🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


How to Make Awesome Pre-Recorded Webinars for Your Business

Juggling livestreaming, technical issues, plus chat and Q&A with attendees can get daunting during virtual events. The solution? Pre-recorded webinars!

What is the Difference Between Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars?

Most of you are likely very familiar with live webinars. 

This is when the speaker uses a streaming platform to present and interact with the audience in real-time.

Between pandemic limitations, high travel costs, and other barriers, live webinars definitely allow for engaging a global audience creatively. 

The speaker personally attends and leads each session, enabling an interactive element with questions and answers from attendees. 

There is also flexibility to tweak the presentation based on feedback.

However, for the event team this means:

  • Split focus between managing tech, moderating chat, and monitoring the stream
  • High stress! A single tech failure or audio issue can derail everything live

This is why recording webinars ahead of time has become a popular alternative.

So What Exactly is a Pre-Recorded Webinar?

a woman in a white shirt smiles at the camera during a pre-recorded webinar

Pre-recorded webinars are educational or informational video presentations, created and recorded in advance for on-demand viewing. 

They typically include slides, narration, and sometimes interactive elements – providing a structured learning experience without requiring live attendance.

You simply record once and upload, rather than repeatedly delivering live events. 

This format can share critical info, demonstrate products, and more without the headaches of going live.

Examples of Pre-Recorded Webinars

The on-demand format allows event organizers expanded options to develop polished, TV-quality video productions

Popular examples include:

And more! Sky’s the limit.

With the pandemic, many people have outright Zoom fatigue. And many live Zoom webinars can become dull and boring. 

Incorporating pre-recorded video with your live webinars provides additional opportunities for engagement and interest.

Key Benefits of Pre-Recorded Webinars

Pre-recorded webinars allow you to scale reach without added presentations. 

Viewers enjoy on-demand access anytime.

Interactive tools also enable personalized experiences. 

Overall, pre-recorded webinars are a flexible, scalable way to deliver high quality business content.

Boost Interactivity

With content pre-recorded, your team can focus more on:

  • Moderating chat discussions
  • Answering questions thoroughly
  • Integrating interactive games, surveys and polls
  • Keeping attendees engaged without worrying about live technical glitches

Today’s platforms connect to tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams too for enhanced interactivity.

Chat, Answer Questions, and Interact Live

With the content recording handled, your team is freed up to:

  • Respond to questions quickly in chat
  • Avoid split focus between moderating and managing the stream
  • Share relevant links
  • Create engaging live polls
  • Incorporate interactive games
  • Pop up graphics and on-screen comments

Remove the stress of livestreaming and interaction flourishes!

Feature High Energy Speakers

a video camera is shown in front of a woman

Speakers can fully focus on an engaging performance without worrying about live pressures.

You can capture multiple takes and select their best, most dynamic delivery.

Invest time upfront with speakers on:

  • Practice and preparation
  • Audio/video optimization via provided mics, lighting kits, etc.
  • Flexible scheduling around other commitments

This unlocks lively and authentic speaker recordings.

Improve Lead Gen and Measure ROI

a man in a black jacket is holding a camera

With evergreen pre-recorded content incorporated into social campaigns:

  • Continually generate new leads
  • Use analytics to track views, engagement, etc.
  • Refine content by adding updated offers, event highlights etc.
  • Increase conversions by reusing and repurposing video assets
  • Grow an engaged community around the content

You can also break videos into a series released over time to boost lead generation. Creating a community around exclusive content allows you to collect more customer data.

Easy starting packages • Advanced options • Proven results

Craft Interactive Experiences Around Pre-Recorded Content

Successful pre-recorded events artfully blend engagement and interactivity.

a person is in front of a laptop during a webinar

Successful pre-recorded events artfully blend engagement and interactivity.

Integrate elements like:

  • Live networking sessions
  • Interactive polls, games and quizzes
  • Timely chat discussions
  • Fun live lounge spaces driving attendance
  • Whiteboard collaboration tools
  • Brainstorming and word clouds
  • Speed networking
  • Small group discussions

The presentation itself can basically be a pre-recorded virtual event

The key is keeping attendees engaged throughout with smooth transitions and an illusion of live interaction.

Blend Pre-Recorded and Live Elements

You needn’t pre-record everything! Strategically mix live and recorded pieces.

For example:

  • Producer runs pre-recorded content
  • Team moderator handles live Q&A
  • Moderator introduces next speaker, plays recording
  • Speaker engages in chat with viewers after their video

This blend optimizes engagement and interactivity.

Show Videos Seamlessly During Live Sessions

When showing pre-recorded videos in live webinars:

  • Master playback controls. Only hosts control pause, play, etc.
  • View full replays to identify gaps in understanding
  • Actively moderate chat so people can ask questions
  • Ensure everyone grasps key concepts

Leaning on event video pros here makes a big difference!

Keep an Illusion of Live Interaction

The main drawback of pre-recorded content is boredom.

Viewers engage most when speakers are:

  • Energetic and passionate
  • Speaking directly to the camera
  • Authentic and in the moment

So avoid dull, lecture-style videos.

Automated polls and Q&As also boost the live feel.

Speakers should avoid dated references that break the illusion and reveal it wasn’t live. Keep content evergreen.

When done right, attendees feel the speaker actively engaged with them live.

This drives results!

For a more broadcast-style event, schedule the video to play at a set time. Monitor chats and share recordings later so registrants can still view it.

>>Let our experts craft pre-recorded events with an illusion of live for maximum engagement and results! Reach out for a free consultation.

How to Create a Successful Pre-Recorded Webinar

No matter how you create your pre-recorded webinar, focus on quality.

Investing time into higher production value through visuals, audio clarity, etc. leads to a better viewer experience.

Experiment with tools like green screens for engaging backdrops. 

Use dynamic slide templates for consistent branding. Optimize microphone settings for clear audio delivery. 

These little touches make a big difference!

Plan Video Content That Resonates

a man sitting at a desk with a computer and a laptop

Choosing the right topic is vital to attract and convert viewers.

Study your past webinars – live chats, frequently asked questions, comments. Identify common themes and pain points.

Repurpose relevant blog posts or case studies. This content makes excellent webinar fodder.

Considering this context helps you make an informed, viewer-focused decision on your next topic.

Follow this effective format:

  1. Introduce the topic
  2. Identify key problems
  3. Resolve the problems
  4. Summarize key takeaways
  5. End with a strong call-to-action

Viewers want to immediately apply what they learned. Ensure your speaker clearly conveys practical value.

Pick the Right Presentation Format

Leverage slides, videos, or a hybrid approach – whatever best suits your message. Most importantly, use a sophisticated platform with tools for great graphics, video production, and interactivity. This enhances clarity and engagement.

Create concise yet comprehensive outlines and scripts covering everything viewers need to know.

Short presentations work best:

  • 40 minutes max
  • One key idea per slide
  • Divide longer topics into multiple parts

Increase Engagement with Interactions

a woman in a business suit is standing in front of a presentation screen

Strategically incorporate interactive elements like polls, tips, handouts and questions. 

This boosts engagement, attention and retention.

Close with a Strong Call-to-Action

Collaborate with a production team to create a compelling, professional webinar video.

Many programs help you record, edit and enhance videos with tools like:

Work with Pros for Polished Production

Collaborate with a production team to create a compelling, professional webinar video.

Many programs help you record, edit and enhance videos with tools like:

  • Audio/video controls
  • Chat functions
  • Annotations
  • Overlaid music
  • Text overlays

Work with experts to identify and use the software options best aligned to your video goals and audience needs.

Fine-Tune Content via Retakes

The great thing about digital events is that sections can be re-recorded and swapped in without anyone noticing!

So if a part doesn’t play out smoothly, simply re-shoot and insert the improved version back in place. Make use of this flexibility as you refine your content.

>>Let our team help assess your needs to identify the optimal platforms and production styles for you. Reach out for a free consultation!

Comparing Features to Choose the Best Webinar Platform for You

Before you choose a platform, you first need to create a detailed run of show for your webinar. 

Get clear on whether you’ll go fully pre-recorded (also known as simulive), or if you’ll have live components and need to play multiple pre-recorded segments

Also decide on the level of interactivity you want to offer your attendees.

Features for Uploading and Streaming Pre-Recorded Videos

Uploading videos – Some platforms limit file sizes and length of videos. 

This can be a deal breaker, so check their limits to ensure they work for you.

Scheduling – If fully pre-recorded, choose a platform allowing you to schedule it in advance so you don’t have to manually start it.

Video hosting & streaming – Most platforms offer built-in hosting, streaming your video to a branded event page. 

Ensure it auto-adjusts video quality based on internet speeds and is mobile optimized. Bonus if it’s fully customizable with only your branding.

Multistreaming – Do you need to stream to social platforms too?

Key Interactivity and Marketing Features

Prioritize which features you need:

  • Chat – Robust pinned chats, clickable links, ability to moderate. Fun extras like emojis/gifs?
  • Breakouts – Even pre-recorded webinars can have live breakout rooms!
  • Q&A – Options to send written answers or disable for fully pre-recorded.
  • Social Comments – Some platforms collect and display comments from social platforms too.
  • Calls-to-Action – Built-in graphics and countdowns representing your offers. Some integrate with donation software.
  • Screensharing – Less vital for pre-recorded, but useful if you have a live portion too.
  • UX – Attendees join with one click? Full screen display options? Intuitive interface?
  • Email marketing – Integration to or from platform
  • Landing pages – Attractive, customizable templates?
  • Analytics – See your most engaged viewers for follow-up.

Let our experts help you pick the best platforms and features for your virtual event! We offer great discounts and production services. 

Request a free consultation below!

Use Available Tools and Analytics for Marketing

Pre-recorded webinars allow you to deliver content quickly and affordably. So you need the best software

Below are top pre-recorded platforms:

  1. BigMarker
  2. Crowdcast
  3. e-Webinar
  4. Zoom
  5. Livestorm
  6. Webinar Ninja
  7. Webinar Jam
  8. Click Meeting

We have agency discounts with various platforms and can offer you exclusive savings plus full production services. Get a free strategy session with our experts!

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