🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

event marketing strategy

2024 Event Marketing: Strategy, Planning, Tactics

Liven up your marketing mix by gathering real people together and transforming imaginative visions into buzzworthy events that ignite meaningful connections between your brand and audiences.

In our noisy world overloaded with impersonal digital outreach, in-person experiences create powerful and memorable connections between brands and audiences.

Exploring this human-centered approach, we reveal insider strategies to craft wow-worthy events that captivate attendees and accelerate ROI.

From evaluating diverse event formats to leveraging data for continuous improvement, we breakdown key ingredients driving today’s successful event marketing.

Join us as we dive into the experiential revolution, uncovering modern best practices to make your next event the hottest ticket in town.

Yes! Gathering real people together still offers unrivaled relationship-building potential in our increasingly isolated digital era.

Let’s discuss how to leverage event marketing strategy and transform imaginative visions into buzzworthy realities filled with passionate participants.

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Understanding Event Marketing

Our experts here at We & Goliath have seen firsthand how impactful event marketing can be when done right.

With 2024 coming up, we want to walk you through how to take advantage of events and make them a bigger part of your strategy.

What Is Event Marketing?

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Simply put, event marketing is promoting a product, service, or brand through experiences

In 2024, it’s about making memories for your customers, not just advertisements.

Unlike traditional ads, event marketing gives you face time with potential customers.

You get to make real connections and showcase your brand’s personality. 

It goes beyond promotion into actually getting people fired up about your mission.

Events also give you valuable insight into your audience. 

Through surveys, feedback and just talking to people, you’ll learn what resonates and what needs work. 

Seeing firsthand reactions and excitement tells you a lot, and helps you shape offerings to what customers want.

Why Add Events to Your Marketing Mix?

Folding events into your 2024 marketing opens up huge opportunities. 

Bringing people together around your brand, whether virtually or in-person, can accomplish a lot.

Make a Memorable Impression

Events allow you to put your product right in front of potential new customers face-to-face. 

That kind of in-person brand experience goes so much deeper than just seeing an ad or visiting a website. 

You have a chance to highlight what makes your company special in a way that people will truly remember. 

Positive emotional connections are formed when people can see, touch and ask questions about your offerings.

Build Trust

Sitting down with people one-on-one to have real conversations builds trust and rapport effortlessly. 

Attendees feel valued as humans, not just anonymous targets for marketing. 

There is simply no replacement for that kind of genuine personal interaction when it comes to strengthening relationships between a business and its customers.

Capture Excited Leads

People who voluntarily show up to your event already have a baseline level of real interest in your products or services. 

Events offer a prime opportunity to collect contact information from warm leads who want to actively learn more. 

It’s such an easy next step to convert that in-person enthusiasm into ongoing sales conversations.

Show it Off

Events are the ultimate platform for debuting something new your company has been working on. 

You can demo products and services in a live, engaging way and have influencers try them out in person. 

Attendees get to interact hands-on before they buy, which builds confidence and excitement.

Network and Collaborate

Well-designed events bring together professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about the same topics and interests relevant to your business. 

This gives you a valuable chance to mingle with potential partners, connect with influencers in your industry and build relationships within your community.

When you take the time to craft events thoughtfully to maximize engagement, they can take your marketing programs to the next level in so many ways. 

Let’s explore some of the key ingredients to create a successful and memorable event experience for your attendees.

Developing an Event Marketing Strategy

Planning a successful event takes more than just hoping for the best! 

It requires thoughtfully thinking through key details and making strategic decisions every step of the way. 

Below we share a few elements to keep in mind so you can create an experience that truly resonates with your attendees.

Get to Know Your Guests

The very first thing to do is make sure you deeply understand who you want to attend this event. 

Do your homework by researching their demographics, interests, values and pain points

Really dig in and get clarity on what makes your target audience tick. 

There are AI-powered tools nowadays can analyze all of that data to reveal what makes your guests tick.

This insight will shape all of your subsequent planning and help you create an event perfectly tailored for them.

Define What Winning Looks Like

In 2024, success can mean lots of things – engagement on social media, a viral moment, a direct message, or just good old visibility. 

Lay out some clear, trackable goals that align with metrics hip tools can capture across physical and digital worlds.

  • Do you want to boost brand awareness? 
  • Generate promising sales leads? 
  • Build community goodwill? 

Get very specific on your goals so you can focus your efforts accordingly. Having measurable objectives will keep you strategically aligned.

Select the Best Format

Now consider who you want to attend and what you want to accomplish. 

Let this guide your choice of event format. 

  • Would your audience enjoy an exclusive workshop or a lively trade show booth? 
  • Is a cocktail networking event or thought-provoking panel discussion better for lead generation? 

Choose whichever style best fits your audience and aims.

Our Pro Tip: Go Hybrid

Meet your guests where they’re comfortable! 

Blend IRL and URL elements so more people can join in the action. 

Hybrid events maximize your reach and guarantee an inclusive and accessible experience for all. 

By integrating digital elements, you enable participation no matter someone’s location or circumstances

We believe that the future is a flexible, personalized fusion of the physical and digital, and by going hybrid you allow your event to meet any need.

Craft a Compelling Concept

With your format decided, put together a specific theme and activities that feel fresh, exciting and relevant to attendees. 

Find a unique angle and value proposition tailored exactly to what your audience cares about most. 

This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowded event landscape and capture peoples’ coveted time and attention.

Cook Up a High-Tech Concept

On top of that, the theme and activities should gel with what resonates with a digitally-savvy crowd in 2024. 

Incorporate the latest tech like AR, VR, slick apps, or even AI-driven personalization. 

Craft an immersive experience that’s both memorable and Insta-worthy.

Once you lock in the strategy basics, you’ll be ready to spread the word and generate true enthusiasm for your one-of-a-kind event! 

The key is crafting events to maximize engagement and make attending memorable

Let’s explore the key ingredients for success in 2024 and beyond!

Need more tips to create a virtual event experience that delights your guests? Check out our latest guide on virtual event marketing

The Role of Storytelling in Event Marketing

Storytelling has always been a powerful way to connect with people, but it has become especially important in the modern world of event marketing. 

A compelling story woven through an event can draw attendees in, stick in their minds, and help create a stronger bond with your brand.

Let’s look at a few reasons storytelling matters so much today:

  1. First, stories create emotional engagement. When people feel immersed in a narrative, they relate to it on a deeper level. This makes them more likely to have a profound experience and form positive associations with your brand. 
  2. Second, stories convey brand identity in a relatable way. By sharing your mission, values and personality through narrative at an event, you help people get to know the “character” of your company. Storytelling puts a human face on a brand and makes it more approachable and memorable.
  3. Third, we remember stories far better than bare facts. After an event driven by narrative, key messages stick in attendees’ minds for much longer. Story-based marketing leads to better recollection and keeps your brand top-of-mind long after the event concludes.

Of course, seamlessly integrating storytelling into an event takes careful planning:

  • Everything at the event should tie back to and reinforce the central story. If the theme is around innovation, the stage design, activities and takeaways should reflect that creative, forward-thinking narrative. 
  • Get people actively involved in shaping the story. Let them play roles, manipulate objects and make choices that impact the experience. They become invested in narratives they help create. 
  • Don’t just tell a great story, make people feel it with their senses. Use sights, sounds, textures, scents and maybe even tastes to breathe life into the narrative. 
  • Extend your event story online so it lives on. Keep using social media, email, video and other formats to continue the narrative after the event concludes.

Sustaining momentum and conversation pays dividends.

Want insights for producing hybrid events that matter? Our experts provide custom guidance tailored to your vision.

With our insider tips & industry know-how, we’ll uncover ways to create an unforgettable experience that aligns with your budget.

Strategies to Market Your Event

You and your team have put in countless hours prepping an exciting event. 

As the date draws near, excitement builds as you envision how incredible it will be once it all comes together. 

But first things first—you need people to actually be there to witness the magic! 

Promoting an event effectively is crucial to transforming your imaginative vision into a rocking reality filled with engaged attendees.

Let’s explore some key strategies for spreading the word far and wide. 

When strategically promoted across multiple channels, your event can shift from a well-kept secret into the hottest ticket in town that everyone wants in on.

Marketing Far and Wide Across Diverse Channels

To maximize your reach, share announcements and event details widely across every platform where your target audience is engaging. 

  • Blanket social media with gorgeous high-quality graphics that capture attention. 
  • Run online advertisements showcasing exciting event features and perks that persuade people to sign up. 
  • Distribute eye-catching print materials like posters, signs, and flyers placed in areas your audience frequents. 

You want high impact promotion that spans every channel—digital, social media, in person, etc—to spread the word both broadly and deeply.

Building Excitement and Hype

Promotional content should spark infectious excitement and urgency to RSVP yes. 

  • Share tantalizing event details and insider info attendees won’t want to miss out on. 
  • Highlight rave reviews from thrilled guests of your past events. 
  • Give sneak peeks into what attendees can expect come event day, from hands-on activities, to mouthwatering cuisine, to renowned guest speakers. 

Build the hype and momentum to get that fear of missing out (FOMO) emotionally kicking into high gear!

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

In addition to broadly sharing basic event details and announcements organically through your brand’s main social media channels, also consider setting up dedicated event pageshashtags, and event-specific profiles. 

Encourage people to follow these accounts for exclusive behind-the-scenes updates leading up to the big day. 

Share tantalizing sneak peeks into what you’re planning and encourage online engagement opportunities with hashtags to unite the conversation.

Securing Influencer Partnerships and Endorsements

Identify influencers, leaders, and tastemakers who can help amplify event messaging to niche communities aligned with your goals. 

Reach out to propose collaborations where you co-create content spotlights together highlighting different event elements. 

Consider inviting them to the event itself and engage them as speakers or workshop leaders if appropriate. 

Their endorsement, participation and stamp of approval can further pique interest among their followers driving up registration.

With strategic promotion across diverse channels both online and in person, your event is sure to generate the awareness and enthusiasm needed to hit (or hopefully exceed!) your attendance goals! 

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The Changing Landscape of Event Marketing

In the past, event marketers would host large conferences or trade shows and hope to attract as many people from their target demographic as possible with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. 

Today, successful events need to be more tailored, personalized, and adaptable to meet the needs and interests of different attendee groups. 

Segmenting audiences and crafting specialized agendas and content for each group leads to higher engagement levels and event ROI.

The Need for Engaging and Memorable Events

You know how it feels when you go to one of those big conferences with the endless PowerPoint slides. 

You’re just sitting there trying not to fall asleep as someone drones on and on. It’s so boring!

Attendees today want to really engage with and participate in events. 

They want interactivity and experiences that will stick in their memory long after the conference ends.

This shift came about because people got fed up with being bored out of their skulls at traditional events. 

Event planners responded by focusing much more on engagement – getting the audience actively involved. 

The goal now is to create events where attendees walk away buzzing about how awesome it was.

What this means for you: Creating interactive, exciting events that actively involve attendees and spark their enthusiasm is critical for driving engagement and leaving a lasting impression. 

Boring, passive events are no longer effective.

Embracing the Virtual Event Revolution

When COVID hit, it accelerated the move to virtual events. 

But it didn’t just mean shifting physical conferences online. 

Virtual event organizers had to completely reimagine engagement for the digital sphere.

Successful virtual events integrated things like mini concerts for charity, opportunities for attendees to network with each other in cool virtual environments, and lots of real-time crowd participation. 

This showed that virtual events could actually be more engaging than their in-person counterparts.

What this means for you: With virtual events here to stay, event teams must completely transform their approach to drive digital engagement through immersive experiences, networking opportunities, real-time participation, and more.

Mastering Event Data Collection

Data is so important for effective event marketing today. 

With the fade of cookies and other old school tracking methods, event marketers now use more direct ways to gather data. Things like polls and surveys during the event itself. 

This gives much richer insights into what attendees really think and want.

That open-ended feedback allows for deeper personalization and better tailoring of both future events and wider marketing outreach. 

So making the effort to gather meaningful event data pays off exponentially.

What this means for you: Direct, real-time data gathering through surveys and polls provides invaluable personalized insights to shape future events and marketing outreach for maximum relevance and impact.

SEO and Content Creation Leveraged from Events

The content that comes out of events is a true goldmine when it comes to content marketing.

Expert talks and presentations make awesome blog and social media content. 

And it’s all authentic and authoritative since it comes straight from the specialists themselves.

This kind of high-quality content also does wonders for SEO and positioning your company as an industry expert. 

That’s invaluable in an era where AI-generated content dominates.

What this means for you: Expert presentations make authentic, authoritative content that boosts SEO and establishes thought leadership. This content goldmine should be fully utilized for content marketing.

Integrating Social Media and Digital Advertising

A person using a laptop for event management with social media icons on it.

Events and social media are better together. 

Events inherently create shareable content that sparks conversation. And that buzz effect amplifies social campaigns.

Digital advertising too can be enhanced using all the data gathered at events. 

Super targeted and uber relevant campaigns based on what event attendees are interested in are much more effective.

What this means for you: Social buzz and first-party data from events can significantly amplify promotional campaigns across channels for greater reach and relevancy.

Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing in Events

Influencers love attaching themselves to events, especially if there’s a good cause involved. 

Their participation adds major credibility. 

And it’s often relatively affordable to recruit them, compared to normal sponsored posts.

Having influencers onboard expands the potential reach of events exponentially. 

They attract their highly engaged followings to participate. It’s an awesome value add for the event organizer.

What this means for you: Influencers expand event visibility exponentially; their participation lends credibility and leverages their engaged followings. This makes influencer marketing a highly strategic event component.

Innovative Sponsorship Strategies

Sponsorships used to be purely transactional – a company handed over money and got their logo on some banners. 

But now it’s about true partnership and mutual benefit.

For smaller companies or events, sponsorships focused on visibility rather than cash can work even better. 

It allows almost any business to take advantage of events for brand building. Not just big guys with huge marketing budgets.

What this means for you: Sponsorship models are shifting from transactional to mutually beneficial partnerships focused on brand-building through visibility rather than purely financial exchanges.

The Rise of Multi-Event Strategies

Rather than investing everything in a single mega event, marketers now often run series of smaller, connected events. 

These sequential events engage audiences over time as they move through the sales funnel.

This modular approach also allows for easier optimization. 

Marketers can tweak aspects at each event based on feedback and data gathering at the previous one. 

It makes the entire event marketing strategy way more adaptable.

What this means for you: A series of connected smaller events allow for greater optimization, evolution and refinement based on insights and data from previous events in the series.

Navigating the Evolving Event Technology Landscape

Event tech progresses at lightning speed. 

Attendees’ expectations for digital experience and convenience increase exponentially each year. 

Event organizers must stay on top of the latest developments and features to wow their audiences.

This means taking advantage of cutting edge tech like AI, AR, and VR to create hybrid event experiences seamlessly blending physical and virtual. 

It also means leveraging tech for deeper data insights and ensuring accessibility and inclusion across digital assets.

What this means for you: Staying on the cutting edge of event tech innovations and understanding attendee expectations is essential to deliver the wow-factor through seamless phygital experiences.

Creating Authentic Content in the Age of AI

AI content creation is expanding massively. 

But event content stands out because of its authenticity and human centricity. 

Expert talks and customer stories shared at events make for incredibly genuine and relatable material.

This type of content feels like a real conversation rather than a generic AI script. 

It builds a unique brand voice that resonates so much more.

What this means for you: Event content offers unmatched authenticity and human centricity that builds unique brand voice and emotional connections beyond generic AI content.

The Future of Event Marketing: Integration and Personalization

As event marketing progresses, human connection and relevance will be key. 

Events allow for deep personalization opportunities with their wealth of first party data gathering. 

Event feedback ties directly into shaping content, offers, and experiences tailored to individual attendee needs.

And by integrating events seamlessly into holistic marketing campaigns, brands can drive value across the entire customer journey. 

The future lies in this blend of insight-driven human relevance and consistent omni-channel presence.

What this means for you: Deep personalization through integrated first-party data utilization will shape the future of event marketing for maximum relevance across the entire customer journey.

Leveraging Data for Continuous Improvement

A massive advantage of event marketing today is the ability to optimize continuously. 

By digging into behavioral understanding beyond basic metrics, event organizers can extract incredibly actionable insights. 

Feedback and observations shape each successive event.

It becomes a positive feedback loop where the events get better and better at delivering value to attendees. 

And conversion, loyalty, advocacy all increase exponentially over time.

What this means for you: Optimizing through behavioral insights and observations enables events to continuously improve at delivering attendee value, leading to exponential gains in loyalty and advocacy over time.

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The Role of Community and Networking

Events used to focus almost entirely on content delivery. 

But today the networking and connections that happen at events are just as important – often MORE important – to attendees.

Incorporating facilitated social interactions like round table sessions makes the event experience infinitely more meaningful and memorable. 

Enabling these “human moments” builds allegiance between attendees, speakers, and the host brand.

What this means for you: Facilitating social connections is imperative to events’ value, often overshadowing content itself, for building meaningful relationships between all stakeholders.

The Blending of Physical and Digital Experiences

Hybrid event models highlight the need to create equivalently engaging experiences for virtual and in-person attendees. 

The digital environment has to offer rich opportunities for networking, participation etc – not just be a passive broadcast feed.

Blended events allow for exponentially bigger reach and accessibility. 

But event teams must overcome the challenges of essentially producing two intricately interwoven events in parallel. It’s complex but highly rewarding when done right!

What this means for you: Hybrid events require equivalent virtual and in-person engagement through immersive digital environments and participatory components to drive value across both spheres.

Sustainable and Inclusive Event Practices

Today’s audiences have high standards for social and environmental consciousness. 

Event sustainability should address everything from supply chain logistics to diversity among speakers and topics.

Inclusivity allows events to resonate with a much wider range of attendee perspectives and backgrounds. 

And sustainable practices give events and host brands an aura of progressive virtue. 

It’s about aligning values between events and audiences.

What this means for you: Matching sustainability and diversity values between events and audiences expands resonance and consciousness. This progressive positioning becomes a strategic imperative.

Engaging Attendees During the Event

You handled event promotion with finesse, generated buzz across channels, and got attendees in the door. 

But the event payoff comes from keeping them engaged in incredible experiences once there.

An event management team overseeing a gathering in a room.

Now is your chance to show off everything your brand has to offer. 

  1. Immerse attendees into an event environment that excites all five senses. 
  2. Make them feel pampered through exclusive perks and individualized interactions. 
  3. Facilitate opportunities for connections, fun moments, and memory making tailored to resonate long after the event concludes.
  4. Keep the energy electric and FOMO levels high for those who missed out. 

Your attendees will take to social media to give you free promotion, capturing enviable moments other prospects will eat up. 

They’ll be walking brand ambassadors eager to rave about you to everyone in their networks.

Events are your chance to fully showcase your peoples’ passion, creativity, and dedication when it comes to delighting audiences. 

Keep that spirit alive from start to finish, and your event will pay dividends now and into the future. 

Attendees will leave feeling like your brand “gets them” and they’ll be eager to engage with you again soon.

The Event Marketing Evolution: Fostering Human Connections in a Digital Era

Event marketing has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years. 

As this article explored, modern events must move beyond one-size-fits-all approaches to more personalized, engaging and memorable experiences that foster human connections.

Several key themes stand out:

  • Relevance is paramount. Events must align closely with attendee interests and perspectives. This requires understanding nuanced needs of diverse groups through advanced data collection and segmentation strategies during events.
  • Memorability matters. Unconventional formats that lean into interactivity, hands-on activities and multi-sensory immersion create buzzworthy events that stick in attendees’ memories for the long haul.
  • Convenience counts. Virtual accessibility and hybrid models enable broader reach. However, digital environments must offer networking and participation on par with in-person events rather than passive broadcast experiences.
  • Values build bonds. Sustainable, inclusive practices and facilitation of human moments through roundtable sessions or networking activities strengthen allegiances between brands, speakers and audiences over time.
  • The experiential revolution shows no signs of slowing down. As emerging tech like digital twins blurs lines between physical and digital, event teams must focus on delivering wow-worthy human centricity matched by operational excellence.

The brands that will dominate event marketing’s future are those that best balance relevance and personalization with convenience and memorability. 

They foster communal bonds around shared values and interests rather than merely broadcasting messages. 

Because vibrant human connections matter more than ever in our increasingly isolated digital era.

Ignite Meaningful Connections Through Strategic Event Marketing

In our noisy, digital-first era, in-person events hold unmatched power for forging genuine bonds. 

Let’s meet to craft wow-worthy happenings where your brand’s essence shines. 

We’ll explore how to make imaginative visions buzzworthy realities filled with passionate participants. 

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