Video Editing & Live Stream Production Examples

By the Video Producers, Directors & Editors at We & Goliath
Livestreaming available alone or as a part of full-service virtual event management

Pre-recorded Videos Edited in Post-Production

Our highest level of production merges pre-recorded video with graphics, b-roll footage, special effects. 

Our senior producer produces live and prerecorded content for The Real News Network three-five days a week. Our other producers have filmed and edited content for PBS, MTV, Boys & Girls Club and Indiana University, as well as filming and editing feature length-documentaries.

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Premium Livestream Production Examples

Our senior video producers create the pre-production graphics, layouts, animated lower thirds, provide speaker training and backstage prep for the highest quality livestream keynotes and panel discussions, with practically unlimited capabilities. These livestreams all took place in events led by our virtual events consultants.

"Simulive" Virtual Fundraiser Production Examples

We produced these fundraiser events based on a series of remote recordings, After post-production editing, they were streamed as “simulate-live” videos into event pages with live chat and donate buttons that helped raise as much as $80,000 in one hour.

Whiteboard Video Examples

Our illustrator/animator, copyeditor, and voice-over artists collaborate on animated topic tutorials, or “Whiteboard Videos”. These custom hand-drawn illustrations can educatee and engage event viewers at strategic points between live segments in your event and live permanently on your website.

Event Promo Video Examples

Build up the anticipation with a bold, modern, video with animated event info, photos, background music

Here are various examples of event videos that were used for event promotion, hyping participants up during the event and for post-event marketing.


Follows short template closely and does not include custom layouts or animated illustrations.


Here, we merge the animations from our standard promo video with your video or audio invitation including additional scenes alternating between video and title/event info animations Includes custom slide layouts and one animated illustration. 

Optional Add-ons:
Remote Recording/Speaker Coaching
Add’l 2D animated illustrations or Logo animation

Basic Livestream Production Examples

Want a polished look but don’t need the unlimited design, integration, options, live-backstage, or senior touch? Our basic quality livestream production checks all the boxes of live switching, custom backgrounds, logos, lower thirds, etc.

Breakout / Workshop Recordings from Virtual Conferences Using Built-in Video and NO Pre-Production or Live Switching

Beyond the polished main stage events, our virtual conferences allow you to host unlimited simultaneous sessions using built-in video streaming. For example, panel discussions, breakout sessions, trainings, fireside chats, open networking, etc. While these sessions do not allow for pre-production graphics or live switching of layouts, they allow for screen sharing, moderation of attendees on video for breakouts, live chat per-session, and we can provide training on speakers for best-practices in lighting, sound, video quality.

Virtual USEP 2020





Six days of live panelists and keynote speeches with real-time translations and accessibility options

Featured Case Study

AFL-CIO MLK & Human Rights Conference





“The best AFL-CIO conference I have ever attended!"

Featured Case Study

NARAL Activists’ Summit




Average Show Rate

"Our Board of Directors have been completely ecstatic with the Summit and are so happy with the outcome."

Featured Case Study

UN Agencies & Think Tank 5X Event Attendance Online





"The event was a great success with 1,700 attendees over 4 days."

Featured Case Study

Organizing 2.0 Online Conference





1,683 attendees at 1st online conference vs 200-300 at 11 yrs of in-person conferences

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