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Virtual team building ideas.

Foster Teamwork Online: 42 Virtual Team Building Ideas

Virtual team building activities can help foster collaboration and boost morale among remote teams. These activities promote teamwork, communication, and create a sense of camaraderie even when working remotely. Consider options like online trivia games, virtual escape rooms, or virtual cooking classes.
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Collaboration is the lifeline of effective teams. 

But fostering seamless teamwork can prove challenging, especially for virtual teams separated by distance. 

Ice needs to be broken. Walls need to come down. Connections must be built. 

How can teammates cultivate the cohesion, communication, and camaraderie needed to unite as one virtually?

The answer is team building – with a digital twist. 

Creative online activities allow dispersed groups to spark engagement and forge bonds within this new remote work world. 

From virtual trivia and digital scavenger hunts to remote painting parties and virtual escape rooms, opportunities abound for sharing laughs, solving problems collaboratively, and creating shared experiences.

This guide will explore 42 innovative virtual team building ideas to strengthen your remote team. 

Ready to infuse some fun into your online workplace? Let’s get started!

Why Virtual Team Building Matters

Let’s first look at why remote team building really matters for performance.

  • Sets the stage for collaboration – These activities break the ice so teammates can get to know each other on a more personal level. This provides a foundation for more seamless collaboration.
  • Promotes communication – Open and frequent communication is key for virtual teams. Games prompt teammates to interact regularly.
  • Encourages camaraderie – Playful activities create inside jokes and shared experiences that spark a sense of camaraderie, even from afar.
  • Boosts morale – Having fun together relieves stress and reminds teammates why they enjoy working together.
  • Enhances problem-solving – Challenges and games promote out-of-the-box thinking and teamwork.
  • Supports company culture – Virtual activities allow you to maintain your culture by connecting people across distances.
  • Improves team cohesion – Shared experiences strengthen relationships and the team’s sense of unity.

With the stage set on why virtual team building matters, let’s explore 49 idea options to foster collaboration online.

42 Fun Virtual Team Building Ideas

Source: SnackNation

1. Virtual Trivia

A game of trivia is a fantastic way to liven up your next virtual meeting while allowing teammates to showcase their obscure knowledge.

How to play:

  • Use a free trivia app or PowerPoint to display questions. Have players submit answers in the chat or via an app.
  • Customize questions around pop culture, your industry, company history, or employees’ interests.
  • Split into teams or go head-to-head for some friendly competition!

Pro tips:

  • Consider using apps like Kahoot!, QuizBreaker, or TriviaMaker which gamify the experience.
  • Give the winning team members small prizes like gift cards.
  • Ask teammates to submit trivia questions beforehand so everyone can contribute.

2. Remote Charades

For some playful antics at your next virtual meetup, give the classic game of charades a remote twist.

How to play:

  • Use a random word generator to come up with topics. Have one person act it out on camera for others to guess.
  • Consider using props or backgrounds for an added challenge!
  • Split into teams and have one person act out multiple words within a time limit.

Pro tips:

  • Screenshare your charades word list so everyone (but the actor) can see the word.
  • Set a timer to keep the game moving quickly.
  • rejection and rejoicing — it’s sure to get everyone laughing together!

3. Digital Scavenger Hunt

Send your virtual team on a scavenger hunt across the internet for this screen-based activity.

How to play:

  • Create a list of digital challenges like finding a meme, identifying a song, googling trivia answers, etc.
  • Teams complete challenges and provide screenshots as proof within a set time.
  • The team who completes the most tasks wins!

Pro tips:

  • Use a shared spreadsheet to keep track of completed tasks by each team.
  • Leave some challenges vague to encourage creativity.
  • Brainstorm challenges as a team and draw from a hat so there’s variety.

4. Drawful

The telephone game gets a makeover in Drawful, where teammates try to guess each other’s artistic (and ridiculous) drawings.

How to play:

  • Players take turns drawing prompts from the app on a shared screen.
  • Everyone submits a funny caption for the drawing, then tries to match captions to pictures.
  • The caption voted most accurate earns points. The funniest caption also earns points!

Pro tips:

  • Use the online Jackbox.tv app which provides prompts and records points automatically.
  • Remind players to keep it PG-13 to avoid offending colleagues.
  • Let your inner budding artist shine through with your drawing skills!

5. Remote Pictionary

Another artistic activity, Pictionary will unleash your teammates’ creative sides as they try to illustrate challenging words and phrases.

How to play:

  • Split into teams with one person as the illustrator.
  • The illustrator draws a word from the list while their team tries to guess it before time runs out.
  • Teams get a point for correct guesses. Switch illustrators each round!

Pro tips:

  • Use a whiteboard and marker for easy sharing on video calls.
  • Pick categories tailored to your team like office terms, pop culture, or company lingo.
  • Keep some drawing supplies on hand to get those creative juices flowing!

6. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie helps colleagues get to know each other better in this classic icebreaker game.

How to play:

  • Each player shares 3 statements about themselves – 2 truths and 1 lie.
  • The rest of the team asks questions to try to guess which statement is a lie!
  • Reveal which one was the lie after everyone guesses.

Pro tips:

  • Encourage silly or surprising facts to make it trickier.
  • Share stories related to your statements after the reveal.
  • Try introducing yourself with truths and a lie if you’re joining a new team!

7. Virtual Escape Room

Work together to ‘escape’ the online room by solving puzzles and finding clues in this immersive game.

How to play:

  • Using a virtual escape room app or website, teams complete challenges like scavenger hunts, word puzzles, and coded messages.
  • Solve all the puzzles within a set time limit to figuratively break out of the room!

Pro tips:

  • Many apps like Escape Room Master let you customize rooms to suit your team.
  • Assign roles like ‘communicator’ and ‘note taker’ so everyone has a job.
  • Schedule a video call during the experience so you can celebrate successes together!

8. Virtual Bingo

Call out common virtual work phrases like “You’re on mute!” for a round of laugh-inducing bingo.

How to play:

  • Generate bingo cards with silly work-from-home occurrences (dog barking, tech issues, etc).
  • The caller reads scenarios from the list. Mark squares on your card if they apply to you!
  • First player to complete a row or fill the whole card wins.

Pro tips:

  • Share funny stories related to your bingo squares.
  • Offer prizes like gift certificates to keep participants engaged.
  • Play over video chat so you can see everyone’s reactions.

9. Guess the Baby Picture

Can your team correctly match colleagues with their adorable baby pics? Find out in this popular game!

How to play:

  • Have teammates submit baby photos of themselves ahead of time.
  • Compile the photos and share the slideshow, asking players to guess which baby belongs to which coworker!

Pro tips:

  • Make wrong guesses “cost” players by tallying points. Most points at the end wins!
  • Ask parents to share what they remember from that photo.
  • Follow up with current baby pics – have they changed?!

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10. Virtual Water Cooler

Simulate casual chit chat around the water cooler with this simple discussion game.

How to play:

  • Pose an open-ended question related to lighter topics like favorite snacks, travel destinations, etc.
  • Go around your virtual room, giving everyone a short turn to answer.
  • Repeat with various questions to keep the conversation flowing.

Pro tips:

  • Share a discussion question ahead of time so teammates can ponder.
  • To make it spicier, have people anonymously submit questions that get randomly picked.
  • Try integrating into your regular meetings as a shortener.

11. Digital Scrabble

The classic word game gets updated for the digital age in online Scrabble. Can your team create the highest-scoring words?

How to play:

  • Use an online Scrabble platform like Scrabble GO which allows group video chat.
  • Take turns creating words on the virtual board, scoring points based on letter value.
  • Player with the highest score after all tiles are used wins!

Pro tips:

  • Set a timer for turns to keep gameplay moving.
  • Screenshare to show your updated Scrabble board after each turn.
  • Host a team tournament over several rounds to determine the word master!

12. Finish the Lyric

Put your song knowledge to the test by completing lyrics from popular tunes in this online music game.

How to play:

  • Select iconic song lyrics and share just the starting lines with your team.
  • Players privately submit the next lyric line to finish each phrase.
  • Award points for correct lyrics. Person with the most musical knowledge wins!

Pro tips:

  • Tailor your lyric selections to genres or decades your team will know.
  • Consider classic songs that most people would recognize.
  • Encourage teammates to sing the lyrics out loud once revealed!

13. Virtual Morning Meetup

Start your workdays on an upbeat note with a casual virtual morning meetup before diving into work.

How to host:

  • Set a regular morning video call where all teammates can pop in, optional attendance.
  • Greet each other and chat about lighter topics like plans for the day, home life, or news stories.
  • Keep the tone positive and energy high to start the day united.

Pro tips:

  • Occasionally play an icebreaker game during the meetup like Two Truths and a Lie.
  • If schedules allow, make it a walking or coffee meetup by video.
  • Record meetings so those in different time zones can watch later.

14. Zoom Scavenger Hunt

Source: TeamBuilding.com

Send your team on a hunt for items around their home with this engaging scavenger hunt activity.

How to play:

  • Create a bingo-style card with random household items (pet toy, spoon, left shoe, etc).
  • Set a timer and have players race to find items on their card and show them on camera.
  • First player to complete a row or fill the whole card wins!

Pro tips:

  • Make it themed around holidays, seasons, or office items for a fun twist.
  • Consider using a digital scavenger hunt app to keep score automatically.
  • Encourage silly presentations of items, like balancing a spoon on their nose.

15. Guess Who?

This fast-paced guessing game challenges how well your team knows each other and their interests.

How to play:

  • One player thinks of a famous person, object, place, etc. that they associate with a teammate.
  • Others ask yes or no questions about that person or thing to guess the associated teammate.
  • First person to correctly guess, wins! Rotate choosers.

Pro tips:

  • Encourage outside-the-box connections between teammates and choices.
  • Set a timer to keep the pace quick.
  • Reveal why you associate that item with the person. Do they agree?!

16. Virtual Campfire

Recreate gathering around the campfire for spooky stories or heartfelt discussions in this remote activity.

How to host:

  • Set the mood with a virtual campfire background, ambient nature sounds, warm lighting, and cozy clothes.
  • Have each person share a story, meaningful experience, or cherished memory. Or roast marshmallows together!
  • Provide emotional support and reactions using chat or displays of affection.

Pro tips:

  • Send a campfire treat box ahead of time so everyone can snack together.
  • Incorporate games like Two Truths and a Lie or Story Starters.
  • Share your favorite camping memories and bucket list destinations.

17. Murder Mystery Party

Act out an intricate murder mystery by assigning everyone a character and puzzling through the clues.

How to play:

  • Select a murder mystery scenario or purchase kits with pre-made character scripts and clues.
  • Assign each player a character. Read your pre-written scripts together over video.
  • Follow the story prompts, moving between group and private video chats to share secrets.
  • Uncover the murderer based on the provided clues before time runs out!

Pro tips:

  • Have players dress up and decorate their video background to match their character.
  • If needed, summarize longer mystery scripts into a shortened version.

18. Team Yearbook

Look back on your virtual year together and celebrate achievements by making an online team yearbook.

How to create:

  • Collect memories like screenshots from meetings, project successes, and fun times together.
  • Ask teammates to submit superlatives for one another based on positive work attributes.
  • Compile everything into a digital yearbook or slideshow with comments and inside jokes.
  • Gather virtually to present and reminisce before starting the new year.

Pro tips:

  • Send the yearbook as a printed book or calendar as a meaningful gift.
  • Share fond memories about the big moments as you review the yearbook together.

19. Deserted Island

Get creative deciding which luxury items you would bring if stuck on a deserted island together.

How to play:

  • Imagine your team is about to be stranded on a deserted island for one year.
  • Each person can bring one luxury item. Go around and share what you’d choose and why.
  • As a team, pick 3-5 additional survival items you’ll need from a provided list.
  • Discuss why these would be most helpful and how you would work together.

Pro tips:

  • Make sure to also pick survival items, not just fun luxury choices.
  • Tally votes for the survival items to reach group consensus.
  • Talk about how you’ll split up responsibilities on the island.

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20. Virtual Coffee Break

Enjoy each other’s company during a casual virtual coffee break, just like you would around the office.

How to host:

  • Hop on a video call while making and drinking your favorite coffee beverage. Chat casually while sharing your coffee culture.
  • For a change of pace, invite a guest speaker like a coffee shop owner or barista to share knowledge.
  • Discuss new types of brews to try and exchange recommendations.

Pro tips:

  • Send coffee care packages containing beans, samples, or sweet treats to enjoy together.
  • Make it weekly and set up an informal coffee club.
  • Have everyone prepare coffee on camera to learn techniques from each other.

21. Virtual Cooking Class

Spice up your next virtual meetup by taking a team cooking class led by a professional chef.

How to attend:

  • Hire a private chef to lead a virtual cooking class. They demonstrate recipes everyone can make from home.
  • Have ingredients and equipment on hand to follow along with recipes in real time.
  • Enjoy the finished dishes together over the video call.

Pro tips:

  • Pick fun recipes that suit skill levels yet offer a challenge.
  • Mail members ingredient kits ahead of time so everyone’s prepared.
  • Share kitchen disasters and chef tips throughout the class.

22. Hidden Talent Show

You’ll be amazed by the unexpected skills your coworkers have up their sleeves in this talent show.

How to host:

  • Have teammates demonstrate their off-work hobbies and hidden talents through a video or live performance.
  • These could include juggling, speed stacking, breakdancing, singing, etc.
  • Clap and cheer for each performance, then vote on awards for most surprising, funniest, etc.

Pro tips:

  • Make it family friendly by inviting kids or pets to join the performances!
  • Consider award categories like “best quarantine hobby” and “most likely to go viral.”
  • Record it to create an internal talent show reel to rewatch later.

23. Virtual Ping Pong

Relieve stress and get active together with this virtual version of table tennis.

How to play:

  • Download the app VR Ping Pong which uses VR goggles to simulate playing in a shared virtual room.
  • Players around the world can join the same table to rally and compete. The VR makes it incredibly lifelike!
  • Organize a team tournament bracket to crown your ping pong champion.

Pro tips:

  • Take turns wearing the VR goggles and rallying from home.
  • Set up real tables and use paddles to make it more physically interactive.
  • Stream matches so those waiting their turn can watch and cheer.

24. Guess the Jargon

How fluent is your team in its industry’s lingo? This game will test their expertise.

How to play:

  • Pull 5-10 pieces of industry jargon, abbreviations, acronyms, etc.
  • Share the list, and have everyone privately guess what they mean or stand for.
  • Reveal answers and award points for correct guesses. Most points wins!

Pro tips:

  • Research terms related to your niche or look for internal company terminology.

25. Virtual Game Night

Gather your teammates remotely for some classic board and video games.

How to play:

  • Select games that work well virtually like Jackbox Party Games, Skribbl, Codenames, Heads Up!, or Among Us.
  • Organize a series of short game “stations” that pairs rotate through.
  • End the night by coming together as a large group for games like Quiplash.

Pro tips:

  • Set up video chat on a separate device so you can interact while gaming.
  • Take screenshots of funny in-game moments to look back on later.
  • Award small prizes to the winning pairs or players at each station.

26. Show and Tell

Get a glimpse into your colleagues’ lives by virtually sharing unique items.

How to play:

  • Each teammate presents an object from their home that holds meaning or says something about them.
  • As a group, ask the presenter questions about their item and why it was chosen.
  • Continue sharing until all colleagues have shown an item.

Pro tips:

  • Encourage showing items tied to hobbies, family heirlooms, travel mementos, etc.
  • Have presenters come up with a creative name for their item to spark additional conversation.

27. Remote Design Challenge

Get those creative juices flowing with a design challenge – build something new with random household items!

How to play:

  • Give teams a general design task, like building the tallest structure or creating an unusual musical instrument.
  • Set a timer for teams to find everyday items around their homes to build something that achieves the goal.
  • Regroup and have teams present their unique creations.

Pro tips:

  • Require teams use a certain number of household items in their design.
  • Share examples of creative designs to inspire ideas.
  • Have teams explain their design strategy and problem solving methods.

28. Virtual Coffee Chat

Build relationships in a casual way over video coffee chat.

How to host:

  • Hop on a video call while making coffee or sitting down with your favorite brew.
  • Chat about lighter topics and happenings in each other’s lives.
  • Maintain the ambiance of an in-office coffee break to connect.

Pro tips:

  • Send coffee-themed care packages to enjoy together during chats.
  • Occasionally invite guest speakers like baristas to demo brewing techniques.
  • Customize your video backgrounds to coffee shops for fun.

29. Remote Carnival

Who doesn’t love a good carnival? Bring the midway magic online with virtual booths and activities.

How to host:

  • Set up interactive “booths” like trivia, virtual photo booth, or arts and crafts all in separate video breakout rooms.
  • Have employees wander between booths in groups, earning tickets for participating.
  • Cap it off by giving ticket winners fun prizes like gift cards or vacation days.

Pro tips:

  • Select booths with activities people can do from their homes.
  • Appoint leaders to host each booth and explain the activities.
  • Develop a fun carnival theme complete with decorations and costumes!

30. Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a team adventure – with photos! See who can capture the most challenging shots.

How to play:

  • Create a bingo-style card with photo-based tasks (yellow flower, shoes on a table, pet wearing a hat).
  • Teams have 1 hour to snap as many photo challenges as possible.
  • Regroup and share your photo stories, awarding points for each task completed. Most points wins!

Pro tips:

  • Have teams vote on superlative awards like “most creative.”
  • Consider neighborhood-friendly tasks or provide an alternate kid-centric list.
  • Switch up themes like nature, food, travel, etc. for each new hunt.

31. Remote Arts and Crafts

Unleash your inner crafters! Make art together through the magic of video call tutorials.

How to host:

  • Select a crafting activity like origami, flower crowns, or mini canvases. Buy activity kits.
  • Host a live tutorial over video where the teacher demonstrates and teams follow along.
  • Regroup to showcase finished creations and vote on superlatives.

Pro tips:

  • Plan crafts with easy-to-find materials in case people lack supplies.
  • Record tutorials so people can rewatch instructions as needed.
  • Take snapshots of everyone proudly displaying their artwork.

32. Who Am I?

Put your guessing skills to the test in this fast-paced team game. Can you figure out which famous name is on your forehead?

How to play:

  • Tape a famous person’s name on each player’s forehead, visible to others but not themselves.
  • Take turns asking yes or no questions to guess the name on your head based on other’s clues.
  • First player to guess their name correctly wins!

Pro tips:

  • Use names tailored to your team’s interests and knowledge.
  • Set a timer to keep the pace quick.
  • Don’t make it too obvious! The trickier, the more fun it is.

33. Team Time Capsule

Preserve memories in a time capsule to look back on later.

How to make:

  • Decide on a future date to open the capsule, like 1 year from now.
  • Have each person add an item to the box that represents their time on the team. This could be photos, mementos, inside jokes, favorite tools, or predictions for the future.
  • Seal up the box and store until the reveal date!

Pro tips:

  • Bury a physical time capsule or create a digital one to look back on fondly.
  • Make contributions anonymous if more comfortable.
  • When opened, have people guess who contributed each item.

34. Virtual Amazing Race

Fasten your seatbelts for an exhilarating trip around the world! Well, virtually at least.

How to play:

  • Select global cities and create location-themed challenges teams must complete at each stop along the race route.
  • Challenges could include trivia, digital scavenger hunt for images, food tasting, or language phrases.
  • Teams race to conquer all challenges and reach the final pit stop first!

Pro tips:

  • Share fun facts about each country/city throughout the race.
  • Have pit stops where teams chill or compete in quick mini-games.
  • Embrace the destination theme with backgrounds, attire, music, and food.

35. Digital Mini Golf

Fore! Enjoy mini golf from the comfort of your desk in this virtual recreation.

How to play:

  • Use the app VR Golf Online to simulate a mini golf course with augmented reality. Players take turns putting on the digital green.
  • Organize a simple tournament bracket, tracking scores on a shared spreadsheet.
  • Award fun trophies or prizes to the winning golfer!

Pro tips:

  • Rent VR goggles for an immersive experience or take turns using one set.
  • Set up real putting mats and clubs to enhance the activity away from screens.
  • Personalize courses with your company’s logo and colors.

36. Remote Karaoke

Belt out your favorite tunes together in an entertaining online karaoke session.

How to host:

  • Use a karaoke app like Sing2 that allows group singing over video conference.
  • Take turns performing songs. Cheer each other on!
  • Vote on superlatives like “best stage presence” and “most daring song choice.”

Pro tips:

  • Make it duet style by pairing up teammates randomly per song.
  • Create themed playlists around musical eras, artists or holidays.
  • Award fun prizes like wireless mics to the winners!

37. Virtual Team Lunch

Enjoy each other’s company during a team meal over video conference.

How to host:

  • Pick a day and time and hop on a call to simulate your team going out to lunch together.
  • Eat meals you’ve cooked at home and catch up on life happenings.
  • Change up the menu periodically with different cultural cuisine themes.

Pro tips:

  • Play icebreaker games during the call like two truths and a lie.
  • Share the recipe for your dish or give a quick cooking tutorial.
  • Take virtual “selfies” together at the end to look back on.

38. Remote Letter Writing

Spread cheer and strengthen connections through the lost art of letter writing.

How to host:

  • Pair up teammates randomly. Partners write thoughtful letters to each other sharing memories, kind words, and encouragement.
  • Mail your letters simultaneously without sharing contents first.
  • Enjoy receiving and reading your surprise letters delivered to your mailbox!

Pro tips:

  • Snail mail letters if possible, or print and mail digitally-composed letters.
  • Allow people time after receiving letters to personally reply back.
  • Display your treasured letters proudly in your work area as a reminder.

39. Virtual Plant-a-Seed

Grow together (literally!) by planting seeds in small pots and watching the progress over weeks.

How to play:

  • Mail seed packets and small pots to each teammate at home.
  • Hop on a video call to plant the seeds together, sharing tips.
  • Check in regularly on the video call to provide progress updates and see whose seedlings are thriving!

Pro tips:

  • Choose quick-growing seeds like herbs or flowers.
  • Research the best planting methods in advance and create simple instructions.
  • Transplant the seedlings to the office once you’re back!

40. Social Media Photo Challenge

Combine creativity with some friendly competition in a team social media photo challenge.

How to play:

  • Create prompts tied to company values or goals (ex. “Teamwork”, “Creativity”).
  • Challenge teams to take an interpretive photo representing that concept and post to internal social media.
  • Award prizes to pics with the most likes!

Pro tips:

  • Designate a shared team hashtag to track entries.
  • Change up locations, props and poses to make photos fun and diverse.
  • Save and share favorites externally later with consent.

41. Remote Maker Space

Invent cool creations, hacks, and crafts during virtual maker sessions.

How to host:

  • Select projects that use common household items, like building catapults or marble runs from recyclables.
  • Livestream step-by-step tutorials and have makers follow along from home.
  • Regroup and test out everyone’s unique designs!

Pro tips:

  • Send sanctioned project supply kits if certain materials are required.
  • Make it family-friendly and invite kids to join.
  • Form teams and have makers combine creations for bigger builds.

42. Digital Beach Day

Trade your office chair for a beach chair with this sunny digital getaway.

How to host:

  • Set up a video call where everyone joins dressed for the beach with sunglasses or hats. Use summery virtual backgrounds.
  • Pack a beach picnic to eat together. Share beach vacation memories and bucket lists.
  • Sprinkle in summer fun with games like beach ball trivia questions or ocean sound bingo.

Pro tips:

  • Mail team members beachy treats like sunscreen samples or flip flops.
  • Split into smaller video breakout rooms so you can chat in “pairs.”
  • Extend after work hours so people can literally head to the beach after!

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