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13 Inspiring Company Charity Ideas for Your Business

There are numerous ways for businesses to engage in charitable initiatives. These efforts not only make a positive impact on the community but also foster employee engagement and team building.

Giving back to the community and supporting charitable causes is becoming increasingly important for companies today.

With rising expectations from consumers and employees for businesses to be socially responsible, having a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy is no longer optional.

Implementing charity initiatives provides an opportunity for companies to do some good while simultaneously boosting employee morale, brand reputation and even the bottom line.

Creative Corporate Fundraising Ideas for Extraordinary Impact

If you’re looking for inspirational and creative corporate fundraising ideas for your business, here are 13 amazing charity initiatives to consider.

1. Host a Charity Auction

A company charity event featuring a group of people holding up number signs.

One of the most common and effective company fundraisers is organizing a charity auction.

This is a fantastic way to raise money for a nonprofit partner while bringing your team together for a fun event.

Some tips for planning a successful charity auction at your office include:

  • Partner with a charity your employees care about. This could be a local organization or a national charity. Get employees involved in selecting the beneficiary.
  • Decide what type of auction to hold. You can do a silent auction with bidding sheets, a live auction with an emcee, or an online auction. Each format has pros and cons.
  • Obtain donated auction items. Reach out to vendors, clients, and business contacts for products, services, gift cards, and experiences to auction off. Set a fundraising goal to know how many items you need.
  • Promote the event. Advertise the auction through email, your company newsletter, social media, posters in the office and word-of-mouth. Share pictures of featured auction items to generate excitement.
  • Set up the venue properly. Have bid sheets at each silent auction display along with pen and descriptive information. Number each item and use matching bid sheets. For live auctions, arrange seating facing the presentation area and have bid paddles ready.
  • Encourage employees to invite friends and family to participate and spread the word. This helps maximize funds raised.
  • If possible, provide food, drinks and entertainment like music to create a lively ambiance.
  • Have a selection of employee volunteers or hire auctioneer to manage live auction portions.
  • Accept payment via cash, credit cards, checks or debit cards.

An office charity auction is a failproof idea to bring your team together for a common cause while raising money for charity partner.

2. Organize a Charity Talent Show

A charity talent show is a fun and interactive way to fundraise while discovering the hidden talents of your coworkers. 

It’s a great team building activity and a chance for employees to showcase their skills for a good cause.

Here are some tips for organizing a successful office talent show fundraiser:

  • Decide on a date, time, location and secure any necessary equipment for the show. AUDITORIUM, break room or conference room can work great.
  • Partner with a local charity and determine ticket pricing. All proceeds can go to the selected nonprofit.
  • Promote the show to employees and encourage sign ups to perform. You can create sign up sheets and have try outs if needed.
  • Acts can include singing, dancing, comedy, poetry, juggling, magic tricks or any type of performance. Offer prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  • Sell tickets to employees leading up to the event. This is a great team activity to boost camaraderie through friendly competition.
  • On event day, transform the office into a talent show venue using decorations, concessions, and any needed AV equipment.
  • Create an event program listing performer names and act details. Have judges score acts and award prizes.
  • Consider charging an entry fee for spectators and participants. This will further increase charitable contributions.

An office talent show fundraising event combines fun and fundraising for a meaningful charitable partnership.

3. Organize a Charity 5K Run/Walk

A group of people running in a charity race.

Hosting a 5K run/walk is an excellent way to fundraise while promoting employee health and wellness. 

It’s ideal for companies wanting to partner with charities focused on a cause related to health, animals or overcoming disease.

Planning considerations for a charity 5K run/walk include:

  • Research local venues suitable for a 5K route. Parks and open community spaces are great options. Handle any permits, insurance or agreements to secure the location.
  • Set an event date and start promoting early through email, social media, flyers and office posters. Include event registration details. Offer discounted early bird pricing to incentivize sign ups.
  • Allow employees to form corporate teams and challenge other companies for participation trophies. Having team captains encourage colleagues to join the fun.
  • Choose desired charity partner and determine if funds will come from entry fees, pledges, sponsorships or a combination. Enable online fundraising through a dedicated event page.
  • Arrange for race day necessities like bibs, timers, a sound system, water stations, and snacks for finishers. Recruit employee volunteers.
  • Add a wellness expo with healthy living vendors to attract more participants and spectators.
  • Invite the charity partner for a formal check presentation at the 5K award ceremony. Recognize top performers.
  • Share photos and videos from the event afterwards to maintain momentum for future initiatives. Collect feedback for improvement.

Corporate 5k runs are great for showcasing your company’s community spirit, passion for wellness and commitment to charitable causes.

Employees can have fun while getting fit for a good purpose.

4. Organize a Corporate Olympics Event

For companies that want to add more competitiveness and games to their charity initiatives, hosting a Corporate Olympics is an excellent option. 

This can take place as a one-day tournament or a week-long event with daily activities. 

Ideas include:

  • Pick a fun Olympic-style team name and create logos, shirts and banners
  • Opening and closing ceremonies with award presentations
  • Popular “sports” like tug-of-war, hula hoop relay, balloon stomp, egg race, wheelbarrow race, tricycle races, and water balloon toss
  • Office-specific activities like filing sprint, cubicle chair curling, printer tray sled race, or wastebasket free throw contest
  • Charge teams an entry fee with proceeds benefiting chosen charities
  • Additional fundraising through corporate sponsorships and Olympic themed raffles
  • Food trucks or snack stations to add to the festival environment
  • Prizes for the winning department, individual, and spirit teams
  • Post-event trophy case displaying medals, photos and accomplishments

For a Corporate Olympics, creativity is key. 

Have employees vote on favorite activities and incorporate activities spanning various athletic abilities.

5. Coordinate a Charity Car Wash

Two young girls holding signs in front of a car at a company charity event.

During warmer months, a charity car wash is a straight-forward, easy-to-execute fundraising event perfect for businesses wanting a quick win for employee engagement and charitable donations.

Here are some tips for organizing a successful company car wash fundraiser:

  • Select a date and reserve supplies – sign up sheets, sponges, buckets, hoses, extension cords, towels, cleaning solution, trash bags and signage. Pick a location with visibility, parking and access to water.
  • Partner with a charity focused on a cause that resonates with employees, such as veterans programs, children’s hospitals or homelessness initiatives.
  • Promote the event through email, social media, flyers and word of mouth. Highlight how donations will support the charity and incentivize participation.
  • Have employee volunteers sign up for shifts and responsibilities like marketing, cash handling, supply set-up/clean-up and car washing.
  • On the day-of, set out directional signage and have volunteers wave signs near traffic to attract interest from passersby. Assign 2-4 employees per vehicle.
  • Use assembly line approach with soap, rinse, hand wash and dry stations. Add entertainment like music.
  • Determine pricing per vehicle in advance. Accept payment via cash, credit/debit cards and mobile wallets. Provide receipts.
  • Set a fundraising goal and monitor progress during the day. Add in opportunities like donated raffle prizes or special upgrades to boost donations.
  • Share event photos and the total amount raised with employees afterwards. Send thank you message to volunteers.

With thoughtful coordination, a charity car wash enables employees to roll up their sleeves for a good cause while raising funds and awareness for charity partner.

6. Organize a Company Walking Challenge

Company walking challenges are gaining popularity for their ease of coordination and medley of wellness and charitable benefits. 

The concept is simple – employees form teams and use smart devices like FitBits to track steps, with the winning team earning a donation for their charity partner.

Benefits include:

  • Boosts daily employee movement and reinforces healthy habits
  • Fosters office camaraderie and friendly team competition
  • Raises money for charity through entry fees, pledges and sponsorships
  • Allows employees to choose a cause they’re personally passionate about supporting

Key steps for planning a corporate walking challenge include:

  • Deciding on challenge duration, parameters and scoring
  • Promoting through email, intranet, posters and team captains
  • Recruiting participation through sign-up sheets and ‘trash talk’ company videos
  • Tracking steps via synchronized devices or manual log-in
  • Adding elements like weekly bonuses and raffle prizes for engagement
  • Celebrating top teams with awards and donating earnings to selected charities

With flexibility on design, company walking challenges check all the boxes for an easy employee wellness initiative that also raises money for charity. 

The competitive and collaborative spirit boosts camaraderie as well.

7. Sponsor a Charity Sporting Event

Companies wanting to level up both brand awareness and fundraising through sports have an ideal option – sponsoring a charity running event, golf tournament or other sports competition

These events attract participants and donors while showcasing businesses as socially responsible.

Popular charity sporting events like marathons, bike races, fun runs, golf tournaments, basketball tournaments and even video game competitions partner with corporate sponsors to raise money for associated causes.

Benefits for corporate sponsors include:

  • Branding presence on all event collateral including t-shirts, banners, emails, website and day-of signage
  • VIP invitations for company leaders to attend kickoff events, award ceremonies and hospitality areas
  • Option to form corporate teams to participate side-by-side with sponsored charity
  • Social media highlights and features from organization
  • Positive community PR and employee engagement
  • Ticket packages for employees to attend spectator elements
  • Hospitality tent or viewing box for race day entertainment
  • Speaking opportunities at awards ceremony
  • Logo inclusion on bibs, medals and event gear

While sponsorships require a financial commitment, the amplified brand exposure, goodwill and team building opportunities make it an impactful investment.

Popular sponsorship options include Title Sponsor, Presenting Sponsor, T-shirt Sponsor or Bib Sponsor at various donation tiers appropriate for any budget.

Aligning your brand with a charity sporting event enables greater fundraising for the nonprofit partner while showcasing your company as a socially-conscious business partner.

Easy starting packages • Advanced options • Proven results

8. Organize a Virtual Charity Tournament

For companies wanting creativity, interactivity and healthy competition in their charity initiatives, organizing a virtual charity video game, board game or game show tournament is a fantastic option.

Virtual tournaments allow employees to safely participate in teams from their own desks for a good cause.

Consider these tips to orchestrate an entertaining virtual charity tournament:

  • Select format – popular options include Jeopardy-style quiz shows, Family Feud games, Scrabble tournaments, MarioKart or Fortnite competitions.
  • Choose an online platform like Twitch or Discord to host and stream the event.
  • Form teams and promote tournament through email and digital signage. Share trash talk videos!
  • Consider entry fee with proceeds benefiting a charity partner. Or obtain sponsors.
  • On tournament day, have participants log in 10 minutes early for practice and instructions.
  • For multi-day events, host matches at the same time every day or week. Save championships for Fridays.
  • Maintain an online leaderboard that’s updated after each round. Talk up legends in the making.
  • End with an awards ceremony recognizing the winning team, MVP player and top fundraisers.
  • Share highlights video and images on social media afterwards.

Virtual tournaments enable remote employees to connect through online games while fundraising for charity.

The competitive fun brings out their passionate team spirit too!

9. Coordinate a Virtual Walk, Run or Bike Race

A woman wearing headphones is riding a bike in front of a tv as part of a company charity initiative.

Companies looking for a remote-friendly physical activity fundraiser can organize a virtual run, walk, or bike race. 

Employees complete routes on their own and safely share the experience online. 

Popular charity partnerships include food banks, health organizations and hospitals.

Tips for orchestrating a successful virtual race include:

  • Select a date with at least 6 weeks lead time for promotion
  • Enable online registration and fundraising pages for teams and individuals
  • Promote via email, intranet, social media, virtual posters and team captains
  • Share training tips and route recommendations to create excitement
  • Set up online leaderboard to track participation, mileage and fundraising
  • Maintain enthusiasm with motivational messages from executives
  • Incorporate virtual elements like custom race bibs, finisher’s certificates and swag bags
  • Host Instagram livestreams, Spotify playlists and Zoom happy hours to engage remote participants
  • Recognize top performers with online awards ceremonies

Virtual run/walk/bike races enable safe participation while raising funds and awareness for charity partners. 

10. Organize a Virtual Charity Concert

Combining technology with performing arts enables businesses to coordinate online charity concerts showcasing employee talents while raising funds for nonprofit partners.

Consider these tips for orchestrating an entertaining virtual charity concert:

  • Partner with a charity that connects to causes valued by your workforce – education, hospitals, social justice, etc.
  • Choose a virtual platform like Twitch, TikTok or Instagram Live to host the concert and collect donations.
  • Promote your online concert through emails, digital signage and social media using event hashtag.
  • Share employee performer submissions and vote on a talent lineup.
  • Consider categories like vocals, instruments, dance, comedy, magic, and special guests.
  • Recruit colleagues to assist with streaming, soundchecks, emcee duties and IT support.
  • On concert day, have performers and hosts arrive early for rehearsals and soundchecks.
  • Send event reminder with performance order schedule and streaming link access.
  • During show, intersperse acts with charity partner videos and stories showing impact.
  • Maintain engagement through chat comments, follower polls and real-time interactions.
  • Share concert reactions plus total donated afterwards via email and social media.

Virtual concerts blend performing arts, streaming technology and fundraising to creatively engage employees for charity.

The team effort also strengthens camaraderie.

11. Coordinate a Corporate Bake Sale

A classic bake sale remains one of the easiest and most delicious ways for companies to fundraise while activating workplace camaraderie. Everyone loves sweets!

Tips for organizing an office charity bake sale include:

  • Select a high traffic area and date. Promote to employees via email, intranet and posters.
  • Recruit volunteer bakers and set pricing per item. Popular baked goods include cookies, cupcakes, brownies, bars, doughnuts, pies and candy.
  • Collect employee baked item donations and have them pre-packaged in eco-friendly containers or bags.
  • Set up the bake sale before or after standard lunch hours when foot traffic is steady.
  • Decorate the table and have a mix of employees staffing to engage colleagues. Promote items and incentivize larger purchases.
  • Consider contests for categories like Best Decorated, Best Tasting or Most Creative. Offer small prizes.
  • For larger companies, consider an interdepartmental bake-off competition for charity donations.
  • Enable easy payment collection through cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile wallets.
  • Share sales totals and winning baked good photos afterwards via email and intranet. Recognize employees.

Bake sales at work hit the sweet spot for easy coordination, yummy treats, fundraising dollars and camaraderie from shared baking efforts.

12. Organize a Charity Raffle

A company charity raffle event featuring an elegantly arranged table adorned with wine glasses and silverware.

Hosting a charity raffle is a simple way to fundraise while incentivizing employee participation through the chance to win fun prizes. 

Popular raffle offerings include gift cards, sports tickets, prizes donated by leadership, vacation days, parking spots and more.

Tips for coordinating a successful office charity raffle:

  • Obtain leadership approval for prizes like extra vacation days, parking spots, tickets or gift cards.
  • Solicit local organizations and stadiums for donation of tickets and tangible prizes.
  • Gather employee-donated prizes like handcrafted gift baskets, baked goods or services.
  • Determine ticket pricing – ex. $5 each or 5 for $20. Use ability to purchase raffle tickets online.
  • Promote the raffle through emails, posters, intranet announcements and social media. Share enticing prize details.
  • At lunch or during a special event, bring festivity by pulling raffle tickets and announcing winners for each prize.
  • Consider extra elements like selling food, if an in-person event, or offering 50/50 split drawings to increase donations.
  • Draw names on FB Live or YouTube to enable virtual engagement.
  • Announce the total donated to charity partner and share winning photos on social media.

Pro Tip: Schedule the raffle drawing on a positive day – like company anniversary or start of summer weekend. 

The buzz and variability of prizes keeps the fundraiser engaging for employees.

Charity raffles offer easy coordination and big fundraising potential with the right prizes that inspire participation.

13. Organize a Charity Art Exhibition

Companies wanting to infuse creativity into their charity initiatives can organize an office art exhibition fundraiser displaying and selling employee artwork. 

Besides raising money for charity, it cultivates workplace culture.

Consider these tips when planning a corporate art show fundraiser:

  • Select date and promote the event through email, posters and intranet. Include submission details and guidelines.
  • Recruit an employee committee to collect submissions, choose artwork for exhibition and curate displays.
  • Source office wall space and partitions to display artwork. Rent easels and supplies as needed.
  • Encourage broad participation from employees and set reasonable pricing for each piece sold. Determine charity partner.
  • Curate exhibition stations by themes like photography, paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures, and digital art.
  • Add signage with artist/piece info and branded exhibition details. Include payment instructions.
  • Host a lunchtime opening reception to drive traffic. Have artists discuss their pieces.
  • Keep exhibits up for 1-2 weeks. Send email reminders of closing date for buyers.
  • At closing, total up donations raised and pay artists pre-set amounts. Promote impact of dollars for charity.
  • Afterwards, share exhibited pieces and event photos on social media and company intranet.

Office art shows offer a fresh way to fundraise while uncovering hidden creative talents across an employee roster.

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