Museum Scavenger Hunt

How to Play

1. Click Join a Random Circle to join a team

2. Click the button below to open the 3D Van Gogh Museum

3. Scroll down to open the 4 museum views - this is where you’ll explore

4. Refer to the list of things to find

5. Select a team leader to make a plan to scavenge together

6. See how many items you can find in 15 minutes

Team Leader: Set a timer and ensure your team returns to the virtual stage within 15 minutes. Complete the poll with your result.

Van Gogh Museum

  • A Baker's Dozen of Red fruit in one frame
  • 2 Yellow Butterflies
  • A Portrait with a Pipe
  • 7 Matching Beds
  • Hanging Lamp
  • Two Gravestones
  • Three Sailboats
  • A Red Chair
  • A Flock of Birds
  • A Piano
  • A Crab
  • A Blue Jacket
  • A Drawbridge
  • A Fire Hydrant