🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

signage for events

The Art of Signage at Events

When it comes to events, whether a conference, festival, or corporate gathering, signage plays a crucial role in creating an organized, branded, and seamless experience for attendees.

Bold, vibrant signage transforms any venue into an exciting event space that steers attendees seamlessly to each activity.

Whether indoors or out, large-scale banners, eye-catching posters, crystal-clear directional signs, and state-of-the-art digital displays create an immersive experience from the moment guests arrive.

Strategically designed signage for events guides people through conferences, trade shows, festivals, expos, and more while reinforcing branding and setting the perfect tone.

Innovative signs deploy vivid imagery, succinct text, and strategic placement to inform attendees, inspire action, and deliver memorable impressions that last long after the event ends.

This article explores the diverse signing options available and provides tips to help select and implement signs that maximize visibility and engagement at any event

Types of Event Signage

The signage possibilities for events today are nearly endless, but some of the most common and effective options include the following.

  • Banners. Large, high-visibility vinyl banners allow you to make a bold branding statement and clearly identify event spaces or activities. Banners come in varying sizes and can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Posters. Great for communicating schedules, maps, sponsor info, and more. Posters are highly visible and easy to produce. Place them strategically around your venue.
  • Directional Signs. Essential for guiding attendees and directing foot traffic. Make sure signs clearly point the way to registration, sessions, exhibits, and more.
  • Digital Signs. LCD, LED, and plasma displays allow you to showcase dynamic messages and graphics. Digital signs can be used for schedules, announcements, sponsor ads, and interactive experiences.
  • Decorative Signs. Signs don’t just have to communicate information. Use them to also set the tone and style of your event. Creative signs show off your brand personality.
  • Tabletop Signs. For directing traffic at the micro-level, tabletop and tent card signs placed around buffets, bars, seating areas, exhibits, and more can provide helpful guidance.
  • Interactive Signs. Touchscreen, multimedia, and motion-sensing signs engage attendees in fun, memorable ways. They allow hands-on interaction and information access.

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Signage Design Tips

Approaching signage design strategically is key to creating signs that leave a lasting impression. 

Here are some top tips:

  • Unify your design scheme. Use consistent fonts, colors, and branding across all signs to strengthen brand recognition.
  • Prioritize visibility. Signs should quickly grab attention with high contrast colors and large text. Illumination and motion can also draw the eye.
  • Mind the details. From shape and size to placement and lighting, all details impact visibility and message delivery.
  • Consider durability. Event signs take a lot of wear and tear. Choose durable materials that can withstand weather, crowds, and long days.
  • Customize for impact. While templates save time, custom signs made for your unique event feel special and on-brand.
  • Use large scale. Err on the side of going too big. Signs can get lost in a sea of stimuli at big events.
  • Inform and inspire. Signs should speak to both the logical and emotional. Share useful info but also excite attendees.
  • Consider multimedia. Digital displays, QR codes, augmented reality and more create interactive experiences.
  • Provide clear guidance. Strong wayfinding and traffic directing ensures a smooth attendee journey.
  • Check lighting. Ensure signs are easily visible in the lighting conditions of your venue. Illuminate if needed.

Signage for Specific Events

Signage needs vary by event type, so tailor your approach accordingly.

Conferences: Use prominent banners and displays to identify session rooms, exhibits, and activities. Post clear schedules and maps throughout the venue. Digital displays can be used to post real-time updates.

Trade Shows: Create eye-catching booth signs and banners to draw attendees. Use signage to explain products, services, and promotions. Wayfinding signs should direct people to various booths.

Festivals: Welcome signs and sponsor banners set the festive tone upon entry. Post schedules and maps prominently around the grounds. Use vibrant, decorative signs to label food, beverage, and activity areas.

Expos: Signage is key for leading people through large expo halls and directing them to specific exhibits. Use large-scale, visually-striking signs attendees can see from afar. Digital displays highlight features and schedules.

Corporate Events: For corporate parties, meetings, and team-building events, branded signage reinforces company culture. Motivational signs can also inspire and energize employees.

Concerts & Performances: Spotlight the event lineup and sponsors on entrance banners. Use decor signs to enhance the atmosphere. Illuminated displays amp up excitement and visibility.

Fundraisers & Causes: Share key messages on banners. Signs can highlight beneficiaries. Decor signs can also match the theme and feel of the event.

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