🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

Color-coded recycling bins lined up at an outdoor event with the text "zero waste events".

Towards Zero Waste Events: Practical Steps for Event Planners

From ditching single-use plastics to leveraging reusable serveware, savvy event planners are paving the way for a circular, regenerative future by hosting environmentally conscious events.

Traditional events can really take a toll on the environment.

From mountains of single-use plastics to truckloads of food waste, the impact piles up alarmingly fast.

But don’t scrap your event just yet!

Hosting green events is a savvy strategy that dramatically reduces waste while giving your sustainability cred a serious boost – and it’s now the norm.

These days, forward-thinking venues, caterers and organizations are spearheading the charge with innovative zero-waste tactics.

Their game plan?

Smart moves like composting, recycling and swapping out disposables for reusable alternatives.

Here’s the best part – going green is 100% achievable no matter the size or scale of your event, be it an intimate gathering or a grand gala.

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Your Game Plan for a Lean, Mean, Green Machine

You know what they say – failing to plan is planning to fail.

And the foundation of any successful low-waste event is meticulous prep work from the jump.

Here’s how to get the ball rolling in style:

  1. First things first, rally the troops by looping in your venue, vendors and attendees on those eco-goals nice and early. Opt for a site that’s already earned its green stripes, complete with recycling and compost bins at the ready.
  2. Next up, handpick caterers with the culinary chops to whip up crazy delicious spreads minus the excessive packaging. We’re talking real plates, utensils and napkins or slick compostable serveware – not a flimsy plastic clamshell in sight.
  3. With your A-team assembled, it’s time to map out a rock-solid waste management strategy hitting all the bases:
    • Saying “no thanks” to single-use plastics and streamlining packaging overall
    • Downsizing consumption of disposables across the board (decor, dishware, swag, you name it)
    • Repurposing signage, centerpieces and other decorative elements
    • Separating out recyclables and compostables from the true trash

And hey, while you’ve got that planning hat on, go ahead and lock down your waste station setup too.

You’ll want paired recycling and compost bins stationed wherever there’s a trash can.

Oh, and don’t forget your squad of superstar volunteers to guide guests on proper sorting!

Last but not least, use those event promos and on-site signage to broadcast your green goals loud and proud.

Rally your attendees to BYO reusable bottles and containers so you can cut down on pesky cup waste.

See? Small, smart steps snowball into major collective impact!

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Next-Level Tactics for Elite Green Hosting

Alright, so you’ve got your fundamentals down pat – well done!

Now it’s time to kick things up a notch with some advanced tips for amplifying that eco-impact:

Reuse: The Name of the Game

Why use disposable products when you can simply…reuse?

Make the smart switch and ditch those throwaway plates, cups and linens for reusable options that get washed and repurposed.

Set up hydration stations for easy reusable bottle refills.

And forget those cheap plastic tchotchkes – gift thoughtful reusable swag like totes or bamboo utensil sets instead.

Get Scrappy to Squash Food Waste

With a little savvy menu planning, you can put a serious dent in food waste.

Map out detailed portions to avoid overbuying ingredients.

And for those inevitable leftovers, stage donation drop-offs where extras get bagged up for local shelters.

Oh, and make sure those strawberry tops and eggshells get composted!

Turn Waste Sorting into a Game

Who says waste diversion can’t be fun?

Station volunteers at sorting areas to coach guests and spark some friendly competition (e.g. who can get the most compost?)

After, share those juicy waste metrics to celebrate everyone’s hard work.

Broaden Those Sustainable Horizons

Eliminating waste is a huge win, but your green potential is honestly limitless!

Choose a venue accessible by public transit, bike or foot to curb those transportation emissions.

Leverage energy-efficient equipment and natural lighting.

You can even invest in eco-initiatives like renewable energy or tree planting!

Every little bit gets you closer to that zero-waste bullseye.

Start wherever you can and keep iterating on your green game plan, event after event.

You’ve totally got this!

The Sustainable Future Starts Now

Look, we all know hosting environmentally conscious events is a serious power move for the planet.

By choosing low-impact materials, enabling robust recycling and composting, and rallying attendees to the cause, savvy planners can massively slash the mountains of garbage headed for landfills.

We’ve Got Your Back for Seamless Sustainable Events

Fired up to green your event game but feeling a little lost on where to start?

Don’t sweat it – We & Goliath has you covered.

Our streamlined virtual event platforms and premium services make hosting sustainable events a total breeze.

Reach out to learn how our talented team of experts can bring your low-waste vision to life with minimal effort required.

Together, we’ve got the sustainable event hustle on lock.

Let’s do this!

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