🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


The Art of Background Music for Events

When it comes to choosing music for events, it's important to consider the atmosphere and audience.

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Event

Picking the perfect music for an event takes both creativity and strategy. 

The music should match the event’s mood and guests while following copyright rules.

Some types of music work better for certain events and spaces. Here are some musical choices that usually work well.

music for events

Think about the event’s purpose, guests, time of day, and formality when picking music. The right songs enhance the mood while the wrong choice can ruin it.

It’s smart to have a variety of music to make guests of all ages and tastes happy. 

Hire a DJ or band that can smoothly switch between styles. 

Top 40 hits get people dancing while classics please older guests.

No matter the genre, choose tunes with inoffensive lyrics to avoid upsetting certain attendees. 

Instrumental songs avoid this issue completely.

Find Music for Your Upcoming Events

Luckily, event planners can access a huge library of legally licensed tunes. 

Stock music sites like AudioJungle let you buy rights to instrumental background songs individually or as albums. 

Categories like “positive,” “uplifting,” or “relaxed” make it easy to find event-appropriate music.

For live entertainment, booking websites like GigSalad connect you to local musicians and bands for hire. 

Search by genre, number of performers, and average hourly rates. Read reviews of wedding DJs, jazz trios, and 70s dance bands in your area.

Many bands will work within your budget to create a custom song list. 

Give details on your event’s formality, guest demographics, and musical tastes. 

Good groups know how to pick and order songs to keep guests excited all night.

University music departments are an affordable option for student musicians. 

A jazz group or string ensemble would love the chance to gain experience performing at community events.

Don’t forget to ask about public performance licensing. Reputable hired talent will handle licensing fees and provide proper documents.

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Background Music for Events

When hosting an event, background music sets the atmosphere while entertaining guests between activities. 

Rather than silence or radio ads, make playlists that fit your event’s specific mood.

  • For receptions, dinners, and cocktail parties, jazz instrumentals enhance the ambiance. 
  • Upbeat swing tunes encourage mingling while gentle ballads provide unobtrusive dinner music. 
  • Latin jazz adds exotic flavor for a tropical theme.
  • Acoustic pop, indie folk, and light rock make upbeat options for corporate events, fundraisers, and luncheons
  • Avoid controversial lyrics. Use bright, cheerful tunes to energize daytime get-togethers.
  • For an elegant mood, classical music evokes luxury. 
  • String quartets, piano sonatas, concertos, and symphonies establish a refined atmosphere without distracting guests.
  • When planning outdoor events like picnics, garden parties, and barbecues, match your playlist to the season. 
  • Reggae, steel drums, and acoustic pop complement summer fun
  • Folk, bluegrass, and fiddle music fit fall festivals
  • Avoid loud metal, electronica, or booming genres.

No matter your pick, make sure guests can chat at normal volumes!

Background music should stay subtle enough not to disrupt talking or announcements. 

Adjust the volume based on the venue size and noise level.

Live Music for Events

Nothing energizes a special event quite like live musical performance

Hiring pro musicians elevates any gathering and delights guests.

Acoustic duos or trios work well for small dinners and corporate events. Their compact size lets them mingle freely with guests. 

Jazzy standards, light rock, and acoustic pop keep the volume low for chatting while adding classy background sounds.

For cocktail parties, solo pianists and jazz quartets encourage socializing with gentle, inviting tunes. 

Their soulful ballads and mid-tempo swing numbers enhance the lounge vibe.

At weddings and private concerts, bigger bands and orchestras bring excitement. 

Up to 10 members allows for diverse instruments like horns, multiple singers, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards for a dynamic sound. 

Their setlists can span dance hits, classic rock, Motown, pop, and jazz to suit the event.

Classical string quartets or harpists provide elegant, sophisticated entertainment for ceremonies and receptions. 

Their music lends a formal tone to any occasion.

No matter the genre or group size, live music injects energy into events. 

Skilled musicians read the room and shape their sets to match the gathering’s purpose.

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