🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

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Engage Leads Post-Event with a Trade Show Lead Capture App

Arm your team with a lead capture app and watch as they transform into an unstoppable lead generating machine on the trade show floor.

Trade shows are your chance to truly shine and connect with potential customers face-to-face.

But capturing quality leads amidst the commotion can be a real challenge.

Scrambling to jot down notes, battling spotty WiFi, juggling stacks of business cards – it’s a mess trying to gather that precious data efficiently in the moment.

What if you had a secret weapon to transform into an unstoppable lead capturing machine?

Enter the lead capture app designed specifically for trade shows.

With the right app by your side, you’ll revolutionize how you collect and sync leads to your CRM instantly – ensuring no potential opportunity slips away.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the must-have features for choosing the ultimate lead app sidekick.

You’ll learn to harness an app’s power to streamline the entire lead gathering process from start to finish – from custom qualification questions to real-time CRM syncing.

Get ready to become an undisputed trade show lead gen superstar!

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Key Features to Prioritize in Your Lead Capture App

Not all lead apps are created equal when it comes to amplifying trade show success.

When evaluating options, look for platforms jam-packed with robust features meticulously designed to maximize ROI.

Here are some critical capabilities to seek out:

Customizable Lead Forms

Every business needs to capture unique qualifying details from prospects.

The best apps empower you to fully customize lead forms to your exact specs.

You should be able to:

  1. Add custom fields for must-have info
  2. Incorporate checkboxes for quick selections
  3. Utilize dropdown menus for seamless categorization

This flexibility ensures you gather all the precise data required to properly score and segment leads post-event.

Real-Time CRM Integration

Manually importing leads into your CRM is a massive time-suck after an exhilarating but draining trade show.

Top-tier apps eliminate this hassle by automatically syncing data in real-time with popular CRM platforms.

Your piping hot leads flow straight to your sales team for lightning-fast follow-up when interest is peaked.

Look for apps with two-way sync so any updates made to a lead’s record in your CRM also sync back to the app.

That way your team has the latest info while working the floor.

QR Code & Badge Scanning

Speed and mobility are critical when engaging booth visitors.

QR codes and badge scanning raise the bar by allowing your team to capture lead details with a quick scan - no more manual typing required.

If the event offers badge scanning integration, leveraging it creates an even smoother process.

Offline Functionality

Let’s face it, trade show WiFi is notoriously unreliable when hundreds are connecting at once.

A lead app able to keep working offline by storing entries locally is indispensable.

Your staff can continue collecting leads uninterrupted, syncing the data once back online – ensuring no potential opportunities get missed.

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How Lead Apps Maximize Trade Show ROI

Exhibiting at trade shows requires a massive investment in booth space, displays, travel, staffing, and more.

Squeezing maximum value from that spend is absolutely paramount.

A lead capture app is an indispensable tool for stretching your ROI to the limits.

By digitizing and streamlining lead collection, you’ll capture a far higher volume of quality leads in much less time.

But the benefits extend well beyond just the event itself.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycles

The real payoff lies in prompt, individualized follow-up.

Research shows leads contacted within 3 hours convert at a staggering 2.8x higher rate than those engaged 24 hours later.

An app with real-time CRM sync allows your sales team to strike while the iron is scorching – when your company is fresh in prospects’ minds.

This acceleration primes your pipeline with an endless influx of new opportunities.

Improve Lead Quality and Quantity

Relying solely on collected business cards and hasty handwritten notes yields low-quality, incomplete lead data.

A well-designed app ensures you gather all the critical details needed to properly qualify and nurture prospects post-event.

Custom lead forms enable you to ask the right vetting questions to precisely assess interest and fit.

Qualify leads in the moment by prompting staff to categorize as "Hot Lead - Demo Requested" or "Interested but Not Ready" while capturing info.

Faster badge and QR code scanning means more conversations in the same booth time.

By eliminating manual entry, your team can engage a higher attendee volume and capture substantially more leads.


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Enhance Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Not every captured lead will convert right away.

Some may still be evaluating solutions, while others have no immediate need yet could align perfectly long-term.

This is where strategic lead nurturing generates massive dividends.

By providing a steady cadence of hyper-relevant, valuable content over time, you can expertly guide prospects through their unique buying journey until the moment they’re ready to purchase.

A dialed-in lead app organizes the data required to properly segment trade show leads and trigger targeted nurture streams.

Many exhibitors sadly go completely cold on hard-earned trade show leads after the event.

With a lead app powering focused nurturing, you can persistently cultivate these relationships and convert a vastly higher percentage to customers over time.

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The Ultimate Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

Trade shows are all about connecting with those hot, qualified leads.

But actually capturing prospect data amidst the commotion? Not so easy.

But with so many lead apps on the market, how do you choose?

Let’s explore some of the top options giving exhibitors a serious edge:

iCapture by Captello

This powerhouse was crafted with total customization and flexibility in mind.

Need to append a dozen unique lead fields? No problem – Captello’s form builder makes it a breeze.

You can also:

  • Sync leads in real-time across Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, and more
  • Leverage human-powered business card transcription for 100% accuracy
  • Keep collecting leads uninterrupted with offline mode
  • Gain performance insights from real-time activity alerts and analytics

Cvent LeadCapture

Sporting deep integration with Cvent’s broader event management platform, this app is a natural fit for Cvent power users.

Key capabilities include:

  • Scan badges or biz cards to auto-populate lead records
  • Instantly score and survey leads for precise qualification
  • Bi-directional Salesforce and Eloqua sync to maintain data fidelity
  • Centralized web portal for streamlined post-event lead management

Akkroo by Integrate

Don’t let Akkroo’s modern, sleek design fool you – this app packs a ton of punch under the hood.

A few standout features:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop form builder for easy customization
  • Contextual lead capture prompts for ultra-relevant conversations
  • Automated post-show email/SMS follow-up sequences
  • Robust performance analytics unified across all your events


As a specialized provider with solutions tailored for 1,000+ global trade shows and events, these folks know the exhibitor struggle.

Key benefits include:

  • Lightning-fast badge scanning via QR, NFC, and barcodes
  • Custom qualifiers to laser in on your ideal prospects
  • Automated Salesforce nurture campaigns triggered seamlessly
  • A dedicated support manager guides you through each event

In the fast-paced trade show arena, a well-architected lead capture app is absolutely indispensable for exhibitors striving to maximize ROI from this critical channel.

By streamlining collection and enabling rapid follow-up, these apps empower you to convert more booth interactions into tangible closed revenue.

When evaluating solutions, hone your focus on apps packed with robust yet intuitive features, frictionless integrations, and keen brand customization.

The right tool will systematically enable your team to engage more leads in less time while priming your pipeline for an unceasing flow of new opportunities.

Armed with a lead app at the center of your trade show arsenal, explosive returns from this uniquely high-impact lead generation channel are well within reach.

The path to your breakthrough results is clear – it’s time to take action!

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That’s the power of event tech – and that’s what we specialize in.

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