🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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Top Event Marketing Platforms to Grow Your 2024 Events

As in-person, virtual, and hybrid events play an increasingly critical engagement role today, adopting flexible and future-proof platforms is mission-critical for organizations to deliver buzzworthy 2024 experiences.
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Join the Virtual Event Revolution!

Let our crew of creative tech wizards cast an online engagement spell to mesmerize your audiences into a virtual frenzy! 

Putting on events is tough!

You’ve got a million details to manage, slim budgets to stick to, and the pressure to draw big audiences.

It’s a lot on your plate.

But the good news is there are some awesome event marketing platforms out there ready to help make your 2024 gatherings a huge success!

Event Management and Marketing Tools: Features and Benefits

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These robust tools can spotlight your events, engage attendees, and most importantly – fill those seats.

Let’s explore the key features they offer to take your events to the next level:

Event Registration and Ticketing – This makes joining events hassle-free for attendees! Think slick custom forms, automated confirmations/reminders, promotional codes to incentivize sign-ups, and seamless management of RSVPs.

Event Promotion & Email Marketing – What good is an incredible event if no one hears about it? These platforms make spreading the word easy with gorgeous email templates to capture attention. Segmented contact lists allow super targeted outreach. And campaign automation + social posting expand your promotional reach further.

Analytics and Reporting – Get the real scoop on attendee demographics, engagement, popular talks, lead generation, and more with interactive dashboards. Now you can accurately measure critical event ROI and pivot strategies if needed.

Mobile Event Apps – Let attendees access schedules, talks, sponsors, networking opportunities, and more right from their smartphones. It drives engagement during AND after events.

Live Streaming – Extend the experience beyond just an in-person locale by offering virtual attendance too. Now remote viewers worldwide can live stream those can’t-miss keynotes, panels, and performances.

Onsite Badging and Check-in – Speed up the onsite process with barcode/QR code scanning to verify badges and automated attendee check-in. It makes entry smooth while capturing those all-important lead details.

Post-Event Surveys – Truly understand attendee perspectives with customizable polls and feedback forms. Gain insider intel to refine future events and give audiences more of what they love.

And much more! Vendor lead retrieval, agenda coordination, event logistics management, landing page building, and more.

The Benefits Go Beyond Just Events

Adopting these event marketing platforms has tons of advantages beyond executing better in-person/virtual/hybrid events:

  • Increased event visibility from targeted promotions = higher sign-ups
  • Scalable tools allow managing events of all sizes
  • Seamlessly coordinate logistics like catering, A/V, venues, etc
  • Access meaningful analytics for smarter decision making
  • Support sustainable hybrid approaches beyond just in-person
  • Accurately quantify ROI across your event portfolio

Top platforms reduce manual efforts with built-in automation so you can focus on delighting attendees with memorable experiences.

And with intuitive dashboards providing real-time visibility into registrations, engagement, vendor connections, and more - you gain actionable insights to guide strategies on the fly.

Integrations with marketing, sales, and live streaming tools expand what’s possible – allowing you to truly amplify events globally.

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Best Event Marketing Platforms for 2024

Here are some of the leading solutions organizations depend on to manage modern events more effectively:


Hubilo is an all-in-one event management platform built for organizing virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

It offers comprehensive features around promotions, registrations, logistics coordination, attendee engagement and data analytics.


Airmeet facilitates immersive virtual and hybrid event experiences for audiences globally.

Its interactive platform drives up attendee engagement via live streaming, integrated chat and Q&A features, real-time polls and more.


Cadence focuses on audience engagement for impactful branded events using gamification techniques, presenter tools for live participation and intuitive collaboration features for transparent communications.


Welcome is a flexible event marketing platform providing core capabilities around automated email campaigns, registration management, lead retrieval, badge printing, live polling and streamlined reporting.


BigMarker offers an intuitive browser-based platform for hosting virtual events of all scales and formats using its reliable video conferencing architecture, breakout session support, networking features and attendee analytics.


Goldcast caters to luxury brands aiming to craft premium digital event experiences for VIP audiences. Its white-glove services, creative consultation and flawless production quality help reinforce brand positioning.


Hopin facilitates scalable virtual, hybrid and live events with its reliable platform. It offers branded event portals, agenda building, sponsorship management, virtual expo halls, networking lounges, live streaming and real-time analytics.


Whova drives attendee engagement via personalized agenda planners, interactive maps, 1-on-1 meetings, live polling, Q&A sessions and gamification features like leaderboards.


Eventee offers an easy-to-use virtual and hybrid event management platform focused on audience engagement features like live Q&A, interactive polling, voucher codes and leaderboards to drive participation.


ON24 provides a full-scale digital event solution from creative services to personalized microsites to production studios for streaming keynotes, breakouts and panels to engage both live and on-demand viewers.


Brandlive facilitates premium branded event experiences online using interactive live streaming, audience engagement tools, built-in monetization capabilities and reliable production services.


Sequel is an intuitive platform for creating immersive virtual and hybrid experiences using creative consultation services, high-quality streaming and seamless audience engagement features.


Trusted by event planners globally, Cvent offers robust features for enterprise events like conferences, seminars, meetings and trade shows. It enables attendee management, agenda building, logistics coordination and data analytics from one centralized hub.


Webex Events equips organizers to produce engaging virtual experiences with reliable global streaming, extensive video layout options, Q&A and chat features, lead generation tools and integrated calendars.

Zoom Events

Zoom Events enables creating branded virtual event hubs with summit schedules, session listings, sponsor Halls, networking features and backstage management functionality all in one place.

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Choosing the Best Event Platforms for Your Needs

When planning events, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting the right platform.

  1. You’ll want something that seamlessly supports in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with plenty of opportunities for customization to meet your unique needs.
  2. It should integrate smoothly with other software you use regularly so your team can work efficiently without constantly switching between apps.
  3. User-friendly analytics and reporting dashboards give valuable insights to inform your strategy.
  4. And of course, security should be ironclad to protect sensitive attendee and payment information.
  5. Cost and pricing models can vary widely, so be sure to choose an option that delivers maximum value.
  6. External reviews and testimonials also provide helpful qualitative evaluations from others with first-hand experience.

Carefully weighing these aspects helps future-proof your investment in an event platform that can scale alongside your evolving requirements.
And don't forget - try before you buy!Take any free trials for a test drive to evaluate the platform’s usability, available integrations, analytics offering and customer service/support responsiveness.

Must-Have Event Marketing Capabilities

Having an event platform equipped with the right capabilities is crucial. When researching options, be sure to evaluate:

Custom Registration Pages & Forms

  • Essential for branded signup flows, early bird promotions, gathering attendee details, lead qualification/segmentation, and personalized outreach.
  • Mobile responsive for seamless access across devices.

Email & Campaign Automation

  • Targeted email promotions pre/post event drive registrations and engagement.
  • Beautiful customizable templates.
  • Automated workflows increase efficiency.

Ticketing/RSVP Management

  • Streamline invite and confirmation tracking.
  • Assign tickets and passes to various event items and sessions.
  • Support paid, free and hybrid ticketing scenarios.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Gain insights around registrations, demographics, sessions, leads to inform strategy.
  • Track attendance, engagement, revenue and ROI over time.

Badge Printing & Event Check-in

  • Print badges on-site with attendee name, company, etc.
  • Expedite entry via automated check-in using QR codes, RFID, printed badges.
  • Capture lead details during process.

Session Scheduling & Speaker Management

  • Build event agenda with session timing/locations and speaker assignments.
  • Speaker profiles and content sharing enable effective promotions.
  • Communications and logistics coordination.

Exhibit Halls & Sponsor Portals

  • Virtual exhibit booths with sponsor profile management and live chat.
  • Assets sharing and meetings coordination between sponsors and attendees.

Surveys, Polls & Live Q&A

  • Instant feedback via quick event polls and post-event surveys.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions drive participation during event.
  • Help enhance future events.

Community Features

  • Extended connections post-event via social integrations, messaging, profiles.
  • Forum keeps conversations going after the event concludes.

Vetting platforms on these table-stakes elements ensures memorable event experiences for attendees.

Key Takeaways and Recommendations

Let’s quickly recap advice to nail your 2024 platform decisions:

Prioritize Scalability – Seek enterprise-grade tools allowing seamless event growth from just a few hundred to tens of thousands attendees.

Customization vs Turnkey – Balance turnkey simplicity with customizability for uniquely branded experiences based on goals.

Integrations – Minimize tool switching via platforms allowing deep integrations with your broader software stack.

Security Uber Alles – Never compromise attendee and payment data safety via encryption, audits, infrastructure monitoring and more.

Map Hybrid Workflows – Define required hybrid coordination workflows around attendee management, tech requirements, presentation oversight, location logistics and more.

Specialization vs Consolidation – Determine if an all-in-one platform meets every need or if specialized event software is worth stitching together.

And don’t forget to signup for trials! Test driving can make all the difference while determining true solution fit.

By taking this strategic approach - focusing on scalability, security, customization opportunities, and more - during evaluations you can identify event marketing platforms ready to create buzzworthy attendee journeys in 2024 and beyond.

The key is continuously realigning technology with your expanding portfolio of virtual, hybrid AND in-person events across the organization.

As experiential gatherings play an increasingly prominent engagement role today, securing flexible and future-proof platforms is mission critical now more than ever before.

But what if you can skip the learning curve and go straight to the know-how and the ROI?

Unlock Show-Stopping Events in 2024

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Where fresh perspectives unite diverse communities while achieving your key business goals.

Where simplified logistics and intuitive platforms empower you to focus on crowd-pleasing experiences.

This exceptional vision is possible in 2024 with our personalized guidance.

Let our experts’ decades of event excellence guide you in selecting flexible solutions to drive registrations, engage global audiences, and showcase measurable impact.

Schedule your free strategy session now to align proven, tailored recommendations with your specific event portfolio needs and objectives.

Together, we’ll map an achievable path to sustainable hybrid events that foster inclusive connections, spotlight your brand purpose, and rock stakeholder expectations in 2024 and beyond!

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