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🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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65 Event Industry Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Looking for innovative event trends to kick start your event planning for 2023? Here are 65 of the latest and hottest trends for corporate, virtual, and hybrid events to supercharge your strategy!

In 2023, the events industry is poised for an exciting year of growth and innovation as event planning continues to rise and new trends emerge. 

As event professionals face the challenges of social distancing and Covid restrictions, virtual and hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular, offering attendees unique and personalized experiences. 

Alongside the rise of virtual and hybrid events, other key trends like sustainability, data collection, and personalized experiences have begun to see more relevance as well toward the end of 2022. 

With a high level of optimism in the industry, 2023 promises to be one of the most thrilling years for event management as the events industry continues to evolve and innovate.

a group of event professionals with a woman in a headscarf talking to another woman and a man, all looking happy and optimistic

Obstacles like social distancing and Covid restrictions have created new opportunities for virtual connection and technological innovation. 

With attendees now looking for exciting new experiences and face-to-face interactions leading to more hybrid events

All signs show that social distancing and sustainability will continue to grow in importance. Data promises to revolutionize the event industry and optimism is high! Consider the following:

  • According to the 2023 AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast, 75% of event professionals rated their optimism levels at 8 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10
  • The ICE report from last year revealed that 59% of participants consider sustainability an essential hurdle for event organizers in 2023 and beyond.
  • According to Markletic, 71% of big companies with 5000+ workers included hybrid events in their portfolio
  • 67% stated that hybrid is the future of events
  • a man standing on an event stage with a projection screen showing a large screen

    Much research has gone into uncovering what trends we should look out for in 2023, and there are some great opportunities ahead. 

    From virtual events that offer more flexibility and convenience to hybrid events use data collection to create a more personalized experience, event planners have plenty of options.

    “Omnichannel marketing campaigns using three or more channels in any one campaign earned a 287% higher purchase rate than those using a single-channel campaign.” (Omnisend)

    One of the biggest trends in the events industry involves hybrid events across personalized channels throughout the entire event cycle. 

    What exactly is an omnichannel marketing campaign? 

    An omnichannel marketing campaign uses multiple channels and platforms to reach customers with a unified brand message. 

    This can include social media, email, video, websites, and in-person events or experiences

    By leveraging the latest event technology, companies create an integrated and unified approach to their marketing efforts to reach their target audience more effectively.

    a woman in a striped shirt is holding a cell phone, with different channel icons in the foreground symbolizing omnichannel marketing

    The omnichannel marketing campaign creates a seamless customer experience across all customer journey touchpoints. 

    Today’s sophisticated event technology makes a unified brand message across multiple channels and platforms while also providing the ability to track customer engagement and measure the campaign’s success.

    Recent research has even found that 73% of marketers believe these types of gatherings will be more common in the coming years.


    What are this year’s predictions for innovative event marketing

    1.  Event organizers will communicate with event attendees during and after an event with the latest event technology tools and platforms
    2. In 2023 marketing teams will reach out to attendees through personalized experiences
    3. Attendees will prefer individualized interactions over general social media blasts
    4. In 2023 the best way to communicate post-event will be by using customized event apps
    5. Eye-catching event promo videos and customized highlights videos will feature speakers and past-event photos for added exposure post-event
    6. In 2023 Event organizers will add virtual-only follow-up events for networking 
    7. Organizations will use capture first-person data with surveys and polls
    8. Event marketers will focus on targeted, high-quality embedded video emails 
    9. This year customized VIP thank-you cards and follow-ups will add a personal touch
    10. Event Platforms will make it easier for attendees to network with the right people through data-driven matching
    woman looking at a computer screen with a chart with lots of data on it

    The creative use of event technology plays an even more significant role as we look for new ways to engage audiences and create immersive experiences during the entire event cycle. Bring your attendees together through one-of-a-kind experiences. All these trends point towards an exciting future for the events industry!

    PRO TIP: Instead of bombarding event attendees with general messaging, take advantage of first-person data gathered during registration, event apps, and surveys to create targeted marketing. Don’t know how to do this? Contact We & Goliath today for a free event strategy session. 

    When organizing a hybrid event, event organizers will use the latest event technology to assist with budgeting, registration, venue sourcing, and in-person data-driven experiences. 

    Track virtual attendee engagement, networking, analytics, live streaming, and your entire production seamlessly.  

    Top Event Technology Trend: Event Organizers Will Create Engaging Event Apps for Greater Engagement and Data Analysis in 2023

    Mobile event apps offer a personalized experience, a hub for original content, and a way to collect precise, up-to-date data. 

    They can customize their profile, access the agenda and speaker information, and connect with other attendees. 

    Mobile event apps are a great way to share original content. Companies can post events, photos, videos, and surveys directly.

    a woman using her smartphone to access mobile event apps

    Make your event interactive and exciting with an innovative mobile app. 

    With an average American checking their phone 262 times per day and 88% of that time spent on mobile apps, it’s no surprise that companies turn to this technology to make their events more engaging. 

    What are other event technology trends popular this year? Here are some of the leading event technology trends for 2023:

    1. Companies will design friendly mobile apps with schedules, real-time updates, and maps accessible for both online and in-person attendees
    2. Hybrid production teams will use exciting platforms that provide easy networking post-event
    3. Event organizers will focus on experience-first events with the addition of surprise music, games, and entertainment
    4. In 2023 companies will use a virtual photo wall or photobooth to showcase attendees and generate even more buzz
    5. In 2023 event organizers will provide high-quality on-demand content for attendees on an online event hub 
    6. This year events will provide one-click registration through an app to increase signups
    7. Savvy event marketing teams will use Omnichannel event marketing campaigns that weave in email, sms, social, and an event series 
    8. Events will broadcast Keynote or partial session highlights on social media to entice people to join the main event integration of virtual reality environments
    9. Organizers will incorporate polls, social media contests, and photo contests
    10. Events will enhance and create evergreen Netflix-style content for an interactive online hub
    someone is using a laptop and a cell phone in their hands with a graphic of business icons to represent an interactive online hub

    You need to know all of these things before beginning the implementation phase. 

    Post–Event Tech Trend: In 2023 Event Organizers Will Use the Latest Event Technology to Track and Connect with Attendees During the Entire Event Cycle

    One way to use event technology post-event is to review attendee feedback. Post-event reviews are an essential part of any event planning process. 

    Event technology can help you collect feedback from attendees quickly and easily, allowing you to make improvements for future events. 

    Track attendance numbers and demographics to get an idea of who attended your event and how many people were there.

    Gain an accurate picture of how your event was received post-event. Use surveys or polls to ask attendees about their experience. 

    Track this information for data analysis. Identify improvement areas and ensure your next event is better.

    a man analyzing event data on his computer screen

    According to G2, 70% of marketers say consistent branding is one of the most important things to keep in mind when communicating with customers. And 92% of event professionals surveyed agreed that creating a consistently branded experience was necessary.

    Here are some of this year’s top event tech technology trends: 

    1. Event organizers will always add your logo and where logo placements can be
    2. In 2023 the marketing team will ensure that branding is represented in every aspect of the event 
    3. Marketing teams will choose customizable features like branded color schemes and fonts
    4. Events will use a customized look and feel to reflect clear brand identity
    5. Companies will create an engaging and memorable experience for attendees while ensuring branding stands out
    there are many people standing around a booth with lots of branding at a convention

    Every interaction with attendees is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. 

    Don’t know how to create a truly customizable branding experience? Meet with our We & Goliath event experts for a free event strategy session.

    Our award-winning team will help you create world-class graphics that will make a massive impact. 

    Our world wants to get back together. And according to Meeting & Group Business magazine, the in-person events market is set for its “strongest year ever” in 2023. 

    Recent statistics show that searches for “hybrid events” have increased by 237% in the last five years, indicating that more people are interested in this event.


    And 97% of event marketers say hybrid events will increase over the next few years, while 59% believe hybrid events will be crucial for their event marketing strategy.

    The 2023 AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast reported “booming optimism and focus on in-person meetings and events.” 

    Innovative hybrid events are the go-to for event planning in 2023. Hybrid events perfectly blend in-person experience with the accessibility and convenience of virtual events. 

    there is a large wall to wall screen featuring the faces and screens of online attendees during a hybrid event

    What are this year’s top hybrid event trends? 

    1. Event organizers will maximize marketing with local social media influencers
    2. Planners will create an increasingly personalized, engaging hybrid experience through data collection
    3. In 2023 organizers will emphasize health, wellness, accessibility, and inclusion
    4. This year planners will be challenged for greater innovation as event budgets continue to tighten due to high energy costs
    5. Professional planners will collaborate with skilled robust, well-rounded teams who handle both in-person and virtual
    6. Many companies will experiment with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in 2023
    7. Planners will build lasting event digital footprints to foster connection post-event
    8. In 2023 sophisticated interactive virtual event platforms will personalize experiences
    9. Planners will focus on experience-first events to make every moment memorable
    10. Companies will maximize dead space and time with innovative pop-up hybrid events

    Hybrid events are here to stay and offer an excellent solution for hosting an engaging and successful event. Take your event planning to the next level with these innovative event trends.

    Data measurement and analysis are essential for corporate events. 

    With the growing pressure to outdo competitors, event marketers have to measure event success to plan better ones in the future. 

    Event data provides valuable insights into how attendees interact with an event, what they like and don’t like, and what could be improved upon.

    Event data has become increasingly important in the event industry, providing valuable insights into how attendees interact with an event. 

    By collecting and analyzing event data, event experts can better understand what their guests like and don’t like and what could be improved for future events.

    Such platforms make it effortless for coordinators to create captivating online events

    With these technological advances, it’s clear that the events industry will continue to innovate and advance drastically in 2023. What are the top data trends this year: 

    1. Event organizers will use cutting-edge virtual event platforms to collect attendance numbers, engagement, feedback
    2. Companies will collect and analyze data to create customized event experiences
    3. This year marketing teams will use mobile apps to increase data collection
    4. In 2023 organizers will include the measurement of attendee engagement as a metric of event success
    5. This year detailed data analysis will improve online engagement during and post-event
    6. Surprisingly today’s event attendees will willingly provide personal information for a better event experience
    7. Savvy organizers will incorporate AI in data analysis and organization of potential speakers and attendees
    8. Serious companies will invest in increased cybersecurity to protect data
    9. Companies will use AI Chatbots for data collection during registration and customer service
    10. This year there is a measurable emphasis on post-data research to improve future events
    a table with many different charts and documents for post-data research

    Recent advancements in virtual event technology have made it simpler for the events industry to host a successful hybrid or virtual event. 

    Arena, Cadence, and Brella are preferred event technology tools that boast an array of features like audience engagement tools and data collection so you can reach virtual audiences. 

    Easy starting packages • Advanced options • Proven results

    The widespread adoption of virtual and hybrid events allowed event planners to reach a much wider audience. 

    Event organizers found ways to overcome the language barrier and ensure all attendees could access and understand the content. 

    Hybrid events allow more accessibility for those with a disability, family obligations, or financial hardship. 

    Event planners have also made space for health and wellness activities to address the growing global mental health crisis.

    Give more people the opportunity to experience your event with today’s latest accessibility technologies. Below are this year’s top accessibility trends: 

    1. Organizers will use Lead Capture App so attendees can capture image data in multiple languages
    2. Companies will include live translation services, including sign language interpretation
    3. Events will consist of accurate captioning in various languages in real-time and as well as screen readers
    4. Events will have even more health safety protocols like advanced air-filtration systems, PPE, and cleaning crews
    5. In 2023 organizers will offer social distancing options via virtual events
    6. Organizations will invest in convenient event social care for crises, attendee support, and emergencies this year
    7. This year events will provide convenient, no-hassle accessibility for those with limited mobility
    8. Event organizers will incorporate mindfulness events and wellness activities with relaxed scheduling
    9. Companies will hire staff and healthcare professionals experienced in sign language
    10. Companies will update the accessibility and registration of website and event apps to reach a wider audience
    a person holding a phone showing a qr code for online registration

    And for event planners who want to create accessible events, why not choose hybrid? Hybrid blend both worlds and offer more opportunities for engagement and interactivity. 

    As the world becomes more aware of the environmental issues facing our planet, it is no surprise that corporate event planners are looking for ways to make their events more sustainable. 

    According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) 89 percent of responding event industry professionals identified sustainability as a priority for 2023. 

    Sustainability initiatives remain essential as the event industry strives to reduce environmental impact while providing memorable experiences. 

    “From a planner’s perspective, it’s about finding ways to minimize environmental impact at all stages of the planning process. 

    If you can source a green hotel, organize group travel instead of individual, utilize digital signage onsite, or work with the venue to minimize food waste,” states Rachel Andrews, Cvent’s Senior Director of Meetings and Events. 

    a large multi-panel digital display showing a picture of strawberries

    The event industry has taken steps to ensure that events are eco-friendly. 

    It minimizes its carbon footprint by reducing waste, using green technologies, and embracing hybrid innovation! 

    The eco-friendly event remains a crucial trend for 2023 and beyond. Our top green event predictions: 

    1. Event organizers will prioritize solar energy and low-carbon alternative energy sources
    2. This year events will substantially reduce waste with reusable materials
    3. Events will avoid single-use items like plastic water bottles 
    4. In 2023 catering will source local food and caterers 
    5. Companies will invest in carbon credits and plant trees to offset their carbon footprint
    6. Organizers will partner with Uber and Lyft for carpooling options
    7. Events will include hybrid and virtual opportunities to reduce transportation in 2023
    8. Events will reduce waste by composting food leftovers
    9. This year companies will reduce waste with recyclable materials for decorations
    10. Event planners will reduce paper waste with an all-inclusive digital app

    The event industry evolves as the world changes. Future events will embrace interactive virtual event platforms, event attendees will enjoy exciting new interactivity, and eco-friendly events will ensure that we make an exciting impact for decades to come!

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