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馃殌 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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Virtual Holiday Parties: A Guide to Online Festivities

Rediscover togetherness through celebrations uniquely yours by decking the virtual halls with boughs of folly and hosting online festivities filled with laughter, cheer, and holiday hijinks galore!
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Join the Virtual Event Revolution!

Let our crew of creative tech wizards cast an online engagement spell to mesmerize your audiences into a virtual frenzy! 

The holidays are usually filled with festive in-person gatherings to spread cheer and connect with loved ones.

But this season, many of us are embracing virtual celebrations instead!

Far beyond boring video calls, virtual holiday parties utilize technology in fun ways for activities, games, entertainment and more.

Hybrid work has changed things, so building an inclusive event to inspire camaraderie despite remote logistics is key.

That’s where thoughtfully planned virtual parties shine!

In this guide, we'll share expert tips on memorable digital holiday bashes bound to sleigh expectations.

You’ll discover advice on platforms, multimedia invites, care packages, and spotlight some hilarious activities for unlikely coworker connections.

With a dose of magic, we can foster bonds with online events full of festive fun for all.

Time to get planning!

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Getting Started

Thanks to video calling technology, recreating holiday magic online is totally doable.

Virtual parties allow you to host interactive games, share music and laughs, and spread seasonal cheer across any distance.

Read on for top tips and creative ideas for an amazing virtual holiday party this year!

Choose an Engaging Platform

The key to any successful virtual event is the online meeting platform.

Go beyond basic video chatting and choose a solution with interactive features to actively engage guests.

Consider an immersive platform facilitating two-way participation through live polls, quizzes, and group games.

This creates an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can join in.

Other handy engagement features include virtual backgrounds to set the scene and digital whiteboards for collaborative activities.

Make sure your platform of choice offers breakout rooms so guests can network in smaller groups too.

Get Festive with Themes and Decor

Even online, the right ambiance can make a party pop!

Virtual holiday bashes let you decorate individual video frames rather than an entire venue.

That means each guest can choose a fun backdrop reflecting seasonal motifs or the event theme.

Send invitees a selection of curated virtual backgrounds to pick from.

Some ideas include:

  • A festive landscape with snowfall and holiday lights
  • A family room decked out for the season with a lit tree, wreaths, snowglobes and more
  • A fireside setting with stockings hung and hot cocoa nearby

Props encourage guests to show their silly sides too.

Provide virtual holiday spectacle kits containing printable or digital accessories like santa hats, elf ears and ugly sweaters.

And don’t forget the d茅cor!

Adorning your own backdrop makes it easier for attendees to get a festive fix.

Try these quick ideas:

  • Drape sparkling garlands around doorframes
  • Display a small decorated tree on your credenza
  • Hang ornaments and tinsel from the walls
  • Sprinkle holiday confetti and fake snow across your workspace

With planning, your virtual venue can capture the sparkling essence of the season!

A green bag with wooden numbers and pine cones on it, representing the concept of Christmas bingo

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas and Activities

With preparations done, you’re all set to try any of the ideas and activities below:

Icebreakers Set a Playful Mood

Ease any initial awkwardness among far-flung colleagues with fun icebreakers and introductions.

If attendees will be meeting many new people, make introductions snappy and memorable:

  • Have everyone state their name with an alliterative holiday-themed adjective like Jolly Jane or Charming Chris
  • Ask guests to share one holiday wish or tradition
  • Play an amusing version of Two Truths and Lie that’s seasonally themed

It also helps reinforce connections to provide conversation starter questions:

  • If you could be any holiday character, who would you be?
  • What’s your most treasured gift memory?
  • Fruitcake: Love it or leave it?

The right mix of humor and personal details gets everyone chatting and forges bonds.

Plan Interactive Group Games

The beauty of leading a virtual holiday event lies in modern features that keep everyone wholly engaged.

Interactive games encourage participation while infusing fun.

Holiday Trivia

With online trivia, you can transform guessing answers into staying active:

  • Assign movements for right (shimmying shoulders) and wrong (wiggling ears)
  • Have players strike silly poses to logging responses

Award virtual prizes to weekly winners

Ugly Sweater Contest

Nothing epitomizes the holidays quite like those garish knitted masterpieces. With video calling closeups, ugly sweater details shine.

Appoint impartial judges to rate ugly sweaters by these criteria:

  • Creativity (did they design something themselves?)
  • Humor (how clever or punny is the theme?)
  • Effort (are there fun 3D elements or accessories involved?)

Holiday Bingo

Bingo is a beloved game that transcends generations.

For the virtual party, create bingo cards featuring different holiday themes and customs.

Instead of calling out numbers, read different holiday activities and traditions.

The first player to complete a row, column or diagonal wins!

Some ideas for your bingo board include:

  • Lit the menorah
  • Made gingerbread cookies
  • Went caroling
  • Watched Home Alone
  • Completed holiday shopping
  • Lit the advent wreath
  • Made a snowman

To make this game more immersive, have players act out or showcase proof of the holiday activity when their square is called.

Hearing a quick verse of 鈥淒eck the Halls鈥 or seeing a photo of someone posing with their snowman will have everyone smiling between calls.

A gingerbread house is lit up with christmas lights.

More Virtual Holiday Party Ideas and Activities

Besides games, inject more good cheer by planning activities uniting groups:

Host a Remote Holiday Talent Show

Everyone on your team has special skills and interests outside their normal work roles.

Give employees a festive opportunity to showcase these talents by organizing a virtual holiday variety showcase!

You’ll likely unearth amazing singers, dancers, musicians and performers eager to provide entertainment.

To make the event more collaborative, encourage employees to combine creative strengths and develop holiday skits, songs and multiperson numbers.

Consider awarding prizes to boost participation and friendly competition.

Offer gift cards for the best overall act or fun category awards like 鈥淪illiest Skit鈥 and 鈥淏est Holiday Spirit.鈥

Scheduling multiple show times also helps underscore inclusivity for attendees across time zones.

Unleash creativity and build brighter connections by spotlighting the unique star power on your team!

DIY Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Combining tasty treats with festive crafting always sweetens the holiday season.

Host an online gingerbread house decorating contest to spread sugary cheer across locations.

Mail house kits and candy to employees beforehand so everyone starts on equal footing.

During a virtual decorating party, participants proudly showcase their handmade houses on camera when time runs out.

Have attendees vote on titles like 鈥淢ost Traditional鈥 鈥淢ost Outrageous鈥 and 鈥淏est Overall鈥 to make the competition friendly and engaging for all skill levels.

Consider awarding extra vacation days or gift certificates to the top designers.

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Plan Engaging Holiday Trivia

Want to spark some festive competition across regional offices? Organize a holiday trivia battle to showcase who knows Christmas best!

Separate employees into virtual teams and have them select creative holiday-themed names.

Pull trivia questions from both holiday movies and traditional carols and customs.

To make things interesting, include bonus point opportunities like singing a line from a Christmas song for clues.

The winning team scores bragging rights and bonus prizes like gift cards or office snacks.

The activity pulls remote colleagues together to share laughter and learn more about one another.

Host a BYO Holiday Sweater Party

Ugly holiday sweaters hold a special place in seasonal celebrations.

Let employees dig out their craziest knits for a virtual ugly sweater contest!

Encourage everyone to don their favorite tacky sweater, snap some solo photos and upload pictures before the online competition.

Display entries on screen and have attendees vote on categories like 鈥淢ost Blinding Lights鈥 鈥淏est punny motif鈥 and 鈥渆pitome of ugly cute.鈥

Offer winners first pick from a selection of prizes like gift cards, candy or wine.

More importantly, sharing laughs over outrageous attire builds warmer connections employees carry into the new year.

Few things feel more quintessentially festive than enjoying holiday treats with colleagues.

Bring time-honored sweetness into virtual celebrations through an online cookie exchange!

Have each interested employee prepare several dozen cookies or other holiday confections to share by mail with teammates.

Draw names and exchange sweet surprises leading up to your virtual party.

Then log in to connect online and enjoy everyone’s special treats together.

Attendees take turns describing their creations and the stories behind treasured family recipes or experiments with something new.

The virtual cookie exchange creates an authentic experience that crosses digital barriers through generosity and good cheer!

Get in the Holiday Spirit with Themed Dress Up Days

Kick your virtual celebrations up a notch by designating festive dress up days leading up to the event.

You can have participants channel their inner Santa Claus with red, white and green attire or don tacky holiday sweaters.

To spice it up, consider adding fun themed accessories like reindeer antlers or jingle bell necklaces.

Make a calendar of dress up days and share it in your party invite.

Offer small rewards like gift cards or bonus vacation days to the best dressed attendee each day.

A little friendly competition will have everyone showing off their holiday spirit in no time.

Focus on Connection with a Holiday Memory Share

The holidays are rooted in childhood nostalgia.

Tapping into these special memories is a great way to spark meaningful conversations and make connections.

Have each attendee share a 2-3 minute story about a favorite holiday memory or tradition. This is different than just listing something for a bingo square.

Really let people relive these special moments from holidays past.

Not only does this activity facilitate rapport between attendees, but it also sets a warm, festive tone for the rest of the event.

Show Off Talents in a Virtual Holiday Concert

You’d be amazed at how many hidden talents come out during the holidays.

Give your musically-gifted colleagues a chance to showcase their skills with a virtual holiday sing-off!

Similar to popular TV talent competition shows, participants can perform covers of holiday songs and the rest of the group votes on their favorites.

You can even ask leaders to serve as 鈥渏udges鈥 if you want to mimic shows like 鈥淭he Voice鈥 – blind auditions optional!

Reward talented teammates with fun prizes and have non-musical employees vote on their favorite performances.

This activity shines a spotlight on creativity while bringing smiles through beloved songs.

Host a Hilarious White Elephant Exchange

If you really want to keep things light, hosting a white elephant gift exchange is always good for some laughs!

Have employees wrap up something silly, weird or downright tacky they have laying around the house to 鈥渞egift鈥 in the exchange.

Draw numbers to determine the pick order and have employees select gifts one-by-one as their number is called.

Each person can choose to unwrap a new present or steal an already opened gift from someone else.

The stealing continues until the last person goes and the first person has a chance to steal one final gift.

The randomness lends itself to great reactions and lots of fun as people try to one up each other to get the best gift!

A woman in an ugly christmas sweater singing into a microphone.

Top Entertainment Ideas

The highlight of any great gathering is top-notch entertainment stirring joy and laughter.

With virtual venues, think creatively for amusements with wide range. Wow coworkers afar by considering:

Interactive Holiday Show

Stage an original video performance for pure festive amusement.

Enlist a multi-talented band of volunteer elves from different departments to each contribute specialty acts:

  • The creatives choreograph a goofy dance or lip sync number
  • Those with musical inclinations arrange a holiday song parody
  • Quick-witted improv comics pen a customized roast or toast
  • Have the staff funnyman don a Santa suit or elf costume for giggles

Edit together choice clips of each routine with other filler footage in a pre-recorded mini variety show premiere!

Themed Photo Booth

Even remote teams long to capture the merriment, so offer virtual equivalents of a classic party staple 鈥 the photo booth!

Provide an assortment of themed holiday frames, props, backgrounds and effects. Supply Instructions for easily uploading images onto a company site or social page to share internally or set as avatar pics.

Some ideas for digital d茅cor:

  • A virtual fireplace with stockings bearing employee initials
  • Life-size candy canes and gingerbread people for silly selfies
  • A north pole backdrop with elves at work for some Santa cosplay

Don’t forget festive digital props like sparkling snowflake crowns or light-up holiday necklaces.

Then watch funny snapshots spread joy site-wide!

Holiday Karaoke Challenge

Bring jolly antics of togetherness to the occasion by letting loose in a battle of merry melodies!

Draw names to assign festive hits like 鈥淛ingle Bell Rock鈥 and 鈥淒eck the Halls鈥 for individuals to warble either sincerely or comically.

Have participants veto 1 assignment option if desired.

Appoint impartial judges to rate vocalists on these metrics:

  • Effort & Enthusiasm
  • Creative Flair
  • Crowd Appeal

To up the ante, encourage free time rehearsals and submission of backup karaoke tracks or audio effects for a custom professional touch.

Let earworms commence as spirits soar! Who knows, a budding songbird may earn bragging rights 鈥榯il next year…

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Virtual Boozy Tastings

Why let remote work locations prevent adult beverage appreciation? Unite the best of both worlds by coordinating festive group tastings virtually!

Select seasonally appropriate libations and distribute minis or arrange product shipments so on event night everyone uncorks/pops simultaneously.

Tease tasters with trivia on each drink’s history and origins before sampling.

Some thematic ideas for virtual bar bites include:

  • European Christmas beers like Vienna lager or Belgian abbey ales
  • Decadent eggnogs 鈥 whipped cream optional!
  • Peppermint schnapps nightcaps or cranberry Moscow Mules
  • Custom crafted wassail recipes

Just be sure to prep guests to drink responsibly and make taxi travel arrangements or have assigned buddies.

Then let the online Christmas spirits brighten your bash!

Wrap Battle Extravaganza

Adding activity to this annual tradition makes it ideal for virtual interaction.

Have guests decorate wrapped faux presents using any arts and crafts materials handy 鈥 bows to glitter glue.

Categories to compete can include:

  • Most Glamorous
  • Funniest Fail
  • Pop Culture Theme
  • Embrace of Event Motif

Supply images of entries into a custom portal then have all attendees vote digitally on favorites to crown victor.

The creativity unleashed with a simple sheet of festive foil paper brings communities together in a memorable (if messy!) way.

Merry christmas and happy new year background.

How to Plan a Virtual Holiday Party

Planning a virtual holiday bash requires more strategic coordination than an in-person event.

But with a thoughtful approach, you can facilitate fantastic activities keeping distributed teams connected and stoked all season long!

Here we’ll explore top tips to organize and execute memorable virtual celebrations start to finish.

Craft Memorable Virtual Invitations

The key to driving virtual party attendance lies in irresistible invites.

Make them standout with these creative design tips:

Introduce Festive Whimsy

Set a playful tone from the start by featuring holiday symbols and colors. Adorn classic invites with:

  • Holly berries and leaves
  • Poinsettias or mistletoe
  • Ornaments and strings of lights
  • Snowflakes, snowmen or wintry themes
  • Sparkling gold or silver accents

Weave in motifs that nod to any defined party themes as well like ugly sweater or nostalgic retro.

Amp up the whimsy with animated elements too.

Add floating snow, cascading garlands or bouncing holiday icons to inject cheer.

Overlay Digital Effects

Elevate stationary visuals by incorporating engaging digital features:

  • Enable animated falling 鈥渟now鈥 when recipients open invites
  • Embed tiny videos conveying the date/time in a charming visual way
  • Insert a welcome voiceover message for personalization
  • Allow viewers to digitally launch a countdown or RSVP

Showcase Signature Wit

Express creativity with lighthearted holiday puns tailored to your work culture or guest list.

Weave company slogans or individual nicknames into invitations for memorable messaging:

  • 鈥淪now place we’d rather be than the [Company] Virtual Holiday Party!鈥
  • 鈥淒on we now our festive apparel鈥 for an ugly sweater theme
  • 鈥淎ll marketing elves welcome!鈥 for department-specific parties

Fun phrasing makes a statement and ties elements together in a spirit that sparks smiles.

Highlight Interaction

Part of the quest in designing stellar digital invites involves emphasizing inclusive engagement.

Demonstrate how your virtual venue facilitates participation through:

  • Animated visuals of activities and games
  • Promotional verbiage spotlighting features
  • Bold icons linking to interactive demos
  • Prizes and contests mentioned

This conveys that your event offers more than mere video call mingling.

It presents a lively social experience worth signing on for!

Multimedia Sparkles

Incorporating varied media serves to dazzle recipients while conveying key particulars:

  • Link a video trailer previewing holiday games and fun
  • Embed a Spotify playlist or virtual caroling performance
  • Feature a Pinterest Board with themed ideas to inspire costumes
  • Add a YouTube Video extending a clever poetic invite

When viewers can access eye-catching visual and audio content, excitement builds.

Take time to craft digital invitations as intricately as you would for posh in-person soirees.

Captivating graphics, amusing wording and multimedia flourishes help sell your virtual event!

Prep Party Packs to Enhance Connections

Mailing special 鈥減arty packs鈥 with themed accessories makes your event feel more engaging and connected.

  • For instance, provide holiday bingo cards/supplies in advance if playing games.
  • Or, assemble mini ornament craft kits to decorate together on screen.

Also include festive treats, hats, drink kits and other fun surprises serving as tangible mementos of the shared virtual experience.

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Test Your Tech

Avoid tech fails frustrating virtual partygoers.

Test all digital platforms/tools in advance to head off issues.

  • Log into video chat programs ahead of time to check sound, lighting and internet connection.
  • Confirm games, slides and content screenshare properly in both view modes.
  • Identify any participants needing a tech tutorial before the big bash.

Taking time to prepare eliminates potential problems derailing your holiday cheer!

Time it Right

With remote members across time zones, finding one universal event time poses logistical challenges.

Consider sending a poll to gauge what works best for most attendees.

  • If you split into multiple sessions, record videos to share between groups so everyone feels included.
  • Or designate hosts to spearhead location-based events.

The key is remaining flexible to accommodate various schedules as best as possible. The more inclusive the event, the merrier!

Plan Games Strategically

It’s tempting to overload virtual parties with activities.

But less can actually be more with online interactions.

Carefully evaluate each game’s length, complexity and requirements.

Avoid too many involving significant prep work or troubleshooting during events.

Ideally, mix high energy games encouraging movement and friendlier competitions with low key bonding focused activities.

Build in buffer room between longer games for socialization too!

Set a Festive Scene

As host, set the visual tone for virtual celebrations by decorating your on-camera space.

Show off a dazzling holiday backdrop inspiring attendees’ own scenes.

Little touches like string lights, garlands and seasonal knick knacks establish festive ambiance.

For added cheer, wear ugly sweaters or santa hats sparking the holiday spirit!

Have a Backup Plan

Despite extensive preparation, tech glitches may still disrupt your virtual holiday bash.

Always have backup plans to roll with issues.

Recruit a tech savvy assistant for troubleshooting behind the scenes.

  • Have extra games or videos ready to easily pivot to as needed.
  • Most importantly, remember holiday gatherings are about connecting joyfully.

Don’t let small hiccups ruin the fun – go with the flow to make the best of any situation!

Prioritize Inclusivity

With hybrid teams across locations, inclusive steps ensure all attendees feel valued.

  • Provide subtitles/translators for non-native speakers.
  • Duplicate games/activities across regional events when possible.
  • Schedule meetings without forcing certain groups outside normal hours.
  • Specify pronoun preferences on profiles.

Thoughtful inclusivity efforts promote team unity and exemplify holiday cheer as you enter the new year!

Santa claus sitting in front of a christmas tree.

Tips for Successful Virtual Holiday Parties

Virtual holiday celebrations need creative adjustments from traditional in-person events.

But with thoughtful planning and strategic technology, you can actually increase engagement, inclusivity and fun across distributed teams!

Send Communication in Advance

Have party organizers connect with attendees pre-event to build excitement and share details. Send email reminders on special activities, games or contests happening online.

Provide clear instructions for less familiar apps and testing technology so participants feel prepared to fully engage. Share links and credentials early allowing ample log in time.

Advance communication properly sets expectations so guests are ready to mingle rather than distracted troubleshooting tech!

Do On Screen Walkthroughs

Right before going live, conduct brief tech and activity walkthroughs so guests understand how key virtual party portions will flow. Demo screen sharing, backgrounds, chat and digital reactions to orient people on navigation basics ahead of festivities.

Show examples of games/contests so attendees visualize ideal participation. Provide an expected schedule rundown so everyone knows what fun is on the horizon!

Quick video walkthroughs pay off hugely in higher engagement when cameras start rolling.

Spotlight Attendees Equally

With some on camera and others unseen in gallery view, biases towards on-screen participants naturally happen. Arrange autocorrecting display settings rotating current speakers so that everyone spends featured time prominently.

Directly call on quieter individuals to draw them into conversations. Avoid letting extroverts dominate discussions by intentionally involving more reticent team members too.

The goal is facilitating equal face time and speaking opportunities to make all guests feel their contributions matter!

Add Festive Video Loops

Reduce on-screen awkwardness during inevitable virtual lulls by loading festive video loops to fill the gaps. Bouncing fireplace images or Santa busy at work provide cheery animation when conversations naturally pause.

Upbeat holiday tunes also keep energy flowing as groups reform or new activities start. Don’t let silence subtract from your holiday atmosphere. Insert seasonal sounds and sights!

Capture Screenshots Throughout

Intentionally grabbing key images of employees playing games, wearing silly hats or holding crafts spotlights fun connections demonstrating deeper camaraderie.

Uploading pictures internally spreads good cheer after seasonal festivities conclude. Plus they become priceless additions to next year’s promos!

Deliver Party Swag Bags

Just because a bash is virtual doesn’t mean participants shouldn’t score mementos memorializing merriment. Mailing customized swag bags allows remote colleagues to commune through shared items.

Fill bags with themed drink koozies, snacks, confetti or other creative content applying to online activities. Thoughtful favors demonstrate extra efforts making virtual interactions truly special!

Display Participant Artwork

Hanging holiday cards or winter scenes crafted by attendees fosters personalized connections impossible to manufacture. Set aside virtual party time for ornament making, drawings or other arts and crafts.

Capture images of creations to digitally share on internal sites or pinned up in location offices. Showcasing participant submissions spreads artistic talents while highlighting the individuality of teammates in memorable ways.

Conduct Post Event Surveys

Solicit open and honest feedback via post event surveys to improve successive virtual holiday parties. Create polls and questions that allow participants to share constructive input anonymously.

Ask about things that worked well along with activity or technology issues that frustrated engagement. Indicate key areas being considered for change to demonstrate you’re receptive to critique in pursuit of enhancements.

Dedicating surveys solely to virtual holiday party feedback shows care while underscoring that employee perspectives directly shape experiences.

Bringing People Together, Even When Apart

For many of us, the holiday season stirs up a longing for connection and community, even across distance.

Rather than just passive video calls, the best virtual parties emphasize inclusive participation from start to finish.

Smart preparation gets people engaged through interactive components like games, crafts, music and costumes.

That collaborative involvement is what allows folks to co-create shared memories.

At its core, a vibrant virtual celebration is fueled by sincere communication – introductions, trivia, storytelling.

These simple human interactions lay the groundwork for bonds that make everything else land well.

People want to engage with new friends, not just silent strangers on a screen.

Gathering input conveys that each person’s experience has value.

Personal touches like custom party favors and screenshots likewise say “We appreciate you being here.”

In our increasingly distributed world, businesses have an opportunity to champion events that cultivate community and human connections beyond transactional operations.

The tips here offer useful guidance for infusing authentic holiday spirit into virtual celebrations now and in the future.


Why are virtual holiday parties becoming more popular?

The rise of remote and hybrid work models means teams are more geographically dispersed. Virtual parties allow companies to provide inclusive holiday celebrations that bring everyone together online to connect and have fun through games, activities, and shared experiences. They also enable broader participation unrestricted by travel budgets or location.

What are some key elements of a successful virtual holiday party?

Critical ingredients include an engaging video platform, festive theming and d茅cor, inclusive interactive games and contests, multimedia entertainment options, thoughtful hosting and moderation, party packs sent in advance, and post-event recipient surveys to improve future events.

How can companies make virtual parties feel more personal?

Strategies like custom invitations, virtual swag bags, displayed participant artwork, festive photo booths and post-event image sharing humanize online interactions and make attendees feel valued as individuals, not just names on a screen.

What are some quick tips to drive participation in virtual holiday activities?

Rotate displayed video feeds so everyone gets screen time, directly call on quieter people, offer prizes and recognition for games involvement, have attendees give activity examples on-camera, and share instructions/demos before launching new components.

Why does post-event survey feedback matter for virtual parties?

Collecting feedback shows attendees their perspectives directly shape future improvements and enhancements. It also enables honest input on issues impeding participation so the company can address frustrations. Demonstrating receptiveness to critique is key.

How can leaders set an inclusive tone for hybrid teams?

Schedule event times considerate of different time zones, provide translators and subtitles for non-native speakers, duplicate regional version of games/activities when possible, and specify pronoun preferences upfront in online profiles or materials.

Don't Let Distance Diminish Your Holiday Joy

Why settle for lackluster virtual celebrations when thoughtful planning and creative use of technology can lead to festive, uplifting events?

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