🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

10,967 Email Signups in Two-Month Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral Marketing Case Study

Logo Design | Branding | Landing Page Design & Copy | Video Script | Email Content




Viral Leads

3 X

Landing Page Conversion

# 5

in Google

A group of women engaging in viral marketing, all smiles and enthusiasm.
A vibrant blue and sunny yellow text on a sleek black background.

About the Campaign

We helped plan, design, write and promote this viral marketing campaign for The Art of Living 21-Day Happiness Challenge to reinvigorate their email list of existing subscribers and volunteers.

People loved it and 30% of all 11,000 subscribers came from social sharing!

Even after this became their highest converting landing page of all time, we improved it by an additional 11.6% by highlighting social proof (from 19.8% to 22.1% CR).

Our Results



In just two months, this happiness challenge went viral with 10,967 email signups


Viral Leads

30.9% of leads came from referrals

0 X

Conversions to of previous best landing pages

This campaign became the client’s best converting landing page of all time by 3X (15.2% vs 5%)

# 0

in Google

Ranking #5 in Google for “happiness challenge” with no link building

What We Did

01Viral Marketing Strategy & Setup

02Branding, Landing Page Design & Copywriting

03Spoken Word Poem for Video

04Email Campaign Strategy & Content

Going Viral

We built in numerous campaign elements to help the The Happiness Challenge get as many shares as possible.

Viral features included:

  • valuable prize for contest winner
  • easy signup process
  • contest widget on thank you page and landing page for return visitors (no login required)
  • automatic email every time you got someone to join, updating you on your points
  • share reminders built into the challenge content
  • All this added up to a 30.9% viral effect (nearly 1/3 leads came from viral shares)

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