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Creating the Ultimate Event Promo Video: How-To Guide

Looking to make your event shine and attract a crowd? Look no further than event promo videos! These fantastic tools captivate potential attendees online. Whether it's a teaser or a full-blown video promo, these videos provide a tantalizing sneak peek into the world you're creating. Generate excitement and curiosity. Get ready to ignite anticipation!

What is an Event Promo Video?

Event promo videos are an invaluable tool for event organizers. 

These videos take many forms but typically consist of teasers and promos that offer an audiovisual taste of what it would be like to attend the hybrid event. 

Creating an event promo video involves highlighting key details of the event, compelling visuals, and engaging audio. The video should invoke excitement, showcasing unique aspects of the event, while inviting potential attendees to join the experience.

This helps draw people’s attention to your event and intrigue them about what it might entail – from the atmosphere and latest event tech to the keynote speakers and networking opportunities available.

Why Should I Use Promo Videos?

Promo videos improve ticket sales for upcoming events and allow event organizers to highlight some of their greatest successes and how much fun previous attendees have had.

Writing compelling script narratives or creating engaging visuals effectively captures excitement from potential guests; this can be done through eye-catching artwork or professionally produced animation over exciting music.

By showing off highlights from past events, organizers can increase engagement with current invitees -– boosting ticket sales for future ones.

What Makes a Good Promo Video?

To make the most out of a promotional video, it’s important to start strong and grab the viewers’ attention right away with an interesting opening scene. 

This ensures they will stay tuned for the rest of the message. After that, it’s crucial to keep it simple by concisely presenting the problem and a solution.

But how do you do that exactly?

Use High-Impact Visuals and Energizing Music

Take note of the example above. 

Visuals are one of the most important elements of an event promo video. Compelling footage will capture viewers’ attention and get them excited about your event. 

Prioritize shots that showcase your event’s atmosphere, energy, scale, and unique elements. For example, get crowd shots, performance clips, venue views, attendee testimonials, and behind-the-scenes peeks. 

High-quality b-roll and animations also go a long way.

Pair your visuals with energizing music that matches the vibe of your event. Upbeat songs get the momentum going and emotions flowing. 

You can even feature your event’s performers. Just be sure to use properly licensed music – sites like Storyblocks are great resources. The blend of visuals and audio ignites the senses and gets viewers pumped up to attend your event.

Craft an Engaging Story

This is a picture of a group of people standing on top of a curved road in a field. The road is surrounded by trees and grass. The people are wearing casual clothing, and they are all smiling. The image represents the concept of the customer's journey.

Beyond great visuals and audio, your event promo video needs a compelling story arc. 

Outline the customer journey attendees can expect at your event. Highlight special moments, activities, performances, and featured guests. Build up anticipation for the big day.

You can get creative with your storyline. For example, follow attendees exploring the event, showcase preparatory work by the event production team, or frame it as a news segment covering the event itself. Build hooks to keep viewers watching.

Whatever narrative approach you take, remember to highlight your event’s unique value proposition. Demonstrate why it’s worth attendees’ time and money. Get them imagining the one-of-a-kind experience your event offers.

What is the Best Length for a Promotional Video?

This is a picture of three words: SHORT, SNAPPY, and OPTIMIZED. The words are written in a colorful background. The image is meant to convey the concept of concise and effective communication of promotional content through short videos

Keep your video short, snappy and optimized for today’s online platforms. 

The entire length shouldn’t exceed one minute as people are much more likely to watch shorter videos than longer ones due to their limited time and attention span. Here are a couple more guidelines to consider:

  • For social media, aim for 0:15 – 0:30 second clips that focus on one key hook and end with a clear call-to-action.
  • For YouTube and your website, 1-2 minutes is ideal. Anything longer risks losing viewer attention.
  • Pacing is also crucial. Use faster cuts and visual sequences to build energy during the intro and buildup. Then slow it down to let your event’s atmosphere and moments shine through.
  • Faster pacing keeps social media videos moving, while allowing time to linger works for longer videos.
  • End your video with a motivating call-to-action, like “Get your tickets now!” This gives viewers a clear next step.
  • Don’t forget about accessibility!

    If somebody watches without sound, subtitles should be included, providing enhanced SEO opportunities when shared, especially on social media platforms.

    Make your ‘call-to-action’ button as visible and as prominent as you can without making it distracting so your audience can immediately take action or get additional information about your product or service.

    Choose the Right Platforms and Distribution

    This is a picture of a laptop computer with the words "Social Media Promotion" written on the screen, surrounded by different social icons. The image is meant to convey the concept of using social media to promote a business or product.

    To maximize reach, publish your event promo video across multiple platforms. A popular strategy to take is to go to YouTube and Vimeo for hosting the full-length version. Then extract shorter clips to share on social media.

    It’s also important to consider the following:

    1. The target audience
    2. The message you want to deliver
    3. The platform where the video will be shared

    Use platforms your event’s target audience engages with most. Facebook and Instagram are great for visual social content. Twitter works for concise teaser videos. Don’t forget tried-and-true email marketing with embedded videos.

    When publishing on social media, include compelling captions and hashtags for discovery. Add captions or subtitles for accessibility.

    You can further extend reach by leveraging influencers and paid ads. Identify relevant influencers to share and react to your promo video for greater visibility. 

    Facebook and YouTube ads also allow flexible targeting options to get your video in front of the right people.

    Track Video Analytics for Optimization

    This is a picture of a blue background with lines coming out of it and transforming into 1s and 0s. The image is meant to convey the concept of data visualization, or the use of visual representations to communicate analytics data.
    This is a picture of a blue background with lines coming out of it and transforming into 1s and 0s. The image is meant to convey the concept of data visualization, or the use of visual representations to communicate analytics data.

    Once your event promo video is out in the world, carefully track its performance. Within YouTube Studio or your Facebook Business Manager, monitor views, completion rates, clicks, reactions, and other engagement metrics.

    Analyze which platforms and distribution strategies are driving the most traffic and conversions. See which videos and messages resonate based on reactions and comments.

    Here are the top event promo video metrics to track:

  • Views. Total views indicate reach and awareness. Compare across platforms for insights on best channels. Spikes may reveal viral moments.
  • View Duration. Shows how long people engage before dropping off. Look at averages and retention by percentage thresholds.
  • Engagement Rate. Likes, shares, comments. High ERs signal quality content resonating with viewers.
  • Click-Through Rate. Tracks clicks on end cards and links. Are viewers motivated to learn more or buy tickets?
  • Conversion Rate. Registrations, purchases or other desired actions divided by views. The key business goal!
  • Organic vs. Paid Breakdown. Understand the split between free reach vs. what paid promotion drives. Calculate true CPC, CPM, CPV.
  • Demographics. Who is watching your content? Age, gender, location and other attribute data helps refine targeting.
  • Traffic Sources. Where views originate – social platforms, website, search, etc. Helps identify high-potential channels.
  • Geography. Pinpoint locations generating interest. Useful for targeting other nearby markets.
  • Playlists/Session. Watch Time Do viewers keep watching more of your videos? This demonstrates strong content and engagement.
  • These metrics cover the key aspects of event promo video performance – from reach and engagement to conversions and ROI. 

    Platforms like YouTube Analytics and Facebook Insights make accessing data easy. For deeper analysis, use tools like Google Analytics, Tableau or Looker.

    Use this data to optimize your video promotion and event marketing. Make edits to underperforming videos to improve. Refine targeting and ad spend for better results. A/B test thumbnail images and captions.

    Consistently analyzing metrics will help identify optimization opportunities to improve video performance over time. You can also track direct event registration and sales goals to prove the revenue impact of your video promotion activities.

    You can even produce new video versions to promote unfilled venues or last minute tickets if needed.

    Continually optimizing based on video analytics ensures your time and budget are spent effectively. It also powers more strategic promotions for future events.

    Event Promo Video Best Practices and Inspiration

    Drone shot of a large white tent sitting on top of a grassy field next to a river. The tent is surrounded by trees and there are people standing around the tent. The image is meant to convey the concept of a large gathering or event taking place outdoors.

    Beyond these creative techniques, how can you ensure your event promo video hits the mark? Follow these best practices when planning, producing and distributing event videos:

  • Highlight Key Event Details. Don’t leave viewers guessing – communicate all the key details upfront. Share the event name, date, location, and host(s). Specify whether it’s in-person, virtual or hybrid.
  • Summarize What Attendees Will Experience. Give viewers a tantalizing taste of all the experiences your event offers. From keynote talks, to classes, activities, entertainment, networking and more, share the highlights.
  • Show Off Previous Events. For recurring events, incorporate footage from previous years. Show attendees having a blast to generate FOMO. Live testimonials also work great.
  • Focus on Attendee Perspective. Put attendees front and center by showing the event through their eyes. Follow attendees exploring the event, capture candid reactions, and showcase interaction and engagement.
  • Get Creative with Angles and Movement. Use camera movement, drone shots, time-lapses, POV, slow motion, aerial views, and more for an immersive, cinematic feel.
  • Leverage User-Generated Content. Compile and showcase photos, videos, reviews, and social posts from past attendees. This authenticity seals the deal.
  • Bring the Event To Life. Electrify viewers’ senses with upbeat music, vivid imagery, stylish text, and animated flourishes. Make them feel like they’re already there.
  • End with a Clear Call-to-Action. Tell viewers exactly what you want them to do – book now, register today, save the date, etc. Added urgency with “Limited spots!” works too.
  • Got your creative juices flowing for your next viral event campaign? You know your audience best and what it takes to capture their attention and interest. Use your creativity and personality to craft a video that showcases your event’s unique value proposition and vibe.

    What are the Different Types of Event Videos?

    Event videos come in different types, each serving a unique purpose. Let’s explore a few types that can benefit virtual event organizers:

    Product Launch Videos

    This is a picture of a tablet sitting on a tripod. The tablet has the words "Product Launch Make it a Success!" written on it. The image is meant to communicate the importance of a successful product launch.

    These videos generate excitement around new products or services. A product video engagingly showcases their features and benefits, building anticipation among potential customers. 

    Using captivating visuals and storytelling, product launch videos help increase sales and create a lasting impact.

    Testimonial Videos

    a screenshot of a testimonial video featuring a man and his quote that says 10/10, two thumbs up

    Testimonial videos feature happy customers or clients sharing their positive experiences. These videos build trust and credibility by showing real people endorsing a brand, product, or service. 

    They help potential customers make informed decisions, boosting conversions and strengthening the brand’s reputation.

    Recruitment Videos

    a man in a suit standing in front of a group of men

    Recruitment videos attract potential employees by highlighting the company’s culture, work environment, and career opportunities. These videos give candidates a glimpse into the company’s values and mission with engaging video footage. 

    Recruitment videos help attract top talent and build a strong candidate pool by showcasing the company’s unique selling points as an employer.

    Explainer Videos

    Explainer videos simplify complex concepts, products, or processes clearly and engagingly. They use animation, motion graphics, or live-action footage with a voiceover or on-screen text to effectively deliver information. 

    Explainer videos are helpful in software demonstrations, educational materials, and product tutorials, enhancing user understanding and driving engagement.

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    7 Creative Promo Videos for Events

    Remember, high-quality production values, compelling storytelling, and engaging visuals are essential for creating impactful event videos. 

    By utilizing these video types effectively, virtual event organizers can attract participants, showcase their offerings, and create a memorable experience for all attendees.

    1. Party Promotion Video

    an illustration of a group of people celebrating representing the concept of a party promo video

    A party promotion video is created to generate excitement and interest in a virtual party or event. It typically showcases the virtual party’s key features, themes, and entertainment aspects to engage potential attendees and encourage them to participate. 

    The video may include highlights of previous events, testimonials, immersive visuals, lively music, and a compelling call to action to join the upcoming virtual party.

    2. Exciting Dance Party Video

    a group of cartoon people dancing representing the concept of a screenshot of a dance party promo video

    A dance party event video is a captivating visual presentation that captures the essence of a lively dance party. It combines energetic music, vibrant visuals, and footage of people dancing and having a great time. 

    It aims to showcase the thrilling atmosphere, entertainment, and infectious energy of the dance party event.

    3. Animated Storytelling

    a cartoon man with a beard is smiling next to words that say good vibes

    Create a captivating animated video that tells a story related to the virtual event. Use colorful visuals, engaging characters, and a compelling narrative to highlight the benefits and unique aspects of the event. 

    This approach can be particularly effective for non-profit organizations looking to evoke emotions and connect with their audience.

    4. Interactive Teaser Event Promotional

    The image shows a white text on a black background. The text says "The adventure of your lifetime awaits. The only question is will you take the next step?"

    Design an interactive promo video that encourages viewers to participate actively. Incorporate clickable elements, such as buttons or hotspots, that lead to additional information about the event. 

    A teaser video gamified approach adds an element of excitement and interactivity, making the promotion more memorable for potential attendees.

    5. Celebrity Endorsement Video Promotions

    a celebrity in a pink dress sitting at a desk during a promo video shoot

    Collaborate with a well-known figure or influencer in the industry to create a promo video that features their endorsement of the virtual event. Utilize their popularity and credibility to attract attention and generate interest among the target audience. 

    This video creation approach can work well for businesses and non-profits if the chosen influencer aligns with the event’s objectives.

    6. Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek

    behind the scenes picture of a group of people working on a promo video shoot set

    Offer a behind-the-scenes video production glimpse into the preparation and planning of the virtual event. Showcase the dedicated team members, the setup process, and the technology used to create a professional and engaging experience. 

    This type of event marketing video provides a sense of authenticity and transparency, building trust with potential event organizers.

    7. User-Generated Content Video Clips

    Encourage past attendees or participants to submit short snappy videos sharing their positive experiences from previous virtual events. 

    Curate these user-generated content pieces into a dynamic and uplifting promo video highlighting the value and impact of participating in the event. This approach showcases past events’ success and leverages social proof to attract new organizers.

    Remember to tailor each idea to the specific needs and objectives of the target audience, highlighting the unique benefits and value propositions of their respective businesses or non-profit organizations.

    Production Tips for Filming and Editing Killer Event Promo Videos

    You probably have lots of creative ideas and inspiration for your next event promo video now. 

    But how do you actually produce it? Here are pro tips and best practices for filming and editing:

    Planning Your Video Shoot

    a group of people standing on a beach watching the sunset while planning a video shoot

    Create a shot list of must have footage aligned to your storyline. Scout locations at your event venue during planning.

    Schedule filming when the venue is full of energy – during speakers, activities, or entertainment. If possible, shoot on multiple event days for more options.

    Account for lighting needs based on venue conditions and time of day. Rent extra gear as needed.

    Hire an experienced camera crew if possible. Or recruit talented volunteers with their own equipment. Share your shotlist so everyone is aligned.

    Handling Audio

    a man wearing headphones sits in front of a mixing console during filming

    Use lavalier mics or boom poles to isolate speaker audio during interviews and voiceovers.

    For concerts or loud venues, hook audio directly from the soundboard for clean music and audio.

    Record some natural crowd sounds to lay underneath other footage for ambiance.

    Mind the shot framing, lighting, and audio levels during filming. Fix issues in the moment to reduce stressful editing work later.

    Capturing Quality Footage

    a digital camera on a tripod in front of the ocean, representing the concept of quality footage

    Shoot with cinema cameras or high-quality DSLR/mirrorless cameras in 4K if possible. This allows flexibility to zoom and crop shots in editing.

    Get a mix of wide shots, close ups, pans, tracking shots, and detail shots for editing variety. Vary angles and movement.

    Film some clips in 60fps or 120fps to enable slow motion effects. This adds drama to highlights.

    If budget allows, use camera stabilizers, sliders, gimbals, and/or drones for stabilized motion and sweeping shots. Or get creative with DIY dolly tracks.

    Editing Your Video

    a man working on a computer while editing promo footage

    First, watch all footage and select your best shots. Organize selected clips into a storyboard outline to build your narrative.

    Use editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to assemble your storyline timeline with cuts, transitions, titles, and effects.

    Adjust color grading for a cinematic, polished look. Use color correction to ensure consistent tones across shots.

    Add soluble overlays like digital confetti, dreamscapes, or light leaks for style. Use sparingly.

    Incorporate animated lower thirds, titles, logos, and graphics. Keep animations minimalistic and clean.

    Drop in high-quality licensed music from production music sites. Pick tracks to match the desired emotion and pacing.

    Finally, export your master video file at 1080p or 4K resolution based on your platform needs.

    Distributing and Promoting Your Event Video

    an illustration of a group of people sitting in front of a camera representing the concept of promo video promotion

    Upload your promo video to hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia in the appropriate resolution.

    Add clickable end cards or annotations so viewers can click for event registration or tickets.

    Embed the video on your event website and registration pages. Host on a fast CDN to prevent buffering issues.

    Chop shorter clips for social media. Create square 1:1 and vertical 9:16 versions to optimize for different platforms.

    Boost social media posts with paid promotion to maximize views. Geo-target local audiences.

    Send dedicated email blasts highlighting your promo video. Feature the video prominently.

    Run YouTube and Facebook video ads for broader exposure outside your core audience. Test different durations and targeting.

    Analyze performance metrics to determine cost per view and conversion rates. Refine based on data insights.

    Follow these production tips to create cinematic, professional quality event videos that captivate and convert viewers. Pair smart distribution with optimization and you have a winning formula to promote your next event. 

    Let us know if you need assistance bringing your vision to the screen!

    Inside the Event Promo Video Production Process: Steps & Timeline

    What does the full process look like to produce an event promo video? 

    Here is a typical video production timeline, from pre-production planning to completion:

    Pre-Production: 2-4 Weeks Out

    cartoon image of promo event video script

    Meet with stakeholders to align on goals, target audience, preferred tone/style, ideal length, distribution strategy, and metrics of success.

    Research relevant examples and trends to inspire creative direction. Competitor analysis helps too.

    Write a creative brief, story outline, and shooting script to align on narrative, interview quotes, graphics, b-roll needs, etc.

    Secure any necessary event permissions, waivers, and access for filming.

    Hire crew members if needed – videographer, camera operators, audio engineer, lighting tech, etc.

    Create storyboards, shotlists, and style guides to give creative direction to your team.

    Source and secure licensed music tracks if you’re using them.

    Reserve any additional gear needed – cameras, mics, stabilizers, lighting kits, drones, etc.

    Production Week: 4 Days Minimum

    a bearded person is smiling into the camera, representing the concept of a planned interview

    Day 1: Block event scenes and shoot planned interviews, b-roll, crowd shots, and event details per your shotlist.

    Day 2: Shoot more event activities and production elements based on evolving priorities. Remain nimble to capture unplanned moments.

    Day 3: Film final event highlights, key speakers/performers, attendee testimonials, and any key missing shots.

    Day 4+: Additional shooting time as needed if more event access is available. Weather delays or exceptions might require extra filming time too.

    Post Production: 1-2 Weeks

    The image shows a laptop computer sitting on a table with vector lines coming out of it, representing the concept of music synchronization during film production

    Ingest and organize footage, review, and select the best clips to use based on creative goals.

    Build an editing timeline to assemble clips into a cohesive story arc. Refine pacing and callbacks.

    Add graphics, titles, animations, logos, lower thirds, and text overlays.

    Enhance with color correction, cinematic color grading, and subtle special effects to stylize. Avoid going overboard on effects – let great footage shine.

    Finalize music synchronization and audio mixing for seamless transitions and clarity.

    Ensure clarity of call-to-action at the end. Insert a final end card if applicable.

    Export final file renders after client review and approval. Deliver in required formats and resolutions.

    Distribution and Optimization

    The image shows a laptop computer sitting on a desk, representing the concept of social media distribution

    Ensure your final video reaches its full potential by uploading it to all required platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and your event website. Generate shorter social media clips, adding captivating captions and hashtags to optimize engagement. 

    Amplify your organic reach by leveraging paid promotions across social media channels and video ads. Track performance using analytics to identify top-performing platforms, messages, and creative content. 

    Refine your approach based on data-driven insights. Edit and re-promote successful clips, while producing new versions to test and implement improvements as necessary. 

    This comprehensive production process guarantees professional results while providing the flexibility to adapt to evolving event conditions. 

    Effective planning prevents wasted time and ensures you capture the essential shots and content required to create a truly impactful promo video. 

    We’d love to hear about your experiences, challenges, success stories, and results when it comes to promoting events through video.

    Creative Solutions to Common Event Promo Video Challenges

    Producing event promo videos can come with hurdles, like tight budgets, short timelines, and limited event access. 

    But creative problem solving and resourcefulness can help you overcome these challenges:

    Low Budget

    The image shows a person sitting at a desk, using a calculator to count money. The concept being communicated is the idea of low budget

    You don’t need Hollywood budgets to make professional quality event videos. There are many techniques to cut costs:

  • Use available equipment – many events have in-house A/V teams with gear you can utilize. Staff often have DSLR cameras and drones for personal use too.
  • Only hire critical specialty roles like a creative director or editor rather than full crews. Recruit volunteers for production assistants.
  • Plan limited shoot days around key event moments rather than filming everything. Reduce editing time requirements too.
  • Use affordable editing software like DaVinci Resolve (free) or Premiere Elements ($99). Many computers and laptops can handle editing nowadays.
  • Save money on music with free resources like Free Music Archive or paying small fees for YouTube audio library songs.
  • Tight Event Timelines

    The image shows a close-up of an hourglass on a table. The hourglass is made of clear glass, and the sand inside is flowing from the top to the bottom. The concept being communicated is the idea of time passing.

    For events rapidly approaching, focus on quality over quantity:

  • Plan to film main highlights versus documenting everything. You can still tell a compelling story.
  • Film speakers and performances during the event itself when the energy is highest.
  • Produce shorter :15 or :30 second social videos to quickly hit key messages vs. long highlight reels.
  • Use fast turnaround editing services if you lack in-house resources to handle the quick timeline.
  • Repurpose past event footage if available to establish context and fill gaps.
  • Focus distribution on owned channels to bypass lengthy platform review processes for ads.
  • Limited Event Access

    If you can only film certain activities due to restrictions:

  • Schedule interviews, guest greetings, and voiceovers during registration when attendees are accessible.
  • Splice in external b-roll to supplement limited event footage. Stock video sites have relevant lifestyle clips.
  • Film venue exteriors, signage, gear prep, and branding elements before doors open.
  • For multi-day events, request access to dress rehearsals and soundchecks when available.
  • Reach out to past attendees asking to use their photos and videos with permission (with incentive offers help).
  • Use animations and motion graphics to recreate experiences you couldn’t film live.
  • With some creative thinking and flexible approaches, you can adapt to various event promo video challenges. At the end of the day, focus on your marketing goals, event highlights, and crafting the best experience for your potential attendees within realistic constraints. 

    The video is just a tool to promote the broader event – it doesn’t have to document everything or be perfect.

    What challenges have you faced promoting events through video? How did you approach creative solutions?

    Make Your Event Shine with Engaging Video Content

    Event promo videos are a game-changer for event organizers looking to make a lasting impression and attract a crowd. 

    These videos provide a captivating sneak peek into the event, generating excitement and curiosity among potential attendees.

    With a well-crafted script, engaging visuals, and strategic highlighting of past successes, promo videos can ignite anticipation and create a buzz that drives the success of your event. So, let your creativity flow and let event promo videos shine!

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