🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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Top Event Marketing Software Picks for Market Success

Event software holds the key to simplifying the intricate logistics of modern-day events, but with a maze of options, specialized guidance is invaluable for unlocking these platforms' full potential.
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Planning and running events is no easy feat.

As an event organizer, you’ve got a million moving parts to juggle – securing a venue, wrangling speakers, promoting to attendees, etc.

And that’s before you even start thinking about event logistics day-of. It’s a lot for any mortal to handle.

Luckily, event marketing software are here to save the day.

These nifty platforms help automate and streamline processes so you can work smarter, not harder.

With so many options on the market though, it can get overwhelming trying to pick the right solutions for your unique needs.

Not to worry, we've done the research for you. 

We evaluated dozens of top contenders, comparing features, integrations, ease-of-use and more.

Below we break down three industry-leading event marketing tools to simplify your buying journey.

Whether you manage small gatherings or huge conferences, these tools have got you covered.

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Key Event Software Capabilities

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Before diving into recommendations, let’s overview some key capabilities to look for as you evaluate platforms:

  1. Event Registration & Ticketing – Custom forms and pages to seamlessly collect RSVPs and sell tickets. Makes event signup a breeze for attendees.
  2. Email Marketing – Design stylish email campaigns and track engagement over time. Fosters attendee communication pre and post-event.
  3. Mobile Apps – Foster attendee engagement through interactive apps with schedules, speakers, networking features, etc.
  4. Social Media Integration – Promote events, display social media feeds, and more. Expand your event’s digital reach.
  5. Robust Analytics – Track attendee data, digital metrics, event performance indicators and more. Critical for optimizing initiatives.
  6. Intuitive and Flexible Platform – A user-friendly interface with customizable features, layouts and reporting. Enables efficiency and customization.
  7. Integrations – Connects to tools you already use like email, CRM, sales, marketing and payments solutions. Minimizes workflow disruption.

Those are some of the key items to evaluate.

Of course your specific event needs may require additional functionality so thoroughly research before committing.

We highlight the top 3 contenders below to jumpstart your search!


With over 30,000 customers globally, Cvent is a hugely popular end-to-end event management platform.

It offers a robust suite of marketing, registration, payment, mobile and analytics tools to plan events from start to finish.

Some standout Cvent features include:

  • Drag-and-Drop Site Builder – Create event pages and dynamic layouts with ease
  • Custom Registration Forms – Tailor questions, badge printing and more
  • Email Templates and Campaigns – Design and track email promotions
  • Event Diagrams – Map out venue layouts and seating charts
  • Comprehensive Analytics – Gain data-backed insights on attendees, engagement, site traffic, email performance, etc.
  • 200+ App Integrations – Connect vital business tools like Salesforce, Marketo and more

Cvent really excels when it comes to data and analytics.
It delivers a 360-degree view into attendee behavior before, during and after events fueled by highly customizable dashboards.This enables you to continually refine initiatives based on actionable insights.

For beginners, the interface may seem a bit complex initially.

There’s a bit of a learning curve as you acclimate to all the advanced functionalities.

But Cvent provides stellar customer support if you get stuck or have questions along the way.

Pricing varies based on expected event volume and attendee count. Be sure to request a customized quote.


Trusted by big brands like Forbes and Dow Jones, Bizzabo is an end-to-end “event success platform” packed with marketing, registration, mobile, web and lead retrieval tools.

Everything you need for events big and small.

Some awesome Bizzabo capabilities:

  • Event Website Builder – Make event pages with themes, widgets and more
  • Custom Registration – Tailor attendee flows from signup to check-in
  • Email Editor – Create and send sleek email blasts
  • Event App – Foster attendee connections via interactive mobile app
  • Surveys and Polls – Deliver and analyze surveys pre, during or post-event
  • Robust Analytics – Track campaigns, content, event performance and more

One area where Bizzabo really excels is attendee engagement.

Between gamification, polls, surveys and a fully native mobile app - you have countless ways to interact with and gather data on participants seamlessly. 

Enabling you to provide personalized experiences from one year to the next.

In terms of limitations, some users report the occasional platform bug or unintuitive menu layouts.

However the Bizzabo support team is top-notch at addressing issues swiftly.

Pricing varies based on expected event attendee count and desired features.

Be sure to request a customized demo to explore options.


Splash stands out in the event marketing space for its flexibility and laser focus on conversion optimization.

It delivers website builders, registration, email marketing, and lead capture technology equipped with detailed tracking and analytics.

Notable Splash features include:

  • Customizable Website Themes – Tailor the look and feel
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder – Create / update site pages and sections
  • Email Templates and Automation – Scale personalized communication
  • Registration & Ticketing – Customize attendee flows from inquiry to check-in
  • Lead Scoring and Tracking – Identify and segment top contacts
  • Visitor Journey Analytics – See exactly how people engage across touchpoints
  • CRM Integrations – Sync attendee data with platforms like Salesforce

Splash makes understanding the attendee journey seamless.
It offers robust analytics into website visitors, email engagement, downloads, event sign ups and more, enabling you to continually optimize pages and touchpoints to drive conversions.For WordPress users, Splash also provides a customizable plugin to embed registration forms, countdowns and other features directly into your existing site.

Like Bizzabo, Splash gears its pricing towards mid-large enterprises based on expected scale.

Be sure to request a customized quote.

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Sidestepping Event Software Pitfalls

Event marketing tools aim to simplify planning, but without diligence you can still hit snags.

Steer clear of these common issues:

Feature Overload

It’s tempting to buy a Swiss Army knife platform with endless capabilities.

But too many unused features add needless complexity. 

Carefully reflect on must-haves vs. nice-to-haves before purchasing. Start lean rather than overbuying.

Lack of Training

Even the most intuitive software has a learning curve.

Failure to skill up will have you fumbling instead of leveraging full value. Seek thorough onboarding and ongoing education opportunities from vendors.

Integration Missteps

Syncing multiple tools seems like a workflow win.

But differing systems can limit data flows, nullifying productivity gains.

Thoroughly vet integration capabilities when selecting platforms.

Reporting Gaps

If software analytics don’t track key event success metrics, you’re left guessing versus leveraging data-driven insights.

Clearly define essential reporting needs upfront to prevent blindspots.

Careful software selection, training and customization helps ensure tools enhance versus hamper productivity.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, event software is just a bunch of tools.

And you know what they say about tools – they’re only as good as the person using them!

What we mean is – no software, no matter how shiny and high-tech, can replace good old human ingenuity.

As people who put events together, our superpower is connecting with people and giving them amazing in-person experiences.

Technology should support that, not try and replace it.

So if you decide to use any of these platforms, don’t forget that events are about emotions and connections.

Software might handle logistics, but it can’t spark joy or forge new friendships.

That comes down to your vision, creativity, and ability to inspire.

And don’t forget – with events now happening across different formats (live, virtual, hybrid), your needs might change.

Make sure any tools you pick are flexible enough to meet those evolving needs.

It’s a lot to juggle, we know!

But thankfully, you don’t have to figure it all out alone. If this technology stuff feels overwhelming, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

Event experts like We & Goliath specialize in events and can guide you on picking the right tech tools for your needs.

Leveraging Event Tech for Optimal Outcomes with We & Goliath

Our experts at offer over 20 years expertise guiding organizations’ event technology strategies. 

Our seasoned team provides:

  • Guidance identifying ideal platforms for your specific events, budget and capabilities
  • Platform evaluations and demos to experience tools first-hand
  • Workflow analysis to integrate solutions into your existing technology environment
  • Implementation plans tailored to your unique use case
  • Responsive training and ongoing support

Whether planning a conference, fundraiser gala or trade show extravaganza, event software plays an invaluable role.

Our strategic insight and technical know-how helps you select and deploy tools for optimal outcomes now and into the future.

We highly recommend scheduling a free strategy session to meet and discuss your event goals, challenges and desired tech capabilities to map out recommendations for workflows tailored exactly for you.

Let’s make your event success happen!

We & Goliath

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