🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Best virtual conference platforms.

Navigating the Best Virtual Conference Platforms of 2024

Virtual events open up game-changing opportunities to connect with people all over the map without needing to travel.
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Join the Virtual Event Revolution!

Let our crew of creative tech wizards cast an online engagement spell to mesmerize your audiences into a virtual frenzy! 

Planning events and meetings for 2024 can feel overwhelming with so many virtual conferencing options available on the internet.

However, having a variety of choices isn’t a bad thing!

As you assess your specific needs and objectives for online conferences and events, you’ll be able to hone in on the most suitable conferencing platforms for you.

In this guide, we'll engage in a casual conversation about key features to consider, what distinguishes the top solutions, some of today's most proficient platforms, and elements to ponder when selecting the best match.

We’ll also share insights on potential future trends for virtual and hybrid meetings.

Our goal is to provide you with a valuable starting point for selecting the technology that aligns seamlessly with your requirements.

This will enable you to enhance your event planning, further improve your meetings, and increase the effectiveness of your online interactions.

Virtual Event Essentials

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Must-Have Features

When prepping a virtual event, certain functionality is straight-up mandatory for an awesome attendee experience.

Let’s explore the essential capabilities that seriously amp up the impact of online conferences and webinars today:

  1. Easy Video Calling & Screen Sharing. This one’s kinda obvious – speakers gotta share their faces and slides with remote audiences. Ensuring glitch-free, lag-free video is non-negotiable for smooth delivery across town or around the world.
  2. Recording Capabilities. Posting recorded sessions allows people who missed the live event to catch up on-demand. This expands your reach long after the conference wraps.
  3. Q&A Features. Real-time Q&A gives virtual attendees an arena to ask pressing questions and feel heard. Tools allowing organizers to efficiently manage inquiries during or after sessions are key to supercharging engagement.
  4. Live Polling & Surveys. Wanna take the pulse of the (virtual) room? Engage your audience with immediate feedback polls. Not only does this captivate people in the moment, but provides valuable insights to guide your next moves.
  5. Breakout Rooms. Sometimes you wanna break off into smaller groups for more intimate committee meetings, networking, or workshopping. These virtual spaces enable the quality face-time that builds connections.
  6. Custom Branding. What good is a snazzy virtual venue without your own logos and colors? Personalized branding makes the experience feel tailored and on-point.

Now a platform designed chiefly for webinars probably won’t handle the intricacies of a multi-track conference which can include keynotes, concurrent sessions, sponsors, and constant networking.

Defining your use cases from the jump is vital for picking a solution that aligns with and exceeds your needs.

The bottom line?

Buttery video, recording, Q&A, polling, breakouts and branding are baseline requirements for engaging online events today.

Keep these must-haves in mind when evaluating platforms to avoid attendee frustration and organizer headaches!

Key Differentiators

Assuming those table-stakes engagement and customization features are covered, what truly distinguishes the best-in-class virtual event platforms in 2024?

Here are a few signs you’ve found a winner:

  • Simple and intuitive for your team. You want something that doesn’t require heavy tech skills, training or troubleshooting to setup and run smoothly.
  • Easy for attendees too. Joining virtual events should be seamless for participants, no matter their level of digital proficiency. Minimal steps, an intuitive interface, and clear audio/video keeps them happily engaged.
  • Scales flexibly. Whatever size your online events are now, you want room to grow without hitting ceilings that require expensive upgrades.
  • Integrates easily. Combining registration data, attendee analytics, feedback polls, lead retrievals, downstream email marketing – that all gets supercharged when systems connect together.
  • Gathers data smartly. The right event platforms capture such valuable information on every aspect of your sessions, exhibitors, content downloads, and community interactions – allowing you to refine and maximize the impact of your programming over time.
  • Creates memorable engagement. Gamification, intelligent networking matching, live trivia and polls, VR spaces…next gen platforms bake fun into the experience!

Next, we’ll hit on some current front-runners in a moment after a few words on narrowing down your options…

Decision Time

Outlining your attendee goals, must-have use cases, and ideal functionality early while comparing solutions against those needs makes the platforms best suited for you rise above the noise.

A few straightforward but critical questions seal the deal:

  • Does this seem scalable? Ensure any platform can stretch to accommodate the attendee volumes you project over the next couple years. Virtual events are just taking off after all!
  • What’s their track record? Dig into reviews and reputation across recent users to verify providers walk their talk on things like responsive support, uptime guarantees, and honoring promises. No unpleasant surprises!

If those boxes are checked, wonderful! Just don’t forget to reassess your options every year or so as technology evolves incredibly fast in this space…

Onward to solutions making big waves for online events in 2024 and what may be around the virtual corner!

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The Best Virtual Conference Platforms of 2024

Now for some current tools getting lots of buzz for upgrading virtual and hybrid event experiences:

Hopin seems poised to stay a leader given its video technology, slick content hubs, and dynamic networking capabilities scaled for conferences of essentially any size.

AirMeet wins users over by mirroring in-person events, with agenda personalization and game-inspired engagement features. Their focus on support accounts for the loyalty.

ON24 targets digital experiences beyond basic webinars, integrating sophisticated polls, lead generation tools and extended reality (XR) options.

Cvent remains a trusted all-in-one hub marrying their virtual event platform to physical venue sourcing and logistics coordination.

vFairs gets high-marks for enabling branded virtual lobbies, customizable sponsorship areas, and detailed sales analytics.

And stalwarts like WebEx and Zoom Events continue maturing their enterprise-grade capabilities with global scale and improved content streaming options.

Maximizing the Benefits of Virtual Conferences

Virtual events open up game-changing opportunities to connect with people all over the map without needing to travel.

But to really make the most of virtual conferences, you’ve gotta keep attendees engaged and take full advantage of your platform’s capabilities.

Here’s how to create a kickass virtual conference experience:

Craft an Engaging Agenda

A well-structured schedule is crucial for keeping everyone tuned in and informed.

Mix up the programming with keynote talks, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking sessions to maintain interest.

Use Interactive Features

Virtual platforms offer awesome interactive tools like live chat, Q&A sessions, polls, and breakout rooms.

Motivate people to actively participate in these activities to amplify their experience.

Facilitate Networking

Networking is vital at any professional gathering – virtual platforms enable innovative networking through online lounges or dedicated sessions.

Spark connections by providing icebreaker questions or setting up 1-on-1 meetings.

Incorporate Multimedia

Incorporate videos, slideshows, and other multimedia to reinforce engagement and add visual oomph during presentations.

Offer On-Demand Access

Many virtual platforms enable on-demand access after the event ends so participants can catch up if they missed something or want a refresher.

Address Technical Issues

Despite tech advancements, technical glitches can still disrupt virtual events.

Ensure stable internet, test equipment beforehand, share troubleshooting tips, and have a support team on standby throughout the conference.

By leveraging these tips and fully utilizing your chosen platform’s capabilities, you can create an engaging, memorable event that leaves a real impact on attendees.

The key is crafting an agenda that keeps people engaged, using interactive tools, facilitating networking, adding multimedia, offering on-demand access, and promptly addressing any technical issues.

Virtual conferences enable game-changing connections – with thoughtful planning, you can maximize their value.

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Gazing Ahead

As for what’s next in further elevating virtual/hybrid events, we foresee growth in:

  • XR immersion – Blending 3D, VR, and AR makes online venues more replicable to live conferences, trade shows and networking happy hours! Expect more.
  • Hybrid personalization – Solutions that auto-suggest relevant sessions, exhibitors and attendees based on your interests and role – and that adapt as your interactions and choices expand.
  • Automated analytics – I hope we’ll see platforms integrate directly with CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and other martech and salestech tools that can trigger timely follow-ups based on event metrics and signals.

And there’s surely many other innovations in virtual data, streaming, and audience experiences we can’t predict yet!

Final Thoughts

As we explore what’s next for virtual and hybrid events, it’s clear there’s a whole world of potential still untapped.

The options right now already allow for pretty immersive experiences, with thoughtful personalization and smooth integrations.

But you know how quickly technology keeps moving forward.

It’s critical for anyone planning events to stay flexible – ready to shift approaches and solutions as what attendees expect continues changing.
The folks likely to keep winning long-term are the ones keeping their finger on the pulse of what virtual event-goers need, while also being willing to test out those leading-edge features before the rest of the pack.The coming few years promise to get even more exciting when it comes to virtual venues!

By starting your homework now, building out dynamic programming, and making the effort to understand your audiences more deeply over time, you’ll be prepped for both nailing your next hybrid event and staying relevant in an increasingly online world.

Time to Explore Your Options

Hopefully this gives you a solid foundation for starting your search for the ideal virtual platform partner(s) for 2024 and beyond.

Defining your conference vision and must-haves, bending vendors’ ears with questions, maybe joining a few demo webinars, checking reviews – you’ll be zeroing in on perfect fits in no time!

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