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How to Make Awesome Pre-Recorded Webinars for Your Business

Juggling livestreaming, technical issues, plus chat and Q&A with attendees can get daunting during virtual events. The solution? Pre-recorded webinars! Find out how to create a successful pre-recorded webinar that not only looks great and runs smoothly, but even builds audience engagement, interactivity, and lead generation in our comprehensive guide!

What is the Difference Between Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars?

Most event organizers are used to live webinars. A speaker uses a streaming platform to interact and speak with an audience. 

Between the pandemic, high costs of transportation, and other barriers, webinars provide a way to engage an international audience creatively and engagingly.

In a live session, the speaker livestreams in real-time with the audience. 

They require the host to personally attend every session, which adds an interactive element that engages attendees and encourages questions and answers. 

Live webinars also provide flexibility for the presenter, who can adjust the presentation on the fly in response to participant feedback.

Live sessions split your team between dealing with technical issues, managing the live stream, and moderating the audience. 

And unfortunately, the entire session can derail when a mistake or technical issue happens live – like spotty internet or bad audio. 

For this reason, recording the session ahead of time has become increasingly popular.

What is a Pre-Recorded Webinar?

a woman in a white shirt smiles at the camera during a pre-recorded webinar

Pre-recorded webinars are educational or informational presentations, created and recorded in advance, allowing for on-demand viewing. These webinars offer convenience, as they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

They typically include slides, audio narration, and sometimes interactive elements, providing a structured learning experience for the audience without requiring live attendance.

You only need to record and upload the presentation once instead of delivering live sessions repeatedly.

This type of webinar can be used in many different ways, from providing critical information to demonstrating the use of a product or service. 

It also helps prevent issues with delivering a live webinar, such as technical difficulties or poor sound quality.

What are Some Examples of Pre-Recorded Webinars?

Pre-recorded presentations allow event organizers to make more interesting and animated video productions

By taking advantage of graphics, marketing tools, and professional video editing, you can create exciting and engaging TV-quality webinars:

  • On-demand demos
  • Product tours
  • Evergreen webinars
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee training
  • Online courses
  • With the pandemic, many people have outright Zoom fatigue. And many live Zoom webinars can become dull and boring. 

    Incorporating pre-recorded video with your live webinars provides additional opportunities for engagement and interest.

    What are the Key Benefits of Pre-Recorded Webinars?

    Hosting pre-recorded webinars scales the number of people who can watch them without needing extra time to deliver live presentations for each one.

    For webinar attendees, these on-demand sessions provide convenience. They can now access the same information anytime, day or night. 

    Furthermore, modern tools allow hosts to enhance their recordings by using interactive elements and chat webinar feature to create more personalized viewing experiences.

    Pre-recorded webinars are a great asset if you want your business content to reach wider audiences effectively while maintaining high quality. 

    What are some of the important benefits?

    Attendees Enjoy More Interactivity

    With pre-recorded webinars, your production team can spend time working on follow-up questions, live moderation and have more flexibility. 

    They can keep the attendees engaged with fun surveys and polls and a customized Q&A session with the speaker after the talk. 

    In fact, the speaker can take the time to answer audience questions easily in the chat since they will not have to worry about the live presentation, as long as the audience doesn’t realize that the speaker was pre-recorded.

    Today’s event platforms offer an incredible array of tools to integrate with applications like Microsoft Teams or Slack and a custom event app. 

    Showcase live polling and share fun pop quizzes during the talk. Many times adding in a fun interactive is as simple as dropping it into the video timeline.

    Can You Chat or Answer Live Questions During a Pre-Recorded Webinar?

    Yes! In fact because the speaker and the team doesn’t have to focus on the issues regarding live video, they can focus on other aspects of the session, like answering audience questions and finding interesting ways to interact with the attendees. 

    During the presentation, the team can focus on the chat:

  • Respond quicker to questions quicker
  • The team is not split between managing the live stream and moderation
  • Give links to other content
  • Create engaging polls during the presentation
  • Offer unique interactivity with tools and games like Spin the Wheel
  • Pop up comments, polls, offers, and graphics on the screen seamlessly
  • Focus on interaction instead of technical issues
  • As you can see, your team can interact with the audience in countless ways with pre-recorded video. 

    When you don’t need to stress about livestreaming, focus on real engagement and making it a special experience for all attendees.

    Speakers are More Engaging

    A speaker can focus on creating an exciting and engaging presentation. They don’t need to worry about the pressures of a live presentation. 

    Your production team can record multiple takes for the most exciting presentation.

    At We & Goliath our team sets aside time for speaker training. This gives the speaker time to practice their presentation and address any issues with audio or video. 

    We recommend sending each speaker a designated speaker package with a microphone, camera, and other gear to help them have the best sound and video for your virtual event.

    a video camera is shown in front of a woman

    What is another benefit for your presenters? Speakers enjoy incredible flexibility. 

    Instead of staring at a script or worrying about availability, they can schedule recording around their schedule and know they have the opportunity to present the best version of themselves to the attendees.

    Given their busy schedules, if you want a fantastic keynote speaker for your virtual event, a pre-recorded video may be the only way to accomplish this. 

    Have the keynote speaker record the video with plenty of time for professional video editing.

    Your team can work with this phenomenal VIP to produce a video that will make a very big impact!

    Lead Generation and ROI Benefits

    a man in a black jacket is holding a camera

    When you use pre-recorded video, you have continuous lead generation, especially if the videos are evergreen content and are part of a comprehensive social media marketing campaign. 

    Run ads and include promotions in the video. Review your analytics dashboard to track the average attendance rate, audience interaction, the top-performing pre-recorded webinars, even email marketing tools.

    Post-event the team can improve on the video and incorporate event highlights, offers, and more webinar content to make it an even better presentation.

  • Use a webinar tool for reviewing analytics, your email list, and lead generation
  • Can review ROI for ads and webinar registration
  • Add in additional animations and graphics for more engaging content
  • Higher conversion rates by reusing the video content
  • Build an evergreen online community around the content to increase data collection
  • Tie the video into other content, offers, and websites in your overall marketing plan
  • You can also increase lead generation by breaking up a presentation into a series of short videos. 

    Schedule these videos over a period of time to create a library of content that keeps your company front and center and offers more opportunities for engagement. 

    Creating an online community around this exclusive content will help your company collect more data on potential customers.

    How Will Your Attendees Experience a Pre-Recorded Webinar?

    Crafting a successful pre-recorded event is all about building interactivity and engagement for potential attendees. 

    From live lounges to brainstorming sessions, there are countless ways to create a memorable experience for your audience. 

    a person is in front of a laptop during a webinar

    At We & Goliath, we use several sophisticated event platforms to build engagement and interactivity into every virtual event. 

    We build out the pre-recorded sessions into different networking sessions.

  • Potential attendees receive an interactive experience
  • Run engaging polls, games, and quizzes
  • More interactive and timely chats with the target audience
  • Create fun live lounges for higher attendance rates
  • Use Whiteboard tools for engaging online meetings
  • Facilitate brainstorming and word clouds
  • Run speed networking games
  • Have VIPs and board members develop solutions together around the topic
  • Break out into discussion groups post-session
  • Build community around the topic
  • Believe it or not, the main session can be a pre-recorded presentation. However, the key is to make it seamless and not obvious that it was recorded earlier. 

    Do this easily by keeping the team engaging in the chat, making transitions smooth, and choosing engaging keynote speakers that will keep them excited about your virtual event.

    Combine Pre-Recorded Content with Live Interaction

    First, realize that the entire webinar does not need to be pre-recorded. You might want to combine live with recorded content for a more interactive experience. 

    The producer will run the content, the team moderator can do a live Q&A session, and then introduce the next speaker before playing the next recording. 

    If the speaker is in the chat, they can follow up and engage directly with the attendees after their video.

    Tips for Showing a Pre-Recorded Video During a Live Session

    Knowing the playback controls and event platform well is essential when showing a video during a live webinar session. 

    Although the video will play for all participants, only the host has control over pause, play and other features. 

    Having this control will ensure the smooth playing of the video and can also allow you to skip certain parts when necessary. 

    Being able to view a replay in its entirety will also help you to gain insights into what people missed or caught during the live viewing. 

    This is why having a seasoned video production team supporting you makes a big impact.

    Another important aspect of sharing a video at a live webinar is communication. 

    Even though the video is playing and participants are watching on their end, hosts can still use chat and Q&A functions to engage with viewers. 

    This may help explain some topics that need further explanation or display complex concepts that might be difficult for everyone to follow onscreen.

    By allowing viewers to ask questions or post comments through these mediums, hosts can keep everyone engaged and ensure no one misses crucial points in the presentation.

    What are the Cons of Using Pre-Recorded Webinars?

    When creating an awesome pre-recorded webinar, you should ensure it feels as close to a live one. To do this, ensure your platform allows for automated polls and Q&As. 

    This allows your audience to interact with your content meaningfully and makes them feel more connected to the experience.

    The biggest drawback to using a video is boredom and a flat presentation. 

    Attendees feel more engaged when the webinar host is energetic and passionate about the topic, looking directly at the camera and speaking to the audience. 

    If you keep the excitement and authenticity alive, you can enjoy the benefits of pre-recorded video. 

    In fact, according to Podio, 86% of consumers consider authenticity an extremely important factor when deciding which brands they want to support. 

    And in the same report, 32% of attendees engaged most when the speaker was both “passionate and energetic.” 

    So a dull lecture-type video will not give you the results you need for your virtual event.

    The audience needs to believe that the amazing keynote speaker wants to interact with them at that moment.

    If you’d like a more broadcast feel, you can always set the webinar recording to run at a specific time and monitor the chat and Q&A within your platform. 

    Once finished, send out the webinar recording to registrants so they can still access it even after it is done running.

    PRO TIP: The key to keeping the audience engaged with pre-recorded video is to keep the content evergreen. What does this mean? The speaker should avoid referencing outdated events, news items, or jargon that will reveal that the video is not live. The audience needs to feel that the host took the time out of their day to engage with them directly. This illusion will be broken if the speaker says, “And last night when I was watching the Superbowl” if the virtual event is scheduled in June. So watch for those little details when recording the session.

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    How Do You Create a Successful Pre-Recorded Webinar?

    Regardless of your route, be sure to keep quality in mind. 

    Investing extra time into producing a higher quality video combined with strong delivery will lead to a better overall experience for participants. 

    Spend some time experimenting with tools like Green Screen backgrounds to spice up the visuals, use dynamic slide templates for consistent branding throughout, or optimize microphone settings for better audio clarity during your delivery. 

    Any of these options go towards creating an awesome pre-recorded webinar!

    Plan the Video Features

    a man sitting at a desk with a computer and a laptop

    Choosing the right topic for your webinar is key to attracting more people and maximizing the likelihood of converting them. 

    It’s essential to read through past webinar sessions, revisit your webinar rooms, and browse through the live chat, paying attention to frequently asked questions and comments. 

    This will give you a jump-off point for your next production.

    It’s a good idea to look at your blog posts and any case studies related to your niche that you deem relevant, as they can provide great content ideas. 

    Considering all this when selecting a topic gives an excellent opportunity to make an informed decision that will draw in potential customers.

    The pre-recorded webinar format should follow:

  • Introduction
  • State the problem
  • Resolve the problems
  • Wrap it up
  • End with compelling CTA
  • The audience wants to leave the pre-recorded session feeling they have learned something vital to apply to life immediately. 

    Ensure the speaker hits all these points, engages with the attendees, and provides real value for the audience.

    What Type of Presentation Should You Choose?

    a woman in a business suit is standing in front of a presentation screen

    A presentation can take many forms, such as a traditional slideshow, an engaging video, or a hybrid combination. 

    Regardless of the chosen method, having the right pre-recorded webinar platform and tools is important to ensure the message is clear. 

    In this regard, We & Goliath does our best to provide clients with a sophisticated pre-recorded webinar platform with easy tools for great graphics, professional video production, and interactivity.

    Webinar outlines and scripts are essential for ensuring that all the necessary information is provided to webinar viewers. 

    Including everything viewers need to know is essential, but it doesn’t mean there should be a lengthy script.

  • A short and concise presentation works best since they take less time and are easier to follow
  • Aim for no more than 40 minutes in running time
  • If your topic requires more time to develop fully, divide it into two or more parts
  • Give viewers a dose of topics they can easily digest without feeling overwhelmed
  • Create Visually Interesting Visuals

    Slides are important to any presentation and must be crafted carefully to capture the audience’s attention. 

    A good starting point when developing slides is to create or use a simple, original template that can be easily modified when needed and repeated for other presentations.

    Don’t overcrowd your slides with too much information. Keep the text slim and focus on just one idea per slide. 

    Instead of cluttering up the slide with long phrases and run-on sentences, using a lot of white space gives it visual clarity and makes it easier for viewers to read. 

    Adding images, charts, or graphs can further simplify the message and help boost understanding without needing excessive text on the slide itself.

    Add Interactions to Make Your Pre-Recorded Session More Engaging

    Interactive features like polls, tips, handouts, and questions can be powerful tools for engaging a webinar audience. 

    By activating interactivity at the right points during your webinar presentation, you’ll hold your attendee’s attention while they come away with an improved understanding of the material.

    End with a Compelling Call-to-Action

    A good CTA can make all the difference when using engaging webinars as a marketing automation tool. 

    An effective pitch needs to be tailored to the audience’s interests and needs to draw them in and spark their interest for the rest of the presentation.

    1. Include a small intro of your offer
    2. Incorporate content to help viewers understand your services and products
    3. Highlight the benefits

    It’s really that simple. Your attendees want to know how they act next, whether buying a product or service, engaging in an online community, or attending the next event.

    Record and Edit Your Video with a Professional Production Team

    Work with your team to create a compelling and interesting pre-recorded webinar. 

    Many software programs are available for this purpose, each offering advantages and disadvantages for recording and editing your presentation.

    Most have features like audio/video controls, chat functions, whiteboard tools, and more.

    Some programs even have options to overlay music into the video or add text annotations throughout your presentation to enhance its quality and make it more visually appealing.

    With all these great tools available on different webinar platforms, easily choose which best suits your needs for recording and editing your webinar presentation.

    Where Should I Record My Webinar?

    You don’t need a fancy TV studio to record an effective pre-recorded virtual event. You can record anywhere – from an office to a hall to a living room! 

    Believe it or not, good sound is just as or even more important than visuals!

    Here are some tips:

  • Keep the background clean and decluttered
  • For a personal touch, include personal items in the shot
  • For a branded look, add a greenscreen and drop in the logo in post-production
  • Make sure the room is quiet
  • Avoid outside spaces where extraneous noise can create terrible audio
  • Don’t record near an airport, dog park, or high-traffic areas to avoid bad sound
  • Make sure the speaker has good lighting and a mic by sending them a speaker package with gear
  • Sometimes you don’t have access to everything you need. No problem. Remember that the speaker can record at any time. 

    That means if they live in a noisy area, they might opt for recording at midnight when everything is quiet. 

    And don’t forget to take advantage of local spaces. For example, many public libraries have small recording-friendly spaces for free. 

    Outdoor spaces can offer a beautiful background as long you have a good mic and keep outside noise to a minimum.

    Take the Time to Fine-Tune the Content with Your Speaker

    The beauty of digital recordings is that these webinar segments can be re-shot and replaced seamlessly into the overall video. 

    If a certain section of your webinar doesn’t play out smoothly, you can go back in time by re-recording and adding it back into place without anyone ever noticing! 

    So if something goes wrong, there’s no need to panic – do another take!

    Choose the Right Webinar Platform to Upload & Stream Your Pre-Recorded Video

    When hosting webinars, you can choose from several pre-recorded webinar services. 

    The best ones offer features like free trials, screen sharing, and unlimited HD engaging webinars to ensure your video looks as good as possible. 

    With the right features, you can create an awesome presentation for your audience.

    Many of these pre-recorded webinar event platforms have a higher cost. There are several price points for these programs. 

    We & Goliath uses the best software programs when working with clients to ensure the best quality image and sound without the client having to worry about the high cost of these pre-recorded webinar event platforms.

    Comparing Features to Choose the Best Webinar Platform for You

    Before you choose a platform, you first need to create a run of show for your webinar, get clear on going fully pre-recorded aka simulive, or if you’ll have live components and need to play multiple pre-recorded segments, and decide on what level of interactivity you want to offer your attendees.

    Features for Uploading and Streaming Pre-recorded Videos:

  • Uploading pre-recorded videos – Some platforms limit the file size and duration of videos you can upload. This can be a quick deal breaker to help you choose a platform.
  • Scheduling – If your webinar is fully pre-recorded, you should choose a platform that allows you to schedule it in advance so you don’t even have to click play at the right time.
  • Video hosting & streaming – most webinar platforms have built-in video hosting where they stream to a branded event page that includes chat, Q&A and other features. Ensure the player will auto-adjust the video quality based on attendee’s internet speeds, and of course that the page is mobile friendly. Bonus points if it’s fully brandable with only your logo and colors and not that of the platform.
  • Multistreaming – Do you need to send your livestream to one or more social platforms simultaneously?
  • Then, prioritize which interactivity and marketing features you need in a webinar platform:

  • Chat – robust pinned chats, clickable links in chats, moderate/delete, or disable chat altogether. Emojis and gifs in chat?
  • Breakouts – Yes, even pre-recorded webinars can have live breakout sessions!
  • Q&A – You might want a platform that allows you to send written answers or to disable the Q&A tab for a fully pre-recorded webinar. Another option is coming on live for Q&A after the video portion has completed.
  • Social Comments & Q&A – Some platforms also collect the chats from multiple social sites in a single list and allow you to show those comments on screen with their profile name and photo.
  • Calls-to-Action – Some platforms offer built-in popups with countdowns and graphics to represent your offers. Others integrate with donation software.
  • Screensharing – Less important in a fully simulive event, but if you have a partially prerecorded event plus a live portion, you might want to evaluate if your platform offers built-in screensharing.
  • UX – Do attendees have to login or can they join with one click fro your reminder email? Does the player give attendees the option for full-screen so they can enlarge the video if you’re sharing details in your slide? Is it obvious where to find chat, Q&A, etc?
  • Email marketing – to or from your webinar platform
  • Landing pages – Does your webinar platform have attractive landing page templates and are they customizable enough to adapt to your branding and content needs?
  • Analytics – Does the webinar platform tell you who were your most active attendees so you know who is worth a more personalized follow-up
  • Need help choosing the best webinar platform and features for your pre-recorded virtual event? We & Goliath offers great discounts on top event platforms along with our production services. Reach out for a free event strategy consultation here.

    Use the Tools Available and Analytics for Marketing

    Pre-recorded webinars are an increasingly popular way to deliver content, message, and experiences to people worldwide quickly and cost-effectively. 

    Therefore businesses need to have the best software available. Below are the most popular pre-recorded webinar platforms:

    1. BigMarker
    2. Crowdcast
    3. e-Webinar
    4. Zoom
    5. Livestorm
    6. Webinar Ninja
    7. Webinar Jam
    8. Click Meeting

    We & Goliath has agency discounts with various event platforms and can offer exclusive discounts along with full service production. Get a free strategy session with our virtual event experts.

    12 Best Practices for Authentic Storytelling and Engagement

    As you now know, pre-recorded webinars can be less stressful and time-consuming since there isn’t as much pressure to perform on the spot. If a pre-recorded webinar is right for your presentation, take advantage of all the interactive tools, such as hyperlinks or polls for viewers to participate in during or after watching your video. However, remember that these videos could be insincere if not done properly.

    Here are our recommended best practices:

    1. Focus on the specific content
    2. Craft a story around the content
    3. Spend time with each speaker to help them record the best visuals and sound
    4. Be authentic and personable
    5. Use the evergreen webinar for post-event marketing
    6. Always have speakers engage directly with the camera
    7. Include visually aesthetic slides for a compelling narrative
    8. Minimize text and crowded graphics
    9. Optimize your registration page and keep navigation simple
    10. Don’t forget to promote the event to your e-mail list and social media
    11. Collaborate with influencers to gain extra expert content and engage their audience
    12. Even if the presentation is pre-recorded, keep the session interactive and engaging

    Make sure that no matter what format you choose for presenting information, it comes across as genuine and meaningful for your audience.

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