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🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


First-Ever Conference on Globally Organized Obstruction to Climate Policy

Virtual Climate Conference Case Study

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The Challenge

We & Goliath was invited to produce what would be “perhaps the first international conference devoted to examining the globally organized obstruction of climate policy.”

Climate Social Science Network (CSSN) and the German Development Institute were planning an in-person conference in Germany, but because of their COVID rules about limits on room capacity, decided to do the conference online.

With less than a month before the event, CSSN hired We & Goliath to take the conference from in-person to online, helping organize and produce the event.

Our Solution

“They very quickly sprung into action to help us prepare for our conference. We & Goliath did a great job in terms of project management. They were really responsive throughout the engagement.”

We led CSSN through our 5-phase launch process, a streamlined decision making process to ensure their conference would run smoothly.

We set up an interactive virtual conference platform, Zoom production and virtual networking sessions at the end of each conference day.

Timmons Roberts
Executive Director, Climate Social Science Network (CSSN)

The Results

“The biggest measure of success for us was registrations. We were only expecting about 70 members of our organization to actually come to the meeting in person, but we ended up having almost 700 people register for the event, with 463 of them actually attending at some point during the three days. The busiest session was probably almost 200 people in the room — 2–3 times as many as we would have ever gotten in person. 

In terms of how We & Goliath ran the actual conference, there were always at least two people from We & Goliath in the background at all times. They were right on the ball with all the technical stuff that we needed to happen during the event, like switching spotlighting to different speakers and muting people that had their mics open. All in all, it was definitely a successful event for us.

I found the We & Goliath team very agreeable, cheerful, and wanting to help. They worked very fast, seemed to really know their business, and never dropped the ball once.”

Timmons Roberts
Executive Director, Climate Social Science Network (CSSN)

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Event Promo Video

“The most impressive thing they produced was a one-minute video, which they finished in just a week. They helped us write the script, found good images and music for the video, and did all the post-production work. The final video was very snappy, and we were able to use it to successfully publicize our event.”

Marketing Support Package

CSSN wanted to take advantage of the increased potential reach from taking their event virtual event. We created our package of social media-friendly marketing materials for publicity, including a set of graphics, videos, and emails.

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