🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Digital Organizing – Cutting-Edge Methods to Maximize Your Impact Online (Interview)

Interview: Daniel & Michelle share from 20 years of experience in digital marketing to help organizers use the latest technology to level the playing field.

In Dec 2019, We & Goliath helped grassroots organizer and strategist Jay Ponti launch the Be the Revolution Online Summit.

Here, Jay interviews us, Daniel Moss and Michelle Garrison, Co-Founders of We & Goliath, as we share our 20 years of experience in digital marketing to help organizers use the latest technology to level the playing field.

This interview was originally aired Dec 16, 2019, on https://summit.betherevolution.us/

Watch it now:

Here’s one live comment we received: 

“Thanks for doing this! I think Marketing can feel like a dirty word when talking about promoting causes. It can feel really forced and manipulative. Some ways you guys address this that I really appreciated were – the way you talked about structuring polls and information gathering campaigns as a way to listen to your audience and show empathy. How the internet enhances face to face campaign efforts – it doesn’t replace them. The time you guys spent on the theme of authenticity and how important it is to maintain it. Finally, your touches on the great hack, the horrific abuse of data and our moral obligation to protect that in the future. I think it’s incredibly important to approach marketing respectfully and I super appreciate that you guys are finding the balance between ethical and effective.” 

Jay was continually impressed that we have a marketing tool for every occasion and asked if we’d put together a free ebook with some of our favorite tools.

So, we’re happy to introduce to you:


Our internal list of all the tools we use and recommend to clients and friends to save time and money while running highly effective online campaigns. Includes how nonprofits can get $10k free in ad spend per month and other free and discounted marketing software. 


Tell us about your ideas and goals for an online summit or conference … we’ll answer any burning questions about your event planning and strategy and see if we’re a good fit to work together.


You do good work in the world. We help it reach more people. With 20+ years of battle-tested digital strategies, let us be your secret weapon.

Our lead strategists, Daniel, Michelle, and Jay, each have decades of experience producing and marketing hundreds of online and in-person events for grassroots organizations. 

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