🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


NARAL Pioneers Multiple Virtual Fundraising Events

Virtual Fundraisers Case Study

Speaker Coaching |  Live Production | Video Editing | Graphic Design

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Our Challenge

Our Challenge

The 2.5M member nonprofit, NARAL Pro-Choice America, asked us to partner in transforming online philanthropy with continuous engagement through virtual events. 

The first was in the thick of 2020’s year-end fundraising season — and the 2020 Election. NARAL then set out to merge two of their biggest fundraisers into one virtual event, NARAL “Coast-to-Coast”. The one-hour event would feature an impressive speaker line up that included: Sen. Julián Castro; DNC Chairman, Jaime Harrison; U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirondo; NARAL’s president, Ilyse Hogue; and a performance by Krystal Joy Brown (Diana Ross in the Broadway musical Motown). A donation match commitment prior to the event put wind in NARAL’s fundraising sails. They only needed the right team to pull it together online.

After the great success of this first virtual fundraiser, NARAL asked us to produce a series of similar events, each with their own custom branding. 

  1. “One Country for Reproductive Freedom” featuring and engaging and thought provoking roundtable of thought leaders and change-makers discussing Disinformation – what it means, how it works, and how we can protect against it. This was the 26th year of an SFBA fundraiser with a campaign goal of $1M.
  2. “Men for Choice (and the people who love them)” – This 8th annual event highlights the importance of all genders’ participation in the fight for reproductive freedom for every body, and featured Senator Gary Peters; Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock and a musical performance by The Empty Pockets.
  3. “Peninsula Power of Choice” – featuring Connie Britton, Emmy-nominated Actress and Advocate, Adrienne Kimmell, Acting President, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Deja Foxx, Activist, Strategist, and Founder of GenZ Girl Gang and the youngest staffer across the 2020 Presidential campaigns.

Our Solution

We designed a custom virtual event platform and quickly got to our battle-tested production process. Our chief producer met with each of the panelists throughout the week for scheduled recordings. Segment recordings were edited down, transitions smoothed over as they came in. The productions feature multiple panelist screens, and NARAL-branded lower thirds and framing. The event was housed in a conversion-optimized landing page with a prominent fundraising call to action. Post-event promotion included a highlights video with bold headings, captions and music to drive traffic back to the replay.

The Results

Having worked with NARAL in producing their national activist’s summit the previous August, the execution flowed smoothly.

Each event’s flow was carefully timed and interwoven with diverse sets of pre-recorded talks and performances. Impassioned and well-produced appeals for “inclusivity and justice,” were punctuated musical performance to helped drive NARAL to exceeding its fundraising expectations.

The fundraising formula also proved successful. For example, Coast-to-Coast raised $160,000 during the hour it aired (including a 2X matching offer), and a total of $1.3M from efforts to promote and campaign it. 

According to a February press release announcing the end of Hogue’s esteemed tenure, “During her tenure, NARAL tripled in membership and budget, and expanded into numerous key battleground states.” It’s fitting that on her way out, she was still making innovative waves in growing NARAL’s community and revenues.

What We Did

01Stress-free Pre-production

02Event Page Design

03Donation Requests & Appreciations

04Promo Videos

05Add'l Video Production

Highlight Videos

Play Video
Play Video

Promo Videos

Each event was promoted with an animated promo video designed to build up anticipation. These bold, modern videos include animated event info, photos, and background music with custom layouts, colors, fonts, photos, music. We sometimes play the video in part or full right before the start time to begin the event with a bang.

Livestream Event Pages

For each event, we designed and built a donor conversion-optimized livestream event page that welcomed and engaged visitors in a premium, branded experience, with live chat, “simulive” video, and a focused call to action – Donate Now.

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