To India With Love: A Benefit Concert to End India’s Darkest Hour of COVID

By Daniel Moss, Co-Founder of We & Goliath

The thought of 1.3 million people packed closely together in India—without a worry in the world. This was easy to imagine five years ago, when the The Art of Living Organization held its third World Culture Festival in New Delhi. I saw it as I performed and represented the USA on center stage with an original rap called “Make Noise (For Peace)” alongside my friend & fellow artist Cozmic (aka Maaneesh). The sea of faces—dancing, singing along—was intoxicating. The moment is immortal to me.

Corona Virus COVID 19 Hotspot Warning Sign at Chennai, India

Unfortunately, social distancing is hard to imagine in a country whose housing and transportation infrastructure struggle to keep apace with India’s bustling economy, population growth and social disparities. In the U.S., social distancing is a universal COVID guideline. In India, it’s a privilege.

The story of COVID’s impact is often told in numbers. Right now, India is second only to the U.S. in most critical COVID stats: New infections have risen to over 400,000 per day and the daily death toll has exceeded 4,100.

The global demand for vaccines has forced India’s hand in exporting more vaccines than it provides to its own population. Meanwhile, other essential supplies to COVID treatment, such as oxygen, are running out.

This is why We & Goliath has partnered with the International Association of Human Values (IAHV) to launch a week-long fundraising campaign, titled, #ToIndiaWithLove, that brings people together to raise resources and spread hope. Funds raised will go directly to Indian communities in greatest need. IAHV ensures this outcome through its national network of 10,000+ volunteers that work in and help create local community COVID Care Centers.

The impact campaign launches with a benefit event on May 23rd at 3pm ET. Confirmed artists include: Black Eyed Peas, Deva Premal & Miten, MC YOGI, Krishna Das, Ari AfsarJennifer Lee SnowdenAli StoneCozmicRaye Zaragoza, with more to be announced. The event will also feature live-streamed commentary from local caregivers working tirelessly amidst supply and staff shortages. The event will be hosted & moderated by actress/model /activist Fagun Thakrar and social-entrepreneur/speaker/author Johann Berlin.

The ask we’re making is simple: Join us. Your registration is a critical donation to a cause that needs no validation. And it will serve the most valid need of all: the healthcare and treatment of those who cannot afford it. If your week already has the best of your schedule, you can donate directly to IAHV.

We cannot reverse the damage that COVID has wreaked on the lives of India’s most vulnerable. But we can help stop it. That’s why #ToIndiaWithLove has mustered this small army of poets, musicians and change-makers like you to help curb COVID’s spread, and heal those who have suffered.

World Culture Festival 2016
The 2016 World Culture Festival had a total combined attendance (virtual and in-person) of 3.5 million.

It has been reported that the 2016 World Culture Festival, which attracted over 20,000 international tourists, inadvertently boosted India’s foreign exchange earnings by $42 million on the day of the event. If that kind of critical mass could greet India in the name of celebration and peace, think of what we can do in the name of saving lives.   

Join us today for #ToIndiaWithLove. Let’s make a difference together.


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