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On-Site SEO – 10 Tips to Perfectly Optimize a Post #infographic

Google has more than 200 factors it looks at when deciding how to rank a website in its results pages… so how do you know which are the most important to focus on when you’re layout out your pages and configuring your site? In order to distill their SEO research and help make the on-site SEO optimization game a little easier to understand, our friends at quicksprout designed this infographic to show how to make a blog post or webpage as search-engine-friendly as possible.

Top 10 Tips to A Perfectly Optimized Page:

  1. Use SEO-Friendly URL Extensions
  2. Perfectly Optimized Title
  3. Use Visual Media; Link to Authority Websites
  4. Drop Keywords in First 100 Words
  5. Use Related Keywords
  6. Optimize Image File Name and ALT Tags
  7. Improve Loading Speed
  8. Optimize Your Page for Social Sharing
  9. Have a High Word Count for Content
  10. Use Responsive Code to Adapt to Different Mobile Devices
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