🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Promotional giveaway ideas.

Top Promotional Giveaway Ideas to Elevate Your Brand

Go beyond boring swag and capture attention with creative promotional giveaways that spark joy, fuel brand passion, and inspire customers to become true blue brand advocates.
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Looking to take your branding to the next level?

As you know, promotional giveaways are a fantastic way to increase awareness, engage your customers, and generate buzz around your company.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose giveaways that truly stand out from the pack?

The key is to think creatively - go beyond basic swag and offer unique, tailored items that recipients will actually use and enjoy, all while keeping your logo front and center. 

Rather than settling for forgettable tchotchkes that get tossed aside, put some thought into selecting memorable giveaways that reflect your brand’s personality.

Ideal Giveaways Reflect Brand Values

Source: GoDelta

Start by considering your brand’s core values, mission statement, and target audience.

Find giveaways that align with what your company represents.

  • For example, if you’re an eco-friendly business, offer useful reusable items made from sustainable materials – bamboo utensils, stainless steel straws, recycled tote bags. Great green giveaways!

Tech startups or gaming companies could give out fun gadgets to showcase innovation.

And for brands focused on health and wellness or fitness, distribute workout accessories, water bottles, or fresh fruit.
When people use your giveaways in daily life, it sparks continuous positive brand impressions.

Giveaways That Delight and Surprise

Think beyond just slapping on a logo. Get creative with shapes, materials, and usage ideas.

Playful brands like MailChimp and Slack became famous for handing out entertaining items like bananagrams and fidget cubes.

Clever, unexpected giveaways are sure to delight trade show audiences!

  • Instead of a basic t-shirt, consider plush branded blankets recipients can snuggle up with.
  • Or hand out unique drinkware – stemless wine glasses, Moscow Mule mugs, mini hip flasks.
  • Useful desktop accessories like wireless phone chargers, mini waffle makers, and succulent planters also make memorable gifts.

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Unique Items for Promotional Giveaways

While creative custom giveaways generate great buzz, some classic promotional items remain tried and true:

Practical Branded Bags

Useful tote bags never go out of style and they provide endless branding real estate.

Affordable and easy to print on, bags encourage everyday brand display.

Try insulated cooler bags, bags with backpack straps, or zippered phone/key pouches.

Imprinted Office Supplies

No matter your industry, customized pens, notepads, sticky notes make great giveaways people use daily.

Opt for quality over quantity – sleek metal pens, Post-Its, Moleskine notebooks.

Logo Emblazoned Apparel

You can never go wrong with t-shirts, hats, beanies bearing your logo.

Choose soft, breathable fabrics over cheap polyester. Consider seasonal outerwear like jackets and pullovers too.

Sustainable Water Bottles

Reusable bottles check both the functional and eco-friendly boxes.

Sleek stainless steel, glass, BPA-free plastic provide daily impressions while reducing waste.

Look for leakproof, insulating options to upgrade the drinking experience.

Ideas for Company Giveaways

Beyond flashy swag, promotional giveaways present excellent opportunities for customer retention, employee appreciation, and community outreach.

Put thought into selecting useful branded items people will actually use and appreciate.

Reward Loyal Customers

Express gratitude through giveaways to loyal customers and brand advocates. They also double as ideal swag for customer appreciation events.

Offer VIP members free samples of new products pre-launch to get them talking.

Or send small gifts like logo stickers, notebooks, or gift cards just because.

Consider tiered rewards where frequent buyers and big spenders get upgraded giveaways.

Appreciate Hard-Working Employees

The occasional morale boost keeps employees engaged.

Celebrate accomplishments with branded ‘’employee of the month” swag bags featuring gift cards, tech accessories, apparel, self-care items, or food treats.

Announce company milestones with logo cakes or branded snack packs. Issue spot bonuses in the form of gift cards to popular shops, restaurants, and experiences.

Connect at Trade Shows

Trade shows attract qualified prospects under one roof, making giveaways incredibly effective lead gen tools.

But avoid cluttering up prospects' hands with a pile of brochures and trinkets. 

Instead, offer quality swag they’ll use post-event.

Smart giveaways include mobile power banks, mini first aid kits, insulated mugs, branded charging cables, and reusable bags to carry everything in.

Promote New Product Launches

Generate buzz for new product launches through creative giveaways.

Give social media influencers early access to test out products in exchange for reviews.

Reward the first 100 customers with discount codes or free merchandise.
Overall, the goal is getting new products in people's hands to drive awareness through real-life use.

Support Community Groups

Giving back builds goodwill while getting your logo out there.

  • Support youth sports teams with equipment and uniforms bearing your branding.
  • Sponsor runs and races with branded medals, t-shirts, and water bottles for participants.
  • Donate swag bags filled with your promotional items to community fundraisers and charity events.

Nonprofit groups appreciate useful event supplies including banner stands, signage, food containers, raffle tickets, and donate the profits from promotional sales back to the organizations.

Capture User-Generated Content

Capitalize on consumers’ social media addictions by sponsoring photo contests for user-generated content.

Offer branded prizes and swag to motivate participation.

Photo submission contests tied to holidays or product launches encourage social shares as people compete for prizes by showcasing your brand online.

Hashtag campaigns also spread brand awareness through user content.

Creative Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Let’s explore some outside the box promotional giveaway ideas to win over customers and prospects:

Experiential Activations

Create an immersive brand experience around your product or service offering through experiential marketing.

Set up attention-grabbing public activations like mocktail bars, phone charging stations, or Instagram walls to engage audiences.

Then offer cool giveaways like smartphone ring grips, earbuds, photo props, and branded swag bags as takeaways.

Influencer Gift Baskets

Influencer marketing offers authentic peer endorsements consumers trust far more than ads.

Pitch your brand by sending select influencers creative gift baskets with branded gear, products samples, and referral discount codes for their followers.

Unboxing videos show influencers enjoying gifted merchandise while organically spotlighting your brand.

App Integrations

Incorporate exciting giveaways into your own apps and website experience.

Build in gamification features that reward users points towards branded merchandise and gift cards for engaging with your content.

App integrations encourage organic usage while capturing valuable data around customer interests and behaviors through giveaway entries and competition.

Curiosity-Spiking Packaging

Outside-the-box packaging itself doubles as a memorable giveaway item.

Explore creative mailers shaped like your products or elegantly designed gift boxes recipients won’t throw away.

Insert clever branded ‘’unboxing” experiences that entice social shares as people unwrap mystery packages.

Event Giveaways

As a branded event sponsor, offer cool merchandise and experiences as giveaways through raffles and competitions.

Event giveaways could include speaker meet and greets, VIP access coupons, signed merchandise, branded electronics, gift baskets, apparel, early event access and premium seating upgrades.

Driving booth traffic for demos in exchange for hot giveaways is a proven tactic.

Hashtag Promotions

Launch social media hashtag campaigns for user generated content around special occasions like holidays, events and product launches.

Offer branded prizes like gift cards, swag bags and gear awarded randomly to top contributors who share creative images featuring your hashtag.

With endless possibilities for memorable and shareable giveaways, focus on selecting branded merchandise people genuinely appreciate and value.

Creative promotional giveaways suited to your brand identity and audience preferences make the biggest impact.

Stay on trend by frequently rotating popular items to generate continuous interest and organic buzz through giveaways.

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