a 5k in their neighborhood while tracking progress on apps like MapMyRun or Strava.

Or, mail race bibs and have runners post selfies and completion times to the event feed.

Offer fun participation medals and race swag bags containing sponsor goodies.

Charge registration fees to raise funds.

Even better, encourage runners gain donors with sites like Fundly that let them raise money toward race goals.

Turn a remote run into team fundraising fun!

30. Virtual Silent Auction

Silent auctions allow nonprofits to raise money through donated goods, services and experiences.

Take the bidding online to expand your silent auction reach and revenue.
On your website or fundraising platform, create an auction page where people can browse and bid on available lots over 7-10 days leading up to the (virtual) gala event.
Promote special VIP lots only accessible through higher-priced tickets.

Send email and social media reminders on bidding deadlines to drive competition.

During the streamed finale event, showcase top experiences, build urgency and crown auction winners live.

Offer milestones like 鈥淔undraise $X and executive Y will match it!鈥 to incentivize bidding.

A virtual silent auction maximizes proceeds and participation through flexible, extended bidding.

31. Online Art Auction

Art auctions offer nonprofits an elegant way to mesh fundraising and culture.
Take the event virtual by having supporters browse and bid on donated art via your website or platforms like Charity Auctions Today.Feature artist backgrounds and art descriptions so patrons can learn as they bid.

Promote luxury art lots for high-roller patrons only available through exclusive streaming access or private virtual gallery tours.

During the livestreamed finale event, build excitement by announcing winning bids and totals raised while guests sip auction-sponsored wines in their homes.

Offer quick buy options for art not meeting reserves.

With lower overhead than in-person events, online art auctions can drive greater artist participation and fundraising revenue through expanded bidding pools.

Preview events also help patrons fall in love with pieces worth splurging on.

A man wearing a virtual reality headset at his desk during a virtual movie night

32. VR Movie Nights

Host an immersive virtual movie night fundraiser! Sell access to a simulcast showing of a new or classic movie.

Leverage VR technology to make it interactive.

Platforms like Sensorium Galaxy can create shared virtual screening environments with avatars.

Attendees see each other’s reactions and chat in real time for a communal viewing experience.

Consider fun custom environments like hosting a beach movie night in a virtual tropical setting.
Integrate elements like trivia, costume contests, or pre-show VR red carpet interviews for multi-sensory engagement.Proceeds from ticket sales provide fundraising.

Enhance the event by recruiting a celebrity host or lineup of guest avatar cameos for higher donations. 

The creativity and wow factor of VR events offers huge fundraising potential.

33. Virtual Cooking Class Fundraiser

A virtual cooking class blends great food and giving back!

It’s a rehash of the online cooking class from before, but with a charitable twist.
Recruit a well-known local chef to host a livestreamed class teaching a delicious recipe step-by-step over video conference.Sell tickets for people to cook alongside the virtual lesson and interact with the chef through a moderated Q&A.

Offer an ingredients shopping list so guests can prep and gather materials in advance. During class, the chef can share pro cooking tips and take attendee questions live.

Spotlight the work of the charity benefiting from the funds raised through the event tickets.

Enhance the class with a virtual wine tasting of vintages that pair perfectly with the meal.

A virtual cooking class fundraiser is a tasty experience that brings people together online for a great cause.

34. Online Carnival

In the past, charity carnivals involved setting up games and activities in a local parking lot or field.
Recreate the fun of a traditional carnival virtually with classic activities attendees can play from their laptops.Incorporate digital carnival games using video conferencing and gamification apps.

For example, you can have virtual ring tosses using webcams, online skeeball or cornhole games, or computer scavenger hunts.

Show live leaderboards to spark competition.

Incorporate prize giveaways, contests like costumed pet parades, and live music sets into the virtual carnival programming.

Sell tickets for access to activities, games, and entertainment to raise money.

The digital format makes your charity carnival accessible to more people for higher fundraising.

35. Remote Walk/Run

Encourage people to raise funds while raising their heart rates with a virtual walk or run event!
Set a date for participants to complete courses in their neighborhoods.Promote the option to gather in small teams for encouragement.

Share a mapping app so they can track mileage. Provide training guidance and safety tips before the big day.

Set personal fundraising goals and offer participant swag like t-shirts based on amounts raised.

A virtual walk/run turns exercise into social philanthropy.

36. Online Bazaar

A virtual bazaar allows crafters to raise money from homemade goods.
On your website, have artisans, bakers and DIY'ers set up online 鈥渂ooths鈥 showcasing their unique wares like artwork, accessories, home decor, toys, baked goods, candies, etc.Shoppers can browse and support vendors safely from their devices.

Vendors keep a percentage of proceeds and donate the rest.

You can drive traffic with special holiday bazaars tied to occasions like Mother’s Day or Christmas.

A digital bazaar helps creators and do-gooders unite.

37. Livestreamed Music Concert

Music brings people together for a good cause.
Organize a virtual benefit concert streaming performances live from artists' homes.Sell tickets for fans to watch online and donate directly to the nonprofit.

To enhance the experience, offer interactive features like live chat Q&As with artists, behind-the-scenes interviews, cameos by special guests, and prizes for sharing event updates across social media.

A streamed concert creates shared experiences and entertainment while raising valuable funds.

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