Whiteboard Videos

Engaging Custom Animated Videos

Captivate your audience with hand drawn visuals that explain complex subjects.

We offer two types of whiteboard animation video services:

Live Visual Notetaking

Live Event Illustrators For Web & In-Person Events

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Polished Hand Drawn Videos with Voice-over

Live Visual Notetaking

These innovative animated videos occur in real time. A live whiteboard illustrator creates a graphic representation of a speaker’s main points and screenshares the work in progress at pre-determined points.

At the end of the session, the illustrator shares the finished notes, an event that’s bound to elicit oohs and aahs from the speaker and the audience.

A complete process for creating live notetaking animations

It’s divided into three parts:

Before the Event:
Includes a planning meeting, initial sketches, discussion and analysis of the upcoming presentation, and spontaneous contents.

During the Event:
Up to 2 hours of live drawings and notetaking in English.

After the Event:
1 time-lapse video of 30 or 60 seconds and 1 high-resolution A3 size image.

Captivate & Educate with Hand-drawn Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

These videos feature professional hand-crafted custom animations. They can be as used as part of your virtual event to captivate your audience or explain a complex subject in a short time.

They can also function as exciting standalone videos for use on your website and in marketing.

A complete process for creating whiteboard videos

Our process includes script editing, based on your script of up to 150 words per minute, initial sketches for your review, voiceover talent, and an initial draft of the video. We also include up to two rounds of revisions.

The timeline for production is 4-6 weeks after you approve the script.

Script & Strategy

You provide a draft of the script for the whiteboard and then a final script.

Voiceovers are provided by you or recorded by one of our voiceover artists. The length of the voiceover affects the budget.

When the final script is ready, we begin rough sketches.

Rough ideas presented for discussion.

Design & Refine

Sketches presented for approval.

Color palette and the general layout provided for your approval.

Final drawing and coloring finished and approved.

Animate & Polish

30-second animation shared with you as a preview.

Drawings and animation completed for discussion. Text is handwritten or a custom font can be used. Background music can also be added to the video.

Final drawings and animation delivered in various formats in high resolution to print or share on your website or in social media, etc. You’ll have all the rights for use of the animation and drawings.

Final drawing delivered in high resolution to print or share on your website or in social media, etc.

Final drawing and animation style will be similar to the samples in this link.

You’ll have all the rights for use of the animation and drawings.

Background music can be added to the video.

Captivate & Educate with Hand-drawn Whiteboard Videos

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