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🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!


Rephidim 2020: The Power of Cause-Storytelling

A Virtual Conference Case Study

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The Challenge

The challenges that mission-driven organizations have faced in event planning through COVID are no different for individual causes. This is the world that Hannah Grant (a.k.a. Wura Grant) a self-described Soulpreneur, found herself in when she set out to launch her virtual event, Rephidim 2020. The event was themed on the Biblical parable of Rephidim, which served as a storytelling analogy to the challenges society has faced during COVID. Rephidim was an area between Egypt and Sinai where Jews fleeing persecution experienced transformation and hope, despite the loss of their familiar world. Hannah seeks to empower, enlighten and inspire her following of entrepreneurs to achieve their respective goals with a spiritual perspective. Hannah is also a gifted singer, speaker, business woman and radio personality. Her event required a platform that could feature multiple speakers, complete with live attendee chat and a question & answer segment. After diligently researching her options for online event providers, Hannah vested her cause with We & Goliath to produce this virtual event.

Our Solution

From the outset, we knew our solution would have to address the unique needs of Hannah’s audience, the potential of her personal brand, and the technology that would empower the Rephidim story. This required confidence-instilling project management and a creative approach that would carry that confidence to her attendees, while simultaneously framing the personalities of her three guest speakers. We also provided these speakers with ample and timely tech walk-throughs and presentation coaching, as the virtual podium has its own challenges, even for accomplished physical event speakers. Finally, we worked closely with Hannah’s staff, ensuring they were freed up to be their best even in unfamiliar terrain — and with a smoothly-running event in the background. 


Rephidim 2020 featured three distinguished ministers from the Atlanta, GA, area. Hannah moderated this panel as they carefully addressed the sensitive and personal matters of vision and faith amidst turbulent times. The question & answer portion of the event covered topics related to family dynamics, career and how entrepreneurs understood their visions through the lens of community and ministry. Pastor Nancy Joy Delozier, who is a life coach and author, largely focused her talk on maintaining a sound mind and physical being throughout difficult times. Nigerian-born Moses Anderson and his wife, Rosemary, are lead pastors of Communion House. They spoke to the importance of love and trust in the equation of perseverance. The last guest was Hannah’s husband, David, who is a software architect for a Fortune 100 company and a pastor at Jubilee Christian Church International House of Glory. His message discouraged attendees/viewers from making hasty, permanent decisions as a reaction to perceptions of stress. Altogether, the event brought critical inspiration to people where it was needed most. Even the event’s live chat feature enhanced the overall feeling of community and cohesion that this audience had yearned for throughout months of distancing. 

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He shared, “The significance of Rephidim is that space halfway between Egypt and Sinai where the children of Israel had come out of Egypt partly thankful, partly confused, simply because they were missing the pleasures that they have been accustomed to. It sounds familiar. 2020 is here and many of us miss the pleasures that we have become accustomed to–the pleasures of being able to go where we want to go as opposed to being able to go where the Holy Spirit is leading us to go… I pray that you will take this with you… be of good cheer. Let your heart be aware of God’s gift of joy because we can’t truly rest if we don’t have that joy.”

The last guest was Hannah Grant’s husband, David Grant. He is a software architect for a Fortune 100 company and a pastor at Jubilee Christian Church International House of Glory. His message was focused on how to face the challenges of life. He discouraged viewers from making permanent decisions while walking through this season of life. He shared, “Find God’s place of rest and trust in His promises. Storms may come, but God has wired you up to deal with whatever you’re facing.” 

Hannah’s event brought much inspiration to her viewers at a time when it was desperately needed. Even though her faith community was unable to meet in person, they had a live interactive chat that was only possible at this time through virtual means. This just goes to prove that God can speak in any environment. We & Goliath was honored to help Hannah find a way to communicate and spread her vision. 

What We Did

01Speaker Coaching

02Graphic Design

03Live Production

04Simultaneous Livestream

05Live Support

06Highlight Videos

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