🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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16 Essential Interactive Zoom Meeting Ideas for Team Fun

Bring teams and events to new heights by taking your Zoom meetings from basic to brilliant using virtual tours, expert guests, games, breakout sessions, interactive presentations and more to connect distributed groups.

In the modern workplace, remote meetings are more common than ever.

While meeting virtually has advantages like saving travel time, it can also be harder for people to connect or stay focused without in-person interaction.

That’s why using creative activities on Zoom is key for having productive online meetings that are also fun.

The great news is there are lots of easy yet clever things you can do to get your team excited about your Zoom sessions.

  • Starting with some virtual icebreaker questions allows everyone to learn about each other in a relaxed way.
  • Escape room activities build trust by needing good communication and problem solving skills to solve puzzles.
  • Breakout rooms give small groups a chance to talk more openly.
  • And don’t forget about using things like polls, games, guest speakers and more to liven up any meeting!

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Interactive Ideas to Try on You Next Zoom Meeting

Here are some of our top picks for interactive meeting ideas to bring your distributed team together:

1. Icebreaker Questions to Start Meetings Right

Kicking off your meeting with a few icebreaker questions is one of the finest ways to get everyone engaged right from the start. 

Icebreakers enable your team to become better connected in an informal setting.

You can keep the questions light and silly. Or make them relate more to your meeting goals. Whichever style you pick, icebreakers start things in an upbeat way!

Some examples of specific icebreakers include:

  • Two truths and one lie: Each person shares two real facts about themselves and one lie. Everyone else tries guessing which statement is the lie. This is always good for some laughs!
  • Virtual scavenger hunt: Give people 60 seconds to run and find something interesting in their home office, then hold it up proudly to the webcam to show off their sleuthing skills.
  • Personality quiz: Have attendees take a free Myers-Briggs style test, then share their personality type with the group along with what it means about their work style. People enjoy hearing how they compare.

While classic icebreakers like these engage teams, even better are ones you customize specifically around the purpose of your meeting.

If your goal is to improve collaboration, do a short activity focused on identifying shared interests or values among coworkers.

And injecting some humor into icebreakers is always a fantastic move to get everyone giggling together.

2. Team Building Fun Beyond Surface-Level Conversations

Effective team building on Zoom requires activities that let coworkers understand each other’s working and communication styles, strengths and weaknesses, goals and vision.

This establishes deeper bonds beyond surface conversations.

Some examples include:

  • Escape rooms: Break into virtual escape rooms in small teams and put heads together to crack codes and solve intricate puzzles against the ticking clock. Escape rooms demand good listening, creative thinking, and teamwork to succeed.
  • Brainstorming: Split people into Zoom breakout rooms and give each team a hypothetical challenge your company could face one day. Set a tight time limit for them to invent solutions, then have everyone share back the best ideas afterwards. This builds camaraderie through using imagination collectively.
  • Personality review sessions: Have attendees take personality tests like DISC or Myers-Briggs, then reconvene to discuss what everyone’s results mean for understanding each other’s quirks and optimizing partnerships long-term. Identify team gaps and have people volunteer to improve one weak area.

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3. Surveys Gather Helpful Employee Perspectives

Short polls and surveys add lively interaction to gather employee opinions and feedback in an easy yet meaningful way. 

They can simply reveal preferences for engagement or be more detailed to inform company decisions.

Zoom’s built-in polling allows instantly asking light questions like “Which upcoming project most interests you?” and “When do you feel most productive working?”

Consider using more elaborate surveys occasionally to gather confidential feedback about job satisfaction, company culture, remote work tools, and desired training that will directly shape HR initiatives.

Free game show-style polling platforms make information collection entertaining by adding playful design elements into surveys including scoring, leaderboards, visual charts, and sound effects.

4. Q&A Sessions Encourage Open Dialogue

Hosting Q&A sessions serves many helpful purposes like addressing unanswered questions, collecting input from quieter team members, and making meetings more participatory.

There are a few formats to structure them:

  • Attendees submit questions through the Zoom chat which the meeting host or certain colleagues then respond to live.
  • Open up group discussion for anyone to unmute themselves and speak ideas or ask questions as they come up.
  • Allow anonymous questions to be asked which empowers shy participants to share thoughts.
  • Assign targeted discussion questions related to meeting goals for small teams to tackle first in breakout rooms, then reconvene so each group can summarize thoughts.

5. Breakout Rooms Enable Intimate Teamwork

Breakout rooms have fast become an essential feature of Zoom for enabling small group collaboration.

Splitting into separate video sessions makes meetings more intimate for forming closer connections, balancing airtime for quieter people, and producing higher quality work output.

But successful breakout sessions require advance planning and active facilitation:

  • Provide clear goals, expectations, and schedules before groups enter rooms.
  • Visit each room regularly to assist and ensure they remain on track.
  • Reconvene intermittently for progress updates and collective idea sharing.

Some examples of using breakouts effectively include targeted brainstorms around business issues, gathering feedback on existing projects, and developing new concepts or workflows.

The smaller settings make teammates more willing to think creatively without judgement.

For an extra spark, mix up the groups instead of the same people working together each time.

Maintaining energy and participation with breakout rooms prevents “Zoom fatigue” that otherwise drains teams.

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6. Presentations Showcase Concepts Creatively

Having team members directly showcase ideas, designs, workflows, and projects through slideshows, videos, prototypes, or other visuals takes full advantage of Zoom’s screen sharing capabilities.

This engages audiences much more richly than just listening passively to speakers without any multimedia.

Some examples include:

  • Educational presentations on relevant industry or company topics make meetings informative while also developing skills. Enable annotations so colleagues can draw attention to key points together.
  • For lighter fare, think virtual show and tell for adults. Have employees display unique personal collections, talents, hobbies or vacation adventures while providing colorful commentary.
  • Request work project overviews from various departments to inform the wider organization and spur creative connections through seeing everyone’s goals visualized.

7. Screen Sharing Fosters Real-Time Collaboration

Screen sharing pairs perfectly with delivering presentations but also enables everyday teamwork by broadcasting desktops, programs, videos, charts, and more for live viewing by attendees.

Have meeting participants take turns showcasing documents, data sets, designs, or projects to garner instant observational feedback from the group.

Commentary can be given verbally or by using zoom’s annotation tools to sketch thoughts atop shared screens. This brings remote collaboration to the next level.

Of course, don’t just use screen sharing for business!

Also leverage it just for fun by streaming funny YouTube videos or memes to give everyone a quick chuckle together.

8. Whiteboard Visualization Sparks Creativity

Zoom’s integrated whiteboard feature serves as a blank canvas for teams to visualize concepts, ideas, workflows, site maps, customer journeys and more through collaborative drawing and diagramming. This facilitates solutions and unity.

Sketching out goals, processes, systems, and experiences helps groups better grasp objectives, map user flows, envisage product innovations and streamline procedures through seeing things in graphic formats. Teams can build iteratively on the boards with feedback too.

Brainstorming sessions thrive on these shareable whiteboards because people can express ideas freely through graphics instead of just typed chat or speech. Visual elements also introduce individuality and fun into meetings.

Some potential uses include dream vacation map making, project priority spectrums, office layout planners, Pictionary-style drawing games, and decision tree diagrams.

9. Virtual Backgrounds Liven Things Up

Zoom’s virtual background feature brings smiles to faces while adding privacy. Goofy, creative or professionally branded backdrops inject energy into meetings through this simple trick.

Make a virtual background contest centered around an upcoming holiday, event or just for fun!

Have employees get imaginative with tropical destinations, alien planets or other funny themes. Then vote on favorites as a team.

This allows everyone to briefly show off artistic talents or photo editing abilities too.

Don’t forget to also set standard company-branded backgrounds reinforcing culture and values behind employees during business calls.

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10. Recording Meetings for Memory Making

Recording Zoom sessions allows reliving favorite interactions plus catching up on missed meetings through later playback. This creates meaningful memories.

Use recordings to produce “best of” highlight reels capturing event speakers, training programs, inspirational talks, or silly conversations from sessions over a quarter or year.

Then compile the greatest snippets for the team to enjoy together every few weeks. It builds camaraderie and unity to collectively reflect on accomplishments.

Long term, these recordings transform into nostalgic time capsules documenting company growth through years of change.

They chronicle great moments otherwise forgotten.

11. Chat Features Encourage Real-Time Engagement

Don’t overlook Zoom’s handy built-in chat features for driving participation beyond just vocal discussion.

  • Pep up meetings by prompting creative brainstorming ideas, targeted feedback or funny GIFs and memes through chat.
  • Word cloud integrations make buzzwords visually leap off the page.
  • Rapid fire chat polls quickly gather opinions too.
  • Ask for responses to current topics in just a few words or emojis then instantly gauge consensus before exploring nuances as a team.
  • Attendees can also private message the host or certain colleagues when needed.

12. File Sharing Made Seamless

Easily sending images, documents, videos and other files to individuals or the whole group keeps relevant information at everyone’s fingertips.

This facilitates presenting key data unlike email attachments.

Make file sharing silly by distributing funny photos, gifs and memes during meetings to prompt smiles!

Shared access tactic sheets could even help teams conquer those escape room puzzles.

13. Live Captions Boost Clarity

Zoom’s live transcription feature toggles captions automatically in real time during meetings, converting speech to on-screen text.

This tool heightens engagement, understanding, and inclusivity.

Attendees can read any points they missed hearing for catch up. Concepts also become graspable through this multi-sensory approach. Those with auditory issues benefit greatly too.

Captioning assists with retaining information especially well during training seminars or workshops.

Play back recorded transcripts later for recaps. Searchability of key discussions also becomes easier for future reference based on transcripts.

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14. Games and Trivia Add Friendly Competition

Incorporating web-based games, quizzes and trivia sparks fun competition and laughter during video meetings.

Gameshow style apps like Kahoot, JeopardyLabs and Wheel of Fortune integrate seamlessly with Zoom through screensharing.

Test knowledge of company history, policies or industry topics in lively formats with leaderboards tracking scores.

Pander to pop culture too! Family Feud, Heads Up charades, or Name That Tune style rounds create plenty of lighthearted moments allowing everyone’s silly side to emerge.

Scavenger hunts transition smoothly online by screensharing item collections gathered from home offices in a time crunch.

Award points for speed and creativity. Random name generators picking presenters also keeps things lively.

15. Virtual Tours as Digital Field Trips

Why not temporarily escape the office by taking your distributed teams on virtual tours using Zoom?

Cultural trips exploring far flung museums, landmarks and destinations expose colleagues to inspirational ideas, perspectives and conversations sparking creativity.

Visit Google’s free Arts & Culture site offering online journeys through acclaimed collections globally like The British Museum.

Share travel dreams and bucket lists as you virtually roam together.

Tourism boards and travel groups often host free livestreams providing insider views of captivating locations too like vineyards, African safaris and behind the scenes at NASA.

16. Expert Guest Speaker Events

Guest speakers serve as online events allowing employees across multiple locations to gather jointly without difficult schedule coordination thanks to Zoom.

  • Experts lecturing on topics like leadership, mindfulness, neuroscience and more educate and motivate teams.
  • Product demo meetings exhibit vendor offerings.
  • Fireside chats with executives build company unity.
  • Positive psychology author and Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos explaining the scientific keys to happiness makes for an uplifting session.
  • Panel talks diversity issues prove meaningful.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these numerous examples showcase how engaging and enjoyable Zoom meetings can become with a little innovation.

Boosting participation, team building, productivity, morale, and inclusivity don’t necessitate complex tech solutions.

Simply utilizing creative concepts already easily accessible on handy apps like Zoom, and thinking outside the box, transforms online collaboration.


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