Maximize the ROI of Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising & Management Services

for Local Businesses Looking to Scale Smarter

Get More Calls, Clicks & Customers without Breaking the Bank

With over 2.2 Billion users every month, and 1 Billion each day, Facebook offers highly targeted advertising opportunities for local businesses.  

Yet creating and managing cost effective ad campaigns on the platform can challenging. Facebook advertisers need to be able to target and test very specific audience segments, messaging, imagery and ad formats to make a profit. 


Are You Reaching Your Target Audience?

We dig into demographics, interests and behaviors to find specific audiences that would be most interested in your services, and customize our messaging to reach those groups.

We push Facebook’s capabilities to the limits, so your advertising dollars are maximized, and your returns are greater, because the cost per lead is significantly less.

Imagine, if your average cost per lead is currently $300 and we could get that down to $100, how quickly could you grow your business?

Optimizing Your Ads to Increase Profit

It’s not enough to just post an ad and forget it. To maximize your advertising dollars, it’s important to follow a rigorous testing methodology.

We start by split testing various audiences, messages, images and videos, optimizing for higher engagement and cheaper clicks.

Once we have winning ads and audiences, we use data from the Facebook Pixel to find more people like those who’ve already bought, and scale small wins into highly profitable ads.


Stop Wasting Your Budget & Losing Conversions

Many of our customers have tried doing Facebook and other blanket advertising on their own, or with novice advertisers, only to find they’ve blown their budget with little to show for it.

Most business owners who try to do Facebook ads on their own go with the easy boosted post. But boosting posts is a waste of money because it can’t take advantage of the advanced targeting and optimization methods that make ads cost effective.

Blanket advertising on tv, radio and print offer zero reporting, so even if it gets you a couple calls or sales, it can’t be optimized and improved over time.

In short, trying to do ads yourself is overwhelming and ineffective. When will you have the time to sit down and study the Facebook system and how to do advanced targeting, copywriting, design and work with the algorithm in a way that will give you the best results? You won’t.

Why We & Goliath?

Our two founders each have over 20 years experience with online marketing, and together with our team have completed over 1,350 successful ad campaigns for small businesses.

Let’s Maximize the ROI of Your Facebook Ads

Our results-driven Facebook Advertising & Management Service is designed to maximize your return on investment.