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🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Catchy names for virtual meetings.

Catchy Names for Virtual Meetings to Make Them Memorable

Spice up lackluster video calls through the psychological science of sticky naming—craft clever titles that spark intrigue, rally attention, and make virtual gatherings unforgettable.
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Bored by bland meeting names?

Virtual gatherings deserve devilishly clever christenings!

Too often organizers hastily slap generic labels on video conferences, webinars and remote rallies, broadcasting a dullness that detonates engagement.
But creative monikers matter, sparking intrigue and participation that sterile standbys like "Team Check-in" lack.This guide unpacks the psychology of sticky names, equipping you to concoct catchy titles for virtual events guaranteed to glimmer and sparkle long after attendees log off.

We’ll explore lively language, memorable messaging, artful alliteration and more mixing tips for blending smooth meeting names that slide off the tongue.

Master these naming techniques, and your next video call will shine as the can’t-miss happening of the hour instead of another tired time suck.

So release your inner wordsmith and let’s start stirring up some sensational christenings for your upcoming online gatherings!

Creative and Catchy Names for Virtual Meetings

Source: Turbo Future

In the age of video conferencing, coming up with creative and catchy names for your virtual meetings and events is an easy way to generate excitement and engagement.

A well-chosen moniker instantly communicates the purpose of the meeting and sets the tone for participants.

When crafting names, consider embracing humor, using clever plays on words, or incorporating popular cultural references that your attendees will recognize and appreciate.

Name Ideas that Capture the Topic or Purpose

Sometimes the priority is finding a name that conveys helpful context. Consider some of these examples:

  • Strategy Sync-Up
  • Goal Getters
  • Innovation Ideation
  • Culture Crew Check-In
  • Level Up Learning
  • Growth Summit

Aim for names that succinctly communicate the reason everyone is gathering virtually.

Short, benefit-focused names can pique interest and clarify the objective from the start.

Names that Reference the Virtual Format

Don’t be afraid to poke a little fun at the fact that you are meeting remotely.

Names with words like “virtual”, “online”, “Zoom”, “Teams”, etc. lightly acknowledge the digital format while keeping the tone upbeat.

Some ideas in this vein:

  • Virtual Visionaries
  • Webcam Warriors
  • Zooming to Success
  • Team of Teams
  • The Internet Innovators

Catchy & Clever Wordplay

Wordplay offers lots of fun opportunities to get creative with virtual meeting names.

Use alliterations, rhymes, puns, and other linguistic tricks to come up with memorable, smile-inducing options like:

  • Ideas & Insights Hour
  • Wild & Wacky Wednesday Workshop
  • Feedback Fiesta
  • Alliterative Afternoon Adventure
  • Lightning Talks & Lively Laughter Hour

Aim for names that roll off the tongue and put a smile on attendees’ faces.

Evocative & Engaging Adjectives

Don’t be afraid to pull out some exciting adjectives when naming your virtual gatherings.

Words like amazing, awesome, brilliant, dynamic, electric, epic, fabulous, fantastic, fun, ingenious, incredible, knockout, mind-blowing, spectacular, super, unbelievable, wonderful and wow can infuse meetings with energy from the first ping of the calendar invite.

Some examples:

  • Amazing Ideas Assembly
  • Brilliant Brainstorming Bonanza
  • Wow-Worthy Strategy Session
  • Epic Innovation Jam

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Ideas for Naming Virtual Team Gatherings

Beyond traditional team meetings and brainstorms, remote teams have special opportunities to connect through virtual social events, activities, workshops, and more.
While core objectives still center around team building, bonding, morale boosting and developing skills, the virtual setting allows companies to facilitate unique shared experiences even when employees are geographically dispersed.Coming up with creative names for these virtual team gatherings signals that they’ll be engaging, rewarding occasions. Below are tips and examples to spark ideas:

Themed Event Names

Theme your virtual team events around various topics from cooking classes to trivia nights for built-in name inspiration.

  • Cocktails & Mocktails Mixology Hour
  • Global Gourmet potluck
  • Literary Lovers Virtual Book Club
  • Laughter Yoga Class
  • Dance Dance Collaboration
  • Karaoke Kings & Queens

Kick things up a notch by adding adjectives like crazy, silly, wacky, zany or off-the-wall:

  • Crazy Character Karaoke Hour
  • Way-Out Wednesday Trivia
  • Wacky Wine & Cheese Tasting

Skill Building & Workshop Names

Virtual workshops focused on professional development, health, creativity and other enrichment offer lots of naming potential.

  • Level-Up Public Speaking Power Hour
  • Resilience Training Bootcamp
  • Imagination Activation Lab
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking Incubator

Use descriptive subtitles to further communicate the content and tone:

  • Innovation Workshop: Unleash Your Inner Visionary
  • Career Development Clinic: Craft a Stand-Out Story Workshop

Unique Social & Team Bonding Activity Names

Social and team bonding events merit playful, descriptive names that advertise the fun to come!

  • Scavenger Hunt Shenanigans
  • Outrageous Would-You-Rather Battle
  • Comedy Improv Face-Off
  • Wacky Talent Extravaganza
  • Offbeat Icebreaker Olympics

Don’t hold back on the creativity for virtual social gatherings where the goal is laughter, surprise and connection above all else.

Consistent Series Names

For regular virtual team events, develop a consistent naming convention, rhyme or alliteration scheme:

  • Wonderful Wednesday Wind-Downs
  • Thankful Thursday Talent Showcases
  • Fabulous Friday Fun Time

Rhyme and alliteration make connections in the brain, improving recall and recognition. This technique lends itself well to frequently recurring events.

Fun and Unique Names for Online Meetings

While many important meetings necessarily focus on bottom lines, workflows, metrics and other business objectives, sometimes injecting a little fun into the process makes the journey more enjoyable for all.

Not surprisingly, positive emotion and humor can boost creativity, camaraderie and engagement even in online business meetings.
So when naming your next online company check-in, strategy session, or ideation workshop, feel empowered to break from traditional, generic meeting names. Instead, get creative!Consider event titles like:

  • Adventure Ideas Expedition
  • Vision Quest Brainstorm Rumble
  • Imagination Tornado Strategy Slam
  • Epic Wins & Fails Feedback Frolic

Words like adventure, brainstorm, epic, expedition, feedback, ideation, imagination, innovation, quest, rumble, slam, strategy, tornado, vision, wins and workshop all spark images of excitement, collaboration and progress.

Blend and match these with energizing verbs and adverbs like blast, catalyze, ignite, rally, storm and turbo-charge for added oomph.

You can even name recurring meetings in spirit-boosting series like:

  • Monday Motivation Strategy Rally
  • Wednesday Wild Brainstorming Bonanza
  • Friday Forward-Thinking Innovation Fest

At the end of the stressful workweek teams can truly let loose during:

  • Friday Frolic FeedbackPalooza
  • Friday Fun-tastic Wins & Fails Sharefest

The networking remains productive, but disguising meetings as playful celebrations makes participation irresistible!

With the explosion of virtual gatherings replacing what used to occur in-person, taking some creative license with online meeting names builds buzz and keeps remote teams connected.

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Top Tips for Crafting Catchy Virtual Meeting Names 

While an artful moniker alone won’t guarantee meeting greatness, an evocative, memorable name sets the stage for success. Below are some top tips for christening virtual events:

Use Name Generators

When inspiration lags, let AI lend a hand!

Name generator tools can instantly crank out dozens if not hundreds of creative suggestions based on your input.

Experiment by entering different keywords like “virtual”, “online”, “teams”, “video”, “conference”, “meeting”, along with adjectives like “catchy”, “clever”, “engaging”.

Review the computer-generated options with your human judgment, saving contenders that genuinely make you smile.

The algorithms might produce some winners!

Crowdsource Wackiness

Who doesn’t enjoy a crowdsourcing contest?

Draft a few frontrunner ideas then invite attendees to propose their own crazy, clever or cool name suggestions.

Set guidelines around length, required words/themes, or naming approaches to spark fruitful brainstorms.

Sweeten participation by rewarding the winning idea with a small prize or recognition.

Name Different Meeting Types

Consider recurring meetings, special initiatives, projects and events as distinct entities when creating names.

For example, separate your:

  • Weekly team check-in meeting
  • Monthly all-hands status meeting
  • Quarterly strategy review offsite
  • Annual diversity training workshop

This allows tailoring naming to the unique purpose and vibe of each gathering.

Freshen Up Stale Meetings

Has your weekly budget review or monthly metrics meeting gone stale?

Infuse new energy by rebranding gatherings mired in monotony.

A title signaling the status quo like “March Budget Review” telegraphs boredom.

But spruce it up as the “Spring Financial Forecast Frolic & Feedback Festival” and suddenly there’s intrigue!

Name Virtual Icebreakers & Energizers

Remote meetings often launch right into agenda items, minimizing the social banter and camaraderie of in-person gatherings.

That’s why naming creative virtual icebreakers matters.

Front-load meetings with a “Humorous Highlight Reel Huddle” or “Hilarious Happenings Show & Tell” so peers can catch up casually first.

Unique & Memorable Names for Various Virtual Events

Beyond standard meetings and working sessions, creative names can energize any virtual gathering, spurring the kind of buzz and participation organizers covet.

Explore event type-specific ideas below as inspiration strikes:

Catchy Virtual Summit & Conference Names

For multi-day virtual events attracting hundreds or thousands of attendees, a memorable brand sets the stage for stellar programming ahead.

  • Visionary Thought Leaders Global Summit
  • Possibilities & Progress Conference
  • Brilliant Breakthroughs Symposium

Engaging Online Training, Course & Workshop Titles

Learning experiences merit uplifting names that spark enrollment.

  • Level Up Leadership Masterclass
  • Employee Engagement Bootcamp
  • Personality Strengths Workshop: Unleash Your Superpowers
  • Confidence Clinic: Public Speaking Power Hour
  • Manager Makeover 10x Program

Unique Virtual Social & Team Building Activity Names

Social gatherings aim for connection above all, so inject names with humor and inclusion:

  • Remote Water Cooler Roundup
  • Virtual hallway hellos
  • Socially Distant Social Club
  • Apart But Together Happy Hour

Catchy Virtual Event Campaign Hashtags

Hashtags representing multi-day conferences allow attendees to track content in real time:

  • VisionForward2022
  • PossibilitiesPlusConference

While brevity rings best for hashtags designed to trend on social media, don’t shy from infusing personality:

  • #MeetHeartsandMinds
  • #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine Summit

Titillating Virtual Fundraiser & Charity Event Names

Fundraising happenings balance seriousness of purpose with celebrations of generosity. Names should follow suit:

  • HopetoHealth Telethon
  • HelpOthers Dream Gala
  • GiveJoy Charity Ball

Electrifying Virtual Product Launch Celebrations

Product releases are monumental milestones powering hype generating names:

  • Innovation Unveiled: Live Launch
  • Possibilities Unlocked: Premiere Event

Generating Buzzworthy Virtual Event Names

Silhouette of a man at a concert.

Christening unforgettable virtual events merits elevating key branding elements that spell success:

Speak to Target Attendees

  • Who is your virtual event’s target demographic? Professionals? Creatives? Changemakers? Families? Seniors? Kids?
  • What messaging will compel them to participate and spread the word?

If directing a virtual film festival for university students, colloquial event naming could hit the mark through:

  • Sick Flicks on Campus

Whereas a virtual seminar on retirement planning for older adults warrants an elegant name like:

  • Golden Years: Joyful Futures Symposium

Bottom line: Branding should feel native to those you aim to gather, galvanize and serve.

Highlight Benefits

Attendees primarily care about WIIFM – what’s in it for me? Craft names telegraphing positive outcomes and transformation:

  • Find Your Voice: Public Speaking Virtual Summit
  • Leadership Leap Virtual Conference

This value-focused approach spotlights the favourable impact of participation.

Summarize Themes & Topics

Succinctly encapsulating central themes clarifies content at a glance:

  • Future of Work Symposium
  • DEI Strategies Summit

If your virtual gathering centers on a singular concept, let this shine through. For example, an event exploring kindness could be:

  • The Kindness Conference

Boiling down purpose to its essence works wonders.

Establish Tone

Fun, innovative, prestigious, academic, pioneering, supportive? Desiring adjectives help set expectations:

  • Trailblazing Tech Virtual Summit
  • Prestigious Professors Lecture Series
  • Visionary Thought Leaders Symposium

Use descriptors consistent with the experience you aim to orchestrate and the audience you intend to convene.

Illustrate Mode & Format

Detailing key logistics – multi-day conference, single seminar, recurring webinars, etc. – provides clarity upfront:

  • DEI Strategies 3-Day Summit
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence 5-Part Webinar Series

Transparency around format, style and setup supports self-selection, ensuring those registering know what they’re signing up for.

Memorability: Psychological Tips for Sticky Virtual Event Names

While assessing objective metrics like length and word types offers a starting point for crafting catchy names, understanding how humans mentally process language reveals deeper insights for sticking the landing on memorability.

Explore research-backed methods below for gluing your next virtual event name into attendees’ minds:

Rhyme & Repeat

Ever get an annoying tune stuck in your head days after hearing it?

Music and lyrics that rhyme enjoy similar stay power given how pleasing phonetic repetition becomes.

Names like “Innovate & Celebrate” or “Imagine & Examine Ideathon” employ rhyme to resonate.

Relatedly, alliteration fuses sticking power by repeating the same first letter or sound:

  • Jampacked July Jamboree
  • Outstandingly Optimistic Outlook Summit

Rhyming, repetition and alliteration act as mnemonic devices improving mental retention.

Concrete Over Abstract

Humans relate best to tangible ideas rooted in sensory details like sights, textures, sounds, smells.

Vague, conceptual names wash over us while concrete language conjures vivid mental images acting like psychological hooks.

  • Compare “Strategic Planning Conference” against “The VisionQuest Summit.”

The latter feels rife with texture, activity and intimacy. Strengthen virtual event names by incorporating concrete terms and lively verbs over flimsy abstractions.

Playful & Unexpected

Remember chasing the ice cream truck as a kid?

Those tunes still activate happy nostalgia because music unexpected in the environment grabs attention.

Same goes for playful surprises in otherwise serious meeting names.

Peppering in quirky humor, irony or wit tickles brains, winning recalled attention.

  • Mind-Blowing Idea Bonanza
  • Insanely Innovative Imagination Jam

Blending professional topics with playful language delights and disturbs thought patterns in memorable ways.

Real-World Examples: Catchy Virtual Event Names to Inspire

Perusing some winning titles from impactful virtual events held globally offers glimpses into resonant naming strategies:

ProductCon: Virtually Everywhere

This mega ecommerce conference on all things product, brand and commerce relocated online during recent years. Playfully adjusting their name telegraphs adaptability and commitment to community.

Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference

Adobe’s annual gathering unabashedly places creativity front and center by dubbing their event simply “The Creativity Conference” supplemented by their brand name identifier. Bold, benefit-driven naming.


The global technology giant condensed their 2021 conference name into an action-oriented verb phrase signaling momentum and results for customers.


Salesforce’s famed tech gathering wraps aspirational messaging into one future-facing word assuring attendees their innovations make dreams reality.


An international conference on urban architecture and design embraced creative wordplay fusing “city” and “haus”, German for house, into an evocative new term.

Together Towards Tomorrow

World Economic Forum adopted an uplifting motto as their event theme grounded in connectivity and optimism.


A mega tech conference name implying velocity, surprise and positive disruption through their shorthand name.


Primary theme? Event format? This deceptively simple virtual conference name implies constant motion and flow in the digital ecosystem.

Some more examples from our portfolio of successful events:

GFRR: Advancing Fair and Ethical Recruitment for All

This name clearly conveys the conference’s mission and values around ethical labor practices.

NARAL: Our Freedom, Our Fight Virtual Campaign Rally

Rousing language like “our fight” excites passion to fuel participation even remotely.

AFL-CIO: 2021 MLK Civil and Human Rights Conference

Invoking MLK’s inspiring words reconnects attendees to the ongoing civil rights journey.

Each example reveals how organizations everywhere awaken inspiration, engagement and sign-ups by christening virtual events with memorable magnetism.

Apply their strategies to craft names with glue power for your next online gathering guaranteed to stick in minds for all the right reasons!

The Power of Names

What’s in a name? Turns out, quite a lot when it comes to making your virtual meetings memorable.

An artfully crafted name is more than a label – it’s an irresistible invitation. Unlike generic calendar descriptions, creative virtual get-together names infuse events with intrigue, fun and purpose right out of the gate.

Rather than simply denoting logistics like “Team Check-in Tuesday 9AM”, compelling titles like “Vision Velocity Strategy Huddle” promise classmates they’re signing up for an experience guaranteed to energize and inspire.

Don’t reserve playful naming exclusively for social gatherings either. Even serious board meetings, corporate alignments and technical training workshops become more magnetic with catchy branding.

Review examples like:

  • BrainTrust Blue Sky Strategy Summit
  • InnovateNOW Ideation Jam
  • The Connection Generation Conference

What meeting would you rather attend? Exactly.

Creative names, taglines and themes tap into key psychology around the power of language, rhyme, rhythm and concreteness to glue messaging into minds and hearts.

If you expect attendees to carve out precious time on busy calendars to virtually engage, communicate the value driving this sacrifice clearly upfront through arresting names.

Make Titles Work Overtime

Of course, intriguing titles must deliver on the promise packaged inside clever wordplay.

But thoughtfully branded virtual events enjoy built-in marketing advantages, saturating organizer communications and attendee conversations with sticky messaging.

Repurpose magnetic names across:

  • Websites
  • Hashtags
  • Social posts
  • Email subject lines

This integrated top-down branding sets your virtual event apart while continually reinforcing central themes.

So whether gathered around virtual water coolers or cooperating in online workshops, teams bonded by common purpose deserve meetings labeled lovingly.

Catchy names telegraph to remote workforces that their time, talents and perspectives are respected enough to warrant gatherings intentionally created to inform, inspire and nurture shared growth.

With remote and hybrid work growing, the virtual event naming playbook expands exponentially.

May the ideas unlocked here stir fruitful brainstorms as you christen creative connections that memorably bring people together across the distances.

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