🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

webinar marketing

Got Webinar? How to Effectively Utilize Webinar Marketing

Webinar marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience and generate leads.

Imagine hosting a dynamic event attracting hundreds of engaged prospects without having to even leave your office or studio. 

What if you could instantly expand your reach and credibility while nurturing leads seamlessly through your sales funnel?

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, small business owner or Fortune 500 marketer, leveraging webinars can skyrocket your results. 

This comprehensive guide will show you how to maximize your webinar marketing ROI, from driving registrations to executing interactive presentations to converting viewers into loyal customers.

With webinar adoption skyrocketing, now is the time to capitalize on this high-impact digital format and take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

Don’t leave this effective strategy untapped!

How to Market Your Webinar Successfully

Marketing your webinar effectively takes careful planning and promotion across multiple channels. 

Set Clear Goals

As with any marketing initiative, you need to start by defining your webinar goals

Potential webinar goals include:

  • Generate leads
  • Nurture existing leads through the sales funnel
  • Educate customers
  • Create brand awareness
  • Promote a product or service
  • Generate engagement on social media
  • Build authority and thought leadership

Your goals will shape many aspects of your webinar, from topic choice to length to promotional strategies. 

Identifying specific, measurable goals is key to determining ROI.

Identify Your Target Audience

Once you determine your webinar goals, identify who your target audience is. 


  • What is their industry?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What topics would interest them?
  • Where do they congregate online?

Understanding your target audience will ensure you create relevant content that resonates. Their interests and needs should guide your webinar topic selection.

Choose an Intriguing Topic

A group of people attending a webinar and examining a computer screen.

Your webinar topic is critical for attracting registrants. 

Brainstorm topics that align with your audience’s interests and your goals. 

Topics should be educational, offer solutions, and relate to audience pain points.

Some effective webinar topic strategies include:

  • Case studies or success stories
  • Industry research findings
  • Step-by-step guides and tutorials
  • Q&A with industry experts
  • Comparison of products/services
  • Trends or predictions

Choose a compelling title using power words like “How To” or “Guide to”.

Intriguing titles attract more registrations.

Craft Valuable Content

Your webinar content itself must engage viewers and provide value. 

Use these content creation tips:

  • Provide actionable takeaways. Attendees expect practical tips they can implement immediately. Actionable advice is engaging and keeps viewers watching.
  • Make it visual. Webinars are a visual medium. Use software like PowerPoint to make engaging slides with photos, infographics, videos etc.
  • Leverage multimedia. Videos, gifs and audio clips add interactive elements to break up slides.
  • Have a clear structure. Follow a logical flow with an introduction, body and summary/Q&A sections. Signpost transitions between topics.
  • Keep it concise. Attention spans online are short. Avoid information overload. Summarize key takeaways frequently.
  • Add personality. Share relevant personal anecdotes and stories to connect with your audience.

Craft content tailored to your viewers that provides real value. 

That value will convert viewers into loyal customers.

Promote Your Webinar

A woman is sitting at a desk conducting a webinar with a camera in front of her for marketing purposes.

Promoting your webinar is critical for registration numbers. 

Spread awareness across these marketing channels:

Email Marketing

  • Send a “save the date” email 1-2 months before the webinar. Include key details like date, time, topic and speakers.
  • Follow up regularly with additional topic details and speaker bios.
  • Send reminder emails 1 week out and the morning of the webinar.

Social Media Marketing

  • Post webinar details and teasers on all social platforms.
  • Run paid campaigns on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter targeting your ideal audience.
  • Ask partners and influencers to share your webinar posts to expand reach.

Website Promotion

  • Add webinar details in header/footer navigation bars and sidebars.
  • Create a dedicated webinar landing page (more details below).
  • Prominently display the registration form or link throughout your site.

External Directories

Spreading awareness through multiple channels ensures maximum registrations.

Now let’s dig deeper into two critical components – creating landing pages and utilizing email marketing.

Creating Effective Webinar Landing Pages

Your webinar landing page is often the first touchpoint for potential registrants.

An optimized landing page is critical for converting website visitors into attendees.

Lead With the Webinar Title

Your title and sub-headline should be prominently displayed at the top of the page. 

Spark interest by highlighting the benefits attendees will gain. 

For example:

“How to Triple Your Social Media Followers in 6 Months [Webinar]”

Include an Eye-Catching Visual

A bar graph showcasing the remarkable growth achieved by a company through effective webinar marketing.

Relevant images attract attention and convey what the webinar is about. 

Use stock photos, custom graphics, your speakers’ headshots or your event logo. 

Images break up text and engage visitors.

Summarize Key Details

Under your title and image, succinctly explain your webinar’s topic, speakers, date/time and key takeaways. 

Help visitors quickly decide if the webinar aligns with their needs and interests.

Promote Speakers' Expertise

Build credibility by showcasing short speaker bios highlighting their expertise and achievements. 

Trusted leaders attract more sign-ups.

Add Social Proof

Include testimonials from past attendees or client logos to build trust in your webinar content. 

Past success convinces visitors to register.

Make Your CTA Clear

The most important element is your call-to-action (CTA) for visitors to register. 

Make your CTA button/link stand out through size, color, and placement. 

Avoid vague phrases like “Learn More”, instead use action-driven phrases like “Register Now”.

Include Engaging Branding

Use colors, fonts, and images that align with your overall brand identity. 

Materials should look professional and credible.

An effective landing page seamlessly leads visitors through your sales funnel and convinces them to register on the spot.

Promoting Webinars Through Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective channels for promoting your webinar. 

But simply blasting one mass email is not enough. 

You need a strategic sequence of emails to generate buzz and drive registrations.

Send Initial "Save the Date" Emails

Send the first email announcing webinar details as soon as logistics are set. 

Give attendees time to schedule it, usually 1-2 months out. 


  • Add webinar details in header/footer navigation bars and sidebars.
  • Create a dedicated webinar landing page (more details below).
  • Prominently display the registration form or link throughout your site.

Keep text brief. You just want to spark initial interest.

Send Follow-Up Emails Expanding on Details

when to send webinar emails

In the weeks leading up to your webinar, send a series of emails providing more details that encourage sign-ups. 

Dedicated emails could cover:

  • Agenda and key takeaways
  • Speaker bios/interviews
  • Case studies you’ll feature
  • Q&A with speakers

Send Regular Reminder Emails

Use reminder emails to keep your webinar top of mind. 

Send reminders 1 week out and the morning of the event.

In reminder emails recapping quick details like time, include further CTAs to register for those who haven’t yet.

Send "Last Chance" Emails

On the final 1-2 days before the webinar, send urgent “Last Chance to Register” emails to spark FOMO. 

Emphasize seats are limited to prompt stragglers.

Segment Audiences

Consider segmenting your email lists based on past engagement and interest. Send more frequent or detailed emails to already engaged subscribers.

Email sequencing builds anticipation, engages your audience, and prompts registrations. 

Now let’s dive into executing a stellar webinar.

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Hosting Engaging and Interactive Webinars

Your marketing efforts have paid off and attendees are showing up – now it’s time to deliver a webinar that converts viewers into leads. 

Have Relevant Slides

Avoid dense text-heavy slides. Use images, graphics, videos and minimal text to reinforce key points. 

Leave ample white space.

Ensure any text is large enough to read on various devices.

Follow Your Agenda

Keep the webinar organized by sticking to your pre-planned agenda and time limits. 

Give clear signposts as you transition between topics.

Practice Your Script

Whether scripting word-for-word or just key talking points, thorough preparation ensures smooth delivery. 

Practice to refine your pacing, tone and transitions.

Poll Your Audience

zoom poll

Interactive polls keep viewers attentive by breaking up slides. 

Launch 1-2 polls asking about your attendees’ needs and pain points to reinforce relevance.

Use Chat Function

If available on your webinar platform, prompt attendees to ask questions or make comments in the chat window. 

Keep an eye on the chat to acknowledge people directly.

Manage Q&A

Plan 5-10 minutes for an open mic Q&A session. Repeat and summarize questions before answering for the full audience’s benefit.

Limit Presenter Changes

For multi-speaker panels, limit transitions between presenters. 

Each speaker change risks technical difficulties or dead air losing audience attention.

Check the Tech

Do dry runs testing slide transitions, videos, screen sharing etc. to catch any technical glitches ahead of time. 

Marketing is wasted if the webinar has technical issues.

Delivering an engaging, polished presentation keeps attendees tuned in and converts them down the sales funnel.

Lead Nurturing Post-Webinar

Your work doesn’t end once the final webinar slide hits. 

Effective follow-up is crucial for converting leads.

Send a Thank You Email

follow up email

Immediately after your webinar, send an email thanking everyone for attending. 


  • Webinar recording link
  • Link to download slide deck/resources
  • Survey for feedback
  • Offer to answer additional questions

This shows attendees you value them and keeps your brand top of mind.

Share the Recording

Upload your webinar recording to channels like YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Share the link prominently on your website and in follow-up emails.

This allows those who missed the live event to still view the content and become leads.

Segment Your Follow-Up

  • Send most engaged attendees content upgrades like exclusive articles, ebooks or coupon codes.
  • For moderately engaged leads, send additional educational resources related to the webinar topic.
  • For least engaged leads, simply continue email newsletters or promotions.

Tailored follow-up is more meaningful.

Develop Nurturing Sequences

Work new leads through your sales funnel by promoting other offers in sequenced autoresponder emails.

For example:

  • 3 days after webinar, send ebook related to topic
  • 1 week after, extend exclusive coupon code
  • 2 weeks after, invite to exclusive Q&A call
  • 1 month after, offer membership to online course

Automated nurturing keeps your brand top of mind until leads convert to customers.

Monitor and Tweak

Pay attention to engagement analytics across follow-up content. Refine your sequences to maximize future conversion rates.

Proper follow-up technique turns one-time webinar attendees into loyal customers. 

Don’t neglect this critical step.

Measuring Webinar ROI

While a webinar takes significant effort upfront, you need to track metrics to determine total ROI.

Registration to Attendance Rate

Compare total registrations to actual attendees.

A low turnout rate indicates poor interest despite sign-ups

Refine topics and promotion for future webinars.

Attendee Acquisition Cost

Add up all marketing expenses like ads. Divide this by the number of registrants to see your cost to acquire each attendee. 

Strive to lower this cost over time as you refine strategies.

Attendee Contact Information

Tally the number of new leads generated and the quality of their contact details. 

More detailed information like phone, company and job title has higher value.

Audience Engagement

Analytics provide data on audience involvement, including poll participation, chat comments, and Q&A questions. 

High engagement equals valuable content.

Webinar Recording Views

Track views and engagement metrics for your webinar recording on sites like YouTube. 

Continued visibility after the live event extends your ROI.

Social Shares

Count social mentions and shares during and after the webinar.

This shows how much your content resonated with attendees.

Post-Webinar Conversion Rates

Analyze sales or email click-throughs resulting from webinar follow-up promotions. 

This demonstrates the revenue generated.

Customer Satisfaction Scores

Survey attendees on satisfaction level and net promoter scores. 

High marks indicate you provided value and built brand loyalty.

Monitoring metrics gives you data to refine and maximize your future webinar marketing performance.

Webinar Marketing Best Practices

Let’s recap some of the key tips covered for optimizing your webinar marketing strategy.

Promote Across Multiple Channels

Spread the word on all marketing channels – email, social media, SEO, PPC, and more. 

Blanketing all touchpoints ensures maximum sign-ups.

Offer Incentives to Register

Giveaways, exclusive content or prizes for registering boosts sign-up rates. 

Discounts for sharing with friends also expand reach.

Keep Reminder Emails Brief

Reminder emails should be short and to the point. 

Include only key details like date, time and registration link along with a prominent CTA.

Funnel in Paid Traffic

As the webinar approaches, increase paid ads across platforms directing traffic specifically to the landing page. 

Paid ads ensure you hit registration goals.

Use Attention-Grabbing Visuals

It bears repeating: images representing your content help your webinar stand out from competitors. 

Strong visuals also boost social engagement.

Promote Limited Availability

Note seats are limited or closing soon adds exclusivity and urgency that boosts conversions. 

But make sure you have scalable capacity.

Add Webinar to Email Signatures

A simple addition to email signatures of presenters and organizers drives incremental registrations.

Follow Up Promptly

Starting follow-up emails immediately after the webinar keeps you top of mind while the experience is fresh. 

Quick follow-up capitalizes on excitement.

Learn From the Data

Use attendee analytics to refine your webinar strategy over time. 

Experiment with different marketing approaches, content formats and follow-up cadences.

Consistent optimization ensures each webinar outperforms the last, maximizing the return on your marketing investment.

The software platform you use to host your webinar is crucial for a seamless viewer experience. 


Zoom is likely the most ubiquitous and full-featured webinar platform. 

Benefits include:

  • Intuitive interface and easy registration
  • Robust video quality for presenters and participants
  • Support for up to 10,000 attendees
  • Polling, Q&A and chat features to boost engagement
  • Detailed analytics like attention tracking
  • Ability to record and download webinars for repurposing

With a free basic plan and affordable upgrades, it’s easy to see why Zoom is a top choice.


GoToWebinar pioneered the webinar software space. 

Notable features include:

  • Easy registration integration with landing pages
  • Up to 5,000 attendees in HD video
  • Custom reporting and lead management
  • Recurring webinar series support
  • Automated onboarding sequences
  • 24/7 customer support

While more costly than competitors, it remains a robust option.


Demio positions itself as an intuitive, all-in-one alternative. Benefits include:

  • Simple interface requiring minimal training
  • Automated scheduling and custom registration forms
  • High-quality video optimized for engagement
  • Flexible pricing tiers for any budget
  • Ability to white label and fully brand webinars
  • Deep analytics like dropout points

For folks wanting simplicity without compromise, Demio is worth considering.


As the name implies, WebinarNinja aims to offer ultimate convenience. 

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop creation
  • One-click webinar automation options
  • Single centralized dashboard
  • Built-in email and landing page tools
  • Custom monetization options like paid replays
  • Native integrations with platforms like Mailchimp

WebinarNinja aims to help marketers execute webinars seamlessly end-to-end.

While the options abound, any platform allowing you create a polished, professional and interactive experience for attendees is a winner.

Hiring Webinar Marketing Agencies

While DIY webinars provide full control, hiring marketing professionals can elevate your events. 

Increased Reach

Agencies have existing promotional channels and large opt-in email lists built over years. Tapping into their network gives instant access to more potential registrants.

Better Execution

Experienced agencies know how to seamlessly execute all the moving pieces of webinars, like technology, staffing, and multi-channel promotion. 

Their expertise means no rookie mistakes.

More Robust Analytics

Agencies utilize enterprise-level analytics tools that offer granular tracking lacking in basic platforms. Their insights optimize future marketing efforts.

Custom Design Elements

Agencies have in-house graphic designers to create customized and branded design assets like invites, ads, and countdown timers that look polished and professional.

Lead Generation Expertise

Webinar agencies specialize in utilizing tactics and funnels aimed specifically at converting viewers into high-quality sales leads for follow-up.

Managed Services

Agencies offer turnkey, managed webinar services with dedicated staff handling all aspects like booking speakers, promotion, technology, and follow-up.

While costs are higher than solo efforts, you gain access to expanded reach and expertise that can elevate branding and results.

Some top webinar marketing agencies include:

We & Goliath

We’re top spot on our list, of course!

That’s because We & Goliath has been pioneering digital campaign marketing since 1999, focusing on virtual and hybrid events for diverse clients from global companies to non-profits. 

Our unique approach combines smart strategies, eye-catching designs, and expert marketing to create memorable virtual experiences, ensuring we lead in this space. 

We excel at significantly increasing event attendance, often doubling or even quadrupling previous figures. 

You can read more about our work here.


InXpo builds fully branded and customized webinar experiences with services like creative design, production management and technology execution.


WebAttract combines webinar project management with automated marketing services like email nurturing, website visitors tracking, SEO, and paid advertising.


BizCast offers strategic ” Done For You” webinars. Their all-inclusive packages include topic ideation, promotion across paid/owned/earned channels, legal compliance, and follow up lead conversion.

Whether handling promotion or technical execution, agencies become an extension of your marketing team to most effectively capitalize on webinars.

Let’s explore some key statistics that demonstrate the power and popularity of webinars.

High Demand

  • The global webinar market reached over $1 billion as of 2023, showing big growth and demand for this medium.
  • This market likely keeps growing over the next 10+ years, pointing to more adoption of webinars.
  • Almost all organizations see webinars as vital for their marketing, showing how widely used they are.

Webinar adoption continues growing as audiences seek interactive digital events.

Strong ROI

  • 73% of marketers believe webinars generate quality leads, indicating how well they attract customers.
  • Over 1/3 of B2B marketers see webinars as key for content marketing success, affirming their value.
  • Almost half of webinar viewers become customers, with even higher rates for some webinar types in 2023. This showcases their strong payback.

The data consistently shows webinars are a top performer for generating and nurturing leads.

Large Audiences

  • 40-50% of invited people attend webinars, suggesting broad reach and engagement.
  • Almost half of webinar views happen in the 10 days after, indicating ongoing audience reach after the live event.

Webinars allow connecting with more prospects in one event than possible in-person.

Content Consumption

  • Almost half of webinar views occur within ten days after, highlighting the continued relevance of webinar content.

Webinar content generates value long after the initial event concludes.


  • Q&A is frequently used in webinars, with 78% usage, underlining the importance of interactiveness in these events.

Interactive elements boost participant involvement and subsequent sales conversions.

As webinars mature in sophistication, marketers must stay on top of trends and data to maximize results. Consistent optimization is key to staying ahead of competitors.

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