🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Virtual murder mystery games.

Our 5 Favorite Virtual Murder Mystery Games

Who done it? Grab your detective hat and magnifying glass to search for clues and interrogate peculiar suspects, because a killer is on the loose in these thrilling virtual mystery adventures!

Get ready for an exciting virtual adventure filled with suspense, clues, and detective work!
Virtual murder mystery games are a thrilling and interactive way to have fun with friends or family right from the comfort of your own home.With so many great options to choose from, we’ve rounded up 5 of our absolute favorites to help you uncover the best virtual murdering mystery games and start sleuthing.

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Top Online Virtual Murder Mystery Games

Online virtual murder mystery games bring the intrigue and excitement of a murder mystery party into a digital space.

These virtual whodunnits let a group of amateur detectives examine case files, question shady characters, and uncover clues from anywhere with an internet connection.

Here are some of our favorite online murder mystery games to play with a group:

1. Black Noir Murder Escape

  • Gangster-Era
  • Interactive Detective Game
  • Engaging puzzles and suspect interrogations
  • Ideal for groups of 3-5 players

Looking for a thrilling group activity that will engage your mind and bring out your inner detective?

Then gather your closest friends and family and step into the captivating world of Black Noir Murder Escape.

This innovative game transports you back to the glitz and grit of 1920s New York City, where organized crime and jazz recklessly intermingle.

You receive an ominous letter imploring you to take on a mysterious murder case.

Compelled to investigate, you guide your group through a series of gripping crime scenes, each with clues to examine and shady characters to question.

Who is telling the truth? Who has something to hide? The answers are never black and white in the shadowy underworld you navigate.

As the navigator, you share your screen over video chat, allowing your teammates to collectively piece together evidence and solve intricate puzzles.

With each suspect interrogation and puzzle solved, you get closer to stopping the unknown killer before they claim another victim.

This collaborative experience is designed for groups of 3-5 players and meant to be tackled together over voice or video chat for lively discussion.

At only $49 per access code, it comes out to less than $10 per person. Can your crew crack the case quicker than other teams?

Once the mystery is solved, compare finish times for some friendly competition.

So whether you want to plan a fun online meetup or find a screen-based group activity while staying distanced, gather your sharpest sleuths and transport yourselves back to the unrestrained revelry and ever-looming danger of the 1920’s criminal underworld.

The intriguing storylines and interconnected clues of Black Noir Murder Escape will have you hooked!

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2. Murder in Ancient Egypt

  • Historical, puzzle-based game
  • Challenging clues based on real-life murder cases
  • Group sizes of 4-10 players

Travel back in time to the age of the pyramids with Murder in Ancient Egypt. 

This game draws inspiration from a real-life murder that occurred in the 12th dynasty of ancient Egypt. 

You and your friends become detectives to unravel clues and solve puzzles. 

The goal is to piece together the tale of how one early Egyptian met an unfortunate end.

You will each receive information on your unique character and their perspective on the case before the game starts. 

Each person plays a specific role with insider knowledge about the murder. 

The game master will also provide you with a Zoom meeting link to log in.

Once logged in, you will have access to a virtual reconstruction of the crime scene, a board with the key suspects listed, and a booklet containing historical clues about the case. 

You’ll get to interrogate the witnesses and suspects played by the other participants. 

It’s up to your detective skills to figure out who did it and why!

This game combines factual evidence from the time period with logical deduction to solve the mystery. 

You’ll have to listen carefully to the alibis and testimonies, pick up on any contradictions, and collaborate with your team. 

With a group size of 4-10 players, you’ll have just the right number of diverse perspectives to hash out theories while having fun with your friends or co-workers.

The game flows dynamically based on the lines of inquiry you collectively pursue and lasts about 90 minutes. 

If you want a unique social experience blending teamwork, out-of-the-box thinking, and a glimpse into another historical era, Murder in Ancient Egypt is a great option!


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3. Murder in the Speakeasy

  • Retro, immersive game
  • Customizable characters
  • Fun puzzles and trivia based on the Prohibition era
  • Group sizes of 6-20 players

Step into the roaring twenties with Murder in the Speakeasy! 

This game lets you and your friends party like it’s 1929. 

Your team visits a secret underground bar where a professor has turned up dead under mysterious circumstances.

You’ll need to decode clues from the era and solve puzzles to crack the case in 90 minutes or less!

After signing up, you’ll receive an invitation to a private Zoom speakeasy as well as a character sheet to fill out. 

You can invent your own hip alter ego or select one of the premade options. 

Feel free to dress up in flapper dresses, fedoras, and suspenders to capture the vintage atmosphere!

Once you enter the virtual secret club, the game master acting as the bar owner sets the scene and kicks off the night’s dramatics. 

You’ll schmooze around the club interrogating quirky suspects. A trivia game about Prohibition history helps uncover new information. 

You’ll collectively analyze clues and alibis on an online evidence board to deduce who killed the professor and why.

This multiplayer mystery blends historical cosplay, intrigue, and mental stimulation. With 6-20 players, it accommodates parties of all sizes. 

If you want a ritzy romp set in gangland Chicago filled with hijinks, red herrings, and criminal kings, Murder in the Speakeasy is sure to intoxicate! 

Gather your friends or co-workers and prepare for a killer good time.

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4. Murder Mystery Zoom Parties Hosted by Detective Ness

Murder mystery party zoom parties.

  • Professional, interactive game
  • Hosted by an experienced facilitator
  • Pre-generated characters
  • Engaging events focused on solving the mystery
  • Group sizes of 8-12 players

For a hassle-free murder mystery party, check out the Zoom events hosted by Detective Ness. 

An expert guides you and 7-11 friends through an evening of intrigue tailored to your group.

After registering, Detective Ness sends you character backgrounds to explain everyone’s backstory and connection to the crime. 

You’ll receive a meeting link to log into before showtime.

As the night unfolds, the host plays eyewitnesses and informants moving the investigation forward. 

You’ll grill shady suspects played by the other attendees. A virtual crime scene with clues helps you piece together alibis and motives. 

Detective Ness offers tips if your group gets stumped.

With premade characters and an experienced facilitator running the show, you can sit back and immerse yourself in the mystery. 

You’ll employ deductive reasoning to weigh evidence, ask probing questions, and untangle the web of deception. 

Laughter and mischief ensue whenever friends compete to catch the killer first!

These hosted events last around two hours or more for larger groups wanting an extended sleuthing experience.

Gather your most scheming and silly friends for a Zoom whodunnit planned by the experts and see if you can outwit a mystery maestro!

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5. Ho Ho Homicide

  • Festive, humorous game
  • Pre-generated characters
  • Comical clues and scenarios based on the holiday season
  • Group sizes of 6-80 players

Add some holly jolly homicide to your holidays with this Christmas-themed murder mystery on Zoom! 

When an evildoer at the North Pole plots to assassinate Santa, you and your friends must stop the sinister schemer.

Playing one of Santa’s elves, reindeer, or even the big man himself, you’ll receive your character’s cheeky backstory by email.

Then click the Zoom link to access Santa’s Village, the jolly scene of the crime. 

The game master posing as Head Elf sets the festive mood with music, costumes, and comical accents.

As you investigate by interrogating peculiar suspects like argumentative snowmen and tipsy grannies, conspiracy theories explode faster than hot cocoa. 

Frosty accusations fill chat as you analyze alibis on the Evidence Board.

A rambunctious group of 6-80 sleuths makes for hilarious deductions, reindeer games, and seasonal fun either with friends, family or co-workers. 

With over-the-top humor and holiday misfits Galore, can your crew catch the creeper aiming to cancel Christmas in Kris Kringle’s court? 

Saddle up your strangest ugly sweater and join Saint Nick’s wackiest whodunnit adventure!

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