🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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Top 6 Types of Virtual Events to Host in 2024

virtual events have evolved from a mere backup plan into captivating, immersive experiences that rival the energy and engagement of in-person gatherings.

Virtual events have quickly changed from being a backup plan to an essential part of how modern organizations operate.

These digital gatherings are incredibly accessible, flexible, and environmentally friendly, making them a go-to solution in our increasingly online world.

But today’s virtual events are nothing like the boring, uninspiring webinars of the past.

They have blossomed into rich, captivating experiences filled with creativity and engagement.

With top-notch production values, sleek event platforms, and innovative interactive elements, virtual events now provide an environment that rivals the energy of in-person gatherings.

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The Evolution of Virtual Events

The COVID-19 pandemic played a big role in this evolution, forcing events into the virtual realm out of necessity.

But event organizers didn’t just directly translate physical events into digital spaces.

Instead, they embraced the unique potential of the online medium, crafting virtual experiences tailored specifically for online audiences.

Today’s virtual events tap into behaviors and social norms we’ve already gotten used to through our immersion in digital life.

From shared virtual “water cooler” moments to finely-tuned behind-the-scenes production, these gatherings radiate an undeniable sense of connectivity and purpose.

You’ll experience laughs, gasps, and “a-ha” moments rippling through the virtual crowd just like they would in-person.

While face-to-face interaction will always have a special magic, virtual events have claimed their place as a powerful engagement channel.

They bring people together across vast distances for uniquely digital shared experiences infused with humanity.

As we look ahead to 2024, virtual events are no longer a fallback option – they’re an intentional strategic choice to elevate brands and forge meaningful connections in our digital-first world.

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With virtual events becoming a big part of marketing, it’s no surprise that there are now many different kinds of digital gatherings to choose from.

From small online meetups to huge virtual conferences, these events come in all forms and sizes:

IIDA NC’s Pioneers in Design: Liz Ogbu (2021)

Webinars and Online Workshops

Webinars are excellent platforms for online presentations and discussions.

Whether you want to learn about a certain topic, see a product demo, or have a team meeting, these live sessions are great for sharing knowledge and letting attendees interact through Q&As and polls.

NARAL Activist Summit (2020)

Virtual Conferences

Just like in-person conferences, virtual conferences bring a full event experience to the internet.

They have main stages, networking areas, virtual trade show booths, and breakout sessions.

These online events mix learning opportunities with chances to buy products, all in one digital space.

Having good live video and interaction features is important so attendees can network with each other.

LAEP’s Transform Education for Black Lives: Turning Knowledge into Action from Diapers to Diploma (2021)

Virtual Summits

These focused virtual events are all about sharing a strong message.

They usually have one host leading conversations between different speakers and experts.

By using high-quality video, these impactful summits provide value even after the live event is over, since people can watch the recordings later.

Buffalo Urban League’s Gala (2021)

Online Galas & Fundraisers

Just because an event is virtual doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for it!

Online galas and fundraisers are a fun change of pace, letting you put on your best clothes for a good cause while still being at home.

Creative digital gift bags and interactive activities make these virtual events feel really special.

Things like auctions, raffles, and live entertainment keep the energy and engagement levels high.

SBC Digital Summit (2020)

Virtual Trade Shows & Expos

These are the ultimate events for online networking.

They put new products and ideas in the spotlight.

Using fancy 3D environments with virtual auditoriums, lounges, and exhibitor halls, they create exciting atmospheres that are perfect for big groups of attendees.

Soul Talk with Wura’s Rephidim: The Lord is My Banner (2020)

Podcasts & Internet Radio Shows

For companies that already make radio content, switching to virtual events is a natural next step.

Live online broadcasts can easily be turned into podcasts so people can listen whenever they want.

The technical side of things is similar, but there are way more possibilities for the kinds of content you can make.

There are tons of other creative virtual event formats too – from online music festivals that bring fans together to virtual fitness classes that are just as good as being at the gym.

When you use the internet’s strengths, the options are endless.

No matter what kind of virtual event you choose, giving your audience an amazing experience should be the most important thing.

With a clear vision and high-quality production, even a basic online event can feel like a breath of fresh air.

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How to Create Engaging Virtual Events

With so many virtual events vying for attention these days, how can you ensure yours truly stands out?

By going the extra mile to craft an immersive, human-centric experience that leaves attendees invigorated.

Here are some pro tips:

Get to Know Your Audience

The foundation of any successful event is understanding your target audience inside and out.

  • What motivates them?
  • What are their interests and pain points?

Use pre-event surveys and data analysis to build a rich persona.

With those insights, you can personalize each touchpoint – from the content to the interactive elements and digital swag bags bursting with relevant freebies like e-books, software trials and exclusive discounts.

Create an Atmosphere

While virtual events take place in the digital realm, that doesn’t mean they can’t capture the ambiance and energy of a real-world gathering.

The possibilities are endless.

Invest in developing an immersive 3D virtual venue complete with auditoriums, networking lounges, and old-school exhibit halls.

Embed gamification and integrate separate platforms for contests and breakout discussions.

The possibilities for world-building are limitless.

Scout Top-Notch Talent

At the end of the day, even the flashiest virtual event rises and falls on the strength of its speaker lineup and moderators
You need charismatic personalities who can command the virtual stage and forge genuine connections through the screen.Don’t be afraid to bring in well-known industry influencers or media personalities who can deliver your message with panache.

Embrace the Full Spectrum of Engagement

A huge advantage of virtual events is the ability to seamlessly weave in diverse content formats and interactive elements without missing a beat.

So get creative!

In addition to insightful panels and high-octane keynotes, mix in crowdsourced QAs, collaborative whiteboards, AI-driven networking, gamification, and participatory workshops to keep things dynamic.

The worldwide shift to digital has permanently reshaped how we gather and share ideas.

By meeting audiences where they already are through thoughtfully-crafted virtual experiences, you’ll forge meaningful connections that reverberate long after the closing remarks.

Embed gamification and integrate separate platforms for contests and breakout discussions.

The possibilities for world-building are limitless.

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Why Should You Host Virtual Events in 2024?

As we move further into 2024 and beyond, one thing is crystal clear: virtual events aren’t going anywhere.

They’ve become an indispensable tool for organizations looking to expand their reach, engage communities, and leave a smaller environmental footprint.

In today’s digital-first landscape, the demand for compelling virtual experiences continues skyrocketing.

Audiences expect the same caliber of polish and production values they'd get from an in-person gathering.

Brands have responded by doubling down, allocating significant budgets toward leveling up their virtual event

Because at the end of the day, these immersive online environments are a powerful driver of tangible business results.

Best Practices for Hosting a Virtual Event

In 2020, Eventbrite reported hosting over one million online events.

Curating a unique experience for your target audience is vital.

Here are some tips and best practices to elevate your next virtual event.

Be Relevant

Hosting a virtual event that doesn’t capture your target audience wastes time and resources.

Create an event that grabs your audience’s attention by delivering useful content for potential and existing customers/supporters.

Every decision made along the production timeline should serve your target audience.

Choose the Right Platform

Your virtual event platform delivers your content.

It should have the design and functionality your audience needs and be a right-sized solution.

It’s better to overinvest in video production than in platform, as you’ll have a reusable marketing asset.

Production partners like us have deep knowledge on platforms.

The Right Ticket Price

Although online events have fewer overhead costs, don’t undervalue the experience you’re providing.

Look at how others in your field price tickets.

For virtual fundraisers, consider sliding scale or donation-based pricing to increase attendance and hit your goal faster.

Employ Targeted Marketing Tactics

Online events allow you to refine your marketing strategy to reach the right people.

Install tracking pixels on your website to tailor information to potential customers or target attendees.

Include boosted social media or online marketing at least a week before your event to tap into scarcity mindset.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

An excellent plan alone does not mean that your virtual event will be successful.

You also need help from the right team.

At We & Goliath, we combine smart strategy with innovative technology to create memorable virtual experiences.

We have a team of expert consultants that can help you realize your dream virtual event.

How do You Make a Virtual Event Fun?

Making a virtual event fun is not simply about including certain activities, although that helps when done in a way that is thoughtful to your audience.
Hosting a fun virtual event is all about keeping all the elements in balance, such as content for virtual events, type of virtual event, platform choice, contingency plan for technical issues, getting the right talents, and employing a targeted digital marketing strategy, among others.
If you’re ready to host a fun and memorable virtual event, schedule a free consultation with us today.

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