🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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Navigating Video Blogs: 20 Examples for New Bloggers

Learn the insider secrets of the 10 most popular vlog formats dominating screens today, from travel adventures to comedy sketches, for creating your own video blog success story.
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Video blogs combine video and blogging to create entertaining and informative content.

As video blogs have increased in popularity on sites like YouTube, vlogging has become an appealing medium for sharing ideas and connecting with audiences.

Making them isn’t too difficult, too.

What’s your niche? Grab your camera, pick a focus, and start vlogging!
This guide explores diverse video blog formats finding viral traction today to ignite your inspiration.For event professionals and marketers looking to start their own vlog, emulating the formats of successful video blogs explored below is a smart approach. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

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9 Types of Successful Vlog Formats

When you’re just starting out with vlogging, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide what kind of content to create. 

But don’t worry! There are lots of proven formats out there that you can model your own videos after. 

Below, we’ll walk through 9 formats that have worked for other vloggers, along with some channels you may want to subscribe to for inspiration!

1. Personal Video Blogs

These types of vlogs give viewers an inside, behind-the-scenes look into the vlogger’s personal lives and experiences.

As an audience member watching these videos, you really get to know the vlogger on a deeper level.

You see glimpses into their daily adventures, opinions, challenges they face, and more.

This fosters a sense of connection between vlogger and viewer.

How I Became a Successful Event Decorator | From Wedding Planner to Event Decor

Julie shares her entrepreneurial journey from wedding planner to founder of the successful event décor business Slate Displays, emphasizing key lessons like the importance of adaptability as she pivoted her model and attracted high-profile clients. Through her YouTube channel Julie provides aspiring decorators and business owners an inspiring case study and advice on starting and growing an event décor company.

How to host a virtual event: Tips for the most profitable events online

Drawing from her seven years of virtual event expertise, Amy Walker offers five tips for running successful online events, emphasizing setting clear goals, choosing partners strategically, promoting efficiently, and managing technology effectively. With practical advice tailored towards achieving measurable results, Amy positions herself and her YouTube channel as an invaluable resource for businesses and event coordinators pursuing impactful virtual experiences.

2. Fashion Vlogs

These types of vlogs combine style and creativity to offer viewers the latest fashion inspiration and trend ideas.

But it’s about more than just showcasing outfits—it’s a form of self-expression through clothing.

How To Dress Casually As An Adult Man (Stop Dressing Like A Boy)

Offering practical style advice to help men elevate their casual wardrobes, Real Men Real Style focuses on choosing properly-fitted, high-quality basics and developing a signature look by upgrading key pieces like shirts, jackets and shoes.

THRIFT FLIP // diy urban outfitters for ur inner hipster

Ashley demonstrates how to transform thrifted clothing into trendy, Urban Outfitters-inspired pieces through careful measurement and sewing techniques, altering oversized Levi’s into shorts and a skirt into a mini, emphasizing sustainable DIY fashion.

3. Travel Vlogs

These videos invite you along on amazing trips to destinations near and far.

As a viewer, you get a front-row seat to breathtaking sites across the globe.

But it’s not just pretty visuals—you also get tons of practical travel tips and fascinating stories from the vloggers’ adventures.

Ultimate NYC Guide: Times Square & Midtown Manhattan UNLOCKED! (Full Documentary)

Showcasing top attractions and hidden gems within a 20-minute walk in Midtown Manhattan and Times Square, the video spotlights unique views, art installations and dining experiences beyond typical NYC tourist destinations.

BUDGET vs LUXURY in the Maldives | Everything you need to know at 3 INCREDIBLE RESORTS!

Detailing accommodation prices in the Maldives, specifically at Fushifaru and Intercontinental, the video outlines nightly rates for beach and water villas on both regular and all-inclusive bases, with prices spanning $1,000 to $2,000 USD.

4. Food Vlogs

These mouthwatering videos transport you right into the thrilling world of food and cooking.

Combining elements of traditional blogs and cooking shows, they offer up tempting recipes, handy techniques, restaurant recommendations, and insight into the latest must-try culinary trends.

Let’s look at a couple standout examples of food vlogs that are sure to have your mouth watering:

Cooking a Rustic Quince Dinner

Experience the beauty of countryside living and connect with nature through this relaxing yet vibrant cooking tutorial using seasonal quince to create a rustic dinner. Country Life Vlog invites you to sit back and enjoy their colorful vlogs capturing village recipes, nature, and the serene pleasures found in embracing a rural lifestyle.

Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe | Easy and Delicious!

Join Natasha in her kitchen as she shares her simple yet flavorful creamy cucumber salad recipe, full of nostalgic childhood memories and fresh ingredients like dill, onions and a tangy sour cream dressing. With an engaging and personal touch, passionate home chef Natasha makes cooking accessible for all, inviting you to connect with her rich cultural recipes and culinary tips through her popular YouTube channel, “Natasha’s Kitchen.”

5. Beauty Vlogs

These captivating videos offer an inside look into the glamorous world of cosmetics and personal beautification.

Focusing on makeup, skincare, hair styling, nail art, and fragrances, they function as interactive online beauty magazines.

Viewers can expect tutorials, reviews, and early intel on emerging trends in the beauty space.

Let’s highlight a couple stellar examples:

my hair care routine for healthy hair

Drawing from personal experiences with hair damage and extensive self-education, Kayli Boyle shares a detailed hair routine emphasizing natural oils for growth, proper washing frequency, and choosing the right hair products.

self care/ maintenance vlog | hair, skin, lashes, & beauty products

Showcasing her intense dedication to self-care, Tea Renee vlogs her indulgent monthly routine featuring professional beauty services like lash fill-ins, a car wash, hair styling and manicure appointments, paired with self-care shopping sprees for beauty products. Her loyalty to specific technicians and feature of high-end services establish her brand as one that values investing time and money into maintaining quality self-care regimens.

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6. Tech Reviews

These bloggers offer news, how-tos, analysis and reviews related to the latest gadgets, devices, apps, video games and digital trends. Some topics covered:

The All-Screen PC

The video shows Linus of LTT fame building a complex custom PC with over 90 displays crammed inside, intended to maximize the number of screens rather than performance or practicality. The video documents the many compatibility and assembly challenges of fitting that many components with screens into one computer case and making them function together.

iPhone 15 Pro: 3 Months Later!

The video is a 3-month review of the iPhone 15 Pro from Marques Brownlee, sharing his longtime experience and usage details with the phone, including the titanium design, cameras, USB-C charging, and action button. He also mentions his new Porsche 911 and how years of gradual refinement like on the iPhone are also reflected on the design of the 911 that he appreciates after becoming an owner.

7. Educational Content

These clever video bloggers aim to teach viewers something new and valuable.

Their content features engaging video lessons, DIY tutorials, little-known facts and more. Some topics covered:

Creating Memorable Event Experiences | Event Marketing Ideas

Sharing his expertise on effective event marketing, Ben outlines a strategy for creating viral attendee “pass-along stories” by building sharable emotional experiences that focus on narrative and context from the audience’s perspective.

How To Plan An Event Successfully | Tips To Nail Your First Event

Drawing from his extensive event planning expertise, Jamie White advises starting small to minimize financial risks and mistakes for first-time commercial event organizers, stressing customer convenience across the entire journey while managing expectations and ego.

8. Health & Fitness

These motivational videos offer follow-along workouts, healthy recipes, wellness tips and inspiring stories about sports and athletic feats.

They showcase diverse formats to get your body moving! Some examples:

I Changed My BODY & My LIFE in 1 month. (Everything I Actually Eat & How I Train) | My New Habits

Candidly conveying personal struggles with self-image, unhealthy habits and emotional wellbeing, Linda Sun shares her introspective and motivational journey toward positive lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and improved confidence. With a relatable and resonant approach, she encourages viewers to reflect on their own health and prioritize self-care.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Fitness Journey

Sharing candid wisdom from her own ongoing health and wellness journey, Nicki Andea details 10 insightful lessons, emphasizing the importance of sustainability over fad diets and the dangers of comparison when creating individualized fitness regimens. With a relatable, down-to-earth approach focused on long-term lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes, Nicki establishes herself as a trustworthy guide for audiences navigating the confusing fitness space.

9. Lifestyle Vlogs

These video formats give an inside look into the vlogger’s daily life.

As a viewer, you get to discover their hobbies, travel adventures, creative pursuits and anything else sparking joy or meaning.

It’s inspiring to see how others embrace their passions. Some examples:


Documenting a day as an American high school student, YouTuber Max Reisinger gives an authentic and engaging look into teenage life by showcasing classes, activities and interactions with friends at his public school.

The Ultimate Guide to Being “THAT Girl”

Demonstrating her personal “that girl” routine embracing better habits through morning rituals, workouts, clean eating and self-care, a YouTuber defines the trend as an inclusive, customizable path towards becoming your best self. With a relatable and motivational approach, she inspires viewers to improve their productivity and personal growth in a style that works uniquely for them.

A camera sits on a tripod in front of a city.

How to Create a Successful Vlog

Creating a successful vlog that builds an engaged audience takes strategic planning and consistency.

As an aspiring vlogger, you can follow certain best practices that are common across today’s most popular YouTube channels.

The first step is to discover your niche.

Identify a specific focus area that you feel genuinely passionate about, have deeper knowledge or expertise around, and that resonates with a particular viewer demographic.
Your niche topic will heavily influence the style of your content, locations for filming, how you promote your vlog, and potential ways to monetize it later on.Once you establish your vlog’s theme, it’s crucial to maintain consistent upload schedules.

You could aim to post new videos daily, or stick to twice a week – whatever cadence you choose, consistency is key for retaining loyal viewers over months and years.

Having new content for fans to look forward to on a regular basis helps build healthy viewing habits.

When editing your vlogs into final videos, you’ll want to vary video lengths to perform optimally on YouTube.

Aim for maximum lengths of 10 to 15 minutes, as viewer attention tends to drop off after too long.

Use editing techniques to condense necessary source footage into more concise and engaging videos that hold attention.

Shorter 3-5 minute vlog entries also frequently get high view counts, so mixing up lengths appeals to different user preferences.

You’ll also need to optimize around YouTube’s algorithms with SEO best practices to surface your videos prominently in search results.

This means incorporating keyword-optimized elements like video titles, tags, descriptions and closed captioning.

When viewers search for topics related to your niche, these metadata components help rank your content for discovery.

Driving external traffic is vital too – so promote your channel outside of YouTube through social media posts, blogs and websites, email lists, and collaborations with other vlogging creators.

Expanding beyond just the YouTube platform itself is crucial for continued growth of your viewership numbers.

As your audience grows, be sure to actively engage with your community by responding to video comments, asking on-camera questions for them, running quick polls to tap into feedback, and incorporating viewer suggestions into future vlog entries where appropriate.
Building an engaged, loyal audience that feels satisfaction from two-way interactions will pay dividends.And to refine your approach over time, analyze performance metrics through YouTube Analytics to study retention rates, traffic sources, viewer demographics, and your highest performing content.

Let the data guide editing and content decisions toward what resonates most with your real audience.

Some additional tips: invest in better production equipment and editing software to enhance overall video quality, pursue collaborations with influencers in your space, and explore options like ads, sponsorships, affiliates and merchandising to monetize your vlog into a real income source!

Putting these vlogging best practices into action takes dedication, but can ultimately result in an thriving channel.

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But it’s time to elevate beyond passive viewing by creating riveting video content yourself. 

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