🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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Creating the Ultimate Event Promo Video: How-To Guide

Looking to make your event shine and attract a crowd? Look no further than event promo videos!

What is an Event Promo Video?

Event promo videos are incredibly helpful for event organizers.

These videos come in different forms but usually show teasers and previews so people can see and hear what it’d be like to attend the hybrid event.

Making an event promo video means highlighting key event details, cool visuals, and engaging sounds. The video should get people pumped up to join the experience.

This grabs people’s attention for your event and makes them wonder what it will include – from the vibe and event tech to speakers and networking.

For example, this video shows the event sections, attendees, and networking opportunities:

Why Should I Use Promo Videos?

Promo videos improve ticket sales for upcoming events. They let organizers showcase successes and how much fun past attendees had.

Exciting scripts and visuals effectively share the enthusiasm. This can be done through eye-catching art or animation with upbeat music.

Showing past event highlights gets current invitees more engaged too – boosting future ticket sales.

What Makes a Good Promo Video?

To get the most out of a promo video, it’s important to grab viewers’ attention right away with an interesting opening scene. 

This keeps them tuned in for the full message. After that, clearly and briefly present the problem and solution.

But how exactly do you do that?

Use High-Impact Visuals and Energizing Music

Check out the example above.

Visuals are so important for an event promo video. Compelling footage grabs attention and excites people about your event.

Prioritize shots showing your event’s energy, scale, and unique parts – like the crowd, performances, venue, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes.

High-quality b-roll and animations help too.

Pair your visuals with upbeat music that matches your event vibe. 

Pump up songs get emotions flowing. You can even feature your performers. 

Just be sure to use properly licensed tunes. The combo of sights and sounds gets viewers excited to attend.

Craft an Engaging Story

Beyond great visuals and audio, your event promo video needs an interesting story flow.

Outline the journey attendees can expect at your event. 

Highlight special moments, activities, shows, and featured guests. Build up anticipation.

Get creative with your storyline – like following attendees exploring, showing event prep by your team, or framing it like a news segment. 

Create hooks to maintain viewer attention.

Whatever narrative you pick, spotlight your event’s one-of-a-kind value. 

Show why it’s worth attendees’ time and money. Get them imagining the unique experience your event offers.

What is the Best Length for a Promotional Video?

Keep your video short, snappy, and optimized for online platforms today.

The full length shouldn’t exceed one minute since people are way more likely to watch shorter videos given their limited time. Here are more tips:

  • For social media, aim for 15-30 second clips focused on one key hook and a clear call-to-action.
  • For YouTube and your website, 1-2 minutes is ideal. Longer risks losing viewer attention.
  • Pacing is also key. Use faster cuts and sequences to build energy at the intro and buildup. Then slow it down to highlight your event atmosphere and moments. Faster pacing keeps social videos moving, while longer videos allow time to linger.
  • End with a motivating call-to-action, like “Get your tickets now!” This gives viewers a clear next step.

Don’t forget accessibility!

If watched without sound, subtitles should be included. This also provides SEO benefits when shared, especially on social platforms.

Make your call-to-action button as visible as possible without being distracting so viewers can easily take action.

Production Tips for Filming and Editing Killer Event Promo Videos

You probably have lots of creative ideas and inspiration for your next event promo video now. But how do you actually produce it? 

Planning Your Video Shoot

a group of people standing on a beach watching the sunset while planning a video shoot

Create a shot list aligned to your story. Scout locations at your venue during planning.

Schedule filming when the venue has lots of energy – during speakers, activities, entertainment. 

If possible, shoot multiple event days for more options.

Account for lighting needs based on conditions and time of day

Rent extra gear as needed. Hire an experienced camera crew if possible. 

Or find talented volunteers with their own equipment. Share your shotlist so everyone is on the same page.

Handling Audio

a man wearing headphones sits in front of a mixing console during filming

Use lavalier mics or boom poles to isolate speaker audio during interviews and voiceovers.

For concerts or loud venues, hook audio directly from the soundboard for clean music and sound.

Record some natural crowd sounds for ambiance underneath other footage.

Mind the shot framing, lighting, and audio levels during filming to reduce stressful editing work later.

Capturing Quality Footage

a digital camera on a tripod in front of the ocean, representing the concept of quality footage

Shoot with cinema cameras or high-quality DSLR/mirrorless cameras in 4K if possible. This allows flexibility to zoom and crop shots when editing.

Get a mix of wide shots, close ups, pans, tracking shots, and detail shots for editing variety. Vary angles and movement.

Film some clips in 60fps or 120fps to enable cool slow motion effects, adding drama.

If budget allows, use camera stabilizers, sliders, gimbals, and/or drones for smooth motion and sweeping shots. Or get creative with DIY dolly tracks.

Editing Your Video

a man working on a computer while editing promo footage

First, watch all footage and pick your best shots. Organize selected clips into a storyboard outline to build your narrative.

Use editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to assemble your storyline timeline with cuts, transitions, titles, and effects.

Adjust color grading for a polished, cinematic look. Use color correction so tones are consistent across shots.

Add subtle overlays like digital confetti, dreamscapes, or light leaks for style. Use sparingly.

Incorporate simple animated lower thirds, titles, logos, and graphics. Keep animations clean and minimal.

Add high-quality licensed music from production music sites. Pick tracks to match desired emotion and pacing.

Finally, export your master video file at 1080p or 4K based on your platform needs.

Distributing and Promoting Your Event Video

an illustration of a group of people sitting in front of a camera representing the concept of promo video promotion

Upload your promo video to hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia at the right resolution.

Add clickable end cards or annotations for event registration or tickets.

Embed the video on your event website and registration pages. Use a fast CDN to prevent buffering.

Chop shorter clips for social media. Create square and vertical versions to optimize for different platforms.

Boost social media posts with paid promotion to maximize views. Geo-target local audiences.

Send email blasts featuring your promo video prominently.

Run YouTube and Facebook video ads for broader exposure beyond your core audience. Test different durations and targeting.

Analyze performance metrics to determine cost per view and conversion rates. Refine based on data.

Follow these tips to create cool, quality event videos that excite and convert viewers. 

Combine smart distribution and optimization for a winning formula to promote your next event.

Let us know if you need help bringing your vision to life!

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