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TV-Style Production for UC Berkeley's Rise Up 4 Justice Series

Webinar Series Case Study

Speaker Coaching | Livestream Production | Video Editing

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The Challenge

In late summer of 2020, UC Berkeley’s Othering & Belonging Institute, approached us to help produce and livestream three panel discussion series: Toward Belonging, Rise Up 4 Justice – Black Lives and Our Collective Future, and Radical Imagination for Racial Justice. The institute works to mobilize researchers, organizers and policymakers to create just and transformative change. These three webinar series came on the heels of a tumultuous year of political upheaval and demands for justice unparalleled since the 1960s. It was the Othering & Belonging Institute’s moment to shine. These series of dialogues focus on how we can work together to realize more fair and inclusive societies, take care of our planet, and insist on a world where there is no “them,” only a new and bigger “we.”

Our Solution

The greatest enemy to the success of a “series” is irrelevance, stagnation. This is why in our approach, we conceptualized each series as “living stories.” This required us to design an experience not just for the event, but for its recording — that leave-behind that has the potential to be a gem or a dud; the power to take off on social media, in post-COVID classrooms and lecture-halls, and even at future virtual or hybrid events. Meanwhile, the live webinars would be “multi-streamed” to Facebook Live and Youtube Live to maximize reach and ongoing engagement. To improve accessibility, we also offered transcription and close captioning services. For some of the livestreams, we also offered graphic design, custom video editing, such as creating a video-slideshow used as an intro as well as split-screen b-roll.


What did this look like? Two examples: In Rise Up’s August event, “Activist-Athletes Elect Justice,” we added animated documentary storytelling effects to run alongside the panelist dialogue. The result was a seamless visual voiceover effect, where iconic images from televised sports gave a profound gravity to the event speakers, speaking organically as themselves. The second example of this cinematic storytelling can be viewed in “The Surveillance State” recording, where renowned performance poet, Jerry Quickley, bookended the panel session with a dramatic reading from “WHISTLEBLOWER,” which is worth viewing in its entirety.



“You guys did a phenomenal job with yesterday’s event. Thank you so much!”

Marc Abizeid

Media & Communications, Othering & Belonging Institute, UC Berkeley

What We Did

01Live Production

02Speaker Coaching

03Graphic Design

04Event Series

05Highlights Videos

06Simultaneous Livestream

07Animated Presentations

Partner Organizations Involved


“Thank you for your great behind the scenes production! 🙌🏾🙏🏽


Social Media Promo Graphics

We created a custom knowledgebase, branded with their event, colors, and logo. This helped attendees, moderators, speakers, and vendors to navigate the platform and use its features to the fullest.

Post-Event Highlight Video

After the livestream event, we took their favorite clips and edited them into this social media highlights video designed to grab attention, increase social sharing and drive traffic to the full event replay.

Social Media Posts

Activists: Join EFF’s Nash and find out how to protect yourself against both government and digital surveillance at the next #RiseUp4Justice national livestream event Dec. 9. More details:
Today at 2 PM we'll be livestreaming a Rise Up for Justice event featuring EBC State Campaigner James King, Ann C. Keller and Dr. Hector Rodriguez: Covid-19 and the Political Determinants of Health.

#Covid19 has not only sparked an urgent health crisis, but also one of empathy, as our nation’s leaders continue to justify the sacrifice of vulnerable Americans—particularly Black and Indigenous people, those with disabilities, and older Americans—for the sake of “the economy.” Hear from top public health scholars and campaigners about how we have become so ready to sacrifice members of our own society, and so ill-prepared to tackle the biggest public health crisis of our time. #RiseUp4Justice Othering & Belonging Institute
Yesterday, George Floyd should have celebrated his 47th birthday. We will vote in his honor, and for countless other Black men taken too soon by US police. #RiseUp4Justice

Oh, and have you voted yet?
“I am not just an athlete, I AM MORE, and that is what is making all of this more magnified, we are taking away from the title of being an athlete to being full humans” - @mosesbread72 (NFL & Activist) #BlackLivesmatter #RiseUp4Justice
It's a historic moment in the U.S. as Americans rally to defend Black lives. Join our @emirawoods in conversation with leaders and activists from the U.S. as they discuss what it means to resist racial injustice. #RiseUp4Justice #BlackLivesMatter #Rise4OurLives #AfricaWeWant
Voter suppression has long been a part of US politics, but is worsening in the lead up to the 2020 election. Join FRRC's own Executive Director Desmond Meade for a conversation Today at 12:00 PDT / 3:00 EDT with top lawyers and activists fighting to defend voting rights before November. #RiseUp4Justice

TV-Style Livestream Production

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