🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Sustainability summit at the united nations.

The 2024 Guide to Essential Sustainability Summits

As climate change and social pressures mount, sustainability summits that unite diverse change makers become critical events generating ideas and connections to spark a lifetime of impact.

Sustainability has become a crucial focus for businesses, governments, and organizations as they work to adopt responsible and ethical practices.

Major summits bring together influential leaders to talk about solutions to pressing environmental and social problems through panels, workshops, keynote speeches, and more.

This guide will look at some of the major sustainability summits in 2024 that provide insights into the latest trends and best ways of doing things.

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Information on Going to a Sustainability Summit

Attending a meaningful sustainability summit can be very rewarding both professionally and personally.

Here is key information for those looking to take part:

What’s Included

Look for summits that offer diverse session types – from keynotes and panel talks to hands-on workshops and evening networking events.

Different session types allow for dynamic learning and relationship building.

Famous Speakers

Check out who is announced as speakers.

Thought leaders who can inspire change include government officials, CEOs and sustainability pioneers across industries.

Hot Topics Covered

See if the summit talks about timely issues like climate justice, renewable energy, diversity in ESG, sustainable supply chains, etc.

Cutting-edge content keeps the summit relevant.

Networking & Working Together

B2B conferences allow valuable peer-to-peer networking.

Make sure the summit optimizes meetings between attendees, speakers and sponsors through networking events, 1-on-1 meetings, and more.

Choosing an impactful summit involves balancing location, date, cost, schedule, speaker expertise and networking opportunities.

Do your research to pick the sustainability summit with the greatest ROI for you.


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List of Global Sustainability Summits

Diving deeper, the following section highlights ten premier global sustainability summits across critical regions in 2024:

Energy & Sustainability Summit

  • March 7, 2024 in Dubai, UAE
  • Annual summit focused on construction/energy sectors’ decarbonization post COP28
  • 2024 theme on stepping up efforts to achieve net zero in built environment
  • Brings together government, construction, energy companies, regulators and suppliers
  • Discussions on greenwashing awareness, renewable energy, hydrogen, waste-to-energy, sustainable materials
  • Venue is Habtoor JBR in Dubai
  • Key stakeholders include: contractors, consultants, developers, manufacturers focused on sustainability

BFA Sustainability Summit

  • April 17, 2024 in Birmingham, UK
  • Annual sustainability summit hosted by the British Footwear Association
  • Bringing together footwear businesses at all stages of their sustainability journey
  • Expert presentations and discussions on key ESG issues and 2024 outlook
  • Attendees include: business leaders, sustainability officers, designers, developers, sourcing/material specialists
  • Venue is Hilton Birmingham Metropole @NEC
  • Key stakeholders in the footwear industry value chain focused on advancing sustainability

Sustainability LIVE New York

  • June 3-4, 2024 in New York, USA (Virtual Conference)
  • Annual sustainability and ESG virtual event hosted by BizClik Media
  • 2024 theme focused on leading the conversation for change towards sustainability
  • Brings together 1,000+ virtual attendees and internationally-acclaimed speakers
  • Discussions on cutting emissions and enhancing environmental footprints
  • 100s of networking opportunities through interactive virtual event platform
  • Key stakeholders include: C-suite execs across industries focused on sustainability

This guide only highlights a fraction of the hundreds of sustainability and ESG focused summits being held globally this year and next.

Use it as a launch pad to find events that match your region, industry, topics of interest and availability.

Attending even one impactful summit can generate ideas and connections to last a lifetime.

As climate change and social pressures grow, events that bring together those committed to a sustainable future become very valuable.

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