🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Redesign & SEO Help Increase Traffic by 39% & Search Revenue by 47%

$9,274 more monthly revenue from organic search
$9,274 additional monthly non-paid search revenue (47% increase – $29,082/mo vs $19,719/mo)
367% more unbranded search revenue ($1,135/mo vs. $243/mo)
39% more visitors
39% increase in monthly unique visitors (4205 vs 3004)
43% increase in monthly unique unbranded search visitors – those finding the site from industry/product phrases, not their brand name (1637 vs 1141)
Dozens of Page 1 Rankings
We ranked Hylunia at the top of Google for all these phrases:
#1 Colloidal Silver Mist
#1 Skincare System for Psoriasism
#1 Grape Seed Extract Skin Care
#1 Restoring Cream
#1 – Skin Care Tips Blog
#1 – Skincare That Works
#1 – Colloidal Silver Mist
#1 – Best Noni Skin Care
#2 – Vitamin Mask
#2 – Papaya Enzyme Mask
#3 – Organic Skin Care Products
#3 – Pure Hyaluronic Acid
#3 – Best Aloe Vera Mask
#4 – Natural Skin Care Products
#5 – Best Natural Face Mask
#7 – Best Facial Cleansers
#8 – Best Facial Toners
#8 – Skin Lightening Treatment
Hylunia, a natural skincare company with a primarily wholesale clientele, wanted a new website to help them break into the competitive luxury retail market.
We redesigned their site not only with improved design, but also greatly enhanced user experience, search engine and conversion rate optimization.

What We Did

Website Redesign & Conversion Copywriting

The old Hylunia site was primarily information for wholesale buyers. We designed an ecommerce experience from scratch, using data-driven, best practices and UX research. We also wrote many key headlines, calls to action and other microcopy to increase conversions.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization​

After building the site with SEO best-practices, we wrote press releases, articles, and did link-building to help increase rankings of their homepage, category pages and key product pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization​

We provided CRO strategy and management, including A/B test recommendations, with their internal development team implementing, and a CRO specialist running the tests.

Email Marketing

Designed emails for holiday promos and new product announcements.

Website Redesign & Conversion Copywriting

Hylunia was primarily selling wholesale to spas and salons and wanted a new design to open up direct B2C sales. They needed not just a fresh look, but user friendly ecommerce experience with clear navigation, compelling copywriting and trust builders to help them compete in a crowded market.
We created over 30 wireframes, helping with headline and other copy, adding in SEO and CRO best practices.
We helped them clarify their value proposition of “Natural & Organic Skin Care That Works” … “as safe and effective as possible” which they have kept for 10 years. This was fleshed out through compelling product headlines and descriptions (eg: “Fountain of Youth in a Bottle”), an SEO-friendly skin care tips blog and ingredient dictionary.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

After redesigning the Hylunia.com website, we used content marketing and other SEO methods to improved their search engine rankings, traffic and sales over the course of a year.
Dozens of Top Rankings
We ranked Hylunia at #1 in Google for each of these phrases: Colloidal Silver Mist, Skincare System for Psoriasism, Grape Seed Extract Skin Care, Restoring Cream, and more.
43% increase in Unbranded Traffic Over 1 yr:
Visitors from search terms not including their brand name increased by 43% as a result of our SEO.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Finally, we helped with Conversion Rate Optimization, including this one test that increased overall site sales by over 5%.
Here, we highlighted their “conversion boosters” – the things that help tip people over the edge to feel comfortable making a purchase. We tested multiple variations of messaging, as well as static vs animated versions and ended up with this winning design:

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