🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


Capitalize on Your Event with a Captivating Post-Event Video

A post-event video presents an excellent opportunity to continue engaging attendees and attract future participants. An impactful post-event video can spark nostalgia, drive engagement, and build buzz for what's coming next.

You did it! 

Your event was an incredible success filled with memorable moments and powerful experiences. 

But the magic doesn’t have to end when it’s over. 

Don’t waste all your hard work – keep the excitement going with an epic post-event video. 

Creating a post-event highlight video lets guests relive the event, providing inspiration and community. 

Attract new audiences worldwide and successfully promote your brand long after the curtains close.

Highlight Your Event's Key Moments in a Post-Event Video

A post-event video presents the perfect opportunity to highlight your event’s most memorable and impactful moments.

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Carefully curating video clips and photos to showcase the event’s highlights provides great value for both attendees who were there and audiences who weren’t able to attend.

When planning your post-event video, include clips or photos of: 

  • Keynote speakers
  • Inspiring and funny moments
  • Award ceremonies
  • Special announcements
  • Attendee interactions
  • Exhibits and demonstrations
  • Musical or entertainment acts 

Add peak moments that capture the energy and excitement of the event. 

Choose a variety of clips that provide a diverse cross-section of happenings to convey the full experience.

Strike an ideal balance between highlighting speakers and presentations and showcasing candid crowd reactions and attendee engagement. 

Consider leveraging footage from multiple camera angles to add more visual interest.

Tell a Compelling Story

Build momentum and crescendo to an impactful or emotional high point in your sequencing and editing choices. 

Organize clips and images cohesively that tell a compelling event story arch. 

Use music, graphics, and text to enhance the video.

Showcase the Best Moments

A post-event highlight video focuses on the event’s best moments. 

Strategically showcase your event in the most impressive light.

With a thoughtfully crafted post-event video, share standout moments attendees will be excited to relive and watch again. 

Give virtual audiences a firsthand glimpse into your online conference experience.

Engage Past Attendees with Your Post-Event Video

Sharing a post-event recap video presents an excellent opportunity to re-engage past event attendees. 

Leverage your event video to spark positive memories and drive further event-related interactions through targeted e-mails and newsletters.

5 Marketing Tips and Best Practices

  1. Email your post-event video directly to attendees with a thank you message recapping event highlights. Ask attendees to share feedback on their favorite moments and what they gained from the event. Always include a call to action to view additional event content or provide a testimonial.
  2. Post your event recap video natively on social media platforms where your audience is most active. Develop social copy and captions that use specific language and hashtags to stir recognition from past attendees as they scroll through their feeds.
  3. Keep the momentum by sharing your post-event video in the weeks following your event. Repurpose snippets into ads and sponsored social posts. Integrate the video prominently on your event website and in your event follow-up emails. The more you share, embed, and promote your event video, the more opportunities for attendees to re-engage.
  4. Partner with influencers or speakers from your event to share the recap video with their networks. Enlisting them helps expand your video reach.
  5. Have your sales team follow up with past attendees interested in your company or products. Your event video gives a convenient pretext for sales calls, emails, and demos while event memories are still fresh.

Leveraging your event video strategically reminds attendees of your event’s value and strengthens their connection to your brand. 

Crafting messaging and campaigns around your event video boosts engagement long after your event.

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Attract Future Event Attendees with a Compelling Post-Event Video

Your post-event video offers a potent promotional opportunity to attract future attendees to your next event.

This exclusive inside look provides intriguing social proof.

Strategically post snippets of your event video on social media and paid ads. 

Target prospective attendees who fit your ideal audience demographics but did not attend this year. 

Tantalize them with a preview of what your event offers.

Include your event recap video prominently on your event website. Position it near information for your next event so visitors easily see it. 

The video will answer visitors’ questions and get them excited to attend.

Build Buzz for Upcoming Events

Share keynote and session clips from your event video to foreshadow content and speakers you plan to feature again. 

This builds anticipation and buzz. 

Promote upcoming event dates and locations so prospects can calendar your next event. What content is the most engaging? 

  • Collect and embed rave testimonials from past attendees describing their favorite moments and why they plan to return next year. 
  • Powerful first-person stories and enthusiasm persuade others to participate.
  • Spotlight attendee interactions, social gatherings, or networking at your event to showcase the sense of community. This motivates prospects who crave these connections. 
  • Promote related interest groups, contests, and hashtags to engage target audiences.

What About Paid Ads?

Bring back the magic of your virtual conference’s unforgettable events by running slick video ads highlighting the event’s big WOW moments

Target lookalike audiences that resemble your loyal crowd of past participants and get their hearts racing for what’s coming next. 

For anyone who registered but couldn’t make it, remind them exactly what they’re missing with custom messaging that speaks to their interests. 

The Power of FOMO

Sparking FOMO, or fear of missing out, compels people to want to participate.

Your event video captures the emotion, energy, and excitement attendees experience so prospects imagine themselves as part of the action. 

Strategic post-event video marketing pays dividends for filling your next event.

Share Your Post-Event Video Widely to Maximize Impact

Don’t keep your stellar event video hidden. 

Share it across all your marketing channels and leverage it for PR. 

Distribute and embed it widely to maximize your reach.

Post your video on social platforms: Facebook, TwitterX, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others relevant to your audience. 

Write unique captions and copy tailored for each channel. Insert calls to action to view, like, share, or comment.

Embed your video on your blog, website banners, and landing pages. Integration in your email marketing campaigns, ads, and e-newsletters expands visibility.

Include your video in press kits and invite journalists or industry influencers to review it and consider sharing or discussing it. 

Pitch relevant media outlets to cover your event video in their publications or sites.

Add your video to online directories, local event calendars, and industry association websites. Many offer free event promotions and video hosting. 


Great SEO comes from being embedded in many domains.

Take Advantage of Award Competitions

Enter your event video in award competitions for meetings, events, marketing, or industry. Awards recognition lends credibility and exposure when results are publicized.

Repurpose your video content into shorter clips, montages, behind-the-scenes interviews, guest highlights, blooper reels, animated GIFs, and more. 

These different formats and segments allow you to recycle video content in new ways that can be tailored and targeted.

Setup your event video as a pre-roll ad subscribers see before viewing desired YouTube or Vimeo content. 

Retarget website visitors with versions on social media and the Google Display Network.

Leverage your full video, snippets, and related assets as widely as possible for maximum ROI. 

The more your engaging event video is seen, the bigger the impact!

Craft a High-Impact Product Video with We & Goliath

Bring your remarkable event to life again with an unforgettable recap video. 

As leading video strategists, We & Goliath will help you craft a compelling event video that engages attendees, promotes your brand, and attracts future participants. 

Let’s connect to discuss how our creative pros can capture your event’s energy and key moments through strategic videography, interviews, editing, and distribution. 

We guarantee your video sparks nostalgia and ultimate FOMO! 

With 20+ years of amplifying events worldwide, we have the expertise to produce an event recap that maximizes reach and impact across all marketing channels. 

Don’t let your event’s magic end. 

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