🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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The Best Event Management Software for Nonprofits in 2024

The right event management software empowers nonprofit staff and volunteers to focus on their communities instead of logistics, with powerful features that deepen engagement, lift fundraising, streamline planning, and demonstrate impact.

Nonprofit organizations are the beating heart of our communities.

They serve those in need, stand up for justice, and bring people together around shared values and causes.

Yet behind the scenes, nonprofits operate with limited resources and face immense challenges coordinating all the moving parts that events require.

That’s why having the right event management software in place is mission critical.

It empowers nonprofit staff and volunteers to actually focus on their communities instead of logistics.

Powerful features help deepen engagement, lift fundraising, streamline planning, and clearly demonstrate impact through data.

With so many options on the market though, identifying solutions purpose-built for nonprofits can feel daunting.

But have no fear, this guide spotlights the top-rated platforms in 2024 based on in-depth research into capabilities, reviews, pricing, and more.

It also summarizes must-have criteria to evaluate when shopping for nonprofit technology.

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Key Evaluation Criteria for Nonprofit Event Software

Intuitive and User-Friendly Platform

Most nonprofit employees and volunteers wear multiple hats.

Few have expansive technical expertise or time to manage convoluted systems.

That’s why the most important quality in any software is an intuitive user interface (UI) allowing you to seamlessly:

  • Access logical menus and layouts
  • Follow step-by-step wizards
  • Quickly train staff on key functions

Ideally the platform feels familiar out the gate.

But extensive help resources and responsive technical support should fill any knowledge gaps.

Robust Functionality for Nonprofit Events

While some basic registration and coordination features span solutions, nonprofits need unique components like:

  • Centralized Volunteer Management
  • Donor and Sponsor Tracking Integrations
  • Discounted/Free Ticketing and Codes
  • Email Marketing and CRM Synergy
  • Analytics Quantifying Outcomes

Carefully evaluate whether prospective platforms cater to these specific use cases out of the box or require complex customizations.

Affordability and Scalability

Cost control is perpetually top of mind for resource-constrained nonprofits. Vet each solution’s:

  • Pricing structure (fees per registrant, flat rate, percentage of revenue, etc.)
  • Discount eligibility
  • Model scalability from zero to 100,000+ person events

Ideally choose affordable software that grows alongside your digital strategies instead of limiting them.

Stellar Customer Service and Tech Support

Even the best preparation can’t prevent event-day hiccups.

Responsiveness when issues inevitably arise can make or break experiences.

Scrutinize providers on:

  • 24/7 live technical support options
  • Quick response times per service contract
  • Knowledge level of initial tier support staff
  • Reviews highlighting great assistance

Verify they truly empower your team, not leave you hanging during crunch times.

Validation From Real Nonprofit Users

The strongest testimonials demonstrate platforms work for organizations like yours.

Pay attention to user reviews highlighting:

  • Ease of initial software setup/use
  • Feature relevance for nonprofit events
  • Provider responsiveness
  • Examples of event success

Insights directly from peer nonprofits carry more weight than any advertising claim. Let them guide your buying journey!

With this trusty nonprofit event software buying checklist in hand, let’s explore highly-rated solutions making a real difference for associations, charities, foundations and more.

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Top Event Management Software Options for Nonprofit Organizations

The event technology marketplace has expanded significantly over the last decade.

Dozens of solutions now cater to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

While all tools provide core registration and basic event site creation, they differ across components like:

  • Specific nonprofit focus
  • Fundraising functionality
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Email marketing and CRM integrations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Cost and scalability

Here is an overview of 9 top-rated event software platforms used by nonprofits:

1. Hubilo

Hubilo offers an all-in-one event management platform specifically tailored for associations, charities, chambers of commerce and trade groups.

With robust fundraising and sponsorship capabilities alongside standard registration and logistics coordination tools, Hubilo simplifies planning hybrid, virtual and in-person events.

A mobile app, built-in CRM and powerful analytics provide data-driven insights into engagement.

Unique Perks: Fundraising automation, mobile bidding, branded event portals, strong analytics, nonprofit pricing

2. Airmeet

Designed for small-to-large scale events, Airmeet is an intuitive self-service platform ideal for nonprofits planning webinars, virtual conferences, town halls and workshops.

Its interactive video features like live Q&A, polls, chats and networking lounges drive high attendee engagement.

Email marketing and calendars simplify promotions and management.

Unique Perks: Strong self-service capabilities, community portal, interactive video features, mobile event app

3. Cadence

Cadence focuses squarely on helping regional and national associations organize conferences while engaging their membership year-round.

The software centralizes planning details, registration management, communication tools and data insights specifically for recurring nonprofit events.

Custom reporting and staff collaboration features enable strategic decision making.

Unique Perks: Purpose-built for nonprofit recurring events, committee management portal, custom reports, membership engagement tools

4. Welcome

Welcome is an easy-to-use system catered to event planners in nonprofits, associations, chambers and municipalities organizing small-to-large-scale in-person, hybrid or virtual events.

The cloud-based software simplifies registrations, logistics, email marketing, mobile apps, reporting and sponsor/exhibitor management from a central dashboard.

Welcome also enables collecting donations, selling tickets, onsite badging and running auctions.

Unique Perks: All-in-one solution, simple interface, strong mobile app, exhibits management

5. BigMarker

Optimized specifically for webinars and virtual/hybrid events, BigMarker empowers small-to-large nonprofits to engage audiences online through video conferencing with interactive features like live polling, Q&A and gamification built-in.

The self-service platform also enables creating customized registration forms, following up via email, monitoring analytics and integrating with platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp and Stripe.

Unique Perks: Built strictly for virtual events, strong self-service model, deep integrations, nonprofit pricing


Easy starting packages • Advanced options • Proven results



As an end-to-end hybrid event management system, GEVME simplifies coordinating logistics and marketing around nonprofit galas, conferences, fundraisers and meetings.

The software centralizes planning with team collaboration tools while enabling custom registration forms, email marketing, mobile apps, badges/tickets, agenda builders, virtual event portals and actionable analytics.

Unique Perks: Hybrid event focus, custom reporting, badges & tickets, email marketing, analytics, nonprofit pricing

7. Hopin

Hopin has exploded into one of the market’s most popular virtual and hybrid event platforms used widely across nonprofits and associations delivering keynotes, panel discussions, conferences, town halls and workshops to global audiences.

The company focuses heavily on recreating immersive in-person event experiences online through interactive video technology.

Attendees can network, visit expo areas, access on-demand content while online statistics provide data on participation.

Unique Perks: Leader in virtual events, strong interactive video capabilities, powerful reporting, tiered nonprofit pricing

8. Whova

Utilized widely by associations and nonprofits, Whova provides an all-in-one mobile event app that also enables planning hybrid and virtual events, sending email campaigns, text alerts and generating reports.

Whova empowers attendees to access agendas, documents like research posters/pamphlets, interact with each other via messages/Q&A and receive last minute updates.

Unique Perks: Popular mobile event app, strong messaging capabilities, easy-to-use interface, affordable nonprofit rates

9. Eventee

Eventee focuses squarely on modernizing galas, conferences and events for charities, foundations, chambers and associations.

The software centralizes logistics coordination, registrations, email marketing, mobile apps, badges, seamless check-in and detailed reporting specifically for repeating and annual nonprofit events.

Unique Perks: Specialized for large-scale nonprofit events, custom reporting, badges, check-in, logistics coordination, email marketing


Summarizing the Benefits of Event Software for Nonprofit Organizations

By now the enormous advantages event technology lends nonprofit events and conferences should be clear.

Let’s recap major benefits:

  1. More Strategic Event Planning and Management. Robust software centralizes chaotic logistics so you can focus on content, speakers, programming and experiences that ladder up to strategic goals. It brings order to your plans.
  2. Greater Attendee Engagement. Today’s interactive apps, polls, networking lounges, Q&As, rewards programs and more promote meaningful attendee participation before/during events.
  3. Bigger Fundraising Returns. Automated donation forms, auctions, text-to-give and sponsorship management means more dollars raised with less heavy manual lifting.
  4. Rich Data and Reporting. Centralized datasets capturing every session view, content download, poll response, chat comment and more provide unprecedented visibility into event impact and engagement.
  5. Heightened Efficiency. Consolidating contacts, task lists, confirmations, document sharing and a million details saves nonprofit teams tons of time while minimizing errors.
  6. Expanded Stewardship. With communications, personalization tools and access to supporter data in one ecosystem, nonprofit staff build deeper constituent connections during and long after events.
  7. Ongoing Accessibility. On-demand content replays, extended registration and hybrid engagement options sustain event content for broader audiences across more channels.

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Evaluating Your Event Goals and Software Needs

In your buying journey, continuously revisit the vision for your event and how to get there. Outline must-have use cases and pain points before matching to solution functionality.

Ask yourself:

  • What specific pain points do we need to solve for as a nonprofit dependent on events? Get clear on must-have use cases based on past conference challenges before outlining your ideal technology wish list.
  • What platforms clearly cater capabilities to the needs of charitable groups vs broader entities? Look for genuine nonprofit specialization when it comes to pricing, features, integrations and more within platforms.
  • What solutions offer the best overall value according to our budget? Get demos and compare options at various price points to maximize what your organization can reasonably afford long term.
  • How user-friendly and intuitive does the system seem based on reviews? Complex platforms with steep learning curves can negate any software benefits. Gauge how easily real nonprofit users are navigating systems.
  • Which platform providers offer exemplary technical guidance and customer service? Even platforms with amazing features falter if the vendor provides inadequate onboarding, training and ongoing support so you can optimize use. Vet providers thoroughly.
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