🚀 The Event Playbook: Proven strategies to level up your next event!

🚀 The Event Playbook:
Proven strategies to level up your next event!

100,000 Visitors to a Free Online Tool & Exponential Email List Growth from SEO + CRO

Website Design & Development, SEO
2,800% Increase in Monthly Email Signups

 2,800% Increase in Monthly Email Signups
(from 6/mo to 170/mo)

Dozens of Page 1 Rankings

Content marketing and link building helped rank many key pages and posts

Essential Pathway’s website had some great content, yet stagnant traffic and very few email signups.
We put together a campaign of SEO, content marketing, and email conversion rate optimization.
The increased search traffic combined with a unique online tool and irresistible “lead magnet” (email freebie) brought them exponential growth for their email list.

What We Did

Website Redesign

Through extensive wireframing, we improved user experience (UX), design, and SEO structure of this 200+ page website.

Email Signup Optimization

Offering a weekly email freebie series and unlocking premium content on the site greatly increased email signups.


The whole redesign was guided by SEO principles including a content plan, official blog launch, structured video gallery, research database and more.

Content Marketing & SEO

We & Goliath designed Essential Pathways’ free Inner Oracle Cards tool, and collection of free Guided Imagery Scripts.
We then performed 2 years of SEO getting dozens of top 10 rankings. This brought steady year over year increases in traffic.
Then, we moved elements of their most popular content behind an email signup form (eg: audio files and the Inner Oracle Cards tool) to increase lead generation.

Email Signup Optimization

We also helped the client design a free “email list magnet” which turned into a giant hit.
We finished it off with powerful copywriting for all their email signup forms.
In total, the client experienced a 2,800% Increase in Monthly Email Signups

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