🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

event promotion video ideas

From Concept to Screen: Event Promotion Video Ideas

Promoting an event can be challenging, but creating an engaging promo video is one of the most effective ways to generate excitement and drive event attendance.

Dynamic promo video marketing ignites excitement and drives registration unlike any other medium.

But where do you start when strategizing your event video promotion campaign?

Get those creative juices flowing with these trending event promotional video ideas and tactics guaranteed to showcase your event in the best possible light.

With strategic planning and artful execution on the right promotion platforms, your custom event promo video can capture attention, spark buzz, and appreciate viewers enough to transform them into event attendees.

Get Creative Event Promotion Video Ideas for Your Upcoming Event

As you begin conceptualizing your event video, get creative with the following promotion video ideas to showcase your event in the best possible light.

1. Highlight Past Event Success Stories

One excellent idea is to create a highlights compilation video featuring clips and photos from past iterations of your event. 

Watch the NARAL highlights video above to see our work.

Showcase the most memorable moments, impressive speakers, and happy attendees enjoying themselves over the years.

This establishes your event’s credibility and gives potential attendees a taste of what they can expect. 

Splice in shots of cheering crowds, laughing speakers, and enthusiasts networking to inspire major FOMO.

2. Go Behind the Scenes

Give viewers insider access they won’t get anywhere else with a behind-the-scenes promo video

Interview organizers, film speakers preparing backstage, and showcase bustling registration and stage setup. 

This style is great for conferences, festivals, or conventions and provides an exclusive sneak peek into the inner workings of your event.

3. Create Spotlight Videos

Shine a spotlight on influential guest speakers, celebrities, or industry experts who will be attending with short teaser videos focused on them individually. 

Having a “spotlight on” video series on your website or social channels allows you to fully hype up and introduce each notable guest one by one leading up to your main event.

Having a “spotlight on” video series on your website or social channels allows you to fully hype up and introduce each notable guest one by one leading up to your main event.

4. Share Sneak Peeks

Similar to going behind the scenes, share short video sneak peeks offering glimpses of event plans and promotions as they come together. 

Give quick tours of the venue space, show event swag or signage being produced, or film rehearsals and production meetings. 

Post these to social media regularly to constantly remind and update followers.

5. Go Live

Broadcast short live videos on social media during the planning stages or at the event itself. 

These could be Q&As with organizers, facility walkthroughs, attendee interviews, or updates from promotional partners.

The raw, in-the-moment nature of live video helps viewers feel part of the action.

6. Interview Satisfied Attendees

One of the most powerful event promo ideas is to interview past attendees

Ask them to share their experiences and explain what they enjoyed most and why others should attend too.

Hearing directly from satisfied customers in their own words is extremely influential.

How to Make an Engaging Event Promotion Video

Once you have a compelling concept, ensure your event promo video engages viewers and effectively motivates them to attend. 

Lead with Stunning Visuals

Great visuals are essential for an impactful promo. 

Use high-quality, vibrant footage and photography that captures the energy and excitement of your event. 

Prioritize shots that are dynamic, crisp, and colorful. 

Pro Tip: For a consistent look, shoot new custom footage or photos specifically for the video.

Tell an Interesting Story

The video should tell a cohesive story, not just be a montage of random clips. 

Use establishing shots to set the scene and atmosphere. 

Build up the story focusing on problems solved or needs met for attendees, culminating with them having an amazing experience.

Include a Strong Call to Action

The most important element is a clear call to action with event information and links for tickets or registration. 

Many event videos forget this critical piece.

Prominently display the CTA verbally and visually so viewers know exactly how to sign up.

Feature Relevant Event Details

Work key event details organically into the video such as date, location, speakers, and activities. 

Seamlessly weaving in this information builds anticipation and gets viewers invested. 

Save more granular details for the end frames.

Use Emotional Appeal

An older couple sitting on a couch looking at a tablet while engaging in event promotion.

While informative, ensure your video tugs at the heartstrings as well. 

Convey the meaningful experiences, connections, and takeaways attendees will cherish.

Highlight shared interests, passions, and values that bring the community together.

Maintain High Production Value

Having a professionally made, polished video lends credibility and makes your event more appealing. 

If you have the bandwidth, invest in experienced videographers, audio engineers, and editors. 

Prioritize proper lighting, crystal clear audio, smooth editing, and color correction.

Need help? Check what we can do for you here.

Incorporate Custom Music/Sound

Music hugely impacts the mood and energy of a video. 

Use licensed songs and original scores that match the video’s tone and story arc. 

Custom sound design with voiceovers, sound bites, and sound effects also greatly enhances engagement.

Integrate Branding

Seamlessly integrate your event/company branding, logo, colors, and fonts for a cohesive, recognizable look and feel. 

Repeat visual elements and insert brand assets like lower thirds. 

This familiarity sticks in viewers’ minds.

Share on Social Media

Once complete, natively upload your video across all major social media platforms.

Create customized square, vertical, and horizontal edits tailored for each channel. Insert captions for silent auto-play.

Writing unique captions and using relevant hashtags expands reach.

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Event Promotion Video

Crafting a stellar event promo video that convert viewers into attendees requires upfront planning and strategic execution. 

Research Your Target Audience

First, analyze your event’s target demographics and buyer personas. 

What video content and style will they best respond to? 

Tailor your approach, messaging, visuals, and platform distribution accordingly.

Emphasize Benefits and Value

Avoid merely listing event facts and details. 

Focus on the tangible benefits and incredible value attendees will receive by participating. Cater to their needs and desires.

Keep it Concise

Videos should be short and snappy, ideally 60-90 seconds max

People lose interest quickly. Convey your key messages concisely without dragging on. 

Leave viewers wanting more!

Show, Don't Tell

A man making a hush sign with his finger, to symbolize show don't tell.

Rather than just describing the event experience, vividly show it with immersive sights and sounds that transport viewers into the action. 

Let your compelling visuals tell the story.

Collect High-Quality B-Roll

Supplementing core footage with abundant b-roll adds dynamism and visual interest. 

Get creative with zooms, pans, tracking shots, slow motion, and macro detail shots.

Use Strategic Text Overlays

Insert engaging graphics, titles, lower thirds, subtitles, and text animations without overdoing it. 

Draw attention to key messages.

Optimize Viewing Experience

A hand holding a smartphone with a notepad on it, showcasing creative event promotion video ideas.

Ensure your video looks great on both desktop and mobile. 

Test across devices. Add subtitles and captions for silent watching. 

Provide playlists and end cards to loop viewers in.

A/B Test Thumbnails and Titles

Creating clickable titles and preview images is key for driving views. 

A/B test multiple options on social media and YouTube to see what performs best.

Track Performance

Analyze metrics like views, completion rate, conversions, and engagement to guide optimization. 

Double down on what’s working.

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Event Marketing Video Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Videos are incredibly versatile marketing assets with a multitude of event promotion applications if you think creatively. 

Here are some innovative video ideas to inspire your next event campaign.

Event Recap Videos

Compile highlight reels, b-roll sequences, photos, interviews, social shares, and attendee testimonials from past events into a shareable recap video. 

These let potential customers see your previous successes.

Animated Event Videos

Use stylized animation and motion graphics to explain your event concept in a punchy, visually stimulating way. 

This creative format stands out from traditional promotional videos.

Interactive Polls and Quizzes

Upload interactive question and answer style videos to social media. 

Making polls and quizzes event-themed fosters organic shares as users compare scores with friends.

Speaker Presentation Previews

Record and share short, snappy preview clips of keynote speakers practicing their upcoming presentations. This teases their topics and gives a taste of their delivery style.

VR/360 Videos

A woman wearing a vr headset in an event promotion video on a pink background.

Immerse followers in your event venue, setup, and production using 360 degree, VR, and drone footage. This cutting-edge format heightens anticipation and excitement.

Video Event Invitations

Replace plain email/print invites with stylized, themed video invites starring organizers, special guests, or past attendees personally requesting viewers attend.

Website Welcome Videos

Welcome and orient new visitors to your event website or registration page with an intro video conveying your brand story and what makes your event special.

Sponsor Spotlights

Give event partners additional exposure through dedicated sponsor spotlight videos customized for each brand highlighting how you’ll collaborate for an amazing event.

Cinemagraph Event Ads

Use subtle motion in select areas of high quality print ads and banner images to capture attention in newsfeed and social environments.

Regardless of which creative formats you choose, ensure your event videos are entertaining, informative and optimized for maximum shareability and virality. 

Produce a diverse content mix with the customer journey in mind, and amplify further through paid ads for a high-impact campaign.

Event Promotion Ideas to Attract Attendees and Generate Buzz

Creating buzz and driving event attendance requires an orchestrated promotional strategy across multiple channels. 

Prominent Website/Blog Coverage

Having a dedicated event page on your website/blog is a must. 

Include all key event details, speaker bios, FAQs, tickets, and calls to action. 

Promote new pages through email, social media, and paid ads. 

Create hype by announcing speakers and activities in a series of blog posts building up to the event.

Captivating Event Imagery

A music festival event promotion in a mall displayed on a billboard.

Visual content is crucial when promoting events online. 

Design colorful, high resolution graphics and animations to share across websites, emails, ads, and social media. 

Maintain cohesive branding and style. 

Images should grab attention while conveying energy and excitement.

Produce a diverse content mix with the customer journey in mind, and amplify further through paid ads for a high-impact campaign.

Social Media Contests/Giveaways

Run social media contests and giveaways leading up to your event for a viral boost.

Offer free tickets, VIP upgrades, backstage access, merchandise, and other coveted prizes to incentivize shares, likes, and follows.

Require friends to be tagged for extra visibility.

Influencer Marketing

Recruit relevant bloggers, industry experts, and social media influencers to help promote your event to their engaged audiences. 

Negotiate promotional packages including blog coverage, social media takeovers, sponsored posts, and more. 

Don’t underestimate influencer marketing for events!

Hashtag Campaign

Create an identifiable, branded hashtag, and encourage attendees to use it when posting about your event across social media. 

Monitor the hashtag to engage with event chatter, repost user generated content, and analyze event feedback in real time.

Produce a diverse content mix with the customer journey in mind, and amplify further through paid ads for a high-impact campaign.

Facebook Event Listing

Creating a public Facebook Event provides a free hub for your event community. 

Attendees can mark Interested/Going, invite friends, coordinate meetups, ask questions, and easily share updates before, during, and after. 

Promote the listing with paid ads to maximize reach.

Limited-Time Discounts

Strategically offer special early bird pricing, flash sales, group discounts, and last minute promo codes at key points in the event lifecycle. 

These urgency-inducing limited-time deals incentivize signups and boost registrations

Discounts can apply to all passes or be exclusive to email/social followers.

Retargeting Ads

Remarket your event to engaged website visitors through retargeting display and video ads across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. 

People need to see offers multiple times before converting, so stay top of mind.

Implementing these tactics provides holistic visibility and omnichannel promotion essential for event marketing success. 

Always track key metrics and continuously optimize based on performance. 

With smart strategy and creative execution, your event will exceed attendance goals and deliver powerful ROI.

Event Promotion Best Practices and Tips for Success

Approaching event promotion strategically is key to driving higher attendance and engagement.

  • Define your event promotion goals and key performance indicators upfront. Track metrics like website traffic, social media reach, video views, ticket sales, and event satisfaction to monitor success.
  • Research your target demographics and create tailored messaging and content specifically appealing to them. Personalization boosts response.
  • Build a diverse promotional mix utilizing various formats like video, blogs, email, social contests, influencers, paid ads, and more. A multi-channel strategy expands exposure.
  • Craft consistent branding, imagery, and tone across channels for a cohesive look and feel. repetition strengthens memorability.
  • Leverage existing platforms and communities like email lists, social followings, and website visitors. Promote to engaged people already familiar with you.
  • Schedule promotions and send reminders at strategic intervals leading up to the event to sustain interest and buzz. Time messaging for maximum impact.
  • Partner with relevant sponsors, vendors, and influencers to widen your collective reach. Collaboration can greatly amplify promotion.
  • Monitor performance closely and continuously optimize tactics based on data insights. Refine areas showing positive ROI.

Following proven best practices is the best way to execute a strategic, results-driven event promotion plan. 

For innovative ideas and expert guidance, work with experienced partners like We & Goliath to successully promote your next event.


What should an effective event promo video include?

An impactful event promo video should feature visually stunning footage that captures the energy and excitement of your event. 

It should tell an interesting story that showcases the experience attendees will have while prominently displaying a clear call-to-action for registration or tickets. 

The video should also succinctly highlight key event details like date, location, speakers, and activities.

What is the ideal length for an event promo video?

Keep videos concise at 60-90 seconds maximum. 

Viewer attention spans are short, so convey your messaging quickly and impactfully without dragging on. Leave them wanting more!

How can I make my video engaging?

Use dynamic b-roll, text overlays, sound design, emotive music, compelling interviews, animations, and other creative elements that bring your footage to life. 

Show rather than just tell the event story. Appealing to emotions also connects with viewers.

What event promo video styles perform best?

Use dynamic b-roll, text overlays, sound design, emotive music, compelling interviews, animations, and other creative elements that bring your footage to life. 

Show rather than just tell the event story. Appealing to emotions also connects with viewers.

Where should I share my event video?

Upload natively across all major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Optimize for mobile and silent viewing. 

Write engaging captions using hashtags. Promote through paid ads and influencers.

How do I track video performance?

Analyze key metrics like views, completion rate, clicks, conversions, likes, and comments. See which sections resonate and what drives viewers to register. 

Refine based on data insights.

What makes a thumbnail and title clickable?

Feature vibrant event imagery or action shots and lead with emotional keywords like “unforgettable,” “join,” “experience,” etc. 

Always A/B test multiple options to determine what thumbnails and titles perform best.

How can video impact my event promotion strategy?

Video is an extremely versatile, visual medium. 

Get creative with formats like recaps, animations, VR, cinemagraphs, invites, hashtag campaigns, quizzes, and more. 

Videos integrated across channels amplify your entire marketing strategy.

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