🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Content created after the event.

Designing a Post-Event Content Ecosystem that Drives Engagement

Embrace an event content ecosystem approach - strategically repurpose assets to fuel an ongoing value stream that prolongs engagement long after your event ends.

Are you tired of your events fizzling as soon as the last person leaves? 

Don’t stress! 

With a little creativity and strategic planning, you can keep the engagement and excitement going long after the curtains have closed. 

Events are not just one-time deals. 

They can be the building blocks for long-lasting engagement and connections with your audience. 

Why settle for a “done and dusted” mentality when you can keep the party going and your brand shining bright? 

To make the most of your post-event content, capture it strategically from the beginning. 

Take photos, shoot videos, and design high-quality and versatile graphics. 

Remember to go live on social media and encourage your audience to participate in the content creation process through polls, Q&As, and contests.

Think of it as a content ecosystem that grows and expands over time.

And the best part? 

With the right approach, one exceptional event will provide you with enough content for months, even years. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get planning and start building that content ecosystem with our professional tips below.

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One Event. Two Experiences.

Skillfully engage both your in-person and online attendees through our cutting-edge hybrid event production services.

Events: Building Blocks for Enduring Engagement

Events are not frozen moments in time. 

Your event can spark meaningful dialogues, build lasting connections, and spread your brand’s messaging after the curtain closes.

To be honest, many organizers have no idea what to do post-event. 

But this is bad for your marketing plan

You want to keep the community excited and engaged. 

You want them to act on your message.  

Repurpose event content in creative ways to keep your audience engaged

Build a story that your community will remember for a long time. 

Don’t waste your events – use them to create a memorable brand story!

The Perils of a 'Done and Dusted' Mentality

Treating events as one-off experiences with zero post-event relevance equals a missed opportunity to boost real engagement. 

Instead, take advantage of an event’s ability to:

  • Encourage long-term engagement with your audience
  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Globally expand reach and visibility for your messaging

Your events don’t have to fade away. 

Think of your events as exciting opportunities for giant social impact and spreading your brand story to an ever-growing community. 

Examples of Dynamic Post-Event Content Strategies

Let’s look at real-world examples of intelligently repurposing content for ongoing relevance and engagement:

  • Compiling keynote speeches into a virtual event video TikTok series
  • Curating speaker interviews into an episodic podcast
  • Syndicating your event video library
  • Transforming panel discussions into blog posts or guides
  • Building hype with highlight reels for Facebook or Insta
  • Sharing post-event content via email to keep excitement alive

Reformat and redistribute your top-performing event assets across different formats, and always target specific audiences. 

Create an extended engagement strategy. Provide real value after your event finishes. 

Keep the community enthusiastic and fired up.

How One Event Will Fill Your Entire Content Pipeline

Planning an impactful event and designing an extensive content ecosystem is no simple task. 

But when executed carefully, one well-orchestrated event generates your complete content pipeline for months on end. 

Don’t forget to use the latest AI tools to exponentially speed up the creation process.

Don’t think of events as isolated experiences. 

Events are active, dynamic hubs overflowing with diverse and inspiring world-changing content. 

Capture, repurpose, and distribute empowering content across every channel. 

Visionary event videos create outstanding social media content

Engage viewers. 

Exchange ideas

Retell your authentic brand story over time.

Our award-winning team designed a 10-step blueprint with our secret pro tips. Learn how to build an impressive content ecosystem from your next event:  

1. Implement Strategic Content Capture

Adopt a content-first mindset right from the start. 

Carefully design an end-to-end content strategy. 

Plan what types of visual assets your event team will capture. Brainstorm how to maximize and reuse content. 

Always prioritize quality over quantity. 

It doesn’t matter if you have 55 hours of video content if the viewer can’t hear the audio, or if the image is hopelessly out-of-focus and grainy. 

Have the same high standard for any branded graphics and other media.

2. Go Live and Create Real-Time Social Content

Leverage the power of real-time content creation. 

Get social and go live at strategic moments during the event. 

Share exciting real-time updates, snippets, reactions, and audience feedback on your social media platforms. 

Build wider visibility and organic reach for your event.

3. Encourage Interactive Event Content

Encourage your event attendees and speakers to participate actively in the content creation process with live polls, event Q&As, and social media contests. 

Candid user-generated content from your audiences creates an invaluable treasure trove of authentic, shareable moments.

4. Produce a High-Impact Post-Event Recap Video

What should be a top priority?

Produce professional recap video highlights. 

Record unforgettable moments, announcements, and important event takeaways. 

Share this engaging video prominently across all your distribution channels for maximum visibility.

5. Conduct Speaker Spotlight Interviews

Exclusive backstage interviews with keynote speakers, subject experts, and industry veterans provide unique insights into your event’s theme and topics. 

Produce multiple videos from notable interview moments. 

Share them across social media and email. 

6. Repurpose Video Content through Transcriptions

Repurpose text from longer-form video interviews, panel discussions, and keynote speeches.

Design interesting blog posts, social media captions, and newsletter inserts. 

Diversify media formats with innovative text and graphics.

7. Produce Snackable Micro-Content

Fill your content ecosystem with snackable micro-videos. 

Each micro-video can spotlight a memorable event moment, announcement, discussion point, or highlight. 

Micro-videos are perfect for shorter attention spans. 

Share your message in seconds.

8. Sustain Momentum with an Editorial Content Calendar

Strategically add your best event content to an editorial calendar. 

Share the sustained drip-feed distribution slowly over the next few months. 

Keep audience energy going and build momentum.

9. Conduct Post-Event Spotlight Webinars

Additionally, conduct a series of exclusive post-event highlight webinars by inviting certain speakers and panelists to join you virtually. 

Reconnect your event’s digital audiences over an extended period.

Finally, capitalize on all relevant user-generated event content.

Repost and highlight the best UGC-like event photos, testimonials, and engagement metrics.

Audiences will be excited to see their content shared with a global community. 

Remember to tag attendees and add your event hashtag. 

Easily boost your reach, engagement, and visibility.

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Design a Winning Event Content Strategy

With a birds-eye view of video content’s pivotal role in building event mileage, let’s zoom in on the overarching game plan to make the most of your event.

With a birds-eye view of video content’s pivotal role in building event mileage, let’s zoom in on the overarching game plan to make the most of your event.

Start by asking:

  • What content can we create before, during, and after the event?
  • How can we repurpose each asset into multiple formats?
  • Which channels will we share the content across, and when?

Shape your answers with content strategy and maximum impact in mind. 

Here are five key areas your game plan needs to address:

1. Content Mapping

Plot out exactly what fresh content you want to generate from your event. 

Categorize into:

  • Pre-event (sneak peeks, promotional content)
  • During event (social media updates, UGC spotlights)
  • Post-event (recap video, repurposed speaker sessions into blogs etc.)

2. Asset Creation Plan

Detail what formats you’ll capture event moments in. Photos, videos, quote graphics, blog posts, the works!

3. Scheduling Pipeline

Map a tentative long-term scheduling plan for systematically publishing your polished content across the next 3-6 months.

4. Assignment of Duties

Clearly define individual responsibilities of assigned teams, including:

  • Live social media team
  • Videographers and photographers
  • Post-production and repurposing team
  • Scheduling and distribution

5. Distribution Strategy

Analyze the performance of past event content by platform. 

Develop a cross-channel distribution plan detailing ideal platforms, formats, CTAs, and messaging per channel. 

Design your strategy on respective audience profiles and engagement metrics.

Easy starting packages • Advanced options • Proven results

Videos: Dynamic Heroes of Content Repurposing

Today video is king of content. 


Video is the most versatile, engaging format to repurpose event content. 

Compelling videos rank high in search results, and easily share your messaging with new audiences. 

5 Reasons Event Video Delivers Value

Why does video matter in your content ecosystem? 

Here’s why videos deserve a VIP spot on your repurposing roster:

1. Compelling Storytellers

Video evokes emotion through compelling narratives. 

The images connect with audiences and spark a domino effect of shares and reactions.

2. Boosted Engagement Rates

Viewers are 64% more likely to engage with branded video content than any other post type. 

Embrace video’s capacity to captivate attention!

3. Organic Discovery Engine

85% of viewers watch videos on social media with the sound off. 

Captivating visual imagery goes viral organically. 

For example, Dreamforce’s weekly 5-minute Trailblazer story series demonstrate this long-tail event content play in action.

4. Format Flexibility

Chameleon-like videos meet diverse content needs. 

Teasers build hype pre-event. 

During event highlights, engage attendees in real-time. 

Post-event recap videos build community long-term. 

5. Optimized for Every Screen

From mobile devices to conference hall projectors, flexibility allows you to share event videos fluidly across screens anytime, anywhere.

5 Types of Videos to Produce

What types of event videos should you produce? 

Start with these popular formats:

  1. Keynote recordings: Film full-length videos of keynote speakers to share their valuable insights with your broader audience.
  2. Speaker interview highlights: Conduct exclusive on-site interviews with speakers and influential attendees and repurpose bite-sized clips to spotlight key takeaways.
  3. Panel discussion excerpts: Cut together engaging segments from informative group discussions and panel sessions to continue the conversation.
  4. Audience reaction clips: Capture authentic audience reactions during major announcements and highlights to showcase attendee engagement.
  5. Branded recap reels: Compile an entertaining, fast-paced recap video with memorable moments and impressive stats to showcase a successful, high-value event.

Offering stellar versatility, videos uniquely:

  • Increase engagement
  • Expand reach
  • Enhance brand storytelling
  • Continue event messaging
  • And ultimately enjoy an impressive content shelf life!

Maximizing the Impact of Post-Event Videos

It’s not enough to just produce captivating event videos. 

The final step lies in distribution and amplification. 

Let’s discuss winning tactics to expand your videos’ visibility for the most engagement:


Feature videos prominently on your event page and homepage. Insert a video gallery showcasing all recordings.

Email Marketing

Promote videos in dedicated email blasts and embed them within newsletters.

Social Media

Develop a release calendar to drop videos regularly, keeping social feeds active.

Paid Amplification

Scale reach exponentially with paid promotion on YouTube, Facebook, and across ad networks.

Influencer Marketing

Recruit relevant micro-influencers to react to videos or interview speakers, drawing in new audiences.

OTT Channels

Expand viewership by adding your event video library to Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and other streaming devices.

Digital Signage

Air recordings in waiting room TVs, office building lobbies, convention centers, and more.

Licensing Content

Monetize sought-after presentations by licensing recordings to publishers for a fee.

User-Generated Content

Encourage attendees to generate event-themed video discussions for UGC amplification.

Boost great video content consistently and constantly. Create a sustainable promotion ecosystem. Use these tactics to keep videos visible and engage new viewers daily.

Getting your video content right for post-event marketing and engagement takes time AND effort.

Thankfully, you have the option to outsource! And we know the right people for the job…

The We & Goliath Advantage for Stellar Event Videos

As full-scope video production partners catering to enterprise brands and leading universities, our expertise spans video strategy, filming, post-editing, animation, and optimization across platforms.

Our Video Services

Marketing Videos

Promos, testimonials, explainers and more to engage your target audience.

Event Videos

Enhance engagement before, during, and after events via visual notetaking, pre-produced sessions, and polished replays.

Live Production

Multi-camera capture, broadcast-quality filming, and Hollywood editing techniques provide premium production value.

Animated Motion Graphics

Custom animated lower-thirds, titles, transitions, and artistic overlays amplify visual dynamism.

Social Media Priming

Edit recordings into snackable cuts perfect for driving shares across social media.


Enable closed captions, multi-language subtitles, and text transcriptions.

Multi-Platform Optimization

Flawlessly formatted videos perform phenomenally across mobile, web, OTT platforms, and more.

Built-In Amplification

Leverage owned media assets, partnerships, and paid promotion across social media giants to expand your video content’s visibility.


  • Boost engagement
  • Increase replay views
  • Expand reach
  • Inspire shares
  • Sustain event impact

Case Study: Rise Up for Justice Video Series

In 2020, the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley approached We&Goliath to produce three timely panel discussion event series focused on racial justice and societal inequity.

With the nation embroiled in protests and political turmoil, these virtual events presented a pivotal opportunity to drive dialogue around issues disproportionately impacting marginalized communities nationwide.

The Challenge

As their video production partner, our mandate was to capture the emotional urgency of discussions like “Activist-Athletes Elect Justice” and “The Surveillance State” into compelling, cinematic experiences primed for maximum engagement on digital platforms.

Conveying the immediacy of the subject matter through a youthful lens to resonate with student groups also reflected core priorities.

Our Video Strategy

Recognizing the value of recordings that spark shares vs ones that fall flat, we implemented TV-style production techniques to make each event pop:

  • Multi-Camera Live Production. Our studio-grade multi-cam setup and broadcast filming delivered a premium viewing experience reflecting shows like CNN rather than home videos.
  • Post-Event Editing. Strategically overlayed iconic imagery alongside speaker remarks using picture-in-picture views exhibited visual power.
  • Animated Motion Graphics. Custom animated lower-thirds introduced speakers while sleek titles and transitions amplified the visual flair.
  • Social Media Primed Runtime. Concise 5-7 minute highlight reels distilled panel discussions into snackable, share-friendly social videos.
  • Accessibility. Enabled live closed captions, post-event transcriptions, and multi-language subtitles.


  • 7,300+ YouTube views
  • 25,300+ Facebook views
  • 500% higher engagement rates vs standard talking-heads videos
  • Extended visibility with shares from high-profile sociopolitical handles
  • Captivated the 18-35 demographic with filmic quality

This voter-centric video series crystallized a complex political climate into stirring calls to action, engaging thousands of viewers per recording.

Let’s craft high-quality videos to captivate your audience during and long after your event ends!

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Repurposing Event Content Beyond Videos

Video is the superhero of event content. Video is unstoppable! 

However, a multi-dimensional content ecosystem demands diversity across formats, channels, and segments to stay relative.

Having a campaign roadmap with specific responsibilities and timelines ensures consistent multi-channel execution at scale. 

It also enables continually optimizing based on data.

Here are key components to include in a comprehensive virtual event marketing plan:

Presentations and Speeches

Articles and Blog Posts

Morph your event presentations into compelling long-form articles or bite-sized blog posts. 

Enrich them with impactful visuals and quotes from your presentation for your website. 

This adds valuable context and perspective.


Turn speaker sessions at your event into fascinating episodic podcasts. 

Offer listeners valuable insights on-demand, anytime and anywhere. 

Make the content easily digestible while retaining key messages.

Microlearning Courses

Break down intricate presentations into digestible microlearning chunks. 

Ideal for educational events that champion continuous learning. 

Make content relatable through real-world analogies.


Upload presentation slides to platforms like Slideshare. 

This amplifies accessibility and effortlessly drives web traffic back to your site. 

Allow users to engage on their terms.

Interviews and Testimonials

Podcast Guests

Invite dynamic event speakers as podcast guests. 

Uncover their unique backstories to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes content. 

Let their passion and conviction resonate with listeners.

Newsletter Spotlights

Showcase genuine testimonials from attendees in email newsletters. 

This adds a personal touch and humanizes your brand effectively. 

Make readers feel they’re part of an inclusive community.

Video Testimonials

Create dedicated video testimonial reels displaying real attendee experiences. 

Prominently exhibit these on your website to boost credibility. 

Let people connect with peers who have benefited from your services.

Research and Data

Industry Reports

Compile your industry research into comprehensive reports. 

Position yourself as an authoritative voice in your field. 

Earn trust by transparently highlighting current trends and projections.

Original Infographics

Transform raw data into visually engaging infographics. 

Ideal for sharing across social media to interact with wider audiences. 

se captivating visuals like charts, icons and colors to showcase key takeaways.

Case Studies

Demonstrate successful outcomes through polished case studies. 

Clearly convey the tangible value of your services or products. 

Connect the dots for readers on how you solved complex issues.

Elevate Event Buzz with Strategic Content Repurposing

Don’t let your remarkable event become a distant memory after it wraps up. 

Build momentum and engagement with a powerful content ecosystem.

Our team of seasoned strategists equips you with proven tactics to transform your top-performing event content into an ongoing stream of value for your audience.

Schedule a FREE strategy session today and explore creative ways to repackage your event’s highlights into fresh new formats for maximum visibility and shares.

Together, we will design an innovative plan to elevate your brand storytelling and impact well after the event ends. 

Let’s connect and build the foundation to boost your event’s momentum!

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