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corporate video production

The Secret Behind Great Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production, essential for a successful business strategy, encompasses promoting products and services, educating stakeholders, and highlighting company culture. By meticulously considering factors like target audience, budget, location, cast, script, and distribution, businesses can create impactful videos that drive sales and enhance brand presence.


Are you ready to inspire your clients? Using impactful corporate video in your marketing efforts reaches more potential customers than traditional media. 

Clients share more inspiring videos on social media than other types of content. 

Videos engage more than text-based content, capturing the attention of viewers. 

Experience increased business visibility and higher customer engagement and conversion levels.

According to Wyzowl’s marketing survey:

  • 96% of viewers watch explainer videos
  • 92% of marketers believe corporate video is essential for good marketing
  • 81% of video boosted overall sales
  • 80% of customers bought a product based on a corporate video
  • 86% of businesses use corporate video production
  • 87% of video marketing increased overall traffic
  • So how can your company create an inspiring corporate video to attract more clients? Let’s dive in.

    What Is a Corporate Video?

    Simply speaking: A corporate video is a video made for a business.

    A corporate video can promote the company’s products or services, educate customers and employees, or even show off the company’s culture. 

    Small independent video production companies and large agencies produce corporate videos. 

    Many businesses now have an in-house videographer or entire video production team. High-quality corporate video production is essential for every successful business strategy.

    What are Examples of Corporate Videos?

    Corporate videos cover a wide range of video types. While you might be thinking about a highly-polished cinematic video, even a short Instagram Reel can be a corporate video. 

    a person holding a phone with instagram reels open

    What are some common corporate video examples?

  • Employee onboarding and recruitment videos
  • Event videos
  • Interviews with business leadership
  • Explainer videos
  • Product demos and launches
  • Interactive social media ads
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Does the use of corporate video make that big a difference? Believe it or not, compelling visuals combined with interactivity and data analytics can make an incredible impact.

    Inspiring Corporate Video Makes Global Impact

    The United Nations and Institute for Human Rights hosted the virtual Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment 2021. We & Goliath produced this promotional corporate video as part of the GRFF event marketing strategy.

    How can your company use high-quality video to increase impact and engagement? 

    For the Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment (GRFF), We & Goliath created an inspiring short corporate video to promote the four-day international conference and funnel registrants to a conversion-optimized webpage that traced advanced analytics. 

    Post-event, video sessions were hosted on a website for easy access for attendees. 

    The event included live video, cutting-edge video conferencing platforms, interactive video sessions, and more.

    The result? The GFRR had five times more attendees! Yes, video combined with innovative event marketing and data can make that big an impact!

    Why is Corporate Video Important?

    Powerful corporate video production creates engaging content that captures the attention of potential customers and helps them make informed decisions about products or services.

    Any serious business must include high-quality corporate video in its marketing strategies.

  • Quality videos will build traffic to your website
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Engage emotionally with clients
  • Humanize your company with compelling storytelling
  • Help employees feel connected to company culture through compelling video
  • Make a personal connection one-on-one with customers
  • Psychologically connect your brand with specific imagery
  • Generate real excitement for new products and services
  • Maximize customer engagement through authentic video testimonials
  • Showcase results with inspiring corporate video
  • Inspiring Corporate Videos Increase Website SEO

    Adding video content to your website or blog significantly improves your SEO rankings:

  • Search engines favor websites with multimedia content because they provide a richer user experience
  • People searching for topics related to your business are more likely to find your website if it contains videos
  • Videos boost click-through rates from organic search results since they stand out from other types of content on the page
  • Every business website needs professional corporate videos for greater engagement, reach, and conversion.

    Creative Impactful Storytelling in Corporate Video

    The key to any great corporate video is good storytelling. Engage viewers and pick their heartstrings. 

    Whatever you do, show, don’t tell. Try to avoid adding too much text or company jargon. Instead, give personalized examples.

    Humanize your company. Share from a personal angle:

  • Make a deep emotional connection
  • Stay relatable
  • Have the talent speak directly to the viewer
  • Create a perceived emotional connection
  • Stay specific and focused on the main points
  • Keep it simple
  • Remember that you will compete with millions of other videos to catch a viewer’s attention. Billions even. 

    So getting that connection immediately, at the top of the video, is what matters. 

    a crowd of people clapping

    Instead of an entire video about your products and featured services, choose one customer to share their personal story about how your company impacted their life. 

    Viewers want to know how your company will help them. So avoid out-of-touch content-heavy videos. Focus on the story. And the story will focus on your goal.

    What is the Purpose of a Corporate Video?

    Why even bother with a corporate video? 

    When you create a corporate video, you emotionally engage viewers and communicate the company’s message effectively through visuals and sound. 

    Showcase products or services, explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way, and demonstrate how a company operates through solid storytelling. 

    A strong connection leads to greater engagement and a better bottom line. But how can you make a successful video?

    An Effective Corporate Video Focuses on the Target Audience

    Corporate videos build brand awareness and trust with potential customers. By creating engaging content that resonates with viewers, businesses can increase their visibility online and reach new audiences. Always keep your target audience in mind when producing a video.

    1. Who is your target demographic?
    2. Why would they need your product or service?
    3. What problems can you solve?
    4. Where do they live?

    It’s always helpful to create a fictional profile of the typical customer to get a better idea of who you are trying to reach. 

    For instance, does your sustainable hydroponics farm mostly appeal to young professionals or working families? What do they need? 

    What problems do they have today that you can solve with your product? How can you connect with them emotionally? Delving into the potential client’s background and needs can help you design a story that appeals to them the most. 

    a woman with curly hair in a business suit

    For example, working families may relate to a narrative about a struggling mother able to feed her children through hydroponic farming. 

    On the other hand, a young professional in a small apartment may connect better with community building through cooperative sustainable urban agriculture and hydroponics. 

    This stage involves research and knowing your clients and is integral to creating a corporate video that relates to your potential clients.

    What Format is Better for Your Corporate Video?

    When creating a corporate video, there are many different formats. 

    The format you select will depend on the purpose of your video and the message you want to convey. 

    Some of the most popular video formats include live-action, animation, motion graphics, and documentary-style videos.

    If you want to share a video testimonial for Instagram, shorter vertical-style authentic interviews would be more effective than a widescreen 4K cinematic corporate video.

    On the other hand, some companies create incredible compelling documentary-style videos that win international film awards.

    But these corporate videos are often meant for public broadcasts like the Superbowl.

    Your business’s size and budget will also impact your chosen video format.

    a picture of two people working on a table with a budget chart and graphs.

    One reason social media remains very popular among smaller firms is its affordability and reach of social media.

    A viral video can quickly gain millions of views and international visibility for a company. 

    The downside? Not being prepared to maximize video impact with high-quality analytics and tools to capture viewer data.

    What are the Different Types of Corporate Video?

    What type of corporate video is best for you? Here are some of the most popular types of corporate videos. 

    Each has a different purpose. You might experiment to see which video has the best impact.

    The Origin Story Builds Brand Identity and Makes and Emotional Connection

    The origin story provides insight into the motivations and successes of the founding members. Create a sense of shared history among employees. 

    Origin stories also build brand identity and help customers relate to the company. 

    When crafting a corporate origin story, focus on the unique aspects that make your company stand out. 

    Think about how you can use your story to sear your brand into the brains of your customers and investors.

    If you don’t have a unique story, don’t fret – there are still ways to craft an engaging narrative that will help build trust with your customers. 

    Make sure to include details about the founding members, their motivations for starting the company, and any early successes or challenges they faced to create a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.

    A Showreel Highlights the Best Previous Work

    Showreels showcase the talent of an individual or business and can be used for various reasons, such as brand management and marketing communication. 

    A showreel provides potential clients with an easy way to view your work on screen, giving them a better understanding of what you are capable of

    Creating a showreel requires careful planning and editing to make sure that it accurately reflects your skills and abilities. 

    Include footage from different projects that you have worked on, as well as any awards or recognition that you have received.

    a close up of a star shaped award trophy

    Demonstrate your range and versatility as a creative professional. Consider adding music or voiceover narration to give your showreel more impact and appeal. 

    With the right approach, a corporate video showreel can be invaluable for anyone looking to promote their services or products in the digital world.

    Corporate Video Ads Promote a Company Product or Service

    Video ads capture the attention of potential customers and create a lasting impression.

    A well-crafted video ad should hook the viewer in the first few seconds and keep them engaged for the duration of the video. 

    The key to creating an effective video ad is ensuring it stands out from other advertisements:

  • Captivating visuals
  • An exciting storyline
  • A memorable soundtrack
  • The message is clear and concise
  • a man is shooting a corporate video inside a studio kitchen in front of a camera

    With these tips in mind, you can create an engaging video ad to help you reach your target audience and drive sales for your business.

    Explainer Corporate Videos are Short-Form Videos that Illustrate a Product or Service

    Explainer videos can be placed on a company’s homepage, landing page, or relevant product page to help explain how something works efficiently and compellingly. 

    The advantages of using an explainer video are numerous:

  • Convey information quickly as you can describe something complicated in minutes by showing someone else using the product
  • Explainers are easily digestible
  • They are short in length, concise, and focused on helping a user do something
  • They increase conversions as they provide users with an easy way to understand what your business has to offer
  • Animated Corporate Video Production is a Powerful Business Tool

    someone is typing on a laptop computer keyboard with social media icons

    Animated videos explain complex ideas, tools, and services. They entertainingly engage customers and keep them engaged and informed. 

    Animated videos are not just for kids. they can be used to communicate with executives and other business professionals.

    Animated corporate videos are also great for marketing purposes:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Visually appealing
  • Easy-to-understand content
  • Used as part of a more extensive marketing campaign
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase sales
  • By using animation in their corporate videos, companies ensure that their message is heard loud and clear while keeping it interesting enough for viewers to stay engaged throughout the entire video.

    Product Demo Video Market a New Product or Service

    a group of people wearing vr headgeear standing around a convention table.

    Product demos allow customers to visualize using the product and feel its benefits, making them more likely to purchase it. 

    Product demos are an effective marketing tool that can help businesses increase sales and customer satisfaction.

    Event Videos Capture the Energy and Excitement of Any Special Event

    Corporate event videos provide an engaging and interactive way to communicate what your event is all about. 

    They offer an excellent branding tool by always including your company logo at the bottom of the screen. 

    Event videos can be used for various applications, including conferences, exhibitions, networking, and live performances.

    a crowd of people walking around a convention.

    The benefits of using corporate event videos are numerous. 

    They help promote your event, reach new audiences online as part of a broader marketing campaign, and create eye-catching visuals to draw in viewers. 

    Share on social media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo for maximum exposure. 

    With the right equipment and editing skills, you can create a fantastic video that captures the essence of your event in an unforgettable way.

    Product Launch Videos Generate Excitement in a New Product or Service

    a large group of people standing around an event stage

    By creating a visually engaging corporate video, companies showcase their product in the best possible light and give potential customers an idea of what they can expect from the product. 

    Product launch videos generate leads and sales, allowing viewers to learn more about the product and its features.

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    15 Do's and Dont's of Corporate Video Production

    Regarding corporate video production, specific do’s, and don’ts should be followed to ensure a successful outcome.

    Planning and having a clear idea of the message you want to convey before beginning the production process is essential.

    This includes researching your target audience, setting realistic goals for the video, and creating a storyboard or script. 

    1. Using low-quality footage
    2. Using low-quality audio or recording in a noisy environment
    3. Not proofreading content
    4. Always test the video on multiple devices
    5. Don’t be too text heavy
    6. Avoid overloading the viewers
    7. Don’t use confusing company jargon
    8. Don’t try too hard
    9. Strip back to essentials and the primary goal of your video
    10. Avoid overloading with too many animations and special fx
    11. Be sincere, not fake
    12. Stay focused
    13. Illustrate the benefits of your service or product
    14. Keep the video 1 to 3 minutes maximum
    15. Show, don’t tell

    Want to avoid costly mistakes? Use high-quality equipment and hire experienced professionals to help bring your vision to life.

    How to Plan a Great Corporate Video

    Pre-production is the first step in creating a successful video production

    It involves planning and organizing all of the elements necessary for the project, such as concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, and scheduling. 

    This phase requires careful thought and consideration to ensure that all of the necessary assets, props, and sets are available when needed.

    The talent adds another element to the logistics. Is your talent coming in from out of town? Are you choosing local talent or A-List professionals? 

    Will they need lodging? Will you need to provide catering? Most of the work for corporate video production takes place in the planning stages or pre-production. 

    someone is writing a storyboard next to a movie clapper on set

    And when things go wrong, and they will, having the right video professionals will make the difference between an incredible smooth video or an utter disaster.

    The corporate video professional responsible for pre-production must have an eye for detail and be able to anticipate any potential problems that may arise during production. 

    They must also be able to work with various people from different departments to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

    Pre-production is essential for ensuring that video production runs smoothly and efficiently once it begins. 

    Without proper pre-production planning, there can be costly delays or even complete project failure.

    Pre-production is essential for ensuring that video production runs smoothly and efficiently once it begins. 

    Without proper pre-production planning, there can be costly delays or even complete project failure.

    What is Your Video Production Budget?

    Regarding corporate video production, the cost varies greatly depending on the project’s complexity. 

    The fees range from as little as one thousand to tens of thousands for a simple video or professional video editing. 

    This wide range of prices makes it difficult for businesses to budget accordingly. 

    a close up of a movie clapper board on top of a pile of coins

    Consider factors such as the length of the video, catering, cost of talent, location rental, the type of equipment used, and other elements that may affect the overall cost. 

    Businesses can better understand how much they should spend on their corporate videos and ensure they are getting value for their money.

    Corporate Video Length, Location, and Logistics

    The length of the production is an essential factor when it comes to determining the final cost. Generally, a longer video will cost more than a shorter one. 

    However, other factors need to be taken into account as well. For example, if the video requires multiple settings or locations, this can add to the complexity and increase the price.

    a close up of a map with 3 different pins on 3 different locations

    If different locations need to be rented out for filming or the crew needs to move from place to place, this will also add to the cost of production. 

    You may need to gather permits to use locations, which can sometimes end up with legal snafus with local governments.

    How to Find a Great Location for Your Corporate Video

    When creating a corporate video, the location you choose can be just as important as the content of the video itself. 

    A great location can help set the tone and atmosphere for your video, while a poor choice can make it look unprofessional or even amateurish.

    To ensure that your corporate video looks its best, here are some tips on finding an excellent location for your production:

  • Contact the local film commission
  • Tour potential locations in person
  • Always consider your script
  • Watch for audio issues like being near an airport
  • Virtually scout out locations online
  • Use an app like SetJetters to find exciting film locations
  • How to Choose the Right Cast and Crew for a Corporate Video

    When creating a successful video, your cast and crew can make or break the project. 

    It is essential to select people who are experienced in their respective roles and have a good understanding of the company’s goals and objectives. 

    a close up of a camera shooting a group of people

    Always research any corporate video production company before hiring. Ask for references and examples of recent projects. 

    Actors should be professionals with remarkable commercial experience. The team you work with will genuinely make the biggest difference in any professional video production.

    Casting the for Your Corporate Video

    Depending on the type of video you are shooting, you will need to decide who will be best suited for each role. For example, suppose you are creating a corporate video. 

    In that case, you may want to consider casting an employee who is comfortable in front of the camera and can provide an honest and trustworthy look. 

    If your video requires narration, it is crucial to find an experienced narrator with a voice that resonates with your target audience.

    When casting for actors or presenters, it is vital to ensure they have a right look and feel for your brand. 

    They must have experience in front of the camera and deliver their lines convincingly.

    Cast people familiar with the subject matter as this will help them better understand what they are talking about and make them more believable on screen.

    Finding the right cast for your video will bring your story to life and engage viewers.

    What is the Distribution Plan for Your Corporate Video?

    The distribution plan for a video will depend on the video’s goals and the target audience.

    Generally, there are three main options for distributing a corporate video: online, offline, or both. Online distribution is the most popular option. 

    With the rise of digital media, sharing videos with a wide audience has become more accessible.

    a close up of a cell phone with a bunch of social media icons

    Companies can upload their corporate videos to social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook or embed them on their websites. 

    This allows viewers to watch the video from anywhere in the world with the internet. Increase reach and conversion with effective social media videos.

    How to Write a Video Script

    When it comes to creating a successful corporate video, the most important thing to keep in mind is the end goal:

  • What does your company want to achieve?
  • Is it an employee onboarding video that will make employees feel inspired and dedicated?
  • Or a compelling origin story emotionally connects with clients?
  • Are you trying to attract customers to a new product or service?
  • Are you showcasing an exciting upcoming corporate event?
  • Write down the end goal clearly and concisely. This statement should always be visible to serve as a guiding north star when you are stuck.

    How to Storyboard a Corporate Video

    Storyboarding is an essential part of the corporate video production process.

    Ensure all video elements are planned out in advance, and everyone involved in the project is on the same page. 

    Storyboards visually represent how the final product will look and can help identify potential problems before they arise.

    How to Write a Great Video Script

    Creating a video brief is an essential step in the process of writing a good video script. 

    A brief acts as a guide for the entire video, ensuring that all elements are cohesive and work together to achieve the desired outcome. 

    When writing a brief, asking yourself why you are making this video, who your target audience is, and what you want them to do after watching it is essential.

    a close up of a person holding a video script

    Answering these questions will help you determine the purpose of your video and ensure that it resonates with your target audience. 

    It will also help you create content tailored to their needs and interests. 

    Understanding what action you want viewers to take after watching your video will help inform the structure of your script and ensure that it leads viewers toward taking the desired action.

    Always Keep Your Audience in Mind When Writing a Corporate Video Script

    When creating any content, it is essential to keep the target audience in mind. 

    Knowing who you are speaking to and what they want to hear will help ensure that your message resonates with them. 

    For example, discussing affordability or low prices would be inappropriate if you create content for a luxury electric vehicle. 

    blocks with people icons on them on top of each other with checkmarks next to some of them

    This type of messaging would not make sense for their target audience, typically wealthy people.

    On the other hand, discussing affordability and discounts would be more appropriate if you targeted budget-conscious working families looking for an affordable hybrid vehicle. 

    It’s essential to understand the needs and wants of your target audience so that you can create content that speaks directly to them. 

    Doing this will help ensure that your message is heard and understood by those who matter most – your target audience.

    Your Production Team Matters

    When the cameras roll, it marks the start of production for a video. This is when all the hard work and preparation come together to create something special. 

    A big-budget production will need set designers, artists, makeup artists, trained photographers, and more.

    These professionals are responsible for creating the atmosphere and look of the video that viewers will see. 

    They must ensure that everything runs smoothly during filming and that all aspects of the shoot are captured correctly.

    Finding the right corporate video production company will make the difference between a world-class product that makes your company shine or a cheaply made amateur home video. 

    Put your best foot forward and find the right professionals to create a stunning video.

    How to Hire the Right Team

    Having the right crew and talent is essential for any production, no matter how small. 

    It’s important to remember that even if you work alone, there is always at least one other person involved – the client. 

    The scriptwriter is a crucial part of the process as they take the video idea and turn it into something that can be filmed or created through animation.

    video production team setting up

    This step sets the foundation for all the planning and preparation.

    You may need to hire a sound recordist, director of the photographer, gaffer, post-production editor, and visual effects artist. 

    Most production companies have multi-skilled teams to cover each aspect of video production. 

    All these people bring their unique skills and expertise to the project, which can help make it a success. 

    A good team will ensure everyone works together efficiently and effectively to create something unique.

    Post-Production and Video Editing

    After shooting the corporate video footage, b-roll, and pick-up shots, is your video ready for distribution? 

    No, now comes the vital post-production process. A great post-production team will take your footage and make some serious cinematic movie magic.

    What is Post-Production?

    Post-production is the final step in creating a corporate video. It involves editing and finalizing the footage, adding graphics and animations, and mixing various sounds. 

    This process can be time-consuming but is essential for creating a professional-looking video.

    a man doing post production editing in front of a desk with a computer monitor and a lamp

    During post-production, editors will review the footage to ensure it meets the desired quality standards. They may also add special effects or transitions to enhance the visuals.

    Additionally, they will mix audio elements such as background music and sound effects to create an immersive experience for viewers.

    Once all these elements are combined, post-production is complete, and the video is ready for distribution.

    This is often referred to as “wrapping up” the project since it marks the end of production work on the video. 

    Post-production can be complex, but careful planning and attention to detail can result in an engaging corporate video that effectively communicates your message to your target audience.

    Choosing the Right Music for Your Corporate Video

    Music is essential to any video and can make or break the overall experience. It’s necessary to use the right corporate video music that fits the tone and style of your project. 

    You need to make sure you have a license for any music you use, so having access to a sizeable royalty-free music library or hiring a professional composer or music producer can streamline the process.

    a person working on a laptop in a recording studio.

    Don't Forget Subtitles

    According to Meero.com, over 85% of FB don’t listen to audio while watching videos.

    Additionally, accessibility issues related to language or hearing loss can affect audience reach. 

    Engage more audiences by adding professional subtitles and ensuring that your corporate video engages the viewer even if the audio is off. 

    You can use several subtitle services, and YouTube provides a simple transcription.

    Marketing Your Corporate Video

    Making a corporate video is only the start of the process. 

    It’s not enough to publish and forget; there needs to be a marketing strategy in place to ensure that the video reaches its intended audience.

    This could involve using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote corporate videos or even paid advertising campaigns on these sites. 

    Email campaigns can target specific or potential customers with tailored messages about the video.

    a woman in a black apron is sitting at a table with a camera

    Other strategies include reaching out to influencers interested in sharing your content with their followers or creating an SEO-friendly website page for your video so that it appears higher up in search engine results pages. 

    These methods can help you see your video seen by more people and maximize its potential impact.

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