Livestream Production for UC Berkeley’s Othering & Belonging Institute

UC Berkeley’s Othering & Belonging Institute asked us to help produce and livestream their panel discussion series called Toward Belonging, and then to take over the production of two other series, Rise Up for Justice – Black Lives and Our Collective Future, and Radical Imagination for Racial Justice.

These series of dialogues focus on how we can work together to realize more fair and inclusive societies, take care of our planet, and insist on a world where there is no “them,” only a new and bigger “we.”

We “multi-streamed” each of the talks to both Facebook Live and Youtube Live and helped them pull in and highlight social media comments in the videos.

To improve accessibility, we offered transcription and close captioning.

For some of the livestreams, we also offered graphic design, custom video editing, such as creating a video-slideshow used as an intro as well as split-screen b-roll.

 “You guys did a phenomenal job with yesterday’s event thank you so much”
Marc Abizeid, Media & Communications
Othering & Belonging Institute, UC Berkeley


“Thank you for your great behind the scenes production! 🙌🏾🙏🏽”


Social Media Promo Graphics

Activate Social Sharing and Event Replays with a Post-Event Highlight Video

After the livestream event, we took their favorite clips and edited them into this social media highlights video designed to grab attention, increase social sharing and drive traffic to the full event replay.

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