This Killer LinkedIn Strategy Gets a 12.2X Average ROI

Install a predictable system for generating leads on LinkedIn Profinder and start getting qualified, ready-to-buy clients in less than a month - without paid advertising.

LinkedIn automation is not dead. 

It’s just evolving. And you need to know how to do it right to succeed in 2020. 

The right system can get you 10, 20, 30+ leads per month, with zero ad spend. 

We know, because we’re doing it.

99% of business owners think they need to spend a ton of money on Paid Advertising in order to get the clients they want. Or they spend hours on creating content to attract the right people to their business, only to hear crickets. 

These tactics can work, however they aren’t usually realistic for a small business owner, coach, or consultant who is going at it alone.

Enter the LinkedEvolution System.


It’s a done for you service that cuts through the B.S. flood of automated messages on LinkedIn. 

The LinkedEvolution System helps Coaches, Consultants, and client-focused businesses get 10, 20, 30+ leads per month from people who have indicated that they are ready to buy now.  It’s a first-of-it’s kind system that is evolved way beyond other LinkedIn messaging automation services. 

We realize that most client-based businesses don’t want to pay thousands of dollars every month in advertising. That’s why we setup this system to help clients grow to the next level without paid advertising. Paid advertising works well, but it is costly and not always necessary unless you have the capacity to scale your business.

Why tired old LinkedIn automation tricks don't work anymore ... and how to fix it

The other day I got pitched by a Business Coach on LinkedIn. The messages that people are sending these days are so contrived, and clearly automated. With all of the automated messages going out on LinkedIn I can safely say that about 80% of them get ignored.  It’s disappointing, really. Getting stuck in 2017 tactics doesn’t move the needle. 

Lead Generation techniques and technology is moving faster than most client-based businesses have the time to keep up with. Today, there are so many more people on LinkedIn that use automation to speed up their daily process and make their lives easier. However, these generic automated messages just don’t work like they used to and LinkedIn threatens to shut your account down if you use the wrong software.  

Plus, most of those who would be your ideal clients, are busy and no longer looking to just make as many connections as they can in order to expand their network. 

We’ve entered a new era, a new Evolution of LinkedIn, and the way that we interact with a contact in order to actually get them to respond positively has changed. 

Today, it’s about finding those who are in that top 3% that are ready to take action now. And then, staying in touch with the rest of your leads over time so they eventually come back to you (which can still mostly be automated when you know what you’re doing).

This new evolution of LinkedIn outreach includes personalization. It requires just a little more time & effort, and quite a bit more technical know how. It takes time to setup, yet it actually gets the job done with much better results.

The second part of this equation is actually finding the people who are ready to buy now. But how do you do that on LinkedIn when you can’t search for “ready to buy” in Navigator?

Enter LinkedIn Profinder - the lead gen beast most people ignore


Most people don’t know about a different type of search on LinkedIn that gets them to those people who are asking for your services. It’s called ProFinder. This service has been around for a few years, but people are just now starting to catch on to its usefulness. It’s an incredible way to interact with those that are ready to buy. However, it has some real limitations if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Using LinkedIn ProFinder is not as cut-and-dry as it may seem. 

Someone who is ready to buy asks for a proposal on ProFinder, in the Executive coaching space for example. If you’re like most people, you don’t have the time to be sitting in front of the computer all day just waiting for their request to come through.  So you’ll just submit the proposal when you get around to it later that day, right? WRONG. Unfortunately, ProFinder only allows 5 proposals to be submitted on a job. 

By the time you’ve got around to sending in your proposal that client is long gone. Bummer. 

So what do you do?  That’s where the LinkedEvolution System comes in. We’ve got your problem solved. 

We make sure you get to that lead first, with a stellar proposal that shows off all of your amazing stupendous skills.


We’re seeing 10, 20, 30+ and even sometimes 50 leads per month in highly populated cities.  

Just look at some of the results others are getting from this system. We have an average of 12.2x ROI on ORGANIC Leads. Yes, that means you won’t be throwing away thousands of dollars on paid advertising. And this is the AVERAGE result, not the absolute best. 

This is the Blue Ocean strategy to jump into at this moment in LinkedIn’s Evolution. It’s largely untapped and the absolute best way to reach those people who are actually wanting your services.  

I’ve been in digital marketing since 2001 and this is a strategy I believe in to the core of my bones. 

This strategy requires none of these unnecessary time-draining, mentally-consuming, stress-inducing tasks:

No Blog Writing – unless you’re an author at heart

No Paid Advertising – organic leads can get you to your goals

No Social Media Marketing – unless you’re feeling it

No 3 Month Minimum Contracts – our results speak for themselves.

No Wishing and Waiting – you can start seeing leads as soon as a week after we launch


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This LinkedIn Lead Generation System Quickly Gets You High-Quality, Organic Leads

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A Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation System​

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